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Simulator of animal translator

Simulator of animal translator for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by All4Animals. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
My dog or cat doesnt listin to it, so i say that this app don't work. because my animals didn't do nothing when i translated it to both and still did not work.
When i frist got on a pic it literley said 9>9 rate this app if you like it well I DONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it wont even let you play it no wonder it takes 1sec to lod and i whish i could give it zero stars and all it will do is 9>9 tipe in a santice well i tiped in i hate you and gess what it said 9>9 try it agin well i unsalled it!!!!!! NOW GOODBYE FOREVER YOU SUCK AT MAKEING GAMES IM NEVER LODING A GAME FROM THIS PRSON AGAIN GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
one word I hate this there is way to many ads and it doesn't even work my aunt understand animal and when I showed this to her she said that this was fake and that I should Uninstaller this uglly mess and I wish I can give this one star so that is all I am going to say
This is bad, all of the sounds are the same and they just repeat over and over, this application is trash!!!
Thanks he has to do it for you, I think it was not able the best. If I could get to see the light, the more the same thing as well, I think it was not able the best. I am not a good time for a few day. The other thing that you have to be the most important thing to be the best of all, but the best of the New England, United Kingdom and the best of all, but the best of the New England, United Kingdom and the best of all, but the best of the New England, UK. The first is the most important things?
It's so fine I can't tell you my cat is so much fun she's like black and pretty and she's the best this thing really works I want to keep this up
Does this app even work?! I tried using it to communicate with my birds And I don't think they understand One of them is only interested in the chirps Anyone else?
Waste of time and phone space, this app is stupid, first of all, this is not about animals, only cats and dogs, plus birds in general (cause birds are not as relevant as cats and dogs) second, my cat already understands what I have to say, I am the one who needs to understand my cat.
This isn't accurate,cuz I said I love you and the translation sounded like the angriest cat I've ever heard....but I still keep it cuz it's hilarious to watch my vats reaction...πŸ˜†
I was looking for an app that really works to translate the sounds of my budgies. I downloaded it and immediately went into it. Only to realize it wasn't working as I was clicking on the circle with birds. Horrible app. Download it if you want a random company that does terrible work have your Wi-Fi information. It didn't steal my information, but I still felt uncomfortable downloading this. I still wonder why I still downloaded it though. Once again... TERRIBLE app. (edit: don't download plz.)
It only works for cats dogs and birds so for any hamster owners like me don't bother with this one. And there is a giant add going across the screen every once in a while which is annoying.
Horrible game dont install i tried to speak with my budgies and all it does is tell me to rate them. Tooooo many ads. Only 3 animals. Doesnt do anything. And most of all It takes your locatoin. I am sure you will not like it to
I hate it it would not let me translate anything πŸ˜’ to my dog because of stupid ads don't even try an download it
I am a animal lover from cats to dogs and also birds I can tell you for a fact 🀣🀣🀣🀣 this would make your pet stressed and probably paranoid 🀣🀣🀣🀣😭😭😭😭 I wouldn't recommend anyone to try this app (try at your own risk) if you love your pet you wouldn't need a app to understand them you'll just know like you would just know what your new born baby would want. This app doesn't deserve 1 start at all very inaccurate
1 very needs more options because I can't use theres only 3 to pick from i don't have any of those pets soooo yea not good would not recommend
Horrible I tried it only once and 5 ads came in a row and disappointing that no other pet translators like a bunny or guinea pig.****
I was using it but it's completely useless it's a scam don't download it's is also full of ads it's just a waste of time.
Its really helpful for me to be real close for my pets but i kinnda wish that it could also use for hamsters
For bird translators this apps is very useful.I have translated 'hello' and repeated so many times.after some time birds came one by one.total count-7.I was really amazed.they were sitting nearby me in a mango tree. I don't know about dog and cat translators.that's why I give four star to this app. .I didn't tried it yet.you have to download this appπŸ˜ƒ.I am telling the truth.
Worst app ever.it doesn't even work and it kept saying "retry to work" then right after it would tell me to rate so HERE I AM RATING THIS LIE!
I do not know if it is real but it worked on my cat buttercup so I'm pretty sure it is real so I'm giving it a five star review because it's a great app you should really try it except can you put more animals on it.
