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Skiing Yeti Mountain

Skiing Yeti Mountain for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Featherweight located at 210/410 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010, Australia. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Gameplay is easy to get used to, but the challenge steadily increases just the right amount to keep me interested. The story is funny too. It's like Sierra Entertainment made Ski Free.
Beautifully balanced gameplay with simple, fun visuals with a cool retro vibe. Wonderful control system that will have you weaving down the slopes with ease. Did I mention no ads?!
Super fun, jam-packed levels. Different modes and achievements add a whole new level to the game. Well done!
Super fun game, doesn't take long to figure out the controls. The course has some challenging routes which are fun to navigate. Well done to the developers
NO ADDS while playing the game!!! Also way more fun than I was expecting plus it's challenging enough to not get boring for long time! Great game
Addictive with a cute story. Very polished for a bit style game. Great time waster while waiting at the dmv.
Really fun, addicting game. Game play is relatively easy but challenging enough to maintain interest. Some levels are really easy, others pretty hard but all are fun and weirdly relaxing. Great way to spend the quarantine downtime.
Such a good game! The playing is smooth and challenging but fun, and the story and dialogue is funny and interesting. Keeps me occupied for ages!
I love skiing my dad showed it to me and he told me he played it when he was my age and I love it!!! thank you! I am so showing this to my kids because they will love it as much as I do!
A weird but fun little game where you skii down a mountain. The gameplay is simple but has enough challenge and complexity to be interesting and engaging. The characters are odd but still enjoyable and have gotten a laugh out of me more than once.
A positively great game! I love the charm of the characters and flow of the gameplay -- I would love to see more updates and content!
Its so relaxing and fun. One of the best games I have. Also, you don't need an Internet connection so you can play it anywhere
This game is almost perfect. I thoroughly enjoy the gameplay and the movements and controls are very smooth. However, I really wish that the developers would add a sort of "zen" mode, where there weren't any flags or timers. I enjoy the endless mode, but it would be nice to be able to remove the time limits and the flags. Those are my only complaints though, and overall this is a great game that is definitely worth a download.
Love the game but bugged at 284?? It says I keep missing a flag but there is no flag in sight. Please fix!
Challenging game that starts losing interest after 125 levels. There needs to be a way to network players together. There is no reason to offer personalization of gear that serves no purpose or, doesn't perform better. Also, drop the timer on the free ski mountain and let the Yeti chase us! Just a thought. Keep up the great work, I found your game fun and very entertaining. Best of luck.
So good game, I've played it two years ago, but I'm so sad that it's short, I've completed it in a day :/
Virtual ski trip. Audio and game response is so realistic it's like nothing I've ever played before. Motion control across various terrain is terrific and seamlessly alters across snow, ice and cliff jumps. The tight tree shoots remind me of Breckinridge and the game elicits a similar brain response skiing controlled and strategic. Fantastic job creators.
Stupid amounts of fun. Levels are short and have a good mix of challenging vs. easy. Addicting and fun!
Controls a bit too finicky for me and it put me off before I even finished the introductory levels. I think it could have been better if you made it so that the character would follow the player's finger rather than how it is. Not much else I can say as I just couldn't play any further
I started playing this game from it's release back in 2016 but didn't really enjoy it but after finding out again on the Playstore u've taken in love with this game. I've reached lvl75 in less than an hour. I think it's a very charming game and Dylan, the dev, had a great sense of humor with the passages of text in the game
5 stars! Simple yet engaging, sound, controls, pixel graphs and characters are great. Retains my interest and attention. Love the game! Great job!
Love the pixel style the controls are just hard enough to master but once you get the hold the whole game is very fluid and difficult, in a good way. It's really fun to just sit down and play with some show in the background as you try to beat one of the levels in pain mountain. The "story" is meh but that's fine not here for a story game. Not p2w which is great I try to watch ads when I can. Btw dev's if your reading this "danger ice" lvl 3 fastest time is near impossible. Anyway love the gam
really fun and chill. Clearly inspired on the classic-back-in-the-day pc game, with many references, but not a clone. The maps here are manually crafted instead of RNG, and it shows. This game distills polishment and care. A rare sight these days.
