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Learn to Read: Kids Games

Learn to Read: Kids Games for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by RV AppStudios located at 848 N. Rainbow Blvd. #5467 Las Vegas, NV 89107. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
My 4 year old loves learning the new words very educational and specially that it's free allows kids to Lear all the words and earn stickers and gift, well recommend!!
My seven years old boy loves this so much. Thank you for making it accessible for children in our country. Sharing it as much as we can
This app is awesome! My son loves playing games and they have perfectly blended fun with learning! I also appreciate not having thousands of ads. Good job!
This has been the first educational game she really enjoyed! Ruby popping out for encourgement made her laugh!
This app is awesome! Better than most and ibhave seen a lot of them. Easy to navigate yet so educational. My one yr old watches sight words on youtube. Now he has games to go along on the ride to keep his attention. My Kindergartner and Second grader can write sentences easy now and understand with advanced games. This app is Dopeness. I love it and so do my children. Nice job!
My ASD non verbal ADHD child absolutely adore this games, I'm inmensely grateful that they're free with no ads. I wish it was multi language, my son understands German and Spanish, and although he likes the game I can tell he can't understand much yet. We have your other games in Spanish and they've helped him so much to learn and try to communicate, but I understand resources are not unlimited for you guys, thank you so much for what you do, wholeheartedly recommend this games to everyone .
My kid loves playing this app, and he is learning a lot from it. He likes it better than ABC Mouse and Khan Academy, and as far as a learning tool, it's just as good as both of those.
Its great app and my sister really learned to spell the word and match the names thanks for the app its really goodπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I love this app. My 8yrs old son was behind with his reading and the sight words have really helped him so much he's improving everydayπŸ’―β€οΈ
I absolutely love this app and the math app and the letters app for my daughter! Most importantly, she loves them!! And thank you so much for it being free and having so many different options and teaches them so much!! My daughter has improved in her vocabulary and reading skills and family and teachers have even noticed!! This app is great and we have never had any kinds of pproblems! Always recommend to moms i know!!β€πŸ‘πŸ™
I would recommend this app for any parent wanting to help their child. I am so pleased with this App. My daughter is already showing signs of improvement after just a few mins a day and it's only been a month now. She is really enjoying it because she gets rewards for her efforts in the game too. Thank You Developers.
Had installed ABC spell app earlier which is ok and so chose this app. Though the concept is good, background music than the spell souNds are high. Sounds spelt are not heard properly in memory game. The pronunciation should be a little slow and loud so that it is heard louder than other music.
I have a 7 year old that does great with this, he is a little behind the average speller but thus game is helping! Some of the words arent aimed at americans but its great none the less!
My 8 year old son has made a big improvement in reading. He enjoys playing the game. He looks forward to receiving the stickers for getting the words right. I only wish that I could customize the sight words to match the sight words that he is doing each week for school. But overall it's a good learning game.
My daughter is 4 years old and her preschool teachers have noticed a great advance in her knowledge of words, numbers, shapes,etc. I totally have this app to thank. This app is amazing and fun. She enjoys learning because it's a game for her!! I highly recommend
This is the perfect app for beginners with different levels from east to hard. Also having various different learning games with stickers, stamps ect.. the best app ever for my son n he loves it. Thank u for such an great app.
I love these games for my toddler. I dont have to worry about ads randomly popping up on the screen. She loves them! Anyone with kids should get these, they are a big help. The characters give positive reenformenct and they even win prizes after completeing so many levels.
Thought it might be a bit difficult for our toddler, but she is quickly getting the hang of this new app. Love that we can pop the balloons on the 'Good Job' screen. Sparkly stars, when sticker picked, are awesome. And as always: totally free, no ads, no pop-ups! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
My son is in love with this app, it has helped him to read at 4 yrs old. Even if he's not able to spell but at least he can read.
Unbelievable that in this day and age EVERYTHING is still completely male oriented. So upsetting that there is no option to have girl characters. My daughter does not want to use his app, because there are no girls. Seriously people think.
I am so pleased with this app my grandchildren love it. We spend quality time learning but still having f un. My grandson has improved his skills a lot with all this learning tools. He doesnt even realize he is doing homework he is having so much fun.
Is a great app. Wonderful learning tool. My son loves it and his reading has greatly improved since we began using this app. It would be nice though if we had the option to add our own words.
My child loves it. The only suggestion is to remove squeaky voices from kindergarten level and make characters grow up with the grade.
