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Sky Baron: War of Planes FREE

Sky Baron: War of Planes FREE for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by PBL Games located at PBL DEVELOPMENT SP Z O O Bernardyńska 15a 20-950 Lublin. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a good game. Fun, although I it's the free version but you get feels tho, the feels of each planes their speed and differences. Tho no barrel roll and loop de loop, but it's fun when you suddenly saw a plane straight forward into you. The feels tho, you will at least feel like an ace. Well in modern world, you are an asset. It's worth downloading
Near as I can tell, it's NOT my phone. This WAS my favorite game...one of the best I'd tried,(and I've tried enough of em!). When it first came out, I was glad I'd found it, and I never had any issues. Now, when it leaves the menu to load the mission, it exits the game and takes me back to my home-screen everytime.
Game is ok, but you need to get rid of the green rings, they are bs. Also, the planes do not drop bombs, but yet you call some missions on it bomb missions. I also think if you have paid for the full game like I have, you should be able to play any mission you want, it would be a lot better if you made those changes !!!!
Im playing free version because i dont have credit card But as soon as i can..Im paying the little tiny extra fee for the full version because this game is Friggin AWESOME!!! I love it.
We all need improvement on this game, its year 2020 so many games are better to play, i love this game but this game is need a lot of improvements.
This Air Combat game is awesome and mind blowing. Brings back the simulation of world war dog fighting. Each plane is awesome with its individual unique cockpit view. I particularly like the survival mode which is made as I intended it to be.Probably one of the best air combat games I had ever played on my device.
It's really a great game, except after buying the better version and unlocking all the airplanes, it crashes every time before I can start a mission. I select a plane, go to start, and it just crashes. I would give it 5 stars if would work or I got a refund.😶? *update Still can"t play😒 Unfortunately, I havs to delete this game. Maybe I'll try it again in the near future. *Update Giving it another try, free version this time. So far, so good. *Update Uninstalling, unplayable😑
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your development team nailed this down to perfection almost. The only thing closer to the real deal would be in a cockpit back in that day. Suggestion, build a campaign map, where one could enlist and work in a squadron setting with friends and have a mission board, and off base adventures. Bombing railroads, strafing convoys, attacking enemy aerodromes and such.
Frustrating -if I try to buy the game it gets stuck on the load screen The only way to get back to the game is by uninstalling and then reinstall. Great game however. The gameplay is awesome.
it is very good game but only thing that there is only one allies air craft I want german and french and British aircraft
Kool game graphics are pretty goodit's not like a lot of other shooting games where you shoot the opponent once they die just like they shoot you once you die it's not where they get to shoot you one time and you got to shoot them a million times and they still live!!!
The gameplay is good. It would be great if there were different angles for the player to view the battle. the throttle control tends to get stuck at times once speed is reduced.
I played it few times. I even bought full game but just sat down to play. It tells me .99 to play now!!! Keeps crashing b4 game starts. Too bad had promise. I am not happy as I was ripped off paying for it few months back to have a fun game to pass time here and there...thank u to whoever scammed me!
Frustrating -if I try to buy the game it gets stuck on the load screen The only way to get back to the game is by uninstalling and then reinstall. Great game however.
Shallow play, would like an open world approach. As with all games like this very poor controls. If it makes the game too easy that's better than cheating. Would benefit from a story mode and maybe even a campaign mode. Character creations or to follow in the path of a living person would be nice. Mini games inside the game that you can play just for a quick fix.
Did I mention that this is a phenomenal air war game? I should have, because it is! Been playing off/on for years. Where's the full version? I want it! BADLY. COME ON DEVS, WTH? -1 Star for going out of business.
Sooo cool but I would like if you can change camera and ww1 planes from diffrent countries. Also ww2 planes
An amazing game, I remember years ago when I got my first phone I got this game. I won't lie it needs some stuff fixed but, it's still a great game nonetheless. I'm happy I could finally repay the time with some cash that you guys totally earned, thank you for this amazing game. -Alexzander
It's just like wallpaper but it's not a wallpaperI hate games like the game you exactly want to see but it's like a wallpaperI hate games that get your hopes up and yes yes I want to see this game butthen you when you realize it's like a wallpaper and you're like all come on then you want to give zero star review
Fun game but keeps.crashing lets me play when I install. If I leave the game and open again it always crashes. Have reinstalled twice now and same thing.
I love this game but everytime I open, it lets me play a few levels and then closes the app. It's not my space I have like only three games, and all are small
The game is very good but seeing the men getting into the plane is better and what famous ones would be really cool you have to do that please!🤗 ps and seeing the plane when you're flying it would be better trust me.
The game is good but add tilt controls that is why I am giving it 1 star other things about this game is good like planes,graphics, phicis etc
Not as good as claimed. While the graphics are good and the controls are easy and simple, the plane doesn't pull up much and this is only the demo version. As soon as I opened the app, it asked me to rate it and tried to get me to purchase the basic missions. I also could not find simulation mode controls in the settings and there is only first person camera.
Great game buuuuttt... Bought in-game full version from the offer after the 1st loading screen, but nothing changed, and kept getting the "buy full version" message after 1st loading screen of the game which is now it can't be clicked while the "demo version" one can, so I kept getting in to the demo version even I bought already.
