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Skip-Bo for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Fruit Loops Game Studios located at Sai Radha Pride Brahmagiri Udupi Karnataka 576101. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4W and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Online play is seriously broken. No options for onine, so it's always 10 card. Sometimes it's no ones turn, which just kind of stops the game dead. Sometimes your turn will end before discard if someone else leaves the game. I am not sure what the coins are for, as there is no way to spend them at all. Is it for High score? Could I hypothetically become the best Skip-Bo player by watching a ton of ads? IMHO, this app is another bad cash grab via exploiting your favorite card games. Weak.
I started playing this game long before there was an app, play store and even before a smart phone was a thing lol. When I seen the app while scrolling through the play store looking for a game to play I was a little skeptical about how it would be. I have tried to play a few other types of card games that were made into an app and I wasn't a big fan at all of how they worked. However this one actually shocked me. I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it was to play. It's so nostalgic .
Very glitchy but i like that i can set up a private game to play with family from afar. I would be ecstatic if they could work out the bugs
I really enjoy this app. I like that you can play with others regardless of where they are. 4 starts only because it can be quite glitchy when you're playing an online game - cards getting 'stuck' or disappearing when you try to discard them, etc. But overall it's really fun and true to the rules of the card game.
I absolutely love this game. I first started playing it when I was a teen, with actual cards of course. And I just found it recently looking for a different card game to play. I was so excited. This skip-bo game app is great! I have never had any problems with the app. Amazing!!!๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜โ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ
For, but could be better! I enjoy playing but sometimes the cats have a life of there own and can't be put into the correct piles, sometimes cards disappear when dropped as well! I don't understand why I don't get the points for my XP either, I'm well above the target but still not getting the points?
I love this game, but here lately as soon as i try to open the app it crashes before it gets to the main screen. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it a million times! Its annoying.
Fun game but when playing with friends it often shows a white screen in the middle of the game!!Stops you from finishing.Very annoying.
Used to love playing this game with my husband when we are away from each other, now it will not allow me to share the code and link to play together. Really a shame we spent many hours playing and now it just wont work.
There is an flashing update button at the bottom of the screen that is just too distracting. When pressed it goes to a solitaire game that I won't download. The result: the update button continues to flash. I'm deleting the game!
Very good gameplay. Very clean and easy layout. No distractions or commercials during gameplay. Very well put together. Game is spot on. Would be nice to earn coins a little faster. Biggest problem bar none is when playing online with friends. get rid of the stupid timer between moves or give it at least a pause button. Not everyone can be glaring at their phone full-time while playing. Make it so you can always continue a game over the course of hours or even days versus only in the moment.
Used to be great until recently. When I open the app it loads then randomly shuts off before I can click anything. If I uninstall then reinstall I can play. Gets super annoying to have to do that everytime I want to play. Please fix this issue.
Very few actual people play the game online. Most that join minimize before the game ends and then AI takes over. AI is terrible and always playing left to right. The game skip-bo is fun, this app makes multiplayer painful and the reason for 2 stars.
I have always loved this game. We play almost every night as family game night together. No lagging super fun. And the best part is unless you want to.watch an ad they di not bombard you with them. Little to no ads at all! Keep up the good work
Stolen code from another developer? This app is identical to one that has been around longer which recently had an update and name change. That app is now called Skip Solitaire. I really hope this is not a copy of that. The other one is by Gaming monk games. I think some of you that are unhappy with this game downloaded it thinking it was the new version of Gaming monk's old Skipbo.
Loving the game, some minor issues where the game freezes and have to close out of the game. I love playing in private rooms with my husband.
Its a great game to play to pass some time. Its very easy to play. The only gripe i have is that u can't communicate with the other players. Like, i want to be able to carry on a conversation with them. If that could be fixed it would be great. And sometimes u r timed and other times u r not. Fix that too please. Its confusing. Thank you. ๐Ÿ˜‰โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜
I love the game. But, after playing about 15 minutes to 30 minutes, the game glitches. Cards mirror and can't be moved. The screen sometimes goes white. The app sometimes crashes at opening.
What was the point of releasing yet another Skip-Bo game that looks and acts like 95% of the previous iteration? Now I lost all my achievements and high scores because this developer decided to have some midlife app developmental crisis or whatever. Sheesh!
The Robot players don't use the Skipbo cards correctly. If playing with real people a good game can happen. Also the shuffling of the cards is questionable. Get too many of same cards over and over.
Update 1/15/21: Still far too buggy, though it's slightly improved from its previous incarnation. Cards disappear randomly, or can be seen by one player but not the other (I mostly play two-player games with a friend). Last night my screen went blue and white and I couldn't see any cards -- had to end the game. Frustrating and disappointing. They broke it again. 9/23 update killed gameplay with friends. They keep monkeying with it and breaking it. People, hire some QA folks who know how to test.
