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Shooty Skies

Shooty Skies for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Mighty Games Group Pty Ltd located at 59 Victoria St, Fitzroy, VIC 3065 Australia. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's Soo good but stop playing it for a while and when I tried to get back in the game it wouldn't even load
I don't understand how you come up with daily quests and they are hard and I want to keep trying on screamy and sometimes it is too intense. Also I don't like that it keeps repeating everything on daily quests so I can rage and quit at the same time. but it is a great game so keep up the hard work
Buttons do not work on my phone. When j start a new game the character just stays in the middle of the screen... I can't even move lol. This game is garbage now.
The game is a bit too distracting, which is bad for a bullet hell. While the ability to turn off explosions is appreciated, it is still not enough. Other than that, solid game.
I'm going to make this review short, it's a REALLY Fun Game, I Love To Play It But The Problem Is There Is A Bug Where The Game Just Freezes, FIX IT
This game need an update or something. I've played this game before and its amzing. But I'm having trouble just getting it started. It freezes when I pull up the app. I don't know if anyone else is getting this problem.
I really love the game I played this my old tablet and some times it gets really tricky when it comes to the bosses but Soo far it's been the best game ever and the first game I played on a device ;)
I had given this four stars because the graphics and playability of this game are excellent, but the ads were a little too frequent. I'm now downgrading this to one star because the ads have just become incessant. They're now being served up before I've even started playing the game. I don't mind ads for a free game but when the developer gets greedy and throws them in every 30 seconds it gets tedious. Can't be bothered with it, sorry.
Yo what happened!? I had this game for so long and it now just started acting up, when I opened the app, a "unity" screen popped up before loading and the game is totally unresponsive.
its really cool! i got addicted to it! well, sometimes my attacks are confusing tho. IDK if it was my attack or the enemies' attack so I was like "don't dodge that attack. its only your attack anyway. your not gonna die" so I don't dodge it and I die but tho its really cool!
games great, but everytime i finish an ad some of the audio channels will be gone moving forward. i have to quit & reload every ad watched. annoying.
Scam!!!! When I spent all day collecting tickets I bought the magic wand after about a minute I exited the game. NOW when I entered the game the wand was GONE like I never buyed it, and even worse the tickets were gone!!!! If you like these kinds of games just please don't play this game. Your be at constant risk of loosing stuffπŸ‘Ž
Latest update wiped coins and gold tickets out. Doesn't count kills hardly at all. Not worth playing until it's fixed. Audio is still inconsistent.
I like the look of the game. The controls work well. Has lots of characters to unlock. The downside is even on the easiest setting it's extremely hard. The continue feature is unfair in my opinion. You watch a video to be able to continue followed by a 3 second countdown in which the game resumes. Usually resulting in death (possibly due to having watched an ad on a phone with only 2gb memory). If you're not looking for the typical shooter, it's worth trying.
Update wiped most of my coins and gold tickets. The in-game score display is also broken (most of my scoring isn't appearing) as is the end of game screen (no buttons to play again, share my score, etc).
The game's very challenging, a little bit too flashy with the monsters, it seems it would be impossible to advance to the fourth boss because the speed increaces, but overall good game, would recommend it for gamers. Also before playing this game, turn on the airplane mode on your phone to play without ads. Your welcome
I love this game it's superb great controls great enemy's and ifvyou liked this game i recamend lama lama spit spit
I really like the game, but I'm dropping my rating again because you are obviously not listening! The issues that were created in the last update have not been fixed, and tonight I discovered that the option to continue a run by paying coins was removed, so the only way to continue is to watch an ad, which means you lose the sound. You need the sound to play, IMO, because there's so much going on and sound cues help. There have been no new pilots in almost a year. You're going to lose your fans.
There needs to be a way you and just access the characters you have unlocked. Please. Other then that good thing to play when i am bored.
AMAZING GAME!! SO CHALLENGING TOO!! I love it so much! Everyday I play this! Also, if your having trouble with ads you can just turn off your Wi-Fi! (For people who are having trouble with ads.)
