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Simon Tatham's Puzzles

Simon Tatham's Puzzles for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Chris Boyle. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great puzzle collection to tease both sides of your brain. All are meticulously implemented, addictive, and well balanced. You can modify the parameters of all of them to stretch your mind. My favorites are Tracks and Keen (9x9 is a lovely challenge). These continue to reveal new secrets even after you've solved them over and over. The color flood puzzle is a nice one too.
A really good mix of puzzles with an easy enough to use interface. Could be more aesthetically pleasing but honestly it does EXACTLY what you want it to do and that's all you need so that's definitely full marks from me.
Just started using this app - I'm really enjoying it. Simple but effective interface. Seemed to run into a couple glitches, but might have been me. I'll see if they recur as I get used to the app. Wouldn't mind if the candidate grid confined each number to its location instead of bunching them up. Also, a way to compare results with friends in app. I would pay for this app.
Absolutely incredible, I'm lost for words, most of the individual playmodes (of which there are 39!) would be worth a dollar or two in mobile price standards, getting nearly 40 for free is nuts! About one in 5 modes will have slightly lacking UI which could do with additional features (corner and center marks for example) and the game changes between normal and negative inconveniently in some modes, but this is a drop in the sea of variety and value.
I'm not a fan of more than half of the puzzles, and the graphics are extremely basic (the whole game's style is reminiscent of programmer art) but they all work perfectly. I really cant think of any actual complaints. There will probably be some games not to your liking in here but there are just so many that I guarantee you'll absolutely find something you enjoy.
An amazing game.Has so much variety of the games.With the custom feature the difficulty settings are essentially endless.The instructions are also very concise and easy to understand.I would recommend this game to anyone who likes puzzles of any kind.Truly an exceptional game.The size it takes is also pretty negligible.I can only end with a complete support for such an amazing game.
Plenty of puzzles, no ads, unlimited "undos", and no irritating automatic fails if you mess up too many times! My only complaint is that the puzzle titles are nonstandard (e.g. sudoku is called "solo", etc.).
One of the best puzzle apps I have ever used. There are no ads. The controls are a good, my only problem with them is that you have to use two fingers to move the screen around while zoomed in, but I am getting used to it. It has a great variety of puzzles and is truly a joy.
One of the mind blowing games for puzzle lovers! We can play several types of puzzle games and we can get solution without watching ads and all. It has very different set of games which is really amazing. To be honest, I haven't seen an app like this having so much of good content. Thank to all the developers and team out there! Thank you!
This is an excellent, lightweight collection of procedurally generated puzzle games. I love it and will always have it on my device.
True to word, there are no ads. Graphics are simple so no slowing down or crashing and very small size, not at all a memory hog. Developer has concentrated on making a game that works flawlessly instead of the usual rubbish you get. No energy, lives, ads or silly flashy graphics to drain your battery. If you are a fan of things like japanese puzzles like me then this is a must. Thankyou for the great game.
I've downloaded, deleted, then redownloaded this game at least 5 times. The puzzles are so great that I get extremely addicted and have to get rid of the app, then I realize I miss the games and redownload it. It is perfect.
Tons of different puzzles. No ads. Saves your progress. If this was the only thing that worked on my phone, I would still be constantly on it.
This is hands-down the very best game I have ever downloaded. Tons of puzzles and no (or close to no) ads!! Very satisfying puzzles with a range of difficulties for each. Love it!!!
Wonderful compilation of so many puzzles neatly packed into one app. Different levels of difficulty. Keeps the brain abuzzing. Just go for it
This is great. I spend more time with this app than any other. One niggling annoyance in the version currently on my phone is that the toggling between the move/pencil modes or whatever they are called fails often. It turns the button highlight on and off correctly, but maybe a quarter of the time fails to actually set the mode. I have to undo then toggle the mode twice and try again. Quite frustrating. I think it tends to occur when I am pressing the buttons quickly.
