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Skate Space

Skate Space for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by drsv located at 北海道札幌市北区麻生町3-2-4-206. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is so sad when you don't land..... CRACK!!!!! And he's on the ground. Good game for that reason
This is a great skateboarding 🛹 game, it's so fun that i wanted to get a skateboard this summer wich I am
It keeps saying (no respose)when i try to open the game i played it on my ftiends phone its amazing but i cant open the game so thats why 2 star (Just Saying)-i wanted 2 and a-half star♦
I like the game however one of the ads makes me very uncomfortable it's a dating app call amolatina of they would take this off the game it would be very more enjoyable.
I love how its not like those types of games where u have to spend money and there are literally no ads at all but its really hard to get alot of coins But other than that its a really good and fun game
Honesty wasn't expecting this much from such a simple design and game. The game has missions that are all different and definitely challenging. There is also free skating there are a few bugs and glitches but nothing that will ruin the fun in this amazing game. Great work guys!
Amazing gameplay and all graphics are pretty good but having to buy stuff is a little bad because your character dosent change the gameplay so that's stuff should be easier to get
This game is really good. The concept is very good and the graphics are not to bad. Overall if you like stunt type games and skateboarding you would let like this game alot.
I like the game but 2 problems the graphics is bad and stuff is to expensive get those out of the way and the game will be a lot better
The app is amazing!! PERFECT for skaters...Maybe a tutorial for the beginners??Other than that the game is super fun !!And theres not so many ads which is good maybe once in a while the ad will come...Nice game😄👍
Please make editing your park a LOT EASIER please and thank you DRSV. Also please make editing everything easier and make editing your character free.
The game is good but whats stupid is you haft to pay money for x if you want one more freaking trick creator like put x in missions like not alot but how about 2 or 1 that would be great
I have it a four star because there aren't skins that you get for free and you need to pay for the skins
It is good but i feel there is no meaning to this game i realy like this game but i would love a map that would be like a city but smaller like skate 3 or something
I really like the game but it really needs to be fixed, reason why is because when I was trying to turn around it literally pushed my character through the concrete platforms, plz be fixed SOON!!
I really like this game because we can do big jumps and some stands in this game so that's why 5-stars
This is like bmx space, but better. You can get off your skateboard and run around. And the glitches in this game Add to the experience. This is a very fun game.
This is a very good and fun game as it is a mobile game and I would say that it compairs with skate I play it all the time with my friends and I like how you can change your character, skate park and you can even join other people's skate parks I would rate it a 9/10 and it is very addictive I recommend this game to anyone even if you don't like skateboarding
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Probably the best skating game ever please make more space game pls other than skate space, scooter space, and BMX space, this is great and i just wanted to support it.
It isnt that bad, infact a pretty good time killer. Just needs an ablitiy to stay ine ragroll mode and maybe even an open world area, like a city.
I love it although if you could add a chat so people could talk to each other it would be great but I also love how you can customize your character and skateboard if you could just add a chat it would be great
I love this game and all but after a few hours of making my park no one can play it because it is not under new any more and im trying to figure out how to get a pick up skatebaord map but I can't figure it out if you could please tell me how that would be great.
Very fun game. The idea of the game (skateboarding) came across very well. You can do a bunch of cool tricks and edit your map. You can also change your map and your character. The overall performance is very good as well. It takes a bit of getting used to but when you do, it is a very fun game to play. If I could I would rate this game higher. It's a 10/10 for me, I hope you'll enjoy it to.
Love it, love the building and designing of each park, love the collaboration of different peoples and their ideas, and love to try each and every one
I love it so much I always wanted to skateboard game just like this because it's so fun to do tricks and all that stuff so you can be a skeleton and a bear and you can just go around and act like you're cool cuz you got more skins than them and you can actually I on skate 3 I have this mod where I can change my clothes to red and it was like like modded and I kind of like did myself a own mod but it's actually fake but I put red all over my body except for my skin but thank you so much for makin
This game has many parks to explore so the fun basically never ends. The game might glitch out sometimes but it is still a very good game. It has many tricks to do and when you get a cool trick it feels very satisfying
It was amazing overall, but I have a few recommendations. Such as, the option to change to high or low angle. Maybe some fixes of the running feature.