When I want to quit after winning an ad drops down over the button and puts me in another game! Very annoying. I also wish there were 10 more seconds between games.
For the past 2 weeks the game will not open it gets to the option of which type of game you want to play and then it closes. I've uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times and it still does the same thing. I used to love this app but recently I've become not a huge fan. Fix it and I may increase the number of stars. This is issue is getting old.
Good game... When it actually loads! Game will start loading then just shuts down all together. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times. Every now and then it pops up a little box after it shuts down asking me if I want to close, report issue. When I click report it pops up another box telling me I have no data connection..... I have full bars for both Wi-Fi and Data
Great game. The only issue for me is playing with friends. Not sure if it's that they have IPhone and mine is Android but it stops a lot. But fun while we can... hopefully they will fix later. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Skipbo is back!!! I accidentally uninstalled it on my phone and the version I had was no longer in the play store. :( I decided to search this morning and here it is!!! The NPC players play "faster" than before which is great , they play better than before (not as easy to manipulate my win based on learning the AI lol) this is one of my favorite games! I'm so glad it's back
Super fun but it is always glitching. Like it won't let me pick up a card and other crazy stuff. Especially on a second round. So I always have to start over with a new game and it gets super annoying. Please fix it.
It would be nice if Offline mode let you win more than 3% of the time, especially when playing against "people" who play so badly that in real life, they could never win. Yet "they" win because they are the same program that deals the cards. So you have very little chance of winning. Also, the game is glitchy, but it might be my phone. Update: I got a new phone so no more glitches, but you still have very little chance of winning in offline mode. Simply put, the game is programmed against you.
I would like to give this game 5 stars but too many glitches. Playing a one disappears more often than not. Without warning the game gives a white screen that cannot be reversed forcing you to quit. All this happens when playing with friends online. If yall fix these problems I would be more than happy to give 5 stars.
Updated sept 2 and i am asked to download and then open in app store each time i go into your game. I uninstalled 3 times and doesn't help. Love the game but will be giving up if it continues.
I like the game alot very fun and relaxing and no ads great game .... The only thing i don't like is once you pick the numbet if cards you want to play with you can't change it .. For instant i am playing with 10 cards and i want to change the number of cards to 30 and there is no way to change the number of cards .... If you could fix so you can changes the number of cards you want to play with .. . what are the coins for ? There no way to use them .anyone tell me what the hell the money is for
Like the game but surely the developers could set the game so the computer opponents play numbered cards from their discard piles first rather than using a wildcard from their hand instead and ensuring that wildcards are used to build towards the card number on their stack rather than just a random play. It's really frustrating as it means the rest of the game / cards are not really a true game.
I don't understand why a whole new game was developed with the same (or even more) glitches as the old one. The game still freezes often for no reason, cards disappear from gameplay and there are so, so many duplicate cards (as if the deck wasn't shuffled well).
Okay. Would be nice to be able to change the "bot" difficulty. As well as the table, music etc as the music is very annoying so i mute it and the background is boring. But for a simple game to play offline, it passes a few minutes here and there.
Great when it actually works. Only gets past the loading screen about 20% of the time. Fix this please!!!
This game blatently cheats in all kinds of ways. It was better the first time around. After they merged the first with solitaire they screwed it up. Brought it back and i lost over 69,900 points. Now it cheats so you cant win a game as much why does it take points off your score even after you win. This game is not like the original one at all
Please make it so I can hide my Facebook profile photo and name in online game sessions. I don't want to give those details to strangers online. Giving the option to backup game data to Google Play instead of Facebook would be great too.
Every single time I go to play this game it says I need to "update" it. So I have no choice but to click the link to update it. Yet everytime I go to "update" it, I don't have to. It's ANNOYING!
Great game but when playing offline you still need real people not a computer that really sucks lots of time I'll stop playing and play a different game just saying needs to be fixed ๐Ÿ˜‚
I wish this game had way more things to do with it. I don't understand how we get coins but can't even use them. Also whenever someone just quits the game in the middle of it it'll completely skip my turn at times.
Unstable on Android - crashes more than it works. Hard to enjoy when it freezes or screen goes blank during a game. Probably better to delete and play the realgame with cards.
I have installed the updated version, TWICE, and it will not play. Keeps telling me that I have to update....It is stuck in a rut.
Not bad. I wish you had more control like how many cards you want to play online, more control over chat, and better game information. (I have no Idea what the coins are for, and it doesn't explain it anywhere.)