Truly wonderful. Affordable. No ads. Free. That should be enough to get it but there's more. 39 different games. Ability to save your position. Will keep you busy as long as you want to play. I think it's pretty high quality. I play a couple games everyday. One of my MUST HAVES!
I absolutely love having all of these games - and even better, they're free!! There's something for everyone. And the file isn't big - 7.4 MB. Sometimes the controls aren't intuitive (but they're laid out in the instructions for each game, I just don't often read those!) and the long press time is longer than I'm used to, but overall I'm pleased - this is within the first five apps I install when I get a new phone.
I just got this app today, and i haven't seen any bugs yet. Despite the fact that I haven't seen most of these puzzles before, i understand the rules pretty easily. One thing I was wary of from the other reviews was the android controls, but there is a controls section of the how to play screen, so I've had no problems so far
The sheer number of puzzles in the little space this app takes makes it worth it! Also, that this app generates new levels, as opposed to having a prior database of them like most in its genre, allows for you to never run out of levels, and you can customize difficulty & size of board for each of these generated levels. Genuinely the best game application I have ever downloaded!
Nice variety of games. A great option you should add for the Power Line game is to change the direction in which the pieces rotate - clockwise or counter-clockwise. No ads, and very hassle-free!
Cute little puzzle game with a lot of interesting, simple but challenging puzzles. Haven't seen any ads and didn't pay money, so it seems totally free. No complaints. Just a collection of good, simple puzzles.
This one is exceptional in the store, as it provides many games which requires clear and careful thinking. Loopy is my favourite.
Can't find ways to stop highlights of mistakes in red . It ruins all the fun . Please give an option to toggle it .
I have never rated and left review for anything in Google play, but this one is just perfect. No ads. So many puzzles. Delete every other app and install this one.
No ads, no gimmicks, just a large collection of puzzles with a minimal but very well designed interface.
Love these games! There are lot of different puzzles. No ads. I share these games with all my nerdy friends and family. Some of my favorites I use to fall asleep at night when I'm having trouble sleeping at night. One hard thing is coming up with the logic to solve the puzzles, similar to when you first learned sudoku and had to figure out the patterns that led to the answer. Some of these puzzles are new to me, which meant figuring out those patterns.
Great puzzles! Interface is minimal and designed with the user experience in mind. My favorite puzzle app.
Incredible. A puzzle game that does NOT have tons of ads or IAPs. And it can basically be played forever. Best possible situation. I have found myself playing 'galaxies' on large random boards over and over.
Some puzzles deserved 4 stars and some others did 1. Puzzles don't need good graphics, but the level of graphics in this game exceeds the level of eyestrain. Overall, The game is like a flea market of puzzles, you may never know what you could find. Today one of them could be your crush, but the day after you could hate all of it at once. The only categorization it gets from me is time killer, not further.
It's the only puzzle app that has stuck with me for years now. It's perfect for when you have to pass some time, want to relax or challenge yourself a little bit. There are so many puzzle apps around these days but none come even close to the variety that this one has. Simple yet intuitive graphics that safe a lot of space on your mobile device too compared to other games. It's a real hidden gem I can't recommend enough.
If you love logic puzzles..... If you are new to logic puzzles..... If you are a master of logic puzzles..... If you are a teacher wanting students to learn concepts of logic....... I love that after I understand the solving methods of each puzzles type, that I can customize the size and complexity of the puzzle with multiple variables. This app is based on REALLY SOUND code! Straight for User Interface! I played it for years on my PC and now on multiple devices over the years.
This is an amazing collection of games but for what it does the battery life is abysmal, using as much battery as my browser for the same usage time. These games as so simple they should hardly use much power at all.
Great! There are a few nitpicky things I would like to change but otherwise it's an awesome collection of randomly generated puzzles!
Exactly as advertised. Lots of excellent puzzles built-in, with good tutorials for every one of them.
A gem. An absolute gem. So many puzzles, fully offline and ad free - in this modern era this is brilliant.
A wonderful collection of fun, yet challenging puzzle games! The graphics are almost nostalgically simple and most the games are easy to pick up right away.
