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Sim Companies for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Sim Companies s.r.o. located at Slévačská 1108/1b byt 403 Praha 14, 19800 Czech Republic. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4W and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I think the game is interesting, because it feels like real company. Though the assistance question is a bit to variable on the answer, still it's pretty good😀 I'm giving it a 5 stars 👍
Good game if a little hard and based on RNG to findresources that you absolutely need to gain a profit
Best business simulator I've ever played. For those who expect eye-catching graphic, this game may not suitable for you because it more emphasizes on the concept of real businesses. I use it as practice tool of my accounting lessons even tought it was simplified.
For a game this small and this simple, the strategy required to success in growing your business is very complex. This reminds me of Tycoon Online. However, there is still room for improvement, such as commodities watch list where we can watch certain commodities price all the time. Keep up the good work, team.
I am always into good graphics game and don't play until graphics are good. But this game broke my bubble... Really entertaining and it let's you think like a business person, Great initiative!
Great game. Very engaging. This game stays on the phone whilst others come and go. Great business depth, multiple opportunities and a great community
Incredibly interesting, keeps me coming back to play more. There is no way to really pay to win. There's a reason this game is used to teach economics
Learn how to make strategic business decisions and make more money than everyone else by managing resources and producing the in-demand products. The prices for all products keep changing based on the actions of all the players in the economy buying, producing, and selling. I think it would be interesting if there was some world balancing equation that says the population is limited by the total amount of food produced and the demand for cars is limited by the number of people that can drive.
Now, THIS is a game I've been looking for! So sick of games where you hammer through level after level, it's boring. This game you can just check a few times a day and it doesn't consume your time! Just load up, set some stuff off to build/produce/sell and you're done! Come back later, reap the rewards and rinse and repeat. Well done on this one!
This is a very good game. Also love the browser version. Would very much love if developers launch a desktop version or steam version especially with offline gameplay.
Amazing 2 years in I reccomend its not supposed to be easy or fast if you want a game that wont run out in several years get this if not bye
I have played so many games in last few years but therr is not a single game that can complete more than 2 month in my phone. This is the first game which complete 5 months and still continue. This game is educational. There is so much to learn for a business. I loved this game.
This is my dream game. A game which i dreamt about. This game has everything related to business simulation and economic strategy. I suggest you add some features to analyze break even , investment in stocks or loan from bank
Totally addicted to this game. Not pay to play, great community and awesome learning tool for those developing basic math skills and business tactics. I am in supply chain for a living and absolutely love playing this at home, and there are no ads!!!
Excellent game for those wanting long term project, very well made with simple interface. The game offers an endless amount of options for play. The in game reference is very helpful. Best sim game ever played.
It's a long term project, taking time to grow your business, choosing what sector to help your business flourish to be the best. It's not an instant clicker where you always win.
I love this game💯 Can you pls add a banking system to the game it would make it more interesting and would you please add the financial sector to the game
If you want a slow methodical game about trading and building a company inclusive of staff management and brand development - try this game! Don't expect a quick progression though, this is not one of those games.
Great game. I love the player created economy and it is an amazing way to learn about business. I would recommend this game even to people who have no interest in business! It is just a fun game to play because there is a sensation that you are improving everyday. Well done.
The idea is so great. Your growth in the game is time taking, so it is a good game for patient people. The slots for buildings is limited that is anoying.
It is an excellent game to learn the basics about business. A great simulator with realistic options in the corporate world. I like it, you can choose how to grow your company if you want to be a producer a seller or both.
More of a simulation than a game, and that's good! I'm having a lot of fun, even spent some money. But the user interface is very "clunky", can be frustrating and hard to read, and even has the occasional error. Still, it's wonderfully complex, with lots of niches for your company to fill.
This is probably hands down the best sim company game I played. I love the type of games and it's not too slow but definitely a long term game. You can pay to speed up build time, but you can't pay to speed up selling or making products. You can only buy $10k a day so it's not over powered. Surprisingly there are no ads (100% awesome). Just pick a product, or a category, and start producing and selling so you can upgrade and make $
Fun pseudo-realistic simulator that greatly rewards players for playing smart. UI is rather janky, and most of the goods icons look absolutely nasty. Simple polishes to the overall look is sure to benefit the game greatly.
Excellent, slow-paced business simulator. Lots of room to build whatever kind of business you want to get into, from farming, to spaceship manufacturing and everything in between. If you're a fan of any kind of business or economy simulator, I would highly recommend you check this game out.