I would admit online with friends and people you know or with random people on here with Wi-Fi but imagine if you did not have Wi-Fi and this is the only game you can play it's like playing a simple game on a games system but at the same time though playing it offline might be a good thing as well but that just in my opinion that's it. 🤔
This game is cool and the reason why I rated it 4 is because you have to pay for half of it I wish you earn money in game for doing things but other than that I would get
Love this game I even downloaded the bmx game I like skate 3 and this feels like a mobile version of that so it gets five stars
I mean it was it was fun but it the same time it was frustrating with all the levels because like it makes you do all these cool tricks but it only gives you like a minute or 30 seconds and how's anyone supposed to do anything so if you enjoy frustration then this is a good game it's fun just stay out the stage this and also you're going to run out of a lot of things I'm just saying
It's pretty good considering it's a mobile game, it's actually a playable and enjoyable experience, I genuinely enjoy this game, obviously theirs bugs here and there but nothing game breaking. It feels a lot like skate 3 but you have to unlock tricks, which isn't too hard but it can take awhile. The level editor is pretty fun too.
It is fun, but fix the controls please, it's not polished enough to play easily, you always get stuck for no reason and doing missions is borderlime impossible
The game is very fun. I won a game and it said I got 48x coins. I go back in training area to see and I'm still at zero so like what is the delly ow. Help cuz I'm going to uninstall it soon.
I love this game because it can teach you how to ride a skateboard in real life and you can play when your bored and I just love this game:-)
This game is E P I C! I've been trying to find a game like thos and it's here :3. I love this game but although the movement needs to be fixed. I know it takes time to develop a good game but this game has a lot of potential. I wish i could donate to to the game but i cannot sadly. I hope you guys try to fix this and i hope this game gets the fame it deserves.
Underrated game. Either free unlimited park building or charge for it, I would go crazy. Look at my parks daily EZPZbestParks under "New". Tweak graphics, nerf ollie distance. This game would be perfect . Please consider this review
It's a very fun and addictive game! There is one problem, however. The NPC'S in the default park often bump into you and you bounce away. This ruins the tricks I wanted to do. Is it alright if you make it so the player cannot collide with the NPC'S?
It's an alright game, it could do better in my opinion. For one thing I don't like the 10 games only a day. That's boring
It's pretty good graphics need more detail but that would probably cause lag. It's just pretty cool to me it kinda reminds me of skate 3 if you remember that game overall I love it
Dreadful piece of rubbish. The way you earn coins to exchange for skins etc. is a rip off. You may earn say 100 Ex which you can then exchange for 100 coins. But then you have to earn 200 Ex for another 100 coins and so on, constantly moving the reward out of reach in the hope of getting you to buy Ex using real money. Which is fine if you want but not good for a 6 year old boy !!!! Very poor written english and very poor graphics. One of the worst examples in the Play Store
This game is awesome. I love it. ❤️ I've always wanted to try skate 3,, now I can play it on my mobile.
When I played this the first time I was like bored of it then my friend was playing this game and that's what made me like the game because you can unlock lots of tricks
Nice game very nice but some small errors that need to be fixed but other than that it is amazing 👏.
Has potential, but lacks alot of tricks. I'd suggest getting rid of the body flip tricks and add more tricks in. Also should be able to control the tricks you want to do and not have to do them in a pattern. Needs more maps or a large city would be nice.
I've been searching for a really good skate game on mobile for years now that compares to skate3. When I first got this, I thought okay, this is a pretty good skate simulation...but I had no idea that over time I would find that there is so much to this simple skate game than I imagined, editing parks and challenges as well as multiplayer competition. Mechanics are a bit crazy to master but I've been addicted to this game for a couple days now...I put on a skate playlist in Spotify and skate!
I like this game because it's fun and you can do tricks and I hate my phone not the game and I went on the the track and I did a flip it was not over a person it was over the thing the bar and I will never delete this game because I love it and I really really hate my phone and I download this for my brother and he really liked it both of them and I like it too I don't let them play on my phone that much but I really like this game because I love skateboarding and one time I actually did it a fl
Amazing game but it would have been 5 stars if they had free tricks better graphics and you should not have to pay to get x
Alright this game is awesome but here's something things you should add slash update 1:Better graphics 2:options to put our on pics on the boards 3:add more Characters/customization 4:add a speed glitch or something 5:add pre-made maps not like player made but ones that's already made 6:the option to add friends 7:option to make party's and party/game voice chat 8:custom shirts 9:accessories/make able accessories 10:customizable shoes/makeable shoes that's mostly everything you need to add
It's good but the one thing that I can't turn the camera view to where I want it to be but it's a good game its top 600 games hope you have a wonderful safe day😁😆
I love this game but i discovered a glitch.When I boot up the game it comes up with the loading screen then when it's done loading it just comes up with a grey ground and blue sky.If i close the app and re-open it a few times my skater will appear but then i cant do anything.I love this game and i want to play it so please fix this.