There are a lot of ads in this game..so I play in airplane mode, single-player. When I have played multiplayer, the games take so much longer because people take forever making up their mind, or they just have stopped playing and it needs to time them out, or they quit and it freezes up our game for a bit while an AI takes over. If you want to play with people, get yourself a physical deck and host a games night..this app isn't worth it for that.
I like this game overall. But it's very annoying when you have players who continually hit the play fast button. You go on these games ๐ŸŽฎ to relax and enjoy yourself not get all stressed out. So people need to take a "๐Ÿ’Š pill" so to speak. Also question what are the coins for?
This app functions very well. My only gripe is that the computer opponents do not play with any defensive strategy, which is occasionally frustrating.
The game is fun and pretty well made, but there are some minor bugs as well. The screen gets frozen sometimes for a couple of seconds (if you click it gets alright) and you can't play with your friends. Please add this functionality into this game. We need to play with friends.
Battery sucker. A game takes 45 minutes and manages to suck up 25% of my battery, not to mention my phone gets hot to the touch. I can sit on social media and play other games all day with no need to charge my phone. Play 3 games and my battery is dead.
So far, 3 updates to the game. They expect you to re-purchase the game every time!! I've paid twice- not a 3rd time! You lose all of your credits and are back to ad after ad each time the game is updated. Utterly ridiculous and extremely poor judgment on their part, I don't know what these developers are thinking!!!
I love playing the game, but the music will not mute anymore. Today it wont mute the music, when it hasnt been an issue before. I uninstalling and reinstalling, but it only worked for a while. Once I backed out of the app and tried to play again, the music wouldn't mute.
Since the last update, my app won't load and keeps shutting down. I would love to give it a higher rating since I love it but can't since it won't work. Please fix this.
In the beginning it kicked me out alot. But as soon as I updated it works great. I love the game! The only issue that sucks is I cannot play a private game with anyone. Anytime we type in the code it says it does not exist. So unfortunately the only way I can play is offline with bots.
Last version of Skip-Bo solitaire was great, this version is awful. Annoyed I was forced to download this and couldn't keep using the other. Just update your current apps like everyone else and don't force users to download a new crappy, version.
Offline works best. Should get rid of minimize option playing online. Play with friends works ok until advertising diarrhea messes up game and freezes screen.
Game was fun before your updates. You'll (on purpose), LOWERED the volume). I have a partial hearing loss & was able to hear it clearly before. I've been playing the game for a long time now & you decide to update. Although, the volume is not really needed to play...I guess I just got use to it. Thought to put a volume controller on it or something would of been better.
Only downloaded this game so I could play with my best friend. We both downloaded same version and when we go to create a game, itll come back and say game does not exist. Wth???? At least with the old version, we were able to play!!! Please fix this!!
Only problem with this new version is that EVERY TIME I open the app to play, it tells me there is a new version and do I want to download. I already downloaded, five games ago! But I can't play until I say "Yes", then it comes to this page, where it shows I've already Installed the game, and I can click play. Please fix this!!
Fun to play with friends but screen goes white sometimes which sucks because then you can't play anymore. If that problems gets fixed then I'll do 5 stars. I rated 3 because it happens a little to much.
Nice Upgrade to game. I played the origional, and whem I wemt to play it recently...a sub-menu screen apprared to announce that thr game has been upgraded and a download button highlighted. Meaning in order to continue you had to hit the download button. I like the new look, but I really thought the points and stats would cross iver into the nee game...but it did not. The game still plays the same with only a new look...that I like better then the old.
Glitches Sometimes in the middle of the game it glitches, cards mirror and can't be moved. Often times, the app won't even open
This had been our go-to game for virtual game nights with friends during this pandemic, but now we can't even play anymore. We've all uninstalled and reinstalled, yet it keeps saying "Game does not exist". So frustrating. It's been this way for about a week now. When are you going to fix it?!
The Game when played in 2, keeps crashing. The screen turns completely white and you can't see the cards, but the game continues and ultimately the game is lost. Do not install, unless you want to lose your nerves
Not happy to lose over 13,000 coins on the old game in order to keep playing skipbo, since they didnt transfer over to new game. Graphics not particularly an improvement....dont like the font on the numbers..harder to see for us older players. Not sure what the improvements actually are.
Would be a great game if the screen didn't go white mid game, freeze or completely kick you out if you minimise the page for a second. Was told to update once before but I updated and still doesn't work properly
There are a few glitches, but overall a great game. Sometimes it kicks you out of a game, skips your turn or steals a card from your pile. This doesn't happen too frequently, but when it does happen it is annoying.
I had the older version and was forced to download this one. ITS HORRIBLE!! This one constantly freezes up and forcing me to close app. When you go to play a card it just disappears messing up your turn because that one card may have been crucial to playing more from your hand. Im on the verge of deleting the entire app.