Great Game, it doesnt feel like a mindless idle game because the whole game is built on the players. It's slow at the beginning but you make progress rapidly. Uses alot of real life features(its actually like a simulator). Theres many paths to choose and depends on your skills. Give it a try you might learn something useful.
One of the best business simulators. The economy is vibrant and gives you a real feel of running a company.
I was searching for something like this. Pros: 1. Kudos to the Whole Team, for coming out with such a nice Idea of simulation. 2. Everything is so realistic that you will love to play it. 3. The Bonds are the real Gems. After Level 10 actually anyone will start enjoying the game. 4. Exchange Market is the 2nd most likely thing by me. And the real fun is watching the stock values Marquee. 5. Encyclopedia and Library, I can say the best guides. Cons: In-App purchases should be cheaper.
I love this game. I just wish they would add more type of industry's and add more to the game overall. Once you get you production all figured out its a simple as a click to start then you cant do anything. Very repetitive as well but overall great game and concept.
Great game so far and already managing money. Only downside I can see is that the cargo transport isn't a reusable resource. Global shipping in real life reuses containers however the game didn't add this feature when you're trading.
The real world like simulation and economy is great! I'm only level 13 right now. Can't wait to level up even more and unlock other things for my business like executives and stock shares. This is exactly the kind of game I've been looking for!
I love the general concept of buying and selling in the game, I love the idea of bond, and also the idea of executive manager working for me, how ever I am hoping the future update will also include more lower management staffs, create a banking platform within the game structure that can allow players save money and make withdrawal when they need Thier money at any time. Finally create a section of the environment where players can spend money on personal things like house where they leave etc.
Just started but love everything about it... The most in depth business game I've played. Seems like I really have to do my homework to figure what's best for my business at that time and I really like the fact it's not a pay to win game. U can't pay to instantly receive your profits/products which makes it fair for everyone
best game ever...it is so much educative so i opt to give a five star...especially the balance sheet and am also able to see the market demand of some goods furthermore issue bonds..buld buildings..i really enjoy this
This is honestly everything I've ever wanted in an economic sim game. The pacing is methodical and it rewards calculating your market moves. After only a few days in the game I've been able to find some niches in the market to make decent money. So much fun to play, not pay to win - only pay to support.
I lot of fun. I'm actually picky on games but this one is great! Hope they add more on this simulation. It has a lot of potential
Looks like a great game, but theres a glitch in the tutorial that wont allow me to get past it, so i cant play the game. Little dissapointed. If it gets fixed or if i can skip the tutorial i would love to play the game.... disregard, its fixed itself after i reinstalled it 3 times
Well done. Love the market pricing. Teaches supply/demand very well. READ THE BEGINNERS GUIDE and the Personal Assistant guide
The game is the best game I have ever played... But I wish the abundance should not be there because it will consume our time from scrapping and...... That's it...
Having a blast with this sim. The game is by far one of the most enjoyable simulation games I have ever tried. There is a whole living simulated marketplace that adjusts with market conditions in game. And there are no ads! Such an awesome concept!
Very addicting once you figure out how things work. I like that you cannot pay to win and you actually have to put in the work to build up your company.
The neat thing about the mobile market is that independent developers can create super-niche games. Sim Companies is that type of game -- a hardcore business simulator built on a solid economic model. Your part is a choice of manufacturing, retail, research, and/or investing in several industries. If you get the numbers right, you make a profit, if not, sorry. Spreadsheets are your friend in Sim Companies. If that gets you excited, you've found your game!
Well balanced simulation of building up a business. Really enjoy the complexity and the level of reporting it provides. If I could add one feature it would be able to post "buy" orders on the exchange as well as sell orders.
Tutorial doesn't work. It tells you to buy apples and then sell them. But you can't sell them because it would take more than 10 minutes to sell them and you can't sell things that would take more than 10 minutes until you're level 1. I don't know what level I am or how to level up and I spent all my money on apples. Basically I'm screwed. Why is there a restriction on selling? Is this a pay wall?
The waiting times are too much and if you want to start with a chance you need to read user guides. Have been playing for over a week now and have barely anything done while large companies dunk on me. This game trades fun for fake realism and honestly failing more than miserably at both. Unless you want to spend a week "farming"(read watching a dumb timer)12+ hours at a time this is the game for you. Sim my hairy ****.
I think this game is great. There is no rush to do anything. No adverts in your face. You just play and build a company. If you don't succeed first time try again.
Been playing for over three months. Game has small little details that make it great. If you like buisness and commerce you'll love it. Goal is to build a company focused on retail, production or both. Highly recommend! Would love to see push notifications in the future though please.