Absolutely the best for logic puzzles! So many different kinds and so many variations and options on those. Also, puzzles are generated so they are infinitely many! Did I mention no ads, no IAPs, no anti-patterns, no hassle!
Played these a lot on Linux computers at college. The app is exactly what I am use to. No ads, no pay to play. Can't complain.
Ton of fun. A lot of classic and less common puzzles, most mathematical in nature. Perfect to train a little your logic brain. Difficulty is customizable on most puzzles
Free, no ads, no internet connection required to play, no logging in anywhere or having to create accounts etc. Good for eg. train trips.
Truly annoying. The lack of intuitive controls makes this a complete waste of time. Who has the time to read a complicated set of rules and instructions to play what is, in essence, a simple set of puzzles.
So many puzzle games! It's all really low key too, so no loud noises, music or flashy graphics or anything else uncomfortably overstimulating like sudden adverts and the games are all repetitive and calming while still being thinky enough to be stimulating. I like the retro menu/game designs and default nightmode a lot too. This is a fantastic app.
Absolutely the best game set you can get This set of games came with Linux and I can't express how happy I am to see them available for Android. It's a set of GAMES. No Harry Potter, no Danerys Targaryan, no characters giving you a pep talk, and no coins you can buy with a CC. The ONLY endorphins you'll get is from winning a short game. 30 or so different games, no memory wasted on fancy graphics. Every game can be customized to your skill level, - - you'll find something you like.
I've had this installed for years and it is honestly one of the best logic puzzle apps I've ever seen. Smooth, easy to use, with a good variety of puzzles, including some classics from Tough Puzzles Magazine (RIP). Can be played fully offline, with no annoying adverts. Just beautiful.
This is the best puzzle app. I'd give it more than 5 stars if I could. No ads, no flashy pointless graphics, no daily rewards or in app purchases to force you to play. Just puzzle games with simple controls, complete control over difficulty. I have been playing this for years, and it is the best app I have ever downloaded. Thank you developers for the many hours of joy you have given me.
The graphics are simple, and there's no music or fancy animation. But this game is perfectly free, absolutely zero ads, takes up little storage space, and has a large variety of fun games including Mine Sweeper (called "Mines"), Master Mind ("Guess"), Sudoku ("Solo"), KenKen ("Keen"), and many other similar puzzles. Great for occupying your spare time without bogging down your phone.
Generous and varied selection of engaging puzzles. Worked just as well on my 2016 Moto G as it does now on my Pixel 3a. Straightforward interface. No ads. My current go-to when I want to focus and settle my (typically distracted) mind. Great work!
Amazing game, my only complaint is that the puzzle were hard for me to underatand but amazing game really well made puzzles
Absolutely fantastic for the puzzles lovers. Small, yet full of variety, with wide ranges of customisable difficulties, and ads-free. Some of the puzzles I've not come across before until this collection, and I'm glad to say some have become favourites. The only extra feature I would love is a "random puzzle" button, so I can enjoy a surprise every day. Since I notice a github link somewhere, let me see if it's contributable!
Very good app, but recently Simon Tatham has added a new puzzle, Mosaic. It'd be pretty nice if this was updated to add the new puzzle.
Fantastic collection of logic puzzles in one small app. Clean, simple interface without a bunch of bells, whistles and fanfare, IE doesn't sound like you're playing a slot machine. And of course, no ads.
Best of experiences! I discovered it in my studying times. Been spending hours figuring things out out of curiosity. Turned out it helped me sharpen my analytical skills. Great job Dev! The skill I acquired has been really helpful in my daily life. :)
Really fun and interesting to play, tonnes of different puzzles to jump between with no cap or limitations in gameplay. Even allows the user to set custom parameters so we can have rediculous puzzles that go 100x100 tiles even if the default is normally 5x5. Only downside is unfortunately the GUI is not the most attractive, and the style of assets looks inconsistent between puzzles. Really wish this could get a GUI overhaul at some point!