What a blast! This game is so fun to play! It is SO much better than crossy road, BY FREAKING FAR! And the enemies are kinda weird. There's Tv's, arcade machines, Phones!? This game is so weird, and fun! And the bosses are weird to! But good job.
I don't like this game. Scremy difficulty is too easy but bosses are OP, enemies are repetitive, ads everytime you die, unlocking characters and weapons too expensive, and daily challenges are too hard. There are so many things wrong with this game, but there are better aspects for this game. Like for one, it being an action-packed arcade shooter, but really thats all! You guys were the creators of games like charming keep, so the stakes are high!
Game keeps freezing up and fix the Hey boost spender achievement I spent +50000 coins on the boosts and still nothing I knew I was online
The game literally bugged out on me, when I opened my fist character, it just glitched the whole game and I couldn't see my screen, I even tried closing the game and reopening it, waste of time
After the last bug fix update the sound quit working properly. After you die the first time, & have to watch a video to come back, the sound is totally gone when you start playing again. i have a Galaxy A5. Please fix! Update...This has not been fixed.
It's fun, but forcing me to watch an ad after EVERY. SINGLE. FLIGHT. is not kosher. You're not getting a cent from me until I think you're worth it.
Love it, once I setup relative controls, it worked perfectly. Excellent and cute shooting game like my favorite old school 1942 arcade!
Don't get me wrong, it's a fun game, with great graphics, and a wonderful playstyle, but it, eh, is very pay to win, as better weapons can only be achieved with money, not in game currency, but besides that, a wonderful game.
I love this! This doesn't have ads, it's fun, and it's the perfect balance between hard and easy. Definitely recommend. I wish I could rate infinite stars 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟
I'm an old 8-bit guy with fond memories of all the classic shoot-em-ups, which this game takes to the next level with its great variety of enemies and environments. Screen size does limit the game slightly, even on my One Plus 7 Pro, so I usually play this on the PC for the best experience. Great game!
Absolutely brilliant. Instant classic. However there is currently a bug where audio cuts out after watching an ad to revive yourself. I have to restart app to get audio back. I also wish there was better feedback when collecting e.g. underwear from those boxes you shoot. I understand I have to collect a certain amount to unlock secret character but there's no way for me to keep track. Even the sound when collecting the "pieces" is absent and unsatisfying.
I used to be a big fan of them game but lately i have been getting alot of issues regarding the game saving my coins, golden tickets, score, and characters after recent updates i lose most of my progress at a point i had nearly every character now i only have a few i permanently unlocked several additional guns and was saving my tickets to get the laser but after it resetting my game for the third time I feel like it's not even worth it I hope you fix this soon
This is a really great offline game and it's so addictive. There's no ads which is great and there are different play modes for your liking which I appreciate
There are a lot of bugs in the game....... The Monetary and Gold ticket system isn't counting the Variables correctly after the new update.......
I really like this game it is very fun to play, my only issue with the game is sometimes when i get into the game it does this glitch where i cant see my character and cant move him either i tried refreshing the app and getting into better wifi but it still does it.
Weird glitch where there's no audio except for some enemies. For example the creepy tv noises, the fiesta music from pinatas and occasional boss specific music. I really liked the soundtrack, it's a shame I can't hear it anymore.
Always loved Crossy Roads and their other games, so I was excited to try this out. I got thrown right into the game after a tutorial (if K could even call it that, it was about three words) but to be fair, the game is very simple. Game is great and addictive until you have so much on screen your eyes are imploding. The background is crowded, there's explosions of color everytime you kill a monster, and the monsters themselves are their own little parade of rainbows and glitter. VERY BUSY VISUAL.
The game is fun and all but sometimes the numbers are wonky, sometimes the game will say I have 200 coins 100 ticketd but I can roll in the slot machine like 4 times and the score during a game can be like 7 and at the end the score to get the safe goes up by like a 120 which is the REAL score Really ticks me and my OCD off other than that its good
Nice, cute, and a really good timekiller game. Nice and all but, will you guys add any new weapons? I think it'd be cool!