Excellent game, but I think it would be better if they add more businesses and banks to borrow more loans.
There are no rounds in this game. That the most annoying thing. I have played for a month. If you start today. I am richer, and generally speaking always will be richer than you. You want to buy a plane. I will only sell to you if you buy 5. Can't afford oh well. Then, I get pushed out of the way by people who buy 80 planes 60 rockets and 50 satellites. It just not a fair game. Have the game restart on the first of every month or year. The fact that you have perennial dinosaurs is just pathetic.
Cool game for me. I did have issues when trying to deal with customer service regarding a purchase. It was basically a sorry we can't help you response. I would not recommend purchases and if you must make one, I'd wait for a sale or bonus. Edited after developer response. lowered to 1 star after developer response. I don't want a gift. I wanted a refund to purchase more. I no longer want to purchase more but would still like the refund.
Great business sim, needs more products though like wine etc...lots of potential for more if the population grows.
Super in depth on the economics but lack luster by a long shot on the way the games play. I would suggest allowing the sale of multiple items through the grocery store starting out. There's no way I'm going to wait 18 mins to make 20$ in profit. Also if you're striving for realism, then realistically a grocery store would let you sell multi. items. You could even have a separate upgrade screen allowing people to buy shelves starting at 20$, ea shelve would allow the sale of one extra item.
this game is well on its way to potentially being very popular. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE ADD SOUND EFFECTS AND and some sort of background noise. The silence is killing me. Thanks! I'll edit this as I play more
App chooses when it wants to allow you to do things and not. It's fake market world is no better than Robinhood, TDAmeritrade, and the rest of them... Worked fine, no update at all (had the latest version for days) and then it acts like I don't have the funds to run my company when I had the funds x1000. Very convenient. Delete and 1 star.
Playing over a year I started as a broke 24 yr old with no educationy virtual company is worth over 40 million using this system of buying and selling I now run a 400k dollar real company own a car house and lots of guns. I still try to find te for daily log on but I'm completely debit free in both real life and the game if you want to become savy in the real world struggle here in sims companies. I had no money in real life none 0. Free items sold then buy $$$$ then sell $$$$$$$$
Excellent game, very well put together, there is extra incentives for premium but in no way need; it just enhance your in game experience. I can't get enough enough of this game. Great work keep it up
Very fun, one of the best simulated economies ive seen. Active Development team working on updates regularly. And an ever growing community. Lots of active players from all business sizes. Many different ways to theme your company. I love this game and the spreadsheets I make for it!
This is by far the most impressive and advanced industry simulator I have ever played on mobile. Climbing through the ranks has been very satisfying.
One of best i played. Graphics ok. Some quirks with UI. Got used to it 2nd day. Can play from desktop. Does not need to take lot of time to play. market is constantly shifting so challanging. Exactly what i been looking for.
I usually hate these typew of games but this one is fine. The UI needs a bit of adjustments at the time of writing this review like making the back butten always go to the map insteqd of in some menus just throwing you out of the game.
This is the best game I've ever played. I mean you can just think of anything and it's in front of you and so realistic. The best part I loved is that you can trade between real players so they actually negotiate for the prices and I just loved the entire process of the game to earn money. In my options if you love doing business this game is the thing you shouldn't miss out that's cool
This game is great if you like strategy. Mostly math and finance as opposed to fast action. Uh ts what I've been looking for.
I am addicted. Even though you can get caught up waiting on timers to count down (which I hate in mobile games), you don't feel as annoyed by it here, since it actually makes sense that production takes time. I can't wait to see what they do with this game in the future. I'd love to see the already impressive product tree keep expanding, so that it is easier to specialize and find your own niche. And I think it'd be nice if the market were a little less static. Overall great so far though.
Two things: I do not enjoy time based builder games and I usually don't leave reviews. This game has changed both of those things. I am obsessed with this game. It is basically a factor workflow/logistics game meets realistic company building game. The "pay to win" aspect is non-existent; you are forced to build organically and there aren't many shortcuts to the top. Find a niche and work with it, actually talk to and interact with the community and build a brand. So glad I found this one!!
Was a good game to me, but the game is straying away from its original path of wealth building in a market environment. This game continuously stack all the benefits to the older players and the already large players, inwhich the only benefit they should have is the fact that they have been playing longer and made better business decisions in game. If you are looking for a game were the aim is to become a large company and build wealth. This was your game but that's no more. Current rank #590+
Great game. It's not an action game by any means. This one requires real thought and can be as simple or complicated as you want to make it.
