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Skip school ! -escape game

Skip school ! -escape game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Eureka Studio located at Planex Volta 4F, 2-11-9 Ebisunishi Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. The game is suitable for Mature 17+ (Sexual Themes, Crude Humor) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Wonderful game ever the but problem is I have finish all level in one day only please make some more levels
I loveee this gamee. Thank you so muchh. It is so funny and confusing at the same time. I never laughed so hard at a game. Simple game yet it is entertaining. Arigatou gozaimasu !
Cute game with a heartwarming story. Short and sweet! Would be nice to have an option to buy "remove ads". There's a lot of ads, but it's bearable.
Had fun playing this game 😍. This game just made me smile through out all the time i played. The choices you make gives u failure or success in skipping school. Funny tho the choices 😂. I literally finished all the chapters in half day. Hoping for second part or a new chapter. The ads didn't bother me cause I was playing offline 😆. Thanks for creating happiness for me even though just for several hours, I appreciate it 🤗.
Love this game its cute and simple. Also I think it told me to say Master is so cool which I found very funny.
Master is cool! This game is really fun to play and gives you ideas on how skip class! The only issue is the ads but even that doesn't really bother me most of the time.
This game is so hilarious I never laugh so hard for a game tho and also I don't wanna get smack by the teacher so... "Master you're the best" I think that's what he wants me to say but it sound completely wrong but whatever... Anyway the game is still great tho keep up the gud work master! (oh god it still sounds wrong ) edit : I finish stage 100 and it's beautiful I wanna cry and I finally figure out that if you turn off the wifi the game still works and no adds accept if you want a hint
I really like the games from this dev, a funny and entertaining puzzle. It was worthwhile playing this.
Master is so cool! 😂 i really enjoyed this game! I just wish there were less ads because it gets damn annoying, like every single stage there is one, every single try, an ad pops up.
The game is sooo much FUN. I love how you designed the characters and their movements totally recomended
WAY TOO MANY ADS!! Normally, you expect to see ads after 2 or 3 levels. Not everytime you fail or everytime you finish the level. It became like impossible to play and enjoy it. Please fix this.
fantastic mini game. If you need a small chuckle or anything to kill time this is the app for you. The ads are annoying though if you are connected to wifi so disconnect before playing.
Horrible, this game is the worst I have ever played. I highly DO NOT RECOMMEND. It is bombarded with an unreasonable amount of too many ads, and it is constantly glitching despite the device (I have tried multiple devices). The buttons stop working, and you cant hide unless you get a hint that costs an ad evrn though youre supposed to be able to try yourself to hide. Worst game, never download!
The game is good I like it makes you laugh and think at the same time,the drawings are very lovely too my only complain is the excessive amount of ads don't get me wrong I understand you need to get paid for this somehow I just think it would be better if there was less of them
Great game, was sad when it ended though. The ending was cute too. The ads didn't bother me really since the game itself was good, also nice art style 5 stars 🎉
The game makes me chuckle and it has been a while since a game does that. If you like funny brain teasers, this is it. I don't mind the ads. This game is free anyway.
It is a very good game but it has only 100 levels and when it overs then i installed skip work game this game is same like skip school game.
I love these puzzle games. They're cutesy and the art is funny- I always want to see more. Only thing is the frequency of ads.
Very interesting game to play and it has a little bit of sense as compared to different other games and it will be appreciated if the game had more different levels to play. By the way game developer has tried his best to make the game as it contains many difficult puzzles hoping to get more of this type of games in future ✌️😘
It's adorable! Cute drawings, and very creative! The ads are a bit much but aren't a huge bother. Cool game. Also... Master is so cool!
So I gave this game a 2 star review last time because there were to many ads, either I got more patient or they have less ads, which I think they have less ads now, which is great! Thai game is actually super fun, great work!
This was such a cute and enjoyable short puzzle game. The game wasn't hard to solve but it wasn't that easy either😂. I really love the storyline, characters and the cutesy artstyle. It was a great game to pass time🥰
"Master is so cool!" Lol. Good game. It's kinda funny. There are a few too many ads, but it's free, so I can't really complain.