Favorite game on my phone, simple yet challenging! I love the random characters that you meet. It would be amazing if there was an endless "zen" mode where you could just ski and listen to music while weaving through trees. Other amazing game!
An amazing game that keeps you entertained!! The 2-bit graphics are a nice ode to the Atari days. Numerous acheivements to unlock, multiple game modes, accessories to unlock that increase your skiers skills and leaderboards. Amazing!!
Repetitve but somewhat fun, ad supported version full of pro-Trump/anti-Clinton propaganda ads. Cant I ski on the toilet without having to see political junk?...
Basic but challenging 8-bit skiing simulator. The amount of generated levels might be excessive for some; over 800 levels! The characters are witty and do not interrupt the game. There are two controls for a strategic descent: Finger and Thumb. On certain slopes (level 301), the Thumb gives you speed while the Finger gives you control and vice versa. The time trials and endless slopes give good replay value, yet what Skiing Yeti Mountain makes up for in story it lacks in a satisfying ending.
Addictive! Inventive, fun, controls are satisfying, and the perfect mix of light simple mobile gaming timepassing with story content.
i think the game is pretty dope, an the way that people talk reminds me of under tale a little, and its pretty satisfying
Pretty fun little game. A good bit of challenge, controls take a bit of getting used to but once you do it's fun. Have yet to see a yeti so can't comment on that. Fun way to kill like 10 minutes or part of a train ride to work (once I get to go back to work) or a nice time killer as you're laying down a brown anaconda in the bathroom. Hoping this translates into real world shredability. With how much I'm playing I can maybe qualify for the Olympics. Overall 9/10. Sick but not Sick-Nasty.
it's super fun, it gets stressful sometimes, but I love it. It keeps you occupied and the best skiing game I've ever played.
this a good ass game man tight controls stylistic visuals funny characters great at capturing the feeling of skiing 10/10
challenging and smooth very cool retro grafics very easy responsive controls collecting *rad* items which adds to the fun. speaking of ads and fun, the game is free to play Larry does good work keeping us on the slopes if you,ve just started there is a very long journey ahead, but the path is easy to find! the Yeti however is not easy to find. thanks Dylan ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Found this when Chilly Snow disappeared from the Play Store. I was initially disappointed that the controls are slightly more complex but Yeti Mountain is a far better game once you get used to it.
This game was made to raise funds for people who were affected by the Nepal earthquake in April 2015. So that in it self is a reason to download. It's super fun and super chill. 100% recommend.
This game is very nice and addictive. Very simple smooth controls which is easy to pick up but hard to master. The story and characters are funny as well. All of the above makes this game the best game (less than 100mb) ever, especially for stoners. Keep up the good work! ***UPDATE*** Lv 284 passed, it's not a bug, but the blue flag was covered by trees, and this problem will be more frequent on later stages, which means have to guess ur way out!
I love how smooth the movement is, really satisfying. The sound effects are awesome too! Really recommend!
Super fun addictive game. Love the old school atari block feel and look. And the controls are simple and not to complicated which really goes a long way. Thanks for a instant classic game on this one. I will always make sure I have this on my phone. I love my ski and snowboard games like grand mountain adventure but that one and this one are two totally different styles and concepts so they both are the best in their respective categories
The problem with many mobile games is that the controls aren't ideal for a phone. This game however has an excellently simple control scheme that works great on a phone. Takes a bit to master but once you do the controls feel natural. Only thing keeping it from getting 5 stars is the lack of content. There are lots of levels but not many different types of obstacles/terrain. After a while the levels start to feel the same. Overall great game that could use some added content, but it's not new so
I have very few mobile games on my phone and this is one of the few that has survived on my phone(s) for multiple years. Highly recommended.
It's cute but I wish i actually hate the left-right gameplay since the controls are so good and so fluid I actually think the main flag mechanic doesn't live up to its controls
Fun, but no ending is lame. I'd say SPOILER but that would entail and ending. 841 is last level, I was ate by a bear and that was it, end of the game. No chance to retry 841 and no warning about it being the final level. No yeti, no explanation, just you die and that is it. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME
I have a nostalgic penthouse apartment in my heart for this game. And to explain why, I have to take the story back to 1995. Acer had a desk top PC with windows 95, and a cord phone and the side, and this was one of the many games pre installed on the PC. Many hours of my childhood went into this game.
