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Silph Road

Silph Road for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by The Silph Road. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
App is disappointing. It's much easier to just go to the silph road website and look up the egg pool list or whatever. The app is slow and outdated.
This app while pretty lackluster is still a great way to get pokemon go news and info without to much hastle
Really appreciate the idea behind this app but it's so slow as to be unusable, and it gets less user-friendly every time I open it - I say this as a longtime user.
Love the site and everything that Silph Road brings, the app on the other hand is quite buggy. Can't use nest map and other features except for the trainer card. Look forward to seeing this going 100% 👍👍👍
Giving a 3 star cause the app is great but it crashes and the screen goes blank, when the app is more consistent in the way it works I'll gladly give a 5 star, I feel yall should be focusing on consistent programming before adding more content.
clearly only Apple's app is being worked on. You can't post or find poke stops, gyms, or ditto sightings. All the Features in the app are still under construction for months. If the team doesnt wish to work on the app, take it off. The Website is far superior and updated.
pretty much just garbage. i dont usually write reviews, but this app is a total failure. it either doesn't start up at all, or crashes if you click anything, or doesnt load anything if it actually starts, etc... the features that are planned for the future sound cool, but i think before you do more features, make an actual app that works.
Don't bother. This app is ridiculously slow and if you're using it to find nests it's very difficult to work with. I have better luck typing it in instead of using this app.
This app doesn't help much, can't find missing pokemon in my list. It cancel a lot of the pokemon for pokemon go app game. I'm still missing a lot of pokemon and can't complete my 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th generation pokemon. Plus, how do find shiny types? I haven't finished finding 1st gen shinys. I need more unknowns and other types.
When I zoom... "zoom in to see more nest" and then nothing appears in screen, just the plain white blank screen...we cant even Search the place by names.. esp for spoofers
i am not sure why this is released... nothing works other the the guides tab. Map is broken. All other features are listed as coming soon... I think you should have waited to release if there is nothing working. Better off using the mobile site.
I used this app in 2017 when the community seemed more active on the map and loved it. Now the nests are months out of date and the app is riddled with "soon to come" features that just leave a sense of unfinished clunkiness. It's slow enough on my galaxy s7 that it wasn't worth wading through a bunch of obsolete data to try and find a diamond in the rough. I still subscribe to the subreddit but this app seems past its expiration date.
This app has a lot of potential. My favorite Pokémon go site to get information. Hopefully one day it gets updated.
My understanding is that the app is pretty much dead which is a shame. Nest Maps are the most useful feature. If it doesn't work for you (grey screen without map details) download 'Mapbox Demo' to get the Mapbox api. That worked for me at least
Love the layout and idea of the app. However, it's still too buggy. With the near constant crashes and missing features, it's not worth using right now.
This is not even worth calling a companion app, nothing works. Please do not waste your time on the app just search the global atlas on a browser you'll be thanking yourself later the app doesn't even have the same features as the site itself so just skip the download go with the browser
It's impossible to log into a previously created account. I already have a travellers card but I try not to use the Silph Road, because the silph road makes connecting and using it in any way as hard as it could get. I'd like to join a discord server in London for vacation, and of course, the silph road gets in the way. I trieg logging in for half an hour now, but now I'm giving up. Thanks for nothing.
The layout of the app is simple and easy to understand however the map that shows pokemon nests doesn't seem to work: the map itself works however it never seems to actually show the pins that represent the nest and show the details. It only shows the orange border which marks a nest :/ I look forward to this being fixed and the other features yet to be added (especially the trading center personally) and will change my review in future if the issue is solved/when the new features are added :)
Needs a lot of work. Got this app to avoid using the computer to find nests. Zoom out too far and the app literally whites out rendering location data useless. At this point I can't find the words to describe how bad this app is currently.
The app looks very nice but seems like others mentioned... the Android version is very incomplete. The map doesn't load, the features in the rightmost app are unavailable. Apparently this has been going for a long time. I wonder why they haven't updated it already.
Amazing idea, but literally doesn't work! I found this originally on my desktop. t The map worked fine on the desktop, but i wanted to see if the app worked well, but it doesn't. the map doesnt load at all on the app. super frustrating. also why cant we change your trainer picture on our trainer ID? :( kinda sucks we dont have that option. but most importantly- please just fix this! its a great idea but doesn't work at ALL!
The main feature that I downloaded this for, was the nest and nest reporting. It worked for the first few days, but now I can not even view nest reports, nor submit my own. I was going to agree with another review, that this was an app in development. But it has been out for over a year, and the last update was 9 months ago. You need to really start working on updating this app to get it work flawlessly.
Concept is good but too laggy to be able to use it. Might comeback to it someday but for now I'll stick to the Facebook group convo that are really on the notch for raid, gyms and nest in my area!
Unfortunately this is the bare bones outline for what might become a very handy app for pokemon go players especially if the Silph Road website is anything to go on. Unfortunately since this app at this point in time is useless on every level how can I give it anymore than 1 single star. Development team please do not release apps that are so far from being usable. I love your website I use it all the time sonyou can imagine my joy at seeing you had an app but it's empty inside................
App is completely unstable and nothing works. I'm using a Galaxy Note 20 5G and from the moment I downloaded it nothing worked. App completely froze within 3 seconds of opening. Would not recommend
This app keeps crashing when I zoom in/out on the map or edit my profile info. Most of the features aren't out yet. why release an app when it is just going to tell you "coming soon"? This is a waste of time.