A very well done multi-player building and trading game, with a good community. The gameplay works well, the market is active, and there's no pay-to-win. No ads, either. (If anything, the maker probably needs to monetize it *more*, because I want to support him, but the in-game currency is nearly useless.) It's the sort where you'll only log in once a day or so, but if a slow-paxed game like that is what you want, this is excellent.
I would hpply gives 5 star for how much this game teaches me however there are some New modifications that really annoys me like if i want to resend the item that i had bought it need the exact price that i bought or the system will not allow. I have varieties of item prices for sale and to be bought, how can i remember each of every price of item that i had bought. I really think the same price refund system is really unnecessary. The seller can easily cancel the refund if the price is differ
This is one of the most detailed economic simulators I have ever come across. It is not the typical click and wait game, although it does operate in real time and as such it doesn't occupy a ton of your time.
This is a very good game, somewhat reminiscent of the PC game Capitalism. There is a bit of a learning curve but the game keeps you engaged and there are plenty of places to find the answers you are looking for. You must have patience to play. Don't expect to go barreling through levels. If you want a challenge at a slow to moderate pace, here you go.
Best business simulation game that I have seen. There are very realistic supply chain logistics to take care of and a market based on demand! Awesome game, no pay2win at all
Great game. Has enough depth to keep you interested. All it's missing is something to do while you wait. I think it would be awesome if there was a casino that players could go to and play games.
The game is really good. Although it takes some time to getting used to but the concept and the realistic simulation it provides are just amazing. But the developer needs to work on the UI as it looks very shabby. If the UI improves, this thing will be the best in the market for sure (and i will change my rating to 5 lol)
Salute to the team! Deserve for 5star. I've been looking for a very long time for a game like this. Some suggestion for the team. During start up of the business if possible you have the option for the players what kind of business they like but have a capital limit. So they will start from ground and Countries of choice for headquarters. Tranportation, water, electricity should be consumed in appropriate usage just like real life.
This game is just perfect except for the production time and retail sales time and thats normal in real life. Beginning is rough but trust me you'll love it if you're into business. I suggest you ignore all the critics except those about game speed, this is one of the most realistic games I ever played. Its simply perfect, once again ignore the critics and download it just if you decide you want to play i need power so you can supply me some just search BONJOUR GROUP I'll assist you too
The visual style may make it look like a Farmville-style idle game but the multiplayer aspects and detailed financial reports make it quite deep. As others have said, it's a slow start but grows deeper over time.
Much more than a sim game. Real business planning, margins, accountancy, dealing, and soooo much more. A proper enjoyable challenge. I've played many, many sim games and this is the best by a country mile. A real community to help you in your journey too. I struggle to put it down. Patrick deserves all the praise he receives. Thank you for spending so much time on this amazing sim. Kudos.
There is a bug where Android misinterprets the chat input field with the password input, popping the password autofill option. Really a wonderful game, standing out from everything else. Simple at the core but creating a wonderful sandbox with unlimited possibilities.
Amazingly deep and informative. Easy way to learn somethings about business while playing a game. Awesome concept. Waiting for future updates.
Great game teaches you business strategy if you are new to the corporate world. Let's you Utilize different business sectors and strategies to achieve best possible outcome. 5 stars love the game..
One of the best business simulation games i ever tried. And some points i liked are: 1) The game is online so you can get to play with real humans and trust me they are all active. 2) The game developer values feedback. 3) Regular improvements 👍🏻 All these things makes it the best game to understand how economy and business works everyone must play this game.
It's an economy game with a variety of business paths (construction, energy, produce, manufacturing, etc) that doesn't have ads, pay to win, or anything intrusive. The mechanics are not luck based but based on realism and intelligence. I'd been looking for a game like this for years and wish I'd found it sooner.
Very limited AI interaction; most factors and elements of the game are decide based on users around the world (and not AI); which is a big positive for a sim game.. So many options to do business..almost like a free world..
Surprisingly deep. This game has a lot to dig into. The only downside so far is that the marketplace is rather static. The economy doesn't seem to shift quickly enough to create opportunity for huge gains, and on the flip side it is tough to misplay your way into loses. That reduces the stakes of gameplay, kind of like a slot machine that never pays a jackpot but also never lets you run out of money.
