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Skip-Bo & Friends

Skip-Bo & Friends for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Zodiac Game Studio located at Zodiac Game Studio Bangalore. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Don't like the update I have 3 real decks. Been playing since I was a kid. Uninstalling. Bring back the last version and give me back my over 6,000 coins.
The new updated version is slower, you can't set the number of card play any longer and it doesn't have the interesting avatars. I didn't want the upgrade because I enjoyed it the way it was. It would not let me play unless I updated it. I uninstalled and reinstalled and I got this updated version. I will uninstall and find another style of this game. Wish I could have given it a 2.5 but it got a 3.
Not great. It is slow as molasses. The computer players, for some reason, have every card they need on every deal. Controls aren't the best either. I slid one of my cards to the backup pile and it went to the wrong slot even though my finger never left my screen.
This is the new version 😂 are you serious, what happened to playing with up to 30 cards,, too much control! And now the game is more for younger kids! My opinion so BYE
Such a fun game, but not when you have to spend coins to play and the game glitches and freezes and you lose the coins you had to buy in order to play!!!!!
I dislike the new version of the game. Loved the previous game 100% better. This version is WAY to slow. Don't like that you can't pick the number of cards in your pile. Wish I had the previous version. Also it doesn't allow me to discard all my available cards that I want too. The more I play this game the more disgusted I get.
Since the update the cards need to be placed onto the deck very precisely, positioned in the box and it takes too long
Playing a 2500pt-entry actually deducts 5000pt from the account. . The card stacks closest to the edge are hard to drop a card onto, on the Samsung S8 etc with rounded screen edges. I recommend better screen layout. . Also, the turn timer should not count down when you're actively placing cards. It has cut me off in the middle of a streak, and stolen a few wins from me in the last second. Each card placed should boost the timer to allow at least one more card to be played.
So fun! A lot more fun than the traditional game. No shuffeling or dealing of cards...maybe I'm just lazy. Lolz!
Terrible. Statistically, a player in offline mode should be able to win at least 25% of the time, right? I'm nowhere near that, and my Skip-Bo strategy is far better than the AI's. Somehow they always get exactly the right cards that they need to win. It's sadly predictable at this point.
Played & loved this game for years but this version needs serious work! More often than not in the middle of playing a card on the board WITHOUT taking my finger off the card, I've been cut off & a random card from my hands gets put into my draw pile. A constant frustrating issue. FIX THE BUGS!!
New version is terrible. In the offline mode, it plays extremely slow. You can't select the number of cards any longer. Please bring back the old version.
This game has cheeted me outofsimeof my moves. It allows other players to win. When I tried to put a card down, it didn't go where I was placing it. It just moved off.
This update is terrible. Very slow play, the cards float when moving to drop spot. The support cards in hand get covered so you don't know what you have in each row. After each game have to start over instead of auto restart . The previous version was far better than this. I will be uninstalling.
I had the original skip bo game with the avatars, etc and I loved it...played it all the time. Then couldn't play anymore unless I updated to new version. Had it for all of 1minute and got so annoyed at how slow and user unfriendly it was and promptly deleted the app. Very disappointed. Won't bother installing again unless I can go back to the original version I had. 😡😡😡
The old version was better. You had avtars as players. You had better selection of amount of cards. It was easier to move the cards. This is alot slower bring back the old version. Why change it 🤦‍♀️
The multiplayer mode which you spend tokens is full of bots. There's rarely ever real people. If it says guest and some numbers. It's 99.9% a bot.. You can't choose the amount of cards you play with in private match. Today when I was playing, the amount of time you have to play your cards was sped up like 2x. I was not able to play all the cards because of how fast it went. I dislike how the cards auto select where you drop them. If you get close enough to a pile it automatically jumps.
Its an ok really slow and it seems the 1st player wins all the time and i had a few issue with it which i was trying to put a number up on it and it ended my round and it kinda made mad i wish you bring back the older ones i didnt seem to have any problems with them . thanks jm
Could have been a great game if the interface was working better. It's hard to move the cards, and the app is very picky about where you can put them. Also, the timer is too short.
The new update is horrible i loved how it was. Now i cant even stand to play it and neither can my husband. Please revert it back or were going to be uninstalling. We really hate to because this is our number 1 favorite game, but we cant stand the way it is now. Please dont ruin a good thing you had with keeping this update.
This was a required "upgrade" that completely stinks compared to the older version. This one is slower, no avatars, clumsy and timing is horrible!! Tried to find a better game but couldn't. Please restore the old one!!! This is garbage!!
Game is good but the multiplayer is slow. As well if someone disconnects you have to wait for each round time to end. Really annoying kick them out or give a vote to kick button
I enjoy playing this challenging, but fun card game! Very addicting, but that doesn't bother me! In fact, this has become my all time favorite game! I learned within a very short time!
Multi-player is fine. Single player needs work. You play against bots but for some reason you have a time limit. Almost timed out when running out of cards and drawing more. The bots lay down cards extremely slow. Should have an option for them to lay faster or instantly since game knows what cards are next. Lastly cards where being laid down bot where I dropped them.
To stressful with the timer. Should add some time as you match cards. Good game regardless, thank you
Would be nice to have more than 10 cards in the deck. And the cards slip into the wrong spot as your directing it to its spot.
The update is trash. Sometimes I'm not able to place the cards on the proper deck for no reason, and then it doesn't show me my deck. It used be a pretty enjoyable game before the recent update but now it's basically unplayable.
DO NOT like the new version. AI Players take too long, can't choose length of game, and sliding the cards to piles is not easy or intuitive. Bring back the old version. I'm not playing this one.
Don't like this version at all. Can't turn off timer for private game. Positioning of cards is confusing.