First game I played, someone left the game while it was my turn and they interrupted my turn. They were able to play and then the next person got a turn, so I didn't get to finish my turn. This game blows!
The game asked me for an update but the update was to install a new version. (This version) I installed the new version (this version) but now it wont even load the game when I open up please fix this. I miss the old version. Way better.
Have been unable to play since installment. It either keeps loading or says it can't connect to server.
Keep getting white screen while playing please fix the bugs. While playing with friends game freezes and we keep getting white screens in the middle of our game. Please fix the issue.
My sisters and I love playing BUT there are some glitches when playing with friends creating a game. Sometimes the screen freezes numbers and won't let you use them, gives a white screen, gives a red screen, minimizes for no reason and Sometimes a card will disappear from a discard pile for no reason. Among other glitches, we still have fun playing on line with each other. I have noticed mo glitches at all when playing off line.
If you love glitches, this is your game. From straight up skipping your turn, to not able to even see your cards because they're facing backwards, this game has them all and more. Uninstalling now.
The new style is not very nice, the green background is jarring and the numbers on the cards are styled strangely. Additionally, I lost all of my achievements because rather than an update to the existing app, this is a whole new one. Would rather you had just made improvements to the existing app. Still a fun game and not too many ads.
Great all it needs is a smarter computers they play skipbos incorrectly when theres other plays that can make them use they're draw pile more. My advice is to have a difficulty setting and have a choice to play with 1 to 4 computers
I love the idea, I loathe the app. It has a life of its own, cards vanish and sometimes a player's turn is skipped, even in the middle of a move. The latter just happened to me again, so frustrated, uninstalling.
Paid for ad removal on previous version.. forced to upgrade and now required to pay for ad removal again?? Time to find another game...
Really good but 2 issues. When someone leaves the game and you are on your turn, you lose your turn! Not cool. Also need to shorten the amount of time other players have to wait before someone is booted from the game after they minimize and don't play.
Fun, when it works. After the initial game ends and another one starts...the game freezes. That isn't fun at all. Fix the glitch!
Nice, but bug often occurs. An online game gets stuck out of the blue and can but automatically finalized. The turned up cards are down (you and or everyone cannot see the top card). You click quite but you are directly placed on the next game. If the next player minimizes the counter is stopped and it can take minutes until this player comes back on the game and the rest has to wait for how long it takes. Not a bug, but it should count as his/her turn as well, counting down the same time.
This game has constant glitches. Many many times while playing my turn, the card I'm going to play in my current strategy disappears. I have had my turn skipped many times, as well as other issues. It is very frustrating! Too bad It doesn't work properly as I love this card game & playing with other people online.
I paid for my other Skipbo for no ads I also paid for this one once already for no ads and I have ads and I am so upset that i don't even like to play anymore.
I have noticed several times opponents using wild cards that could have helped them with their stack being used on other stacks, then they discard. It look like the program just have them start with first pile, second, etc without strategically placing them. I don't mind winning but this is like an adult playing with a kid just learning.
Love this game for the most part. One thing that needs to be fixed, when someone leaves during a game, I get skipped and my cards in my hand change. It happened a couple times and messes up my game. :/
After playing the shockingly UNO mobile app, this is definitely the better one than UNO because at least on offline mode, the bots doesn't steal my coins and also don't cheat in they're stack of cards. However there are a few issues I would likely Skip-Bo to get it done. The volume should be loud as it's very quiet even the lady saying "its your turn". The music should change as well. It needs more backgrounds, and the friend's mode needs better improvement as it sometimes get glitchy.
The cards get stuck and you cant move certain ones at times and it also kicks you out of the game a lot,, other than that, pretty good game when you get to play.
I Love Skip-Bo Its A Lot Of Fun But We Realy Do Need More Players, Because Most Of The People I Get Too Play Is Computer?. So, Join The Fun, If You Like A Good Competitive Challenge You'll Love This Game.
Very lazy programming. The computer bot players always burn their SkipBo (wild) cards in the first pile, they don't use them strategically at all. It's not terribly difficult to win pretty well every single game.
Lately it keeps crashing right when the game begins. I've un-installed and re-installed several times. Sometimes it works for a couple of times, but now it doesn't at all. I used to very much enjoy the app until this started
Great game. No adds unless you want coins to redeem for undo move. I play offline and would like comp. generated players to play much quicker. I miss Castaway caper-how for I get it? This is as close as I got to it but I play it every day so if you are a fan, you won't be disappointed. Thank you!!!
I up dated this app. I will give it a second chance to see if they fixed the matter of " you only get two turns using all your cards. And I had all 5 cards done and I lost my turn 3 times. I will change my ratings as soon as its fixed.
