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Simulator animatronics Full

Simulator animatronics Full for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Valera Games located at [email protected]. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Horror) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Why the hell does it want to be able to "manage to make phone calls". This is also such a dumb game, especially because for the phone, there's no way to get out of the cam and it's glitched anyways. No tutorial, no nothing. I don't suggest getting this game unless you want weird phones calls in the future.
Its so boring and i rather not be springtrap. The settings were like a shop inside its like a LIE and the night guard is to hard to get him.
garbage... its incredibly hard to get blood (points) and takes forever to get anything, music sucks and graphics are second rate.
I like it but when I started I don't know what just happened it was in maps and I couldn't play it I rate it 1 because it won't let me play it
The reason you cant go off cams is because youre playing as springtrap its a really good game and every one is complaing about it jist beacause you cant go off freaking cams
Is it okay if you add a few more songs? Because it gets kind of boring just listening to the same songs over and over again. So can you add "Die in a Fire" by The Living Tombstone.
Amazing game, takes some time, but the music is great, and I have two suggestions, 1.that u add a tutorial, the first time I started playing, I thought I was the nightgaurd, it took me 3 "nights" to realize I was Springtrap.2.That "Just Gold"- the song, is put in english, it's one of my favorite songs and I started to sing it when the music played, and then someone in a different language started singing...Over all, pretty good game to relax with.
I was at number nine and the security guard sent me to number one again this is rigged can you have easy medium and hard mode because I would have it on easy the whole time because I like the easy ones so then I can go to meet him and then hard so you have to update this but for now on I'm never playing this game. Y'all are some idiots whoever are making this game y'all stupid.
It is really interesting as far as the concept and gameplay goes. However, there are a few indescrepencies with the phantom animatronics as they seem to spawn in the wrong places compared to the actual FNAF 3.
This is a cool game but you can go through Vince and kill the security guard. And you can get people like Bonnie chica puppet Freddy and bb and vinta
It is awesome! It doesn't nessacsarly have bad graphics, but it could most definitely have better graphics.
I dont know if it's just me but the app wouldn't load and I dont get why it asked for ID I recommend not to get this cause it kinda seems like a scam.
This game is a complete copy of all the work scott cawthon made. It needs to be updated and there are to many ads. Also it needs some work on the animatronics and the animation itself. its gotta be a 1 star
can't move. Copywrited music. controls are to difficult. If you cant get fnaf 3 I prefer the demo instead of this trash.
TERRIBLE. I could not swap cams and I pressed a ton of buttons bit yet nothing works! Do not download! It is a waste of space and time! Plus ther was ONLY Springtrap! I would rather pay for the original then play this knock-off!!
Decent Game But Bugs Here and There. - Bonnie Phantom has to be used 1st and can only be used once sadly(broken) - Sometimes the Camera Guy isn't showing the res squares to if he's looking and i was still being sent back(broken) There may be other spawning bugs but i assure you can make this to a fully fufilled Sim Fnaf 3.
I hate this I can't even get out of the cams plz change this I was expecting something more like actual fnaf 😡😡😡
It's kinda cool yes it's free but you can only play as the character springbonnie=springtrap I need some more update and more animatronics like phantom Freddy phantom chica phantom foxy like that but only springtrap it's cool but I'm giving this 4 stars because of no phantom animatronics
The game is amazing but the gaurd calls u around too much and if the dev's fix that it will be five star but besides that it is an amazing game u should make it so it is any game too that would be cool. And that came to me when I was making this but u should also allow u to play as a phantom not always springtrap but it is an amazing game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is why I rate one star it's because there's no jumpscare and practically springtrap is everywhere and some of the cameras have x on them and no place where you start off but maybe if you if you fix it ill rate it all five stars
This is the best game I've ever played I'm giving it five stars because it's really good and it has like almost no ads it's a really good game but please like like me or something because is it just me or do those not look like Phantoms
The game doesn't make sense and and there's not even a look at me now her son and or the Afton Family song and it really doesn't make sense and it was nothing in there you can do it who makes sense and you can't even go off the cameras to see where springtrap is at
Its good game but its really unfair I was on Cam 8 and I went all the way back to Cam 2 😑 it makes me not wanna play the game at all Please fix it
Love the game is fun i got phantom chica phantom bonnie phantom puppet and phantom mangle and i upgrade spring trap i got one vent Ok love the game five star for you really love the game also it looks like five nights at freddy 3 but i play as springtrap and i will buy phantoms and vent upgrade all you collect blood very time kill the nightgurad If i upgrade springtrap the time of move gonna be fast aka aggressive right i love this developer i hop make fnaf 4 simulator that will be fun and buy.