Removing the previous version of this game was a huge mistake. -you can't see the your discard pile more than the top card. -it auto drops cards if it is playable, doesn't detect lift off to place. -can't pick how many cards to play in private game. Come on guys, what the heck? I don't leave reviews ever but this has made me and my wife so upset because this is our only Bastian of freedom from our kids and you've ruined it.
I like the simplicity of the old version better. I liked how in offline mode you could pick how many cards you want to play with, I liked the old game play layout a lot better as well. This new version makes online playing a lot more complicated than it needs to be. This game is total trash now. Huge thumbs down, wish I could have kept the old version but it wouldnt allow me to play anymore. I also hate how slow it is, picking up and moving cards is such a pain.
I love the game but sometimes it plays a card for me that I don't want played on the discard pile. This really is annoying.
Never played any other version, but to me player #3 is likely to be able to draw any cards anytime! So obvious that you didn't plan it out carefully! I like the game,but that is disappointing! Update 2/17/21 Whatever fixes you did please explain! The game is worse than it was! Its not allowing plays to be made! Will not accept the card ! So, the time is now to fast! You went from very slow to very fast! Not enjoyable any longer and I may just Uninstaller the whole thing! There are other apps!
It is the worst skip bo app ever!!!! Nothing like the classic app. You should go back to the way it was and how it was originally supposed to be plaid!! Sometimes new isnt always better!! Deffinetly uninstalling! Took all the fun out of it!!!!!!
This game really sucjs bad. They want you to always buy chips instead of being able to accumulate coins the charge you even in off line mode and make it almost impossible to win consecutive rounds. I dont know how many times I had 2 cards left and the other 3 had 8 and one of those 3 ran it till they won. That barely ever happens in real life yet it happens to me consecutively.
Other players move too slow. If your players doesn't move quick enough, it discards for you. Not being a sore loser, but seems the other players always has more moves!!!
I go and click on play offline, but then a message pops up saying connecting to server on offline mode. Like why you need to connect when your offline? This game seems to have a few bugs that need fixing. If not fix don't download
They cheat and the game has glitching. They'll put all these guest players and just when your about to win the guest hold up the game and then you have to quit so you lose your coins too.
3 times the game has frozen on me after entry into a game or at the end of the game in silver league so im missing about 3000 coins. About to delete the app. :(
I loved the old Skip Bo I hate the updated it took my choices away and my coin bank. So I have to find something else to do. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
Game play moves way to slow for my liking and you have to wait to long to find other players to join your game
This app feels "sluggish" to use...have to hold icons a long time to move them into position. Also, lots of ads.
this is a lovely game to play with friends and family Members including boyfriends and girlfriends and brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles and nieces and nephews.
Why time limit?? When I've played using cards, sometimes you could play on and on. But with this game, you're only allowed so much time. That goes against the whole idea of the game! So frustrating to get cut off when u on a roll!!
After creating an account, it immediately prompted me to download another game "skip solitaire". This app doesn't appear to be playable at all.
Ideal to play with friends and family especially on lockdown, we played every day good entertainment. Fun to play online and off line too.very much liked by many
It was 4 stars before the update, now its complete trash. Was one of my favorite and now I'll likely uninstall it. Go back to the previous version or make it an optional mode.
Disappointed. Downloaded this game tjinking it was better than the one I used to have. This is slow and now...I'm not getting my free coins!! I'm not about to pay for coins I'm sorry, but the ads won't play now...no coins. Now I have to delete this and look for another gme
I am so tired of watching ads and then get my couns just taken because this stupid game freezes up. You need to get all the bugs out!!
Terrible function in app. You spend most of your turn trying to get the card to "stick" on the deck. Ive played the same "guest#" multiple times over several days indicating its AI who "always" has the right cards. Unrealistic and boring to watch AI play instead of being able to play
This game was fun. Now you can't choose how many cards you want to play and when you add cards to your discard piles, you can no longer see the stack and what cards are underneath. I would have paid for the previous version. This version is trash.
I loved the old version. I liked the avatars and that I could pick how many cards. We could speed up avatars turns and had lots of time to play my hand. This new version I hate. First of all there are no avatars and I can't speed up the game play when playing against them. I cant pick how many cards I play which sucks because we only get 10 cards. And the worst thing? They dont allot you like any time!! You get like 30 seconds to play your hand!! Which sucks when u have runs!! Hate it so much!!
I despise the newer version of this and am uninstalling. The wait time for other players has increased, card placement is worse than before, and I liked in the previous version that we had a choice as to how many cards we could play. There is no choice on the updated app. I liked that I could play a quick game. And because the game took less time, I had more enjoyment with two games. Please bring back the earlier version from last week. Until then, I won't be using this app at all.
This game is yak when you compare with the earlier version. Graphics are child like, speed is annoying and slowly dying, and colour scheme is intolerable. Please give us the earlier version only. I am a ten year old user of the earlier version, and I must get some way of obtaining it. Recently I formatted my phone, and I reinstated skip bo game, because without it life is difficult for me, but got an utter shock on reinstalling the game.
Terrible experience. Cards drop into wrong place. No choices for number of cards to play. Bots play too slow. Hard to see opponent's face up card. Can't undo with accidental card placement. Very disappointing
This used to be one of my husband and I's favorite games to play together. Since the new update it's been so glitchy
You can't pick how many cards you play with, the computer players take forever to play, and it often won't let you put cards in the spot you want in discard piles. Uninstall junk game. Liked original skip-bo better
Some of us ole farts have a problem getting card on the mark.your game cheats alot!!! How do you go from one to six??? Check it! To many issues with this game!
Timer is now WAY too short. Ridiculous how it messes up your turns. Also, there is a glitch where cards don't show their correct value after being played. Very hard to keep track as time goes on.