Great game....my friend suggested this game cause she plays it but this version is different from the version on her phone...can't figure out how to play the game with her I don't understand the room code can't figure it out.
Compared to other Skip-Bo/Spite & Malice games this is slow. Player names limited to only 10 letters. What's with the 3 second timer to quite/play again, stupid idea. Cards not staying when placed, jumping to adjacent slot. AI predictably biased. No good if you got fat fingers. The Purchase Ad-Free link takes you to a different game. Ads are intrusive as are the constant reminders about Data Collection. Not worth buying Ad- Free as there are better versions out there.
Great game! I just wish that when you play offline the "players" would stop making stupid moves...it would make the game a little harder and to me, more fun.
I really love this app! It has a few glitches now and then, but overall is very nice. I love how I can play friends and even talk to them while playing!
No goods, If all peoples leave during game, lost the turn. Glitch phone screen, while ad keep running below of bottom of the phone during the game. Lastly, over heated the phone quicky!
The computer games aren't challenging. It took me awhile to notice, but the AI players ALWAYS play their Wilds on the first space, even if the 3rd or 4th would help them get rid of their cards faster. They'll ALWAYS play a Wild instead of choosing the correct card from their discard pile first, too. It takes away a lot when you realize the AI players aren't even a good competition. I've had to uninstall and reinstall a lot because of bugs and other issues signing me out of the game.
The game keeps shorting out when playing online with a friend. It also freezes to where you can't move your card, while playing online with a friend. You really need to work out the bugs in this app.
This is a good skip bo app, but playing with friends we have many issues with card stacks glitching, the screen going white, or other bug type issues that cause it to be very frustrating. If these were addressed, it would be excellent!
Started out great but now no matter what we try, including uninstalling and reinstalling the game, the option to play with friends no longer works. Just get a message when trying to put in the code that says the game does not exist. Disappointing.
Terrible.... Started off good, but then u could not pick cards up or move them, the cards would be upside down in your hand. Sometimes in the piles it would show there was no cards (as in the one, etc), but there were.
I love the game but so many time I've had cards disappear when I move them and then can't lay anything over them. Or the game will reload and end my turn before I was finished. It's really frustrating.
Best game ever. Loved playing it when I was younger (deck of physical cards). Was thrilled to see it turned into an online game. I actually bought a deck of cards when my daughter was born in anticipation of teaching her when she gets old enough. And then last week I came across it in the appstore๐Ÿ’—
Have been trying to play an online game for some time but keep being told I've been disconnected from the server, before I've even been able to connect! I've tried logging out and back in, logging in as a guest, and have even uninstalled the app and reinstalled with no luck. This is the second time I've had trouble with the app, I think its time to give up.
KEEPS CRASHING , you can play but if you close the app and try to reopen it later it starts and crashes over and over and over and you have to uninstall and install again to even play it. its pointless amd aggravating.
I love skip-bo but the online game doesn't give you any options. There's only games with 10 cards. It's hard to distinguish between user and bots. Also what's the point of collecting coins? You can't do anything with them. It's still nonetheless a fun game to play.
Play Online Issues: If another player leaves the game during your turn, your turn just ends. No discard, no play, no warning. If another player minimizes there is no time limit on how long they're gone before they lose their turn. You just wait, and wait, and wait.
2/27/21 UPDATE: Game won't even open. 2 days now. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Restarted phone. No luck. Super annoying. ORIGINAL POST: Really good but 2 issues. When someone leaves the game and you are on your turn, you lose your turn! Not cool. Also need to shorten the amount of time other players have to wait before someone is booted from the game after they minimize and don't play.
Fun game to play. My big problem with it is when another player minimizes the game, it stalls it until they return or leave the game. There should be a time limit so other players aren't waiting indefinitely
Game asked to update and now there are two versions installed on my device. Old UI was much easier, allowed for different level AI and to increase their play speed so you didnt wait 5 minutes for a turn in solo. Go find a rip off app instead, itll play better
Lowering to 1 star. Bot players are mindless idiots & play all cards regardless of what the next player has. Ruins the entire game. Functional, but really lacking thought. If you play against the bots it is extremely frustrating. They are worse than young children since they play any & all cards with no regards to what sets up the next player & gives away the game. So if you plan to play against other humans, no problem. But, be warned if you play alone. It's a farce.
Its a fun game and I love it but the 1 star is because it cheats. You want a dishonest game download this one. The computer draws their cards makes their moves then draws again and you shouldonly draw once unless during your turn you play out all your cards but it has to be done the honest way. When that happens I notice its just 1 time per game. Once they cheat I lose. Im not a sore loser but I am against cheaters BIG TIME. FIX THE GAME OR GET RID OF IT.
