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Showa Candy Shop 3: Grandma's Purring Postmaster

Showa Candy Shop 3: Grandma's Purring Postmaster for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by GAGEX Co.,Ltd. located at 東京都墨田区吾妻橋 3-3-2 吾妻橋アドバンスビル 5F. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is one wholesome, heartwarming game. The beautiful graphics and the peaceful background music have a way of drawing you in, and the Letters you receive as you progress slowly reveal the story, which shows the realities of life and the relationships that bind us all. I cannot praise this game eloquently enough. Kudos to the development team for making such a wonderful, heartwarming game!
It's a really lovely game that requires nothing but time. I'm sorry I went through it so fast, can't you make it longer maybe add more letter? Like the young woman takes over the shop and because it's a historical land mark it is saved from demolition, or maybe it turns out that it a mystical moving shop. I really love this game we, my protege and I, reminisced about the toys especially those from the capsule machine...you forgot the one every kid I knew wanted, the prize of prizes (unless I haven't gotten it yet) the little spy 📷 it came with a role of tincy film and it really worked (knew a lucky guy who got it it had instructions and even an address for more film) you can imagine how I wished I had been that lucky. Again thanks for a great game. I highly recommend it...P.S. for some reason it didn't work on the phone of my protege. Please put at the top a.what machine it works with hers is a Nokia 3.
Good game, I've play this game for 1 month, I collect all the stuff but now it stuck, there's no customer coming, I've try to wait, refresh and restart, after 3days still no customer coming
I haven't played the predecessors (coz I can't play it on my phone) but I like this one. The letters are nice, but the story was too short and I was left hanging in the end. I need to see them meet and talk and hug! Anyways, it was a lovely short experience. Thank you for making this game. :)
I Really Like Your Games Gagex!! This Game Is Very Good! The Graphics Is Good, The Art Is Very Good, The Storylines Are✨ Good ✨As Always. Keep Up The Good Work Gagex :D Please Don't Stop Making These Amazing 🌸 Heartwarming Games 🌸 Also Have A Nice Day And Be Safe, Gagex! :) (⚠️THIS GAME IS ALSO OFFLINE⚠️So Turn Off Your Wi-Fi/Data To Not Get Ads. Eh I Don't Even Know If Ads Appear When Your Wi-Fi/Data Is On 🤚🙄)
I've played all three to completion. So authentic and heart warning! loved reading all the letters kitty brought. I grew up in Taiwan so i got to enjoy a neighborhood candy shop much like the one described in this game. reading all the descriptions of toys and candy brought back so many memories of my childhood. Keep it up devs!
Like the previous Showa Candy Shop games, and all Gagex games if I'm being honest, this one is absolutely phenomenal! The art style is adorable, gameplay relaxing, and the storyline(s) told through the letters really tugs on heart strings (I'm not completely done yet but I have a few guesses where it's going...) I also absolutely love and appreciate how completely optional ads are, and how any pop-up ads are always compensated with some in game coins or such. Keep up the fantastic work!
These games are always incredibly wholesome, and as simple as they are, you can see the care in every detail (e.g., how the entrances are animated in line with characters' behaviours). I can't seem to get one final token (dagger silhouette?), but everything else works fine!
Love the relaxing concept. And the music really cool too. I know some of the candies, so its really like a walk to the past.
Nice old and idle game, I can just stare at the granny and shops forever not get bored. Because it's fun to collect money and upgrade things.
This game is great if you want a mellow, story driven game that you check in on a few times a day I played through all of Showa Candy Shop 1 and 2. It's interesting to see the variants between all 3. This version is more mellow, like SCS1. SCS2 in comparison put more pressure on your ability to gather coins by making every restock cost money. This one only has you select restock length and money is used for upgrades. I recommend trying ALL Gagex games if you like this one, especially Oden Cart!
It's a very relaxing game with calm backgrounds. Only thing I want the game developers to add is some more things that we can tap and enjoy.
love gagex Ltd games, my favorite is hungry hearts diner. wish ya'll would make new ones for that instead of these over and over. showa candy shop 2 is far superior without the inside outside button, the ability to remove the ads, the fact that the ads stop me from touching kids in my shop in 3 is not great. let me know if it improves, but overall, not my favorite game here.
These are some of the best idle games not too much tapping but enough where stuff gets done. Other games like these make you tap so much it's, ridiculous and the ads are every 30sec or every minute. I don't really play mobile games but when I do I check to see if these guy have anything new.