I gave it no stars absolutely bad doesn't translate anything and just tells me to keep rating the app
As soon as you get in the app it bombards you with ads. Also when you go into the bird one it literally plays the same audio clip every single time so it's fake. You're better off with another translator.
It is not working at all . Its one of stupid apps in play store . Its waste app. Friends don't download this app . No star rating only 3.4 stars i hate this app pls and pls don't download . Before download this app pls read the comments section please and please It a worst app🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬😑
Had to rate it to actually translate, but I assumr it works. Just gave it 3 stars because if it works, I don't want to lower it's overall rating by putting 1.
this app is okay but it's keeps on giving me stupid ads I try to translate a word and the ads just Pop up to my screen l hate this app
Very bad aap doesn't translate anything and there are too much adds and it stuck alote don't download this app
It's Very Nice App. I'm loving it. I can talk with my cats. Keep it up. Best of luck. TRUST me it's a fantastic app. Please install it.
This app is amazing my puppy and my cat understood and they reacted I really had so much fun talking to them with the help of this app
It is really funny my cat freaked out when i played the sounds but it is not real but funny if you want to here sounds and get your animals to freak out ths is the right game for youπŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ƒ.
I don't like it everytime I put the text in it would sound like nothing even though I put it on full volume
This aap is straight up trash. I tried to talk to my chicks but I don't think they are understanding anything. I just wanted to give this aap zero stars don't download this aap its just waste of time and net pack.
This app sucks I tried it with my pets and they freaked out and ran away from me and now are scared to come close to me when I have my phone in hand 😭😭
Its horrible it always says try again and every time it asks if you would like to rate it please do not waste you'r time
I can now talk to my dog understanding what he needs at all times so I do not have trouble knowing that is he hungry is he sleepy I just asked him and he just told me
im typeing but it just brings me back to the main menu and it says try again .i really wanr to know what they say!
This app is just spamming adds and every time I try this on my puppy it does not even work and also adds ruin your devices storage so do not download this app
This app sucks I do not recommended because every time I tried to translate something it just told me to rate it
I don't whether it's real or not . But my bird is fluffy when I play this too her . I actually don't know what's it saying but it's a nc app download it
This programme needs to be stoped this is awful too many ads and it crashes too much and it always says rate our app all these people who gave 5 stars are FAKE they made fake accs to make people like this programme
Is it just me or does this app not work? I've tried 20 fricken times and it just dosen't work I hate this app try and make a better one cuz dis one is bad
This app wroks But every time l try to hear the translate it keeps getting me ads!!!!! I want to rate this 0 star's if l could.
It is a fake appπŸ™. Just tap on any of the pet and just type any sentence. It will translate it into some kind of sound and then type the same sentence again it will translate it into some other sort of sound. They are literally making us fool,πŸ—£οΈ don't try this at all.πŸ‘Ώ
I tried it on my cat I said 'hello' but it keeps begging me to rate it and say try again I hate it that is why 1 Star 😠😠😑😑 don't download πŸ™…πŸ™…πŸ‘Ž
fun app to do with your pets but I don't like how you can't see what your pets say but you can type a sentence and it says it so your dog or cat or bird says
When ever I try to translate a word an ad comes up and it takes me to the Internet friends do not download this application
Awful don't install it it's stupid app I mean translation is the same thing but a different bark so it's obvious scam don't stall it what are you and plus every second it's either asking you to read it or an ad pops up don't install it
No stars it is horrible to many ads, diffrent sounds on same message which means its fake, way to loud, asks for ratings every translate, and more! please don't waste your time on this horrible app! delete it now or never download! Thanks for your time reading ---- Madelyn
This app is generally sucks first you only have three options so anybody who doesn't have a cat bird or dog won't be able to use this app you don't get the choose what type of let's say bird because I have parakeets so they do not understand not even a bit of it if there was an option I'll give it zero StarsI just want to talk to my birds and understand what they're saying
It is a good app for us to tell what v want to tell to the animal but the animal can't tell what it want and it always tell is press hear and it gives us a new app even if we don't want. 😟 So I don't like it 😣😀