Invincible tutorial enemy, my progress is gone, this game don't even have a cloud save, no bother to spend your money
I have been playing Shooty Skies for years now. But after the big update, whenever I try to boot up the game, it crashes during the loading screen. I want to play this beloved game again, but even after many uninstalls and reinstalls, I have given up trying. Please fix this problem.
This game's got speed performance issues by a lot, the minute you open it, everything in your device becomes slow for 15 minutes, could someone repair this issue? plus the cache issue? because it keeps filling up the open storage space...
Constant ads have made this once great game unplayable. Watch an ad to continue? Game kills you as soon as you come back. Fix this s#&Β₯!
I used to play this game a lot and it was perfect. Recently i reinstalled it and everything seemed fine untill some kind of glitch started happening. The whole app just freezes in the middle of a game untill it says that it's not responding. This also lags my phone (which is brand new). The glitch doesn't happen every time and it's random when it will happen, but it is very annoying. Please someone look into it.
The game would let me play one round through the tutorial and then after that it would freeze and wouldn't let me move my plane around to shoot anything and don't know how to fix that.
After I lost my GAMING name on crossy road, it does a forever load then shows up Google games in crossy road but in this game, it happens a lot. Still this is kinda fun
great, easy to learn but difficult to master game. messaged the developers about a corrupt save and they helped me (hey thanks about that). people in the comments keep whining that it's too difficult... well that's how a bullet hell game is supposed to be.
Great game. Currently the daily missions are broken with them all saying 28 and not letting me do any of them. That's why only 3 stars
I bought the remove ads and feel stupid because it didn't remove the ads in the continue option. Please allow this! The ads show and by the time I can continue im dead again. Not buying anything else unless this oversight is fixed! Nice game but horrible customer support! :(
Recently tried to play it but it has a screen pop up that is in Chinese wording that stardew it will have access to my data storage.
Won't even open. But when it did, it sucked. Enemies attack off screen making it impossible to dodge. Power ups are temporary even if you buy them.
The game is good and everything, but when I watch an ad to save myself, it kills me because the object that killed me is in the same spot.
I enjoyed the game enough that I paid the $4 to remove the ads but the game is setup so that the only way to continue after dying is to watch more ads. Total waste of time and these ads runs for 30-40 seconds. You would think that you can use either the coins or the stars earned to continue but it's not. I play the game, try my hardest and watch ads (even after paying to get rid of ads). At least let me use the coins that I've earned and get rid of those ads since I already paid for it!
I just downloaded the game but after the tutorial I literally can't play anything like I cant move i when I look at characters and back out it just shows the screen again can u fix that
Its quite fun overall but there are some things that make the game less enjoyable at times ,especially during the daily missions, where it becomes physically impossible to win. There will be no chance of not dying and some of the absurd challenges take forever even on the easiest difficulty, which I assume most kids will not be able to beat. Again great game but its a lot of just grinding the same thing over and over consistently dying with little reward, making it fun but not for long sadly
Amazing Game! All the bad reviews don't make sense like "doesn't load" (you don't have it configured correctly) or "so difficult" (that's the point of why it's fun, when you finally get past a part you've been working for you feel great!) All in all, this is one of THE BEST mobile shootem ups I have seen!!! Good Work guys😁 Gamers, dismissed.
Won't even open. But when it did, it sucked. Enemies attack off screen making it impossible to dodge. Power ups are temporary even if you buy them..
I would've given this app 5 stars but NOW whenever I try to even open the game it will just freeze and eventually start "Not responding"! And yes, MiGhTy GaMeS I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling! AND I've tried restarting my phone but no! NOTHING! I used to love this game, But this kind of bull$%@& is why I give apps 1 star! Fix this please!!!
The game was pretty good and all when I came back to do it but I encountered a problem. Whenever I finish a level when playing offline, the button to go back to the menu doesn't work. It does work when I play online but not offline. It is strange because I never encountered that problem before the last time I played it. So please fix that issue that would be appreciated.
Good game with amazing design and cute characters and enemies it would be also cool if you can play in landscape mode on phone I'm not really comfortable with holding my phone in portrait mode enemies are also hard sometimes the enemies attacks cannot be seen.