Comical, reminded me of the Mom hiding the Gameboy game. While short, it's pretty fun while it lasts. Puzzles weren't that difficult, though, but the story was funny. Oh, yeah, Master is so cool! Okay, see you.
Awww, I really like that it's not just a puzzle game but that it has its story too, there's even character development, for such a simple looking game it surprised me :D
This game is so boring because of so many ads when the one is finished ads start ...and even when we lose again ads start....So now I am also rating this game one star only and bye bye bye bye bye friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Master is so cool!! Refreshing change of games, actually didnt mind the ads. I really like the illustration and graphics!
This game is so cool like there are a lot of ways to escape and the master is cool and those hilarious comics at the end of the level are the best.😁😁😁😁
Fun to play but short (more levels please 🙂). Very funny as well. I liked to play all the scenarios either winning or losing the level.
The game is really fun and i would recommend people to play! It is funny too!! It really made my day,,but there is a problem...there were too much ads in the game :( i hope y'all can reduce it :)) i really LOVE this game
This game is super fun! I laugh really hard at the levels, and the ads are near the bottom of the page and don't annoy me so that makes me happy. I played skip work and hide my test and when it tells me to review it, it usually says "Rate it so you don't become and idiot like him." This game is super fun I would give it more stars if I could. I will recommend
I do like this game but there are some ads which are not ment for children and you don't get time to enjoy the game because of so many ads in between so if jit recommended ads and ads can be a little less that would be good
Decent game but there are ads every second, you failed? Watch an ad. You won? Watch an ad. Wanna watch an ad? Watch an ad. I normally just deal with the abundance of ads in these types of games but this is just too much.
This is hilarious, and yet puzzles get more and more complicated. I enjoy the challenge. and...: Master is so cool! (in game joke) If anyone has a problem with ads just turn off your WiFi or data. (or whatever you use)
Cool game and also [Master is so cool!!!]. It said that (the teacher). All there games are super fun. I tried all there games super cool. Hope you to make more games like these. Good luck😊😊
Well master told me to so THIS GAME IS GREAT it's so much fun! I love the music and the stages. The adds to bother me a little but it's alright I'll let it go! I DID IT MASTER DON'T BRING MY MARKS DOWN! I wish I could out more starts because the game is great YOU SHOULD PLAY IT YOU'LL LIKE IT!
For a person who actually has a brain like me. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS GAME. IT HAS SO MUCH ADS LIKE EVERYTIME YOU FINISH A LEVEL OR LOSE ONE. Nobody in the world would like ads in their games. So, I would prefer less ads than more ads. And if they change it, I will give a 5 star rating but for now the game isn't going anywhere to good.
The game is fine and enjoyable at first. But why have to pop those ads every level. It's so annoying. Nice try but I wont waste my time playing this.
It has a cute manga style gag at every turn. I finished all 100 stages in a few days, I intentionally try the wrong solutions just to see the funny manga style gag end. Pretty fun and easy. Just turn of wifi or data to avoid the ads.
It is really a very fantastic and well made game! I like how it has a short story between the student and the teacher. Also it got me hook that I finished the game in a short time. Will try your other games too! Loving your games btw. Keep it up! From the teacher's favor I will write "Master is so so cool" 😂
Its a cool game, its really funny as well. It got me to smile while playing this game, i really recommend playing this game!
I love this game it is a very addicting game on e you start you cant stop it is the best game not that it gives me any ideas I hate school I would rather play this game than go to real school because you dont have to get up at 6:30 in the morning and you do not have to get up early in the morning to play this.
Okay, this was SUPER funny and entertaining!! Every stage was more... crazy and hilarious than the one before it and it's just. Fantastic. I love it. I also love the ending, it's quite cute after all everyone suffers to skip class www!!
There is so many ads right after I fail the level or win it an SD shows up,after I do a hint an ad shows up please fix this
Excellent. The puzzles were simple but not over simplified. You could actually make a wrong choice. I love the ending.
