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Skip work! -escape game

Skip work! -escape game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Eureka Studio located at Planex Volta 4F, 2-11-9 Ebisunishi Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. The game is suitable for Teen (Suggestive Themes) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Can't give a bad review game was well made as well as nice. Thank goodness it was as aggressive the skip school just had too many ads this one did it just right so thank you guys for all your hard work and dedication.
This is a fun game to play to pass the time! I hope there were more stages to play but it was fun nevertheless. As expected of eureka!
The playthrough is really fun, but it's a bit too easy for me.... Plus theres A LOT of ads! Probably one after every level!!
I hate this game but I also love it. I hate when I need help but then I press the hint button and the hint doesn't even make sense. I have to go to commercial for nothing!!!😡😡
World's best game. I've never seen this type of wonderful game ever if you all liked this game then you can also play skip school, hide my test and thease all games are from EUREKA STUDIOS so you can just search EUREKA STUDIOS on google play store bye have a nice day everyone 😉😉
Stupid man ratting on me *mumbling*... Oh hi!! If you're thinking about downloading the game I recommend it 101% it's a fun game trying to figure out where to hide not to get caught skipping work by your boss and also the animation/art is great in this game even if tattle tales are in the game... *mumbling and groaning*
it's a really fun game, but at the very end there's a part when the uncle says we all have to have fun and rest sometimes. i know it's just an idle game, but it made me feel a lot better.
The game is great And the boss gives great reactions at level end .. And the whole game is difficult and awesome but i give 4 stars are because the screen is small and cant large it
I love allllllllll of their games they are really fun strategy games and the creator did a really good job on all of these games I downloaded all of the games like this
I only made it 3 levels into this game before uninstalling... The game was actually cool, but their's literally so many ads it made me not even want to play it.
amazing a lot of ads but truely amazing levals ate hard and this game has a good lesson when you complete rhis leval i frogot witch but you help your boss even after what she put you trough witch is amazing a beutiful life lesoeon help people and treat them how you wanna be treated you want some to drive you homw when your tired from wrok thats what he did with is amazing but some are really hard any way thats it i probley used all of my letters im happy this game was made the also have skip sc
For my ADHD this is really an attention grabber and it was just an annoying add so I downloaded it and completed one of the games 3 days after I got it. It is a really good game and there are others like it. I just downloaded this one and finished it a fem minutes later! This is just my opinion, so you don't have to, but check it out.
I love when u have skip school,skip work, skip love ,and skip anything game good game make sure there's more of that skip work because when I play it it's only little levels so please make more like in 100 levels just for fun😘😘
My boss was really great. But there really should be a mute button for the music, it gets annoying over time, especially if you're trying to listen to other audio in the background.
Wowowowwww!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best sangat ini game rugi korang tak coba rugi sangat tapi level nya cuman ada empat persan semoga developer buat level nya lagi ya
Fun and interesting game! Will have a different outcome almost every time. Failing a level is also really funny. It also tells a story.
My boss was really great.😁 Absolutely what I expected after playing skip school. But it's a little bit too short though. Heck! I still love it👍🏽
Loved my boss and the game it showed a valuable lesson,take a break from work sometimes if you don't then you would be stressed out, I also like how you put the students from the list game into this one thank you for making all these games.
This game is great.I give 4.4 stars.This game is want your brain to thinking.But,this game is sooo easily to thinking and things is too easy.Tq for this game :) ;D
Fun game for killing some time. The pop up for hint immediately after failing is a little annoying. I'd rather prefer hitting retry but have to wait for a 'no thanks' to show up first
It was an amazing app but the lag was very annoying and the hints and answers dont work most of the time, but if you fix that its an amazing game😊
Very great game!!!!! Liked it This game needs brain and develops also...... But it had a lot of ads..... After 1 level I get an add Kindly remove them Rest every thing was greeatttt
I love this game it is so fun and challenging but I have one thing I think you should add...can there be more levels because this is a great game and I recommend this
This game is superb! I just like this game alot and the games which are similar to this. But the reason why am I giving it 4 stars as it does not have many levels.
It took me to a place in my mind I never knew I needed to go, it helped me understand why I make the same mistake s in my life, it opened me up to understand that I enjoy hurt and disappointment, which made me realise the enjoyment of those things hasn't made my life better, so now I am seeing a doctor on how I can change those things. It is going to be a hard journey, it is going to force me to really look at myself, the outcome is going to be stunning, this is what this game has done for me.
I like this games very much first i played "hide my test" secondly i played "skip school" thirdly i played "skip work" this three games are of one compony . I likes this games very much .
It's a really good games not that bad but I already played skip school because that owns fun too but so is this one yeah. I suggest you get the game the game is so fun
O my god it really a very nice game in any way you have to find how he can ran or skip from there 🤣 from his lady boss and some where his lady boss staff is also hidden then some I am caught but really it is a wonderful game .
Well i have not try this. So i tryed it and like it was crazy at the time when i started but i had to do something like The lady was very bad and wanted the work man .That was very funny . Try this game guys it really suts me. Also the lady was wereing a pink dress and it was not quite the color for me and i dont lile pink i like blue and purple and it was nice. And a bit crazy.