Another great game by this company. Short and sweet, with a heartwarming ending. I'm not a completionist and am satisfied with just seeing the ending, and it's so worth it. The story actually made me cry a few times. The sudden twist in the story is found in all of this company's games, yet it still managed to be surprising. Although progress in the game is slow, I couldn't recommend its story more.
And yet again, another lovely game by gagex studios. I only have one issue with it; the walking animation. It kind of takes away from the beauty of the backgrounds and the adorable character design if theyre all bouncing around and wiggling instead of moving their legs. Other wise, the story is cute, the changing of seasons is always pretty, and the music/sound effects are nice and calming. Keep it up my dudes ;)
unfortunately this one didn't have half the charm of the others. the premise was cool but the execution was confusing and you didn't get to know any of the characters. I might go back and play one of the others again.
Well it is a good game for timepass. But it lacks levels and it is not that interesting. ..like having a mystery or something ..but I guess the creator worked hard ..and hence here is a gift of 4 stars
I absolutely LOVE this game! It brings back all my childhood memories living in Japan, and all the throwbacks with the different candy and toys really got me nostalgic. Plus the story that goes with it is so bittersweet, this game just tugs at my heart! Thank you for the experience, developers!
Fun game and cute story. Trying to finish the catalogue is taking forever but still enjoyable to play.
I really like the way the children have been drawn. The kids are really cute. The game is also very informative. I think the information about the various snacks and games should be made more short and sweet.
I love games by this dev, but the ads are way too much with a chance of full page ads every 10 or so times you visit a new menu. There's no way to pay to remove them (which I would). In addition, the pricing for the IAPs is also deceptive. They say something costs $1, but the cost when you go to buy it is $1.99. The ads were so annoying I immediately stopped playing.
I think I missed something? The story was interesting, but I didn't understand everything and the shop progress was honestly a bit boring. Moreover, the ending was a bit disappointing (not what happens but how it is depicted, if that makes sense).
Touchy storyline :") Slow, light game that lights the heart too.. The game itself is easy and fun, but the letters exchanged through cats that got my heart to keep playing the game. No exaggerated ads and honestly I don't mind watching them. Above all, reminds me of my grandma :""") Keep working on Games like this, Gagex! Thank you..
Simple. I like the melancholic feeling you get playing this game. It reminds you of home and bittersweet memories.
Amazing game. Very heart touching. For those of us who like to finish collections of stuff this game will be very satisfying.
Its very fun and cute aswell. I was messing around while getting this game and it actually surprised me. I play it when I have the chance and the letters make me feel things. Hungry Hearts Diner was like this too. I was sad when I finished it but now I have this one. Great game. Im glad I found it.
This is not just a game! I like the story the most. The game doesn't make me rush, it's very relaxing
I really like this game for how cozy and simple it is. The graphics are cute, the things that you collect in this game brings back memories of when times were simpler, the little stories from the letters are very heartwarming, and the music is very relaxing to listen to. Overall, I really like this game as it gives me nostalgia as I do remember some of the things that are in this game.
Relaxing and idle game. Cute art & story told through letters. Can be frustrating when you're trying to complete all collectibles.
Lost of new characters and capsule toys! I like the cat capsule toys and the seasonal gimmick especially. I do confess that I can't quite follow the story as well compared to the last 2 games in the series. There seem to be 2 distinct storylines and possibly time travel??? But I'm not done collecting letters yet, so, hopefully I'll figure it out.
I love this game. The artwork has been improved from its predecessors. Plot twist has always been Gagex's finesse which I always enjoy. But I wish somebody can explain what happened in the story. *Spoiler alert: has grandma actually died? Is the cat acting like a courier between life and afterlife realm?*
A cute game that brings back a lot of nostalgia for any 90s kid with its Gacha toys. However, it ultimately falls short in every respect-this game is meant to set a relaxing, nostalgic atmosphere, yet it is interrupted intermittently by ads, and the animation of the customers is chaotic and jerky, which makes it a headache to play. The story is also hard to follow in the letter format, with no proper or character icons or names used. I wasn't even sure what the letters were implying at the end
I played showa candy shop 1 and 2 before this. This is basically a "fixed" version of scs 2 with a different story. I like how there're different sets of stories. Gacha is difficult to collect ;;
Adorable but quick! I have played everything that's been released in English from this company. And I absolutely love them! I feel like this one went by a bit quicker then in the past but still an adorable story. Thank you!