I love this game. Truly. There are NO ADS. I have about 10 games starred as favorites that I play to relax. Some of the games can be hard to pick up, but all games have a solve/solution button and then a restart which helps clarify game play for me when the directions do not. Graphics are very basic but with a free game with so much content who cares!
Even if you ignore 2/3 of the games and prefer more polished graphics and UI, this app will still please any puzzle-lover. And if you're fine with the quirks then this is a rare 6-star must-have.
Many different types of games and puzzles. The instructions for some of them aren't the greatest, so figuring out how to play them can be a challenge. Many of the games are able to be customized, so you can make them as simple or complex as you please.
Fantastic collection of new and classic puzzles. No ads, no payment. Some really challenging, really satisfying levels
This is a really nice port of Simon Tatham's Puzzles. I've played these for years on my Linux desktop and it's nice to have them in a portable format. Try them all and pin, star, your favorites to the quick start menu. My personal favorites are: Black Box, Bridges, Flood, Guess, Keen, Light Up, Same Game and Signpost.
Brilliant. Yes the game has simple graphics, but is cram packed with 39 different puzzles (many with lots of settings for difficulty etc.) and it's less than 10mb in size so won't fill your phone. The lack of animated graphics AND NO ADVERTS means it won't eat your battery or data allowance. If you like puzzles then you should love this.
Free. Without Ads. Offline. A bit lacking in the graphics department, but you might prefer it due to the simplicity. How to play sections could be improved by removing the keyboard stuff. Nobody plays this on a keyboard on android. 😁
Just puzzles, no fancy distracting interface, no ads, no losing your progress if you lose focus (i.e. If you need to answer a call) with the added bonus of being able to customise puzzle if you want to make them even harder.
Simple basic interface, but superb features. There's a wide variety of different logic puzzles, from Sudoku to peg leap to Minesweeper to a bunch of things I'd never heard of before, all with customizable size and complexity, and all getting you to really exercise your brain. Some of the puzzles, like Pattern, are awkward on the mobile interface, and I've noticed it sometimes getting confused about whether there is a puzzle in progress when I open the app (which can cause it to crash).
Simple, clean interface. Engaging endless logic-based puzzles. Perfect mental thumb twiddling. Soothing distraction without any fuss ir fluff. Brilliant!
Excellent collection of puzzles! The names confused me a bit, when I've heard them called other names, but all the games are like the original ~ Not the easiest-to-use controls, but once you have some practice with them, it's quite easy to start solving.
Best puzzle game in it's category. A lot of different variations and mind teasing logical puzzles. I am addicted.
No frills, no ads, just puzzles. Procedurally generated with lots of difficulty settings and variety. I consider this an essential, to be honest.
One of the best puzzle apps I've come across. No adverts, a really great range of puzzles, and what's best if you can change the difficulty level quite easily so that if you want a challenge that is easily achieved.
Wonderful, ad-free, permissionless pack of procedurally generated puzzles, many of which are of better quality than many premium puzzles in the store. FYI, you can also install simon tatham's portable puzzle pack on ios, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and probably a few others.
With over a dozen different puzzle games, everyone will have one be their favorite (mine is signpost). I've tried each of them once and each of them will have you think differently on how to solve them. It has ones that everyone knows, pegs, lights out, suduko (k.a. solo in the app), but it has some really unique ones that I've yet to see else where. When learning the unknown games, it can be quite difficult, the instructions for them are basic text with no illustrations to help.
In love with this game! A specially the SOLO (suduko), theres so many boards and games. And get this no ads and no "rate us" pop ups. I mean, is this real? I play it every day Thnx ❤️
The ultimate way to bust boredom and survive long meetings. The UI is very basic but the puzzles are many and enjoyable. Some have a higher difficulty curve than others, but I suppose depending on the strengths of the player that can change. Hours of entertainment to be had and no intrusive ads.