This app sucks you could barely even play it with a controls you couldn't even turn and you can't even walk in the game to get up the ramp because it just makes you run the same speed that you would be on a skateboard which means you fall off the ramp like right when you get up there it's not fair at all I hate it you can barely do any tricks with all of the controls
This app is good and fun and you can play it when your bored but if you go to a wall and jump you go on the wall and my screen goes a but crazy please fix that other then that its good
It is really cool,but it is really hard to to the missions, and hard to move the other way, that you go too fast that i fall of the stairs that you can build, and it is hard to look the other way,but the rest is really good.😃👍
Really good game super amazing but I would of gave five star if you just make bmx space and skate space no need to use internet to play plz
I just love this game so much its just so relaxing and refreshing and you betbto change your hair and clothes you also get to challenge and practice with other people real people you can learn knew tricks and I love it so much I recommend you to try this ❤ 💖 💗 💕
The chat is inappropriate, i have someone saying inappropriate messages to my little sister, the people on here are weird, dont let young children have this app Someone asking her name age and where she lives. There is a nonce, pedophile, pervert on thjs, no security at all dont download this game Do not trust this its sketchy ad hell, these revjews are bots or something, i bet i will hack jnto your phone, please dont download it, protect yourself and your siblings from tbjs messed up game
It is a very fun game all day since I downloaded it but I do not think it was made by skaters because all the skatepark are quite Awkward to use and I do wish that u could customise your skin a bit more but other wise this game is amazing
Its a fun skater game with a nice idea and fairly simple controls and game play however the map editor could use work aswell as having an free multiplayer mode to skate mingle with other players and maybe challenge them to impromtu s.k.a.t.e. matches or something similar all in all great game
Good game was just expecting skate 3 controls where the right stick is used to create a trick instead of having a list of tricks your character automatically does. I recommend that this control set is used for more freedom of the player to do what they want. It would be a big update but it will be worth it!
Not a bad game but this is the type of game they should warn you about flashing if you suffer from epilepsy because of the frame rate.
It's not bad. For what it's worth it's a decent mobile skating game. You get a few subtle ads pop up every now and then but they aren't in your face all the time which is great. You get a plethora of different maps, You can edit maps, you can play online with others in free roam and compete in matches. With a bit more improvement with the physics it could be a much better game. I'm very impressed.
It's a good game and all but there is one problem with one of the mission's. So on #8 it says that I have to get to 9000 or more in 12 seconds. I can only get to 4013. Please fix this.
This game is the best skateboarding game I've played in my entire life and I've played a lot of skateboard games this game let's you meet real players and bless you edit your character and all types of stuff which is really cool and lots of games like you do that so it's hard to give it a four-star it's not that great not that bad Chuck every 4 star there you go Google say yes if you agree.
Its a great game to play when board. You can play other peoples maps too. The only thing that i dont like is that there is no add friends. It would be nice because then you can play with them if they are playing in a map. But otherwise the game is great.
I don't know why this is top 10 material as a Google Games LeVeL-59 gamer it doesn't make sense. or at least not to me... uninstalling as price points r way to high & it's only 4 aesthetic changes regardless.... no fun to me either although not allowing the character to fall when the least little mistake is made, I still can't recommend it as it stands today. uninstalling.
Just get touchgrind skate 2. These controls are horrible and if you spend enough time in touchgrind skate, you can get alot better very fast.
It is a great game I play this everyday I recommend this game but sometimes I glitch threw walls but everything else is pretty good.
This was really fun but it just kept glitching for me maybe because my internet but I can only stay on a game for like a minute maybe and then it would like shut off kind of and I'd have to stop playing.
Although the graphics are bad and the tricks are completely random. It's fun to make spots. I lately made the braille warehouse and people seemed to like it bc I got 52 visitors on my map. This could definitely become a more official and realistic game. Keep working on this mobile game.