Really fun game! It's been a favorite of mine for years, but a recent update has left me unable to click on the play button after a game and unable to change character. Great game but these bugs are becoming a dealbreaker as they make the game somewhat unplayable...
It's a very fun game its good for relaxing or getting mad at Lol but I wish we could put an account on the game so if anyone gets a new phone or something they can get back to their usual status okay bye
Lots of fun but a bit over the top in difficulty so as to either get you to watch a 30 second commercial or pay. Watching and paying are too long and too expensive. I don't mind a commercial here and there but my Lord.! Death comes very quickly so play time is just too little for all the fluff. Too bad.
i have been a fan of your games for years. but, you force me to watch unskippable 30 sec ads and this is soooo TERIBBLE. goodbye shooty skiesπŸ‘‹
I can't open shooty skies because I have a problem that needs to fix.. It said can't install shooty Skies and the problem need to fix
Good, addicting, but most of the time music and/or sound doesn't play except in the starting screen or certain bosses. Not sure if that's intended but I don't really like that.
This is a great game, but I'm very upset because I uninstalled it to free up space, and I reinstalled it and now all of my progress is gone. It's still on my Google play account, but I can't get it on the actual game. Plz fix that
great game and all but i dont like the powerups and all that stuff i mean rlly do u have to make it rent only for the guns!?Same with the outfits...
It hurts to give this game only 3 starts, considering how fun it is, but every time when I lose, win, unlock or just click on something, I will get an ad. It's almost unplayable at this point. Otherwise that, it's a little cute game that is kinda addictive, but the ads ruin the experience for me.
I like this game alot. It's gameplay is really addictive and it has some cool looking enemies. Though i have some issues with this game. 1 I think that the game should just have coins and only using coins to rent weapons should not be a thing ( and honestly gold tickets should not be a thing imo cus from what i have seen they arent used for much except getting weapons also i cant find where you can see your daily missions to get gold tickets.) 2 i dont like that this game takes awhile to load. Im not sure if this is fixable but if it is they should fix it. So yeah i do like this game but i do have some critisim that i would like to be taken into consideration.
It is Awesome it like crossy road but how far can you survive like it is Sick oh and one more tip If you destroy crossy boss as a crossy chicken the creator will join the battle
Ive been playing this game for a long time on and off. The voxel work is highly creative and entertaining,And the gameplay is real fun and seem to be adjustable if you dare to look at the settings. Audio is really buggy. It harms the overall experience. Good luck!
I recently updated to android 11 and even then the game was fine but now suddenly even after launching it only makes it to the splash screen before crashing. Please fix! I really like this game.
Cant even get past the "how old are you" screen. I rmemeber absolutely loving this game but it freezes before I can even start playing
Why does the game keep crashing before you can even get passed the Shoots Skies logo. Can you fix this because this has been a problem for over a year and I'm just now finding this issue again
This game is really fun! The mechanic of coins and especially tickets make it very addictive! The only thing that kinda sucks is when I get another life by watching an ad, the sound just cuts out. Making me having to exit out and go back into the game. But overall, 9/10!
guys I have an idea of there are so many ads than turn off your wifi so ads cant pop up so many times works for me
It's just too hard. Even on the easiest difficulty level, you still die in a single hit and the enemy bullets are very large and they home in on you. Some enemies will even wrap around and attack you from behind, which isn't really fair since they can come from off screen where you can't see them.
The game itself is fun but the app is no good. I remember back in 2015 and 2016 when the app functioned well. Now you cant even finish a level without seeing an ad. Even then sometimes the game just breaks. Truly disappointing.
Why isn't it even opening? I tried downloading the game again but nothing happened. Please fix this. Otherwise the game is awesome ! But please fix this glitch as soon as possible.
I love playing shooty skies and all but I uninstalled the game and a few months later when I tried to log into my account again I can't retrieve any of my characters, coins or high score. The game acknowledged my progress and accomplishments but I have none of the original stuff? Like what?
this game is fun and colourful the only issue thought is that as i tap tye play button it's unresponsive and this happens to majority of buttons i tap please this needs to be fixed
Its a fun game but it cab get boring at times but still great game it is easy to learn and it is just a good game overall