The only use for it is to check latest research articles. I had that app for several years, not many features were added since then. There is no use to have that app and consume phone storage
I've yet to be able to get my account to link. I go through the authentication process, but it takes me to the "claim your name" page. I type all my pre-existing info, and it confirms it's all pre-existing, but doesn't give me any options to just log in. I emailed their help address weeks ago, and never got anything back.
nice app, just wish they would finally update it to make it work. I've been waiting on any of the new features for a long time. get it together and actually make.it work with android.
In the current state of the app it is useless. There are no features except the map of nests, which doesn't always work. You can't search for specific species of Pokemon. Plus the app says more features coming soon but it has been months without any updates. I feel the creators just gave up on this app. The website works much better.
Still doesnt have all the info tabs in it. Just use website for rn (still!) Too bad itll never be finished has/had potential.
Very, VERY cool idea but terrible, TERRIBLE performance. Basically it's not working. I see white screen most of the time. Not responsive and slow.
Development is disappointing, features are lacking, things from the website are not implemented here. laggy and buggy. This app should just be removed if your not working on it. 9+months for update Before I get a message from the developer. This has been out for awhile. There is only 2 features that are working. 1) news which I could get easier on my Pokémon go app or a discord. 2) Map. Which we all know isn't working and has been dead since API lockout. (BTW it should work under eu standards)
Couldn't get past initial authentication, cant give my opinion about the rest of the app as I was unable to experience it.
please fix the app, stuttering and crashing makes it 40 minutes just to affix advice or a new location. when you click anything you can get lucky and it will respond. the website shows how it should work but the app doesnt carry over. thanks for your hard work I hope the app is functional in time :} would give 5/5 stars.
The apps features dont work it just keeps saying comming soon it's been like that a long time almost useless app better to use there website features instead
Decent app. Updates would be nice. Features have been "in development" for a while. Overall not super necessary for the avid pokemon go player, but in the long run it's basically a stat card outside of the game.
The website isn't bad, but the app is missing so many features that the website has. Just go to the website
Useless!! Just use the website, why did you release a half assed app? This is beyond me. No functionality, slow, buggy. Plus sometimes doesn't even load the first time opening it. Gotta close the app and re open and then start over when you close it again. Dissapointed
Pointless and broken. Few features and those present don't work - map doesn't load, trainer card and connections don't even load. Announcements in app not updated for years. Seems like it was abandoned.
Won't let me authenticate, when I press the help button it just asked me to uninstall reddit so I did and still nothing. Thanks for making me delete reddit instead of actually fixing my issue.
This is not good app it takes 3 trys to load the map but the loads the crashs the map and i try signing with my google acc the app does not let you sign it do not us it so broke.
Lots of work still need. At this point the map wont load and if you try moved around you just end up with a white screen. At this point you have to force close the app. Very good idea behind the app and what features they won't to bring but unusable at this point.
out of date, almost none of the features that are available on the website. Update, if I could give a 0 star rating I would, it seems like this app was abandoned by the developers. Still none of the features I use on the website.
Neat in its concept but useless in its execution. Still waiting on new features to be added. Its last update was December 2018, over two years ago. I'll reinstall the app once the devs do something with it.
I always go to this website to check PoGo updates, so I was very happy when I found out there was an app. However, this app has clearly been abandoned, which really sucks because it would be a super useful tool for everyone. The website is always being updated, why stop with the app?
Entirely pointless app. The website in comparison is far more useful and worthwhile. This app will just take up space on your device. Save yourself the bother and just dont download it. It was probably an afterthought in the beginning and now it's not even that. This app is dead. It should be removed from the play store all together
I get it still in its Beta stages but its been a long time since the app came out. It's handy when features that you need works like: when you need to check in people during Community Day, logging and checking spawn location for Pokemon go, recent SilphRoad news alerts articles but there's some features that hasn't been updated that has been in progress for a long time. Like bagpack area for Raid counter, eggs chart, pokedex, and the trading section but everything work on the their website.
The app is very well organized and has great potential. I've been waiting for an update with the 'coming soon' features such as marking pokestops. One thing that would be great is if it could automatically sync with my Pokémon Go account.
It will not go past the login screen. I am a first time user. I tried doing it with my google account. I entered my age, trainer name, and email. Every time I hit next nothing happened.
i love the silphroad site and the app would be great, but the nests don't update. they show wrong Pokédex numbers. only when you click the bubble you see the current nest, but without new player comments. when it gets fixed, I'll happily give you high rating.
Android version crashes every few moments , force closes Pokemon Go , doesn't store information correctly on player card even after saving multiple times . very disappointing and no update since 2018 . Only downloaded to participate in pvp to assist my community so tournament's can count .
I wanted to love this app, but most of the features aren't available yet. I definitely think it'll be top notch once they get it up and running...but two months after release and it's still missing critical features. I hoped to coordinate trades and raid battles, but alas...stuck with the old fashioned way for now.
okish app but the website is better. while using the app on android 9.0 there was quite a few bugs that was seen. trying to use the map for this app is useless due to the app either crashing or locking up. when trying to use the map online there is no issues, using it on the app however does not work what so ever. this is a nice app I would give it a higher rating only if the maps worked on this app.