I wish that there were better animations and you wouldn't have to pay real money just to get different tricks and skins and all that stuff.
it's a really addictive game but like I wanna customize my character and u have to buy coins so that sucks
This is a great game!!! I only did a 4 star cause the graphics are no that great but it is still very entertaining!!!💕
This is a good and fun game becuase you can customize your charecter and you can ride around on a skateboard.
This game is very good but it glitches a lot and won't give me coins. Other than that, this game is great.
I love this game, i can skate all day, i can do sooo many tricks and in real life im still learning how to jump🤣
So it's like a great but creepy it's a girl skin fallaeing me with a white shirt and just don't get this app
This game is good but it is hard to build your park but it is fun to do if you are on a plane but the missions are hard tho but pretty good
I haven't played it yet but this is what I've been looking for my entire life. This seems like it would be the good skateboard game that I needed and been looking for. I already played BMX Space and that was good, so I think his will be a good game too.
I spent about 20$ on this game then got a new phone and reinstalled the app on my new phone and all my purchases were gone.
It's pretty good but I glitches the game 3 times.. one I went flying up but I found one were I go upside down In the ground
It's a good game fun to play online and to to mission mode. Although it has the bigo live app and that's not good. Please remove the ad.
This is a fun and addictive game to play it's realistic and easy the moves are fun and enjoyable this is easily one of my favourite games
One of the most fun skate games. Its free roam and you can play with other people on your nap or other people's map. Only complaint is the graphics but that doesn't bother me to much.
This game is fun and diverse with the options it has already especially with the created maps I personally feel like it should have a friend and party list and a ragdoll button. Other than that I feel like this game needs more exposure
I thought it would be so boring but actually quite fun the only thing that would interest me more is the graphics.
I can't download When I tried to install it said a problem had occurred and had a link to a help page, so I went to it, did everything that should help (clear cache, restart device and some other things) and still can't download can you help me download it
This is the best skateboarding game it is so good. i love it because everything in the game is pretty much free!
I mean yeah it is a great game but the way competitve and how some aspects of the game are like you think you're gonna be doing combos? Nah more like spamming the trick button so it's RNG on who actually wins it's not a bad game just wish they fixed competitve and rail grinding though there are fps issues it's a like i said a great experience
a pretty solid game . the controls are easy and actually good, the game play and design is good. There is some bugs to the game but other then that its a great game. in college away from my console so basically, its 'Skate' on the go. I just hope this game doesn't get ruined by ads.
Every time I join a round it keeps on hitting me the other players when it starts please fix that 🖕🖕🖕🖕👎
It is a decent game but something i think would greatly improve both skate and bmx space would be when building/editing a park you should be allowed to turn on object snapping into place on or off this would speed up park making and possibly make them smoother to play on. If you read this ty for reading. A friend option would be nice to maybe for local park play etc.
To be completely honest, this game fun but I don't think its at it's full potential. I like how it feels like skate 3 and how u can edit your own parks, but instead of having to unlock tricks, u should be able to do all of them. If your thinking about getting this game, I highly recommend getting it, though it's not the best, it still holds up.
it is an awsome game but in am not a big fan of skateboards i am wondering if you can add a bike game freestyle
Pretty good game. It's the only game I don't delete when i go through my storage because it's fun. It would be cool if the makers would make it a bit smoother but because it's mobile it's good for what it is. You can customize your character and board and can make yourself a skatepark and play with other people online and battle to earn xp to level your tricks up
Ima give yall a 3 for effort. Keep working at it. I love the concept but definitely needs to be refined.
FIX the terrible air rotations and add more space for more objects on the creative maps!! Can't make a 2 block plaza city cause I waste space adding details to buildings
Pretty solid game, the best imho as far as all the other free skate games go. My only issues are the spin physics could be fine tuned some more, allow for more control, and you also gain massive speed pretty easily so it can mess with tricks.
Has great potential. Could make more interesting by enabling physical interaction with other players. Like punching and kicking. Some xtreme extreme sports.
This game is so good u can do tricks in the game and there are no ads. The reason why it gets a 4 is because when u get off ur skate board and u turn u sometimes go way to far ! Remember to stay safe or no COOKIES 🍪
Its kinda good but each time i go in online battle someone always has their internet plugged into a potato and 4 sum reason it always flings me so that i dont land the trick and also we can just mess each other up by crashing!