Another good, thought inducing, game for the old lady candy shop/restaurant series. After having played almost all their other games, I basically wait for each new one to release for the cart series or the old lady. I'd definitely reccomend playing all the old lady games and the cart series these developers create.
One of the best soothing game I've ever played. I love the simple yet meaningful gameplay and story. The exchange of letters, the background music, and the nostalgic charm and atmosphere the game brings, I love all of it.
So wonderfully warm... 🧡 I think I never played a better mobile game. It's so detailed, pretty and very touching. And what a cosy atmosphere! I told everyone about it. My rating is 5 stars and I HIGHLY recommend Showa Candy Shop 3. 💐🍁🌫️🍬
This was such a delight to play. There weren't any ads interrupting the game. But if you want more blue coins (I forgot what they're called), then you could just click the ad. I enjoyed the storyline and I loved the hand drawn artwork. So cute!
It's not a game for action lovers. It's a slow paced relaxing game. And it's perfect. There are subtle details in this game that people generally miss. Like the background changing when the seasons change, the grandma gets a little surprised when the phone rings, the fat kids and the kids carrying the plants move a little slower than the normal kids etc. The design is very intricate, focusing on tiny details. It's a story-driven relaxing game, it's adorable.
A very peaceful game, much like the rest of the collection. I find myself enjoying these types of games more and more, as I can take my time to complete achievements!
Delightful experience. Once I started to understand how Gagex games work I really enjoyed this little game. It's definitely a slow paced game with simple game play but I actually had a lot of fun collecting all the items and reading the letters. Lovely art style and relaxed low stress game you can play while doing other things.
I have just completed the story and... I can't believe its over. I haven't collected all capsule goods so I won't be uninstalling any time soon. I really adore the art! It's the kind of art where it doesn't hurt your eyes because it uses soft colors and the images aren't too detailed. Overall, 9/10 (because of simple gameplay,but I'm not complaining) The gacha mechanics have definitely improved since the 2nd game (getting gacha capsules is now easier)
these games are always delightful! the stories and atmosphere is wonderful and calming, music is very nostalgic and relaxing. I always play to completion, even if I already collected the full story. the changing seasons is really nice too. keep up the great work and I look forward to more wonderful tales!
It is a very adorable game that actually has an achievable end. Can very well finish the game without playing any ads. A very calm, quiet game to play.
This game is amazing. I downloaded this game after playing hungry heart diner. And as expected, I was not disappointed by anything. This game had what I wanted; especially the relaxing background music. Like seriously the background music is everything, and I like the fact that you can hear the sounds of kids playing, (very nice detail) which really felt like you're there, it reminds me of my hometown when I was a kid. If I have the choice to give it a 10 stars I WILL.
Sequel to the Showa Candy Shop 2. It is a very nice game and actually the 4th game of the studio I've played. Great story and simple playable elements which need to be managed make this a very compatible game for Mobile phones. This one did not have any issues compared to Showa candy and showa candy 2 on my device. Those couldn't properly support the aspect ratio of my device . This one fits just fine. Just the animation could be smoother otherwise its a very good game.
I really love Gagex titles. The Oden Cart series is my favorite, but all of their games are wonderful if you want to slow down and enjoy an interesting story. This is the best Showa Candy Shop yet. It runs smooth and has loads of neat tidbits packed in. I'm looking forward to seeing the characters develop as I manage the shop.
Beautiful game, the artwork is amazing and I loved the chill, relaxing music. The gameplay is simple and easy to pick up when I had a few minutes during the day. But only giving 3 stars because the story was so hard to follow. I still don't really understand the ending? Makes it feel like I wasted all my time because I don't have a satisfactory ending.
On the whole, the game is much more nuanced than its predecessors. However, the pacing problem remains, as the storyline wrapped itself up before I'd gotten most of the characters or even half the collectables. Completionists be warned: I finally ended up uninstalling the game before completing the Catalog when I found weeks(real-time) of faithful playing, long after I'd completed every other part of the Catalog, did nothing to spawn a job or any hint of how to obtain the last Collectable.
Very relaxing and the story is very nice. So many people are complaining about the ads but it can be solved simply by turning off your data. With that out of the way, you can very much enjoy this cute game.
Another one of Gagex's heartwarming game. More of a collectible type game than story based so I was a little disappointed. The stories were too short. Very subtle as well so most likely only older children and above are able to understand them. Took a week to completely collect all showa cats.