Great graphics and game play but.... the developers appear to assume your a fighter ace from the get go. It needs a beginners level to developed skills otherwise your gonna get your ass shot to pieces with frustrating regularity. Enemy planes come at you in large swarms which makes it virtually impossible to see who or how many are attacking you. No rear view mirror so zig zag all you want it isn't going to help, spoils what could be possibly the best fighter game out there. Sort that and I will happily pay but not until.
A flight sim of ww1 is fantastic tried all the rest this is the best one but if you want to go further you've got to buy the new version which I won't because all the games I've played got through em all without paying just takes time
Brilliant realistic game play, excellent graphics, the best WW1 air combat game for android that I have found so far. Competitive game play vs computer opponents, historically accurate, an excellent app to keep even the most critical gamer entertained for hours. I give it five stars and would give more if I could!
I really like this period war plane game. The cockpit perspective is great and the fact you can change it so your past the propeller is a bonus. I think a lot of people will rate this game high. But im afraid its not upto 5stars but four to four and a half max.
Update: New phone? You cannot transfer save. -1 star. Tilt your phone to control plane, best combat sim I found on Android. Suggestion: Your slider on the left side of screen for adjusting plane speed is very awkward. Please change so that if player keeps pressing anywhere on left side of screen, plane goes at maximum speed, and if player does not press left side of screen, then plane slows down to minimum speed. For intermediate speed, player can press left side once in a while. Similar to pressing right side of screen to shoot bullets. Thanks.
Another example of a great game locked behind a pay wall just because the dev wants MONEY, I always think why not make the full version free
The most amazing flight simulator game I've ever played, not just on my phone, but in general. it has all the elements of a perfect game, historically accurate and beautifully designed aircraft, the immersion is wonderful with the period correct music, the Morse code beeps and the letter fonts. oh, and did I mention the meticulous attention to detail? the Spandau machine guns are spot on in rate of fire, looks, sounds, and the detail of the planes puts you right there,staring down the valvetrain
what I've seen of it it is quite good but when trying to find out how much the complete game is it would not go through when I clicked the button, so is it discontinued? I give it 3 stars therefore
The graphics and gameplay are perfect,but what is wrong is,after purchasing the game, if you don't purchase within the game, the game will lock up😬😠😡🤬
Loved this game, was exactly what I'd been looking for, played the free version for a while then decided to purchase it. Worked ok for a while then the controls were reversed and it became unplayable. Noticed other people on here have experienced the same issue. Common guys, please sort out these bugs, this game has the potential to be absolutely awesome if you'd just spend some time fixing it.
A little bit hard to get on to with the controls, needs to have a calibration option in the settings. Though once you get used to it you'll adapt on it. Great game. Relive the war and be the hero.
U please need to add zepplins to the game and barragebolloons please but apart from that the game is good it also needs bombs trenches and moving tanks and infantry
Inexpensive to get the entire show. Arcade is simple mode. The others are challenging but do Able. Graphic s good quality. Joystick bit difficult to get used to. Would be nice to have take off and landing options. I have not tried to land yet unless i am damaged. Terrain does not appear to have flat areas. Will search more. All in all great game for all ages.😊😊
Spent $3 and the game kept kicking me out. The instructions are sketchy at best and the controls don't respond.
The simple fact that, as usual, if one pays then one can play proves that most of these games are a scam. Moreover, the game in itself is not worth buying. The commands are badly designed, and it is impossible to control the plane properly.
I hate that when you tilt to the left it goes right! And when you tilt to the right it goes left! You need to fix this and also with the Altitude thing to!!??!??? I cannot play Will change my rating if you fix this
The controls are a little bit difficult but its a good game and I hope that the dev's will fix the controls , try to see the game war wings the controls are good
too many damn ads and it takes forever to load. once I have it installed I should just be able to open it. it just keeps going back to the ads and it's very frustrating. deleting off phone
Gr8 fun, but I tap to buy full version but when I tap it nothing happens. When it does I will give it 5*.
Inexpensive to get the entire show. Arcade is simple mode. The others are challenging but do Able. Graphic s good quality. Joystick bit difficult to get used to. Would be nice to have take off and landing options. I have not tried to land yet unless i am damaged. Terrain does not appear to have flat areas. Will search more. All in all great game for all ages.😊😊well i had to cancel game for a while and now i cant buy it agsin or find my full version HELP ME PLEASE !!
I gave it a 5 star when i 1st got the game, but ever since i finished the missions it crashes every time i get on. I had high hopes for this one
It's ok eaven if you don't have the full version it is still fun.but fore some reason the game won't let me go any further than level 12 but I like servival it's a nice touch. overall a great game, definitely recommend to history junkeys like me
I purchased the full version few years ago....now I can't even restore my purchase n also the game keep crashing.....so disappointing.
I like it. This is good, the cockpit view and theres an old music that adds more fun. The effects and the illustration seems realistic. But although cockpkit view is fun, i want to switch to third person. I cant.buy new planes. And what it means by buying the full version? But overall, its great. Good job.
I like the whole feel of this game from the introduction, and especially the cockpit view option. I believe it could only be better if you guys had a Bluetooth controller option. Keep in mind I'm still in the trial. But if I continue to be pleased by what I see I will definitely buy the regular game. Keeping the cockpit option is something other developers need to learn from you guys. For me the lack of it, at least as an option, is an immersion breaker. Bravo!!
Great. But make your controls adjustable its so uncontrollable. Add calibrate tilt. Its good but so annoying because there is no adjust tilt.
I love this game the controls amazing and what I would like is there to be allied planes to take part as