I like the game for solitaire, offline games. However, there is a glitch when trying to get friends to join. After sharing the link, when trying to join, it keeps saying game does not exist!
It has many flaws...it presents a blank screen while playing sometimes you can't play a card. If you could remove the player when they leave a private game that would be awesome.
It's skip-bo. If you like skip-bo than you'll like this game. Have not had any glitches or hiccups. Also there aren't too many adds to where it's annoying.
This game is very good...but there are some things that I wish was changed. Why is it we have voice and texted only in private games? In the real skip-bo game u can't put a skip-bo on the Discard pile EVER!
We play this game all the time..ist time ivea played it online now my family are loading the app as well..But wats the use in playing online if most people are gonna opt out during a session!!! My advice don't play the game if your only in to look...download Uno coz Who knows??? Time wasters I can do without!!!!
App went down hill when they took out the "reverse" button. After you layed down a card, if you changed your mind or wanted to use a different card from different pile you could press a reverse button and pick up the one card. Well now thats gone.
The representation or lack thereof representation of women of color in the avatar selections is appalling. There are many options for Caucasian men and women but there are only two avatars that are women of color and both have a very unhappy look on their face which portrays the quote and quote "angry black woman" stereotype. The proof is in the pudding.
The idea of the game is to be the first to get rid of your discard pile not the cards in your hand. the game tends to want to dump cards out of hand first. Watch the AI play a Skip-Bo card on an empty space instead of using it to fill the missing number so that card cand be used from draw pile. The spin bonus should be based upon midnight to be eligible for the next spin. Not 24 hours from when the user spins. Also stop the countdown timer at the end of the game yes or no would work
Love the game when it works. 90 percent of time it closes or will not open. End up having to Uninstall then reinstall later.
Functional, but really lacking thought. If you play against the bots it is extremely frustrating. They are worse than young children since they play any and all cards with no regards to what sets up the next player and gives away the game. So if you plan to play against other humans, no problem. But, be warned if you play alone. It's a farce.
seems okay so far, ads are not intrusive, got some good games online. But I don't know what coins are for. There is no store. What's the point of coins? I will correct the scoring when I get the answer!
Hate the update! I lost all my progress once I updated, no big deal, I'll play enough to unlock my achievements again...UM NEVERMIND!!! The color graphics are too miserable on the eyes to even play! What kind of number font is this? Gross.
Game is fun to play when it works. My wife and i constantly have problems with the "play with friends" option. It always tells us game does not exist. We both uninstalled and reinstalled the app, didnt work. Made sure everything was updated, didnt work. Tried through facebook and through guest, didn't work. I emailed the company and have received no help from them.
I love the game but your app is too glitchy. Always force closes or won't even open. I will Uninstall till there is an update. Can't even play the game. Come on and get it fixed already.
I like it but this game has very many glitches. A card has disappeared from my hand. A few turns later, it came back to my hand as a skip bo with a 3 on it. Sometimes you can't grab a card that is available for use. Sometimes it freezes. Also this app doesn't totally follow the true rules of the game.
Cards freeze up and can't be played, screen goes white, some cards just don't show up on discard pile, other players see different cards than I'm seeing.
The cards freeze in place and can not be played or the screen goes white and you can not rejoin or continue after exiting.
It's a fun game. But it will constantly tell me I have poor connection even though I have great service and everything else on my phone is working great.
Fun game, but after 3rd game, it freezes. Sometimes it shows a card on the draw pile, but won't let me play it. Fix the glitches please.
Fun but too many glitches. Took me forever to play with a friend. Kept getting a message that it didnt exist when we put the code in. On top of other glitches we played a skipbo and it stayed the same #.
I hadn't played this game in years until my niece wanted to play. It took me a few turns to actually remember how the game is played. Imagine my delight to find out it can be played online now too.. AWESOME โœŒ๏ธ
I had another version of this game previously and paid for no ads. I was forced to download the "new version" (same game, different graphics) and guess what? Back to those annoying ads. Pretty shady. Uninstalling.
The game is fun when you play online or offline...when it works. The app barely opens when I launch several times.
Game was fun before your updates. You'll (on purpose), LOWERED the volume). I have a partial heading loss & was able to hear it clearly before. I've been playing the game for a long time now & you decide to update. Although, the volume is not really needed to play...I guess I just got use to it. Thought to put a volume controller on it or something would of been better.
Was prompted to install this newer version of the game. I had purchased the ad removal on the older version and with this new one, it's telling me to pay for ad removal again. Not sure how to get this resolved
Love the game except for the fact that you can't log out. Every time I try to back out of it it goes into some stupid thing. Don't like that at all.