I love this! My son loved it also. We were searching for free games and no ads and they say that but its almost never true. But this one is I was surprised! Hes getting ready for Kindergarten!!! Thank you for making this possible I didnt think it existed. <3
I know that it takes lots and lots of efforts, commitments in making a quality app and giving it for free is not just an easy thing. I'm teaching my toddlers with these app and they totally love it. They started enjoying learning. For my 2 yrs old kid Lucas has become a good motivator. These apps are far better than some of the paid apps. What you ppl are doing is a great work providing quality learning materials for kids who can't afford it. Keep up the good work. May God bless you all .
Great app I totally loved it I'm glad it is free and that it actually works and without having to pay thank you so much for making this πŸ˜πŸ‘ I defend recommend it!!
The fact that this app is free and producing great results in kids makes me give it a 5 star. I would have given more stars. Such a wonderful app. Thanks so much
Rv apps kids games apps are the best I've found for online free learning. No ads and parental settings are password protected. Only thing I've come across is my kid changing the language but then he plays the games in that language. I love these apps.
I have EVERY RV appstudo game , i home school four kids under 8 the apps are all so amazing and are helping so much . I have a three year old that can read that in its self is beautiful, Thank you for your apps !!! We love them
I love ABC Kids but Sight Words could use some work. Some of the sentences aren't that great for kids "I must have it", "boys run fast", "I am in house", "I can see that". Some more age appropriate sentences would be great!
This app is very good at holding my daughter's attention to learning. It's cute and colorful and fun. There are several learning games to choose from. This just made it a lot more fun for her to do on my phone then do it on a piece of paper and she likes being able to pop the balloon with the correct spelling word. And she has learned to spell so many new words in one week. And she loves to try to write books. Okay back to the review, I would definitely refer this app to other parents.
My 5 & 6 year old are loving this! My daughter hates reading so we downloaded this to help her with her site words. My son doesn't know his letters yet but he will do chores quickly to play the same games as his big sister. We happily lose our phones for 30 minutes for their love of learning!
I love it. It helps my little brother to learn how to spell and complete sentences. This is a great app.
My son learned from this app it's such a amazing it wonderful now finally , he know how to read sight words thank you so much
My 5 year old loves it. She has always loved Lucas and really enjoys the games and learns so much from it without frustration.
Although I bought it after reading vision of the app maker, but it is also one of the best apps for sight words on play store, and guess what? it is free of ads and no paid subscription.
This is such a wonderful app. I applaud all those who put their efforts to create this app and provide it to everyone for free. There are majority of underprivileged people who want to educate their children and cannot afford to do so. You are giving them a chance with this free of ads, quality, challengin and interesting app. Sight words esp and the numbers app by the same company has improved my childrens learning skills immensely. They enjoy the effects so much with the stickers and rewards
My child already has the math app and shapes and the other RV apps. I really appreciate these apps because I've been teaching my child from home since she was one and she has picked up a lot since then. She's familiar with Lucas and Ruby and we enjoy your FREE, NON AD APPS. Keep doing these apps for parents like me that can't afford expensive learning for their kids and making a way so kids could have fun but learn at the same time. God Bless You All!!!
The app is very good for children learning to spell, and identifying first sight words. It is especially nice that they only do a few words to learn at a time and they use different games to teach them to kids.
This is a new app and I was happy to be one of the first to download it. My son likes all of the happy messages of great job while he is learning. The music is very upbeat and it is nice and colorful. The games are all easy enough for a kid to do independently. Great app!
There are a lot of learning apps that offer everything a child needs to learn but the Lucas and Ruby learning apps are so much better. My grandson stays on any one app for maybe 5 minutes, so having different learning apps is better. The graphics are awesome and fun.Your child will love to play the games and will learn a ton. The best thing is it is free. He does work on paper then plays on this and several of their other apps. Try one and before you know it all their apps will be downloaded.
This beautiful wonderful is beautiful and colourful and teaches a lot of words thank you so much for the wonderful Sight Words app. Thank you so much for your beautiful message tooπŸ˜€β€οΈπŸŒΉπŸ‘
Best app for children to learn things with play and fun... Very appreciative work for makers of this app... Thank you
Love your apps ... They are helping to improve my my daughters reading, writing, and numeracy skills... The're great and can be accessed off line which is a plus as the only way to keep.her focused is by deactivating her wifi so she wont have any internet access until she has finished her study hours....Trust me its a great way to introduce your kids to a great start in life...πŸ‘
RV games for toddlers younger alike! These guys have nailed it. Free fun time spent trying educate without adds just need get him off my phone haha. But no well done RV and thank you Lucas and Co
I really like this app .my children love it ,and its helping my daughter she's having fun and learning. God bless the one that made this.
This app has helped my daughter to read before She turned 4. She has mastered it... and loves it. It is very helpful and educational.