This game was very fun and I loved it but have one question. Could you make a fnaf 1 or 2 simulator animatronics cause I would love it but I tate it 5 out of 5
Where's balloon boy and puppet and phantom Freddy and phantom Chica where are they are they dead forever? And there's no jumpscare spring trap is just starting to go to me? But it's look like five nights at freddy's 3 good game its look like real but no jumpscare
Everyone is saying that its fun but when I go on the game and click play and it brings me to a screen with cameras and it just stays like that and I can't play it I'm very confused and hoping that u guys could fix it so I can actually play it
this game is stupid. where are the controls? the wait is too long. when the nightguard gets on the camera where i am then i go back a few cameras. whatever i buy it doesnt let me use it and tells me to buy it again. or it doesnt do anything or doesnt work. there are too many cameras. i got rid of the game for those reasons. if you update it i will try it and keep it if it fixes ALL those problems. if i dont like it then i will keep trying it and telling you the problems that i experienced with it
It take to long to go to next cam but still good I only see springtrap but doesn't jumpscare but I don't know why we can't go to some cams ...but it's is greaaaaaaàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!
The game is clunky and glitchy, its nothing like the real game...if you buy vent routes he should be able to use only one...why should he be able to move us multiple times when we're struggling to move from spawn and why does the counter have to move back everytime he resets me... its not a good game
i love this game! can you guys make a fnaf 4 sim where your nightmare and you can buy other nightmare animatronics. i would love that.
It's a good app but I hate that you had to listen to just gold in rushin I think idk they need to get select uble language but it's good enyway☺
All I could do was watch numbers go down that's all! I love simulator games and so far this is the worst!!!
This is really good and a solid recreation of FNAF 3, but in simulator form. I've had this game since 2015 or 2017 (Pretty sure 2015 though) and I have loved it every single seconds that I have ever played it! Great Job!
this game is amazing, playin it for a while, but i got everything, and phantom bonnie (?) doesnt work. basically give us some more things to do, and i will give a 5 star. and maybe get rid of phantom bonnie. and i actually got some chills. good job!!
absolutely fantastic game, I am a huge horror fan and this game allows me to challenge myself to kill the night watch man to het helpers that'll help me with my animatronic mission, I only wish you could personalise your main character. Other than that, fantastic job! you all have my 5 star approval
this game stinks because 1.there is no way to go through the ventilation.And 2.Every time you get caught by the night guard he sends you back 2 steps.I Do not recommend it.
The app is okay but... You can only play as Springtrap, the models are HORRIBLE. The "go through" goes down very slowly. A rip off of Bonnie and Chica simulater.
It's a fun game but you only get 6 to 7 points I got to the office at 1:00 but still got 6 to 7 points. The movement time is wayyyyyyy to long, I get caught almost every time.
This game is trash I played this game and I had to uninstall this 4 times cause it kept closing and ur about to attack and the guard sends u back to cam 1 I take it back it was just a bug now it stopped the game is great but still he can still send u back to cam 1
How come it wasn't removed from google play? Any app that copies the office and/or backround of an official fnaf gets deleted from the app store. Fredbears fright learned the hard way... I'm surprised this lasted this long. It was interesting, fun, and added to the series so you'd think it would be removed by now... Also come on, you can do a better springtrap model than that!
This was so hard to beat and its stupid that you have to buy or watch billions of ads to get a new character 2 stars DO NOT DOWNLOAD
Its a fun game. The only flaw is it gets a little boring after a while, this is do to its simple gameplay. But still a fun game. I do recommend you try ot.
It's so good the graphics and how can be spring trap. My fave charster! Thank you for making it a game.
