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Shredder Chess for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by shredderchess.com located at Stefan Meyer-Kahlen Klever Str. 58 40477 Düsseldorf Germany. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good AI feels better than others has a human feel to it be nice to have a 3d option and be able to add other chess engines would top it off
I want to give this app 4 or 5 stars because I've used Shredder on a number of platforms and it is one of the best chess apps. However, this app does not have an opening database or online endgame table bases. Furthermore, the app doesn't display the opening name and corresponding ECO code while playing. All 3 of these features come standard in the iOS version which costs $4.99. So great chess program, maybe the best on Android, but not a value proposition compared to iOS offering.
5 Stars for user interface and ease of experience. Handy partner for training and analysing games. Have given 4 stars because it has been consistently crashing on my lenovo tab. Need help to resolve the issue.
don't listen to them. material bs isn't all its cracked up to be. a classic game with classic design. not a bunch of extra stuff you dont need
Couldn't find menu at first. Developer replied quickly by email with several suggestions. So many different phones out there. Tough to cover all of them with specific directions. Great chess game. Had this on iPhone previously before switching to android.
Def one of the best chess apps for playing against Would like see some updates tho Like voice control Spoken moves Other then that Shredder is definitely one my fav engines to play against
Please fix for nexus 4 and 7 running the new android 5 (lollipop). Immediately crashing when started. Update: The update fixed the problem. Thanks!
Great chess app with many options. * Please fix the highlighted chess piece box on the chessboard so there is an option to remove the highlighted piece, it's distracting.
Fantastic chess playing app, maybe my favourite because of the (optional) coach mode warning of blunders and offering to take back the move and the auto-adjustment of engine strength. Well worth the price.
2021 and still the best tactics app. The computer program is legit too. Great app for serious players. Play with evaluation guage to find best move. See your .elo after each game based on play. Download computer app for in depth localized analysis. Can you get rid of continue button on app when doing tactics? Maybe different point system?
Strong engine. Good features. Inexpensive. Don't waste your time on free crap. You'll get a weak engine, few features and obnoxious ads. They are little more than Trojan horses to sell you violent video games. This is a good choice for someone looking for a serious and effective chess improvement tool.
After years of no updates you finally release something! I bet it took netflix to finally motivate you.
Ai is terrible. First game mated 1400 ai rather easily, second game tried 1100 for comparison and it played much stronger. Makes no sense...
It's missing the option to start as a random color, but the self-adjusting difficulty more than makes up for that. The most annoying thing about other chess apps for me was trying to tweak the difficulty to keep at a 50-50 win rate.
When game is about to lose it uses perpetual check to force a three fold repetition draw - this is breaking the official rules of chess. ------ALSO game can castle even if you have one of your pieces aimed between its king and rook - BUT I cannot castle when in same situation. (like this for years but developer too lazy to fix)
The engine is uncannily quick. The app starts up immediately, works offline, and the tactics section is a goldmine of puzzles, which you can not only solve, but play against the computer. The setup position feature, though, is very clumsy. It's impossible to tell whether you're setting up a board facing white or black (it changes based on recent activity). Otherwise, a great app.
Excellent game but there are few anomalies. In rated game it allows takebacks and coach blunder alerts. No way to turn takebacks off.In time controls there is no human bonus.There is no computer full game post analysis.
Chess is Fun with SHREDDER CHESS, calibrating your elo rating. With chess coach Komodo 13 AlphaZero Technology. Stupid version of Stockfish namely , Houdini, Useless features and Nonsense moves is a disappointment engine,
I recently switched from IOS to android and this is one of the first apps I purchased. Can't recommend highly enough. One of the only suggestions I would love to see is a new table for analyzing a game while still playing one.
Functional for gaming against AI but tactical area falls short with many futile arrangements only allowing best act out of desperation and not strategy, merely s best pointless futile attempt without game resolution.
Excellent chess program. Clock optional, automatically adjusts its ELO rating thus giving you a good indication of what your ELO rating. Best chess program available on Android that I've found.
It plays too mechanical. Chessmaster had personalities to balance out play. Shredder chess has one - Grandmaster. The difficulty setting only adjusts the frequency of mistakes and doesn't seem accurate to actual ranks. Also, taking back a move breaks this difficulty mechanic as it will suddenly make a lot more mistakes. Other than that what it does get right, it does in spades!