Love this game and play it practically every day. Wide variety of logic-based puzzles, and no ads! No fancy graphics but I really don't mind that - it loads quickly, plays reliably and I can just focus on the game.
If you're the sort to get addicted to puzzle games, STAY AWAY. I'm serious. I had to uninstall this because I was spending literally hours doing nothing but playing this. Don't be fooled by the bare-bones presentation or the lack of sound. Don't be seduced by the clean UI (minor gripe, though: there's no way to scroll the Net playfield on Android). Don't let the unlimited undo, the highly customizable puzzles, or the lack of ads entice you. Flee before you're left a shattered junkie!
I love the many different puzzles, which give near infinite replayability. The games have many different scales to adjust the difficulty to your liking, like height, width, amount of different colors etc where applicable. You can either turn off your brain and idly pass time, or challenge yourself to sometimes unfair proportions but feel really satisfied when you get through
A great pack of logic puzzle games, including Sudoku (Solo) and KenKen (Keen) with a clean UI. No strings attached -- no ads and no unnecessary permission requests. Extensive options and variations for almost every game provide endless replayability for almost any difficulty level. The only downside is that not all the games work quite as well with an imprecise touch UI except at smaller, trivial sizes.
There are many simillar puzzles, but some of them like Inertia, Net or Slant are very interesting and I enjoy it a lot.
I've had this app for years now. It's my go to when I am bored and need something to do for a few minutes. Most of the games are great and it's easy to favorite the ones you like to have them appear at the top. As an all inclusive pack, it stands out with limitless games that are generated when you start it up. The app remembers your games that aren't complete so you can go back later and finish them.
Fantastic app! Totally free, lightweight (doesn't drain the battery or run slow), lots of good puzzles.
I love this app! Great selection of games for free, no ads. I play it far too much... Loads of classics from peg solitaire to Minesweeper, and some variants you'll never see on the paper versions. I'm still discovering new favourites!
It's perfect and it has a lot of puzzles that I love, the only thing I would like would be that we could save scores, so if you finish a sudoku you can see how long it has taken you etc... to see the progress mostly
Perfect. Love this format. No annoying, irrelevant animations, no pretend storyline, no ridiculously simple levels to work through before you get to the good stuff. Just simple, functional, challenging games with enough options both between and within games to keep it interesting for years. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!
Was looking for a Sudoku app but all had ads and only the 9x9 grid. This app is free, no ads, adjustable difficulties, and tons more puzzles that I'm still in love with months later.
Honestly incredible if youre the type to make use of this. This has got me into a lot of logic puzzles i really love that i wouldnt have heard of otherwise.
Good stuff. The ui is ugly, but the puzzles are repeatable and free. This is my favorite puzzle app right now.
In nine words: No ads and tons of puzzles, now that's quality. Too ad a bit more to that: There's a ton of ways you can customize each puzzle, and with it being completely free and with no ads in sight, this is probably one of the best puzzle collections, ever.
Almost 40 puzzle games, most of which are good. No ads, lets you save. Nothing crazy, but it does what it's supposed to do.
pretty much every game in this pack is an expert game. very difficult to complete any of them, but that could just mean I'm stupid.
This is literally the best puzzle app on the entire Play store. I've been solving some of the puzzles from Simon Tatham's collection on his original website for quite a while now and was quite surprised to find out that they were ported to Android in this free, no ad app. Fenominal work.
Best puzzle pack ever. Everything is so clean and careful like a master craftsperson built it. And no ads 😃
Love it! The design is so simple that it's calming, in contrast to many other apps. I mostly play one puzzle tho, but that doesn't matter! When my head is to chaotic and full, I instantly grab this app and do a puzzle or two to calm down. Many thanks!
great and simple games ive never played before. a unique and amazing app to kill time whenever. Bit hard to understand all the game rules at times, but playing through a game usually works XD
Complete joke.Tried first game (Guess), a game I know how to play. Tapped on everything, long-tapped on everything, dragged dinner colours around. Bloody thing didn't work and have me blue pegs when instructions say white or black. Uninstalled.