It's one of the few games that's been in my phone for more than a day. I usually install and uninstall every game because I find them boring to play or have unnecessary stuff but I've already had this 1 for months. It's a simple and repetitive game but incredibly entertaining with subtle details that make the game never get boring. Plus it has a small but nice storyline that makes the casual and easy gameplay more appealing to play even so often. It's simply great, perfect for a portable device.
Skiing at the best, the controls are precise you have to be careful to be fast. ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿพalso skiing amidst a lot of trees is risky. ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿพ
This game is absolutely amazing. Let me tell you why. 1) The retro 8-bit artstyle is super cool. That just really does it for me. 2) The difficulty of the levels is really quite manageable. 3) The controls are easy to get used to, but the gameplay takes focus and care so it's not a game you can get bored of. 4) The clothing being customizable is a wonderful provision. 5) The interactions with the NPCs keeps the narrative going and prevents the game from being endless skiing. I LOVE IT!!!
Great fun. Captures the "feel" of skiing well. Adverts are not too bad but I still paid to remove them
This game is great and all and it has plenty of potential however whilst skiing my thumb tends to go off the edge bottom of my screen especially when I'm skiing in longer levels of the game. I would like an optional feature implemented so that if I let go off my thumb to reposition or "to recalibrate" it will automatically pause the game for me and once I'm done repositioning my thumb the game will once again continue. Also the flick or finger mode one of the 2 controls option just loses speed.
The ads come once after every 70 levels or so in the most delightful manner. The dialogues that occur once in a while are fun to read. Truly a relaxing game.
App asking for too much senstive information, such as reading all contacts, cell phone number, cell imi and serial number. Requests access to all registered accounts on cell is one too many.
Very fun and challenging levels. Doesn't really get repetitive either because of the increasing difficulty of each stage. More customization options would be cool though!
Very epic controlls are simple and easy while the game is easy to learn aswell as pick up and put down at any time
this was really fun becuase it's easy and there is alot of challenges also it made me feel like I was playing in the 90s
Originally gave this 5 stars til I played the last level. I was in a conversation with my roommate while I was playing it, and of course being distracted hit a tree on the way down. Then the ending happened and I tried to play it again to get further. But you can't. You literally get one shot to play level 841 and whatever happens you're stuck with it and can never attempt it again. I've been playing this game off and on for over a year and this is how you reward me?
So close to being perfect. Absolutely loved this for a while. And then I got to l284. And then the game got uninstalled. Sorry, but I'm not playing a game with invisible flags that I have to manoeuvre around. Hard to see, fine but impossible to see is just stupid. Ruined what was until then my favourite time killer game.
The controls are fun and the story is kind of interesting It's been a decent experience I hope to God there's a part where you get chased by the Eddie id be kind of upset if it turned out there wasn't a yeti the whole time
Very fun, fluid gameplay and funny, or just for companionship, characters. The game has a lot of playability and I have yet to finish it.
I love the games controls and retro feel, for sure. I wish the ski colors we're a bit more vibrant, and maybe skis that leave different color trails in the snow. But most of all, the game is called Yeti Mountain but I have yet to see a single Yeti... Why skimp on the snowy sasquatch??
I played 100 levels and it's really repetitive. The game teases some murderous yeti, but nothing happens. It tries to present a story with weird/quirky characters, but they don't serve a purpose at all. The difficulty doesn't even vary much in the main mode, I can pass most of the levels in 1-3 attempts. Not to mention the other modes are locked and requires hours of gameplay to unlock.
Pretty fun but when I got past slope 100 it got kinda boring and repetitive. It's worth checking out.
what a good game, it's really challenging for me about that game and for me I just wanna say, please make more game like this but add some creativity in it so we all enjoy the evolution of this kind of game
Good time-consumer, especially if you are listening to music. (RIP Juice WRLD) There is one thing I might change, about the game: there are too many characters, in my opinion.