Great game with funny arts, the continuity of events and "woo hoo" parts are really fun. Although it's quite short, It was a great experience..
This game is great it deserves 5 stars it's just if you lose an ad pops up and if you win an ad pops up but it is still a great game
Pretty fun. Changes things up a bit or will trick you to make it a bit challenging. Not a hard game but does make you think a bit. Over all just a fun, short game.
It's fun to play and pretty funny, the only thing I don't like is the ads too much of them, that the only problem
It's a nice game but the amount of ads is just ridiculous. It hampers my momentum of liking it. It just annoys me.
Master is so cool😂😂 but in stage 60, instead of putting next stage they put view hint and didn't know how to get to the next stage, now, im stuck in stage 60 and I can't keep playing 😭😭
Relly good game! Its so fun i almost pkay it every day! I rate it a 5 bc it has no lag or ads when you turn your wifi!
Really great game! The ads are a bit annoying but totally worth it. Its clever and the art is very nice! Master is cool
I actually just saw it in an ad but I got an instant interest in it but some of the reviews are not good but actually the game is quite exciting if you don't want the ads just turn off your wifi or data or whatever that ou use for accessing the internet and also this one is so funny just to make me give some reviews "Master is so cool" overly the game is unique and I love it
Fun game but the ads make it really really annoying. No 5 stars because we could do without the ads. Ads once in a while is okay but not in after every stage.
This is a very weird game. It's fun, but it should NOT be 18+ because there is nothing 18+ in this game. Also there is a lot of ads.
I loved this game so much. I just beat it today and was honestly sad that it was done. Thankfully, there are more games like it, so I will be enjoying those. I love how that character finds new and inventive ways to escape from school. There are many ways for things to go wrong, but once you find the way, it's fun to see. Though, I do feel sorry for the teacher chasing him, he gets tricked and bullied by the student a lot. All in all, a good fun game. Thank you for creating it! :)
The story is so emotional and it really warms my heart how it ended, good job guys really good and short game to play and spend your time when you are bored, I really reccomend
i love this game but the only thing is many adds but its so good its just like hide my test im so angry when it has a adds.
Very nice game. But 4 stars that's why because ads are much as I was thinking. Anyway this game is nice, there are some tough levels. And I was laughing when his teacher want to skip the 1 day of school, it was very funny part of this game. Nice.⭐⭐⭐⭐
So Funny Game and enjoyable, but its better if they managed the ads in a better way. Its not fare to put skiless ads after every level. Or after you fale in a level.
Awesome game😘 ... Just loving japanese animation 😘 .... But try to decrese ads .... Even if i lost i have to watch an ad !!😡😡
"Master is so cool" i actually love this game i have this game and one other game and i mostly play this game the other game is when i can't get hints on this one but i only play is for 10 minutes and i play this game for more than a hour i love this game❤
Master is so cool! ...I genuinely really like this game! It's so cute, I love everything about it and there's such a charm to it's simplicity not only in style but overall. It's really chill and calms you down- A game you can play when you don't feel up to playing anything too upbeat. It's funny, charming, and overall really nice to play when relaxing.
Master is so cool. I love this game it makes me laugh and give me some challenges to figure out the puzzles. The ads do get in the way but the game so far is not to bad once you get use to it, so dont right away uninstall this game give it a chance plus if you are an anime fan then you will understand this game also this game. It might bring back memories of old anime shows or new that involves schools and you might have a laugh. So thumbs up to the developer of this game 👍👍👍.
This is a really fun and silly game. Simple puzzles with creative answers and funny win screens. Only complaint is all the ads, but you can just turn wifi off for ad free playing.
Fun game but there are way too many ads. I know ads are how you make money for free games but limit the ads to when you need a hint or every 10 levels. There shouln't be ads after every level and every time we get caught. It just seems like the company is beyond greedy. I will raise to 5 stars once ads are severely limited.
Do 1 level, 30 second ad. Fail a level, 30 second ad to retry then 30 second ad once you finish the level to move on. I'm so tired of games having such an excessive amount of ads.