I'm a little bit disappointed about this app for two points: 1) When I resume the game with TIME CONTROL and I must to move, the time remains stuck! 2) It's not anymore possible to export pgn games (completed)previously loaded...it's possible ONLY when you finish the game at the moment when the game is over. (this is very bad thing). Sorry about my minuteness, but I'm a software developer and I make programs and "stress-test" every day. For the rest this app seems ok Keep going & best regards.
This could easily be the best Android chess app, but at present it needs polishing. The UI desperately needs to be overhauled and modernised, and many needed features should be added. Examples include auto-save, fine-grained time controls and pause clocks option, full move list in game with random access, and extra info like the opening name/code, more detailed statistics, etc. Full game analysis would also be great.
Can ya'll change the Boards and Pieces, instead of the same old boring colors 🤔? Thanks Then i will give this a 5 🌟 God bless
Shut down on my new Samsung s20 and no working updates available. The error message was App designed for an earlier version of Android.. try updating. I've loved it up til now and I paid for it however it is very disappointing that it just shut down in the middle of the game.
Plenty of exercises and humanlike AI ,with outstanding number of levels. No in app purchases is another bonus.
2021 and still the best tactics app. The computer program is legit too. Great app for serious players. Play with evaluation guage to find best move. See your .elo after each game based on play. Download computer app for in depth localized analysis.
When one plays Shredder Chess, perhaps chess ability improves steadily. I mean when one plays regularly.
Wish I tried it sooner. I like the way this play,s have to say tried and still use some other Chess app,s. But the thing that makes this one different your playing a simulated player that's about your playing level. In some of the other apps One minute your getting crushed by a grandmaster with not a chance of winning and then your playing a blundering idiot. Used to make me very mad wasn't having any fun.
The developers must have updated the engine which is a good thing. It was susceptible to mating attacks involving extraordinary material or positional sacrifices. In my experience, the engine was vulnerable to this up to ELO 2100 settings. This gave me easy and short wins against levels 2000+. The weakness wasn't present in most desktop chessbase products (Hiarcs, Fritz etc.) so the change is quite welcome for this mobile app.
No difference between this and other Chess apps i have played only it cost more! When you select the playing strength it has its own agenda . Playing artificial intelligence one minute your getting crushed by a far better player than you , then you play a idiot that makes unbelievable blunders. Being a older man I just wanted to have a game with a player who I can either win or lose to but is approximately the same level. Not much chance of that happening with this app.
Def one of the best chess apps for playing against Would like see some updates tho Like voice control Spoken moves Other then that Shredder is definitely one my fav engines to play against Can you guys add where can type in rating instead of the slider like u have on iPod and add voice control
Great app -- lovely graphics. One annoyance, when doing puzzles: if you wish to continue playing after solving the problem, it forces you to switch sides. Default should be that you continue to play white if that's what you were playing in the exercise. (The board automatically flips as well, which is irritating.) Otherwise brilliant.
I love the simplicity of the app. I've tried a host of other apps, but none runs as easily as Shredder. The engine adjusts according to your strength level. If you don't have time for a full game, go try out the puzzles; I have killed time this way in various settings (like standing 15mins in a long queue). Two inshusiatic thumps up!
Good chess app, but setting up a position is a big headache! There's no numerics on the side of board and setting up a position, specially black is too difficult
Absolute disgrace that you pay for an app that stopped being supported 2 years ago. Android shredder isn't even finished - they took our money and abandoned the app. I'll be reporting these fraudulent scumbags.
I bought the app after viewing it on I iphone. This app is way behind iPhone version in UI. The engine is okay as should be expected of an app that costs approx $8.00
Plenty of exercises and humanlike AI with outstanding number of levels. No in app purchases is another bonus. The bar which shows the level of difficulty is okay, but it should also be possible to just enter the computer's elo difficulty with the buttons.
This is one of the best chess games out there. A must have for your Android! The AI is very intuitive and very tough to beat on higher settings. A great teacher for chess students.
I have ever played against. Most top out at around 1800 - 2000, but this one is still whooping butt at that level. I actually have it around 2250 and win only half the time. Definitely worth the time to play
Awful implementation hopefully you don't get a chance to see what a great job they did on the iOS version and what a hack job the slapped onto the Android platform.
It was working but now says the app was built for old version check for new update. But there is no new update on the play store.
Amazing game over all. I was beating it and it knew I would win so it told me that it wanted to resign and if I would accept or keep playing, I believe this is a great feature. Strong AI too.