No retry button on the missions. If you fail you just have to wait. Go to the menu and select the mission again and again. Not to mention the bs that is level 12.
So i do recomend this came but it is very hard to walk when you are not on the skateboard.If your a girl there is girl hair and body. It is realy fun and you can go into different skate parks when ever you want so i give it a 4 star its never perfect anything isnt perfect. There is a bear costume and a skeleton body
First off, theres no permanent skater style, (goofy or regular) the skater always switches depending how they land.. ANNOYING.. second.. the skater runs way to fast when off his board. Like his @$$ is on fire or he has to take a major dump.. third.. the editing on the skatepark is horrendous.. you can even see half the things your doing.. the buttons are to small to even make pieces fit properly. fourth the controls are horrible. I switched to manual for better grip on the tricks. I could go on.
I really like the animation and how you can so easily do noise grinds and olies and kick flips it takes no skill
This one my favorite skateboard mobile games the skating is calm for me but not for everyone this is my opinion I think the game needs to allow you to wall ride with your skate board it's missing that anyways that's all if you add wall ride I will put this on 5 stars
The game is great it's very fun to play and there are plenty of tricks you can learn from and have fun playing with your friend just have a couple problems it's really hard to make coins on the game and you can't really do combos with your tricks
its fun theres really cool desighns for your character and skateboard when you miss a trick the ragdoll is hilarous and its just a really fun game that doesnt make me rage the first game that doesnt make me rage
I love this game so much. It would be cool If there was a scooter space because there is a skate space and a bmx space
Very fun game theres neat tricks the reason I didnt give it 5 stars is because u dont earn money to buy characters pls fix this ;-;
It's one of the funniest games ever me and my cousin enjoy playing it and the park creater is a great feature the bmx version is just as fun I can only ask for on game and that would be scooter space
Could be a good game BUT the amount of of space that they could of used too much of blank space this game is bad oh look a garbage truck outside really similar to this game it is 🗑 and is realy bad for mobile make it minecraft or roblox fortnite gta5 make it call of duty NOW
Guys this game is really fun but I have a suggestion for you, Theres skate space, bmx space, you should make scooter space because I scooter more than I skateboard, thank you
I like this game cause me and my sister can see each other and we can build.so yeah it's a pretty fun game. maybe the makers can make a skateing game for us. Like this review if you agree.😀😮🤠
you can't control what the tricks are and some parks are a bit laggy. the graphics are okay but could be impoved not the best game i've ever played
I love the game so many tricks and so many obstacles to chose but the thing is that I think we should do earn at least coins whenever we so cool stunts.
It's a great game!!! Just fix the glitches!!! And I noticed that the buttons are in weird spots and also when you go onto the game do six Ollie's after that you will be able to do a kick flip and a shovet so its a pattern and that's the only way to do any other tricks then an Ollie or this one trick that most people can't do so I give this game 2 stars!!!
I love this game it's very fun that's why I'm giving it five stars and you can do tricks that's my favorite part I want to be a skater when I grow up and so I can learn new tricks get hurt and learn not to do it anymore
If you are looking to burn your phone, I definitely recommend this app, it overheats after a few seconds of play
Its good and all but I give 3 stars bc the graphics dont feel like they r "up to date" and when you try to make your own park, it doesn't really work. Also when your on auto for tricks, if you are flipping you cant even control the flip to stop it, it'll just keep going.
I mean pretty good 👍 but needs more upgrades and I don't like that you have to buy things but I got no problem with that the graphics eh there okay but I like the effort so 3 stars / i am the kid rating this not the the person on the photo
Really good skating game, should at a restart to missions so that if you mess up and you know you are gonna lose, you can just restart the mission entirely.
This app is kinda boring if you play for a while but if you are only playing it for a couple minutes it is pretty fun and one thing that is nice about it is that there aren't many ads 3 stars is my rate
I downloaded the game.. and deleted it, because the results were terrible, there were terrible graphics and you have to pay to customise and overall do anything, there is no way to get coins or the X thing except for paying for it, for example, when I try to get coins from the shop it says I have to exchange the X thingy and when I try to buy X, it says it costs money, this app is just money hungry and I dont recommend for any people who are looking for an actual proper skateboarding game
It's a really fun and great game, but some of the maps don't show up some times. It's really confusing and I'd like to use all of the maps please. Thanks 😉