Best business/econ sim since Chan's Capitalism and far better than any I've played on a phone. Some players may not be able to prioritize it into their schedule. Needs limit orders in exchange and a score refresh button. A multi timer app helps with the cooking.
absolutely fantastic! i hate mobile games as there just out to take your hard earned money, well not this game. yes u can spend real money but it doesn't really get you anywhere if u spend cash here then its more because u want to support the devs, exactly how it should be, and on top of all that its a great game. A+++
Great game, not pay to win!!! For early game bonuses for cash will get you started but not OP, should make exchange cost higher and market more free, the cost of production should go down tremendously as we get larger plantations and such, will 5 star if production cost of level 1 buildings get higher not /hr wages : production done, shouldn't be 1:1 on larger scales
It's amazing and accurate simulations, but in the plantation I feel like my harvest is negated everytime I close the app for hours, as if I didn't plant anything. Same goes for the grocery store, I grt nothing
Great game. This game can be time consuming but still fun to interact with other players and build up like a real company.
This game is really outstanding. Hats off to the production team to made available this game. I really appreciate this unique and brilliant idea. This game really worth 5 STARS. I am Playing this game since a week and I never find this boring. Again keep this game updating and keep going.
This is probably the best sim game I've ever played. The learning curve is steep, and you don't succeed immediately. It takes time. I think that's what makes the players stay, because it's not easy to get on top. It just goes on n on.
Awesome game I really like how you can go a million different ways and the game does not force you to do any useless repetative actions to keep you active. I have on suggestion which I think would be great. On the map you have the price indicators scroling at the bottom of the screen. There is a lot of items, is it possible to develop a section in the screen where you can select what indicators you want to see? I am only interested in seeing a select few and rarely see it in the current screen.
Went into the game expecting an idle game or something. Turns out its a fully functioning, player driven economy. Helpful and knowledgeable community. Even if you have trouble counting to 10, this community will help you understand the game.
sim companies is a great all around app. It has everything from logistics to warehouse inventory check and everything. They even factored in electric and water costs. It is definitely an app worth trying out! LOVE IT!
I have been playing for a week now, and I'm really enjoying it. It has a lot of lessons to teach you about business and it has friendly people playing as well.
Great game but there's is a severe lag between my devices and the server. After a building is done producing/selling there is a few minutes where the game says that the building is still busy or for the cash to get to my account.
This game is cool. It is NOT pay to win. It is very diverse and resembles the real world. The community is great and the chatrooms are active. It even has a newspaper! There is plenty of scope to play for years, it seems. Good game, overall...
Game is way better after making a few friends.(this isn't a solo adventure for most) I cant believe this game is free, and isn't pay to win.
I used to love the old PC resource mgmt games like Capitalism and Detroit (car manufacturing). This is probably the best game I've ever played on phone or tablet. A virtual market wherein thousands of player companies are dependent on each other and completing with each other for resources, offering hundreds of different paths for success or failure. The level of accounting detail is stunning. No ads. Spending real money to purchase in game 'boosts' is worth it. These developers deserve it.
While Sim Company might not appeal to everyone but I think those who are interested the concept and generally enjoy economic simulators will absolutely love it, it is by far my favorite game on my phone. You can either be a casual player or the kind that creates their own P&L in excel, and both of those play styles can lead to in game success
Nice idea, but it's way too slow to get started for me. If the interface wasn't incredibly inconvenient, I probably would have stuck it out, but the combination kills it.
Love all the fine details in the game. They even got the players to build a business environment among themselves. I got to do something which I won't dare to do in my real business. Now I'll run my sim business at least until I see how it plays out. Love the experience so far. ^_^
this game Could be described as the basics of basics when doing Actual business, it might help you learn math better and even also help you kinda Understand what businesses are like in real life, The game gets more simpler the more you learn about it, Would recommend checking the guides by a YouTuber named 'SeeRower' on youtube if you wanna start with a solid foundation Edit: Nice the support team replied really fast, 5+ stars for you, the last star is for replying & caring for my review
So far, I find this one an innovative business strategy game. Can't believe a game such as this existed and the concept's somewhat similar to the real thing in some aspects. Gonna give five stars if the game improves further in the future.
Cool game so far, but I don't understand why my grocery store can't sell eggs and grapes at the same time. I don't think it would get much business in real life. People wouldn't know what to expect. One day it's grapes and the next it's eggs. I will be thinking about this for a long time. Update: I've now moved on to selling gloves and currently have 3 fashion stores. I like this because when I'm on the map it looks like I'm getting a round of applause for all my savvy business decisions.
Have to say this this one of the best games on the market. People, it's not a pay to win game. You actually have to play to be the best. This game will get getting more complex and bigger. Thank you developers
Great game for students learning basic economics. Actually I wish that this game would have the concept of adding different countries and add concepts like government intervention, giving this game a little more depth.
Best business management game I've played , extremely complex so many different paths it's incredible