This is a fun game. I loved playing this game i am now playing skip work and it's equally fun! Would like to play more games made by the creator. This game is made more interesting due to its difficult levels and funny graphics! Anyone would fall in love with this game! I wish there were more levels😔😂.
I have played skip school and skip work they are both amazing games because you have to do some thought process to finish the level and the story that goes with it is nice and beautiful. I think watching all those ads was worth it. Play Skip School because it also goes with this game and is also as sweet as this one. They have both have they same characters but grown up. 👍
The kid of old game was in the lockers and under table and in the grass I like it like the old game this is great but there are low levels
While it is fun, it is too short for an entire game. It should have just been bonus levels in Skip School
The game its self is really fun along with the other game "Skip school" I really liked the game. My only problem is the fact that it's really easy, because, I've finished the game (both "skip school" and skip work) the same day I had downloaded the game.
Really fun game hope you can update it soon all the games like HideMyTest!, skip school and skip work are basicly the same which is annoying please update it again and add new features to them because there basicly the same by the way make a game called, Skip hell and in the end he escapes it and takes him to heaven by an angel make the devil chase him and make new features and more stages! - Kai PS: Add more detail and new features to the game! Other than those issues it's a really fun game
Can't stop laughing while playing. It's a *MUST* try game 👍👍👍 honestly great job. 👌👌👌
'My boss was really great "😂 The reason I have....... Give 4 star ⭐......... That is only.................. The Game is toooo.... Short May be........ U accept my review And add more...... Levels.......... Accept all........ It's......... Great aap
Just like skip school I really like it! It's not as funny or long but The heartfelt stories are really unexpected from an app like this. It's a little mean to the people when they run by and your'e hiding I mean they're only doing their job. But you eventually make up for that by, like giving them a ride home. I like this app A LOT and I recommend it to anyone 😊. "My boss is really great!"
Aside from all the apps that pop up, this is a really fun game! I just finished Skip School & when I saw that they had a follow-up game called Skip Work, I installed it immediately!
Very fun and a great game haha i love it too much but... The level is the problem, please add more levels
Funny and light-hearted game to play to kill time. Just wished it had more levels, would certainly download again.
OMG the ads. So I'm deleting this game. It looks like a cool game if you can SEE ANY OF IT around the damn ads. Ridiculous. When will you developers freaking LEARN that?
This game is so............ much fun but there is so many ads if u can.....can u pls solve the problem?
Very addicting game! I highly recommend for people who like problem solving. It really makes you think.
It is so great but it is so short pls make skip work two, I finished this game in one day 🤣🤣🤣
I'd say the game is really fun and nice to spend time on.It is also funny.I guess the boy grew up not only to ditch school,but ditch work. The last scene is really sweet and it has an funny twist!!I really like the game and if youre looking for a really fun and a quick game to play I say you should download this 😊
My boss was really great. Btw it’s one if the best game along with skip school. This feels like japanese slice of life anime/manga. This game needs to be animated. I really like the game and story line. Thanks for your hard work guys...
Loved it, my boss is really cool. the ads would be better if they played before a new level instead of after, they interupt the small comedic effects. I love how its connected with the skip school one. Overall wonderfull experience that doesnt drag on and on.
An ode to workers' rights and a powerful polemic against overwork. The amount of times I was able to snatch that wig was truly satisfying, too.
I LOVE this game but after every level there is an ad. That problem needs to be a little fixed but all though I love this game, I even played skip school already!
I really enjoyed the game and I downloaded all your games because they're very entertaining and fun. I wish you could add many levels. 💟😍
Really excellent. Both skip school and work are good but it sometimes gets boring on some levels, but then it just gets better. But I think skip work should have more levels. Please add more levels. It's really exciting. :).
I loved all the games they have created. Yes, there's ads, but you can skip them or put down the phone like I did. Everytime there was an ad, I'd go do a little bit of my homework. Super fun .
It's the best game forever but only one thing is missing that there are so many ads in the game after 1 level there are ads but the game is very nice you should download it
It's a fun game but there ain't enough levels there's only about ten levels and after that you have to play the same levels you already did
It's a very light and fun game specially for the time when your boredom strikes. All the games from the developer are amazing and has a good story behind it.
I understand that it's a free game and you gotta have ads in the game to get money but after two rounds of me playing you show me an ad and that was the tutorial at first I was fine with it but then the next round I finish it you give me and ad. There are ads like after every two rounds and even just one. Pipe down on the ads and I'll install this game again. I also turned off my wifi, it doesn't help.
My boss was really great. I already played skip school which you are a student skipping school and running away from your teacher which it is this old bald guy. Beat the game now I'm playing the old bald guy skipping work honestly I love this game and how the story continues also as your playing this game now the student is screwing you over classic revenge lol. Give this game a chance its alot of fun I'm enjoying it thumbs up to the guys or girls who made this game 👍👍👍🔥.
My boss is really great! This was a really cool game! I just wished that an ad wouldn't play after every level
I just loved this games, it's such a good games for timepass amd I have played all the other games similar to it, which were made by eureka studo