I enjoy playing this, except i often het fake opponents, in which case i'd rather wait for one real person to turn up and just play 1 vs 1 instead of fake accounts. Also i really dislike that as soon as one game ends the next one gets shoved down your throat. It automatically starts, without the option to choose wether or when to continue. There's hardly any time to quit, so people often end up quitting at the start of the next game. I do not appreciate this tactic.
This would be five stars except the new version it made me download is seriously buggy. Some rounds go fine but on others - I've had cards play themselves, I've had cards that wouldn't move, and once the whole screen went white during a round. Not cool.
Game is fine when you are playing offline, but when you're playing with friends it is super glitchy and crashes...... not to mention the cards you're dealt or turning over from your stock pile when playing friends is horrible, flipping 12s eight times in a row seems a little far fetched. It did this with multiple numbers......
Every time I log in to play the game it tells me there is a new version to be downloaded. When I go to the download page it tells me I already have the newest version. Next time you update this game I hope this gets fixed.
This game is so enjoyable! Loved this app, it was my go to game for mind numbing fun. The app constantly shuts down mid game loosing connection. I have downloaded the updated version with very little difference. Very glitchy. Havent always had this issue so really disappointing. Fix this app! My patience has worn too thin. Will be deleting.
Fun to play with family but does glitch a lot. Also my phone randomly started making noise one day and realized I was hearing some random person talk to her kid. Makes me question how secure this game is. Make sure when you are done playing you close it right out not just minimize.
Great game the problems I'm finding is that when playing with friends sometimes game won't let you make a move, or it just freezes up , and the timer is annoying sometimes you need a little more time to make a move.
Very Unrealistic. Wouldnt let me discard and cut me off half way through my turn. Started off the game with 5 number 12 cards. Theres only 4 in a deck of skipbo. Theres too many instances just about every game where just about every player gets a run of 3 to 4 cards out of the play pile. That dont happen in real skipbo.
It's the game as you expect it. Wish it was easier to quit between rounds. It starts playing again before you can step out. What are the coins for? Can't figure it out.
i love skipbo but this app will steal a card off of your pile your fixing to play a card on , therefor you cant play the card you was fixing too lay down
Small time frame (5 seconds) to try to exit before the next game automatically loads. Otherwise a great cyber version of the original game.
Nice game... A few things though, ad should go on the top. I always find my self hitting it when I try to play cards. Seems like you always get the same cards like always drawing 6s and 10s or other combinations and seems there are more cards than the regulation 144. Other then those, great game.
Fun game but lately a lot of glitches. I've contacted support twice in the past week but no response. If not fixed by next week, I will uninstall the app.
I like the first version better. The swipe time is too slow. Still no crown if I win. I'd like a crown..
Love this game! I had the previous one for a long time till I noticed you guys made a new one. If I could add I few things it would be for the offline game. Where you're able to choose the difficulty and how fast the bots play. Other than that love this game and always have!
I would prefer to play with only two players. With four a lot of time is wasted waiting one's turn. The cards are too small. If there was only two players maybe the app could be used with a horizontal presentation.
Love the card game. This is the only version I have found as an app. Simple and basic theme. Clunky at times. Long ads. Good alternative to Uno. Needs update & polish.
Worked fine for awhile then not at all. Reinstalled seems ok. Still freaks out sometimes and won't let you move your cards or changes skipbo cards to numbers even if you haven't played them yet.
Overall good game, fun. But...it will randomly go to a white screen or cards from your hand cannot be selected for play or discard.
Online multiplayer is very glitchy. Cards appear and disappear at random. Had to quit a game because the top card of my deck disappeared and could not be played.
Decent, some glitches. I was just playing and for some reason, in the middle of my play, the screen went white. I have a pic of it. 9/7/20 7:00 PM
1/12/21 Update- after the latest update from skip-bo this game went from 5 star to 1 star. I'm constantly getting the Google store ad pop up covering my screen. It won't let me exit out to play the game. Sometimes there is a count down, sometimes not. Either way, it won't let me exit out to play the game. Such a shame because I loved this app. Very enjoyable, minimal ads.
It's okay but too many 30 second ass you cannot skip. I know the game needs to be funded somehow but after every game then when you just want to quit after a game one still pops up you cannot skip. At this rate phase 10 is less of a nuisance.
Terrible I can't even move my cards!three rounds of trying to put my cards out and it glitches. No recommendation at all!!! Terrible app! If this is fixed, my star rating will be a legit 5 star
Great game, except since the update I have to update it everytime I open the app to play. I have no choice but to hit update if I want to play. Very annoying.