While the ads are a bit annoying, it doesn't bother me much. The story is simple and I like it. I love that you got to help the teacher too!
I like how we get to see the cast from the other game my only complaint is every time I die after the ads you keep shoving a watch ad to skip level every dam time its like who the hell cares get it out of my face i will skip if I feel like it the ads themselves are bad but you waste more time by putting something on the screen that I don't care about its a waste of space
I played it all, it was amazing it gave me like a anime feeling, i dont know why but it is an awesome puzzle solveing game.
From falling to your death, to wtestlibg for pornographic material to even, goddamn snitching others for you benefit, i must say this game amused me in ways. Its short... But pretty sweet. Levels have a certain charm and I like what it presents honestly. Its a neat little game that even though wouldnt go too big, at least it existed for us to play
Very good and hilarious game but ther eare SOOOOOO many ads its just unbelievable and the levels get harder as you go but thats fun to me! I recommend that you try this game 🙃❤
The game is fun but there are too much ads. Everytime you retry or finish a level, there is always an ad that pops
It's the ads every level for me. Even if you have to restart a level. Not a bad game just too many ads
Don't waste time downloading, advertisement after every game. Waste of time waiting to go for next level.
I just don't have words how much I love this game it's a very good game I wish there were more levels but there are only 💯 levels I felt bad when I finished this game ,trust me download this game once still not downloaded 😕😕🤨🤨 just download this guy's
great game. simple, fun and enjoyable. ads are not annoying. it also has a touchy little story. i love the ending.
This is a funny game. I didn't think the ad was telling the truth. It's a fun puzzle game with some humor to it. The ads do appear too often. I've been tempted to uninstall the game because of it. i understand you guys need to make money but having ads appear often will only make others hate the game.
LOVE this game, its really cute and has a little bit of story and character development as well! There are barely any video ads and only a few small, non-disruptive ads at the bottom of the screen that are hardly noticeable. Very fun game, would very much recommend!
Good game the master level was really cool though it is a bit ad heavy it made me laugh multiple times
What a great game to pass the time I liked the game so much I personaly didn't mind the ads. It would have been better if the ads played before a level instead of after, I wasn't able to fully enjoy the funny little sounds and images as much because the ads would interupt them. The style of the game is simple but very pleasing to the eye and I love it. Top Tier. Short and enjoyable. And master is so cool.
This game is actually pretty funny and entertaining. It's one of the best mobile games I have played. It's a bit challenging at times (which I appreciate), and there aren't too many ads.
Its a very cool game!! Graphics and story lines are great as well. I would love to play more games like this.👍
This game is so clever and somehow still manages to subvert my expectations 24 levels in. It has a surprising amount of character and has got me grinning like an idiot on many occasions.
Love it so much, it's just annoying to have ads every single time, but I'm still gonna give it 5 stars. Great game overall!
Honestly it is cool funny strategy game I did not think I was going to enjoy the game but Honestly I can say it's a fun game I Honestly don't write reviews but this was such a cool game I had to it bring me back memories of me playing flash games on the computer when u was a kid
Cute and nice game to pass time for a short while as unfortunately it stops at level 100 but the storyline is so sweet so I didn't mind :))
This puzzle game was so enjoyable, not too easy, not too hard! Not to mention the graphics, controls, and game play were amazing! I know it sounds like I am buttering this game up or something but it is a fun puzzle game with a lot of funny moments to pass time. Oh almost forgot! Master is so cool!
The game is kinda fun though it really sucks way too much ads this is the you want a hint watch an ad you failed watch an ad In general the game has to much ads and spoiler alert the answer for number 4 makes no sense.
I was not expecting much when I downloaded but this is actually quite good! I love the art style and the gags! Plus the backstory and stuff is really good too
its really fun, but if you're the type who gets too bothered by ads then i dont recommend it for you, but it is a good game tho.
Master is so cool. This game is so refreshing in its simplicity, uniqueness, challenge and fun factor.
A four star a lot of ads but it doesent make the game that bad I saw something similar to this game the game dantdm played