I don't try it but can you try it guys. I just give 5 star. Yeah I know you guys like this game but l won't try it!.I not say this ✖️ will try it night 🌃
it's a great game but I think you REALLY NEED TO do this 1.fix where the night guard puts you back 2 steps.2.Make the prices a little bit lower.3.The Ai of the night guard is a little bit hard so you should change that.Thats it but I think you should do a fnaf 2 sim cause it'll mean a LOT to me if you did that cause I don't have a computer so I have to do this on a tablet.so please could you do that it would make the game a LOT more better.
I couldn't figure out how to even move, and the camera panel was blocking my view. Overall rating: 1-Star :(
it's still a great game but one problem i can barley move forward the night gaurd keeps pushing me back >:( i cant even get to his office without getting pushed back so can you fix that??
Honestly this game is a good concept, but.. It needs work. The audio lures are broken, You could be at cam 9 and the nightgaurd just spams the audio to 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. It's so annoying! Another problem is not really a problem.. A little decoration won't hurt! Last problem is the vents I don't know if you can go in them but the vents is like the coolest part of fnaf 3! Honestly, Its a great concept, But it needs work. That's why I'm giving it a 2 star.
This game is so bad I dont even know what to do at this point dont get me wrong I know the objective is to kill the night guard but I can't even go anywhere at this point ,also theres too much advertisements darn im rating this game a 1 star review for how bad this is...thank you
first it a total rip off yes then you can't click anything on the game 😡 i clicked again for the same thing but it did nothing it so so so not cool and if you can change it that will be awesome! i don't know if I just need to work on clicking on buttons or the game is just bad
wish I could give 0 stars. don't waste your time on this stupid "game" you cant even do anything and the controls barely work. get the actual game not this sad excuse of a game.
i hate it. ITS SO HARD. the timer to move is to long. AND HE CAN SEND YOU BACK!? thats not fair. its stupid. im never playing any of your games again. its the DUMBEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED. I HATE IT.
This game is decent if u r really bored and have nothing to do but otherwise I would play something else. I was not very dissapointed with game just a tiny bit dissapointed. Otherwise, your games r awesome I played ucn r it was SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I played this game I can only watch camms and just cams 1 and 2 I can't remove the cams so I acon close the doors so I hate this game now
I realy thing its a good game, and its the other way around, but im sad you only have one character, but I love the camera decoys, and I also hate how I get so close, and get sent back, even if he dosent go on my cam.
Very good game and fun but plz make this update that we can play as springtrab in first person mod and we can explore and when people come in we can kil them and at night we can kill the nightgaurd it will make the game the best.
I love it it plays smoothly and you get to kill someone! My only nitpik about it is you don't have the songs i like,like salveged and springtraped and a song is like in a nuther languge. Other then that its vary well made his run is funny in the ending but still nice and you get to upgrade your stats to get stuff like the vents and the phantom's.
It always crashes, very laggy, resets you for no reason and this wants access to my contacs for what? no thanks
It is great but there is no phantom Bonnie in the game and can you add like a difficulty section like easy normal hard and add different types of springtrap like from fnaf ar like toxic springtrap and flaming springtrap and clown springtrap?
This game is not good at all! I would not recommend downloading it. Firstly, the game makes no sense. This might be normal but I don't think so. for example I put Mangle, ONLY Mangle on 1. and about 8 seconds later I got jumpscared by TOY FREDDY. I also don't respect that you need to pay or watch 50 ads for some of the animatronics. And there is also way to many ads. I also don't like that their pixelated versions of the animatronics. I am truly disappointed.
I like the game in all but it ask personal things like to manage phone calls and other stuff similar to that
i coulde not even stand 5 seconds in another cam it sends me back emedeantly take out the audio thats why no body is winning
I love the game but if you can add more songs i would use the app to listen to it. second I got bonney and he never worked i think its a bug so if you can squish it and make him work ill like it.
This game was pretty good I liked the graphics the only problem is there's no sound after you leave the menu other than the jumpscare what's up with that
I love it it's like fnaf Sims I love this game but one problem time goes up slowly if there's a way to lose 5 stars but for now 4 stars
good spring trap simulator only complaint i have is that some of the iteams are over priced (in game money) over than that great game
Its really really fun well i mostly play this and listen to fnaf music and ye im a fnaf nerd 😎 but its actually really amazing but i would love more like this and the ads isnt a problem at all
cool game but the time to move takes forever pls make the animatronic move faster but the game is cool MUST DOWNLOAD