I am FURIOUS!!!! The glitches NEED to be fixed!!! I am CONSTANTLY booted from the game after it fritz MULTIPLE times while I am trying to play ESPECIALLY when I am winning!!
Love this game. It glitches quite a bit though. Some cards don't move when you're trying to move it, a card got stuck on a pile and didn't change the rest of the game, friend all of a sudden couldn't see their stock pile, sometimes unable to discard. I enjoyed it more before the updated version.
I only use the offline feature of this game. But it takes SOOO long to load the app that it's usually not even worth the wait to playโ€”because the AI's are near impossible to beat. I think I win probably 1 in 20 games. Also when the game ends it literally gives you 3 seconds before thrusting you into another game
I love this game. I play it all the time. I really hate waiting endlessly while players are minimized, it takes too long for Al to take over. And when someone has left a game there should be no way they can rejoin that game. It messes up a game and I sometimes lose my turn. Fix these 2 things and I will give you 5 stars
I really love this game, and since I can't always play it in real life, I downloaded this app as a substitute. It's terrible! When you play online, the people you're playing with aren't even real - they all have the same "realistic" profile pictures, so it's really just single player. And when your playing with friends, you don't know how many people are in the game waiting, nor do you know who is actually in. There are so many problems with this app so I'm uninstalling. ๐Ÿ˜ก
The game glitches so often. It will freeze, take away your card, skip your turn, you name it. Drives me insane.
The old version of this game recently MADE you download the new version. The new version now includes adds. The old one did not. Thats the only reason I had this game of. because of no adds. Very disappointed.
Ridiculous flashing little sign that says update. It's not an update it's an ad. And there it is constantly flashing right where you want to play your cards. You've got to be kidding me right?
Playing with friends online, there's always a glitch every single time. It gets annoying. Otherwise the game is great.
It is ok. It is a time burner. I would rather be able to name my opponents myself. The names in the game make me crazy, I cannot stand them.
Absolutely awful. If you have the opportunity to actually complete the game before it crashes randomly, it will take you two hours because of the endless deck that gives you 47 of the same card.
Ii love it i play it at my house but i had more fun plaing with biscuit scooter I don't remember the other ones names but I love and I miss them they were animals that I was playing with on Skip-Bo and then it took me off of that one and put me on this one is there any way that we can get the the animals back on Skip-Bo please
So many glitches! When I try to play with friends, the cards glitch or the screen goes blank. Then when I back out of the game to fix it and try to rejoin it doesn't let me. I love this game but please fix the glitches and add an option to rejoin the game if you leave. Also, let us use the coins for something. Why are there useless coins that we collect???
The game is pretty cool itself and I never have any technical problems. However, I don't like that you have to be on wifi in order to play "online" with other people, the points are meaningless, it does not give me an option to use a personal picture as others have I've seen and when playing "online" you can only use a card pile up to 10. I also don't like that when playing with other players if they minimize their screen the game is on hold until they come back
This game blatently cheats in all kinds of ways. It was better the first time around. After they merged the first with solitaire they screwed it up. Brought it back and i lost over 69,900 points. Now it cheats so you cant win a game as much
Enjoy being able to play games with personal friends, and allowing to choose the amount of friends in a game. Nice feature.
DO NOT pay to have ads eliminated. It takes you to a completely different app (that by glance, looks like Skip-bo). Your ads will NOT disappear and it will be a huge hassle to get a refund โ€ผ๏ธ
Very minimal problems with lag and freezing. It would be nice to do other aspects in the game. Stealing from discard piles and being able to reverse the stacks from 12 to 1.
It's the game as you expect it. Only wish it was easier to quit between rounds. Sometime it starts playing again before you can step out.
Game repeatedly prevents you from playing cards from your hand or they disappear on your device but not others. When it's the last card in your hand, whole game is screwed, no way around it. Happens pretty much every game on 3 different devices.
I like this game...I play this game with my 10 yr old son and it keeps kicking me off our private game. Tells me 'game does not exist' meanwhile my son is still on the private game and a bot is playing my spot. What the hell? Lol. I have no problem giving 5 stars if this is fixed. If not, deleting it.
In an online game with invited friends my screen just went white. It was not my laptop, as everything else worked fine. Just the Skip Bo app window was white with large red blob in upper left corner. We had to guit the game. Along with the horrible full screen advertising. This app is being uninstalled. It is unusable.
I grew up playing uno, oh-no and skip-bo and i love this version mostly because I don't have to wait until my husband wants to play and the ai IS challenging which is great! My only complaints are that I can't choose online, the amount of cards we are playing with, i haven't found anything that explains the time limits and such and nooo matter how many times I send an invite # to my hubby (who's downloaded the game too) we can't seem to set up a private game?Otherwise I'm happy with this version