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Shooting Range Gun Simulator - Gun Fire

Shooting Range Gun Simulator - Gun Fire for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by InstaGames located at Islamabad 44000, Pakistan. The game is suitable for Teen and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
One of the best action game available on playstore for free. Having amazing graphics, great gameplay and smooth and easy controls. Really enjoyable game
This game is very stunning, as well as full authority over your gun ( cock lever, magazine, bolt lever, safety switch and stock customisation.) On the tutorial every time you do what it says it give you three free guns! After that there is still a ton of guns to unlock. But... you have to buy them. But the best thing about this game is that it unlocks one of those guns that costed money the day before (it made it free). So you don't have to buy your way to the top. 45/10 recomended.
This is really an enjoyable and attractive game with high quality graphics. I really highly appreciate it. I like it very.
Game is challenging. You have to earn a win. Guns are a little tough to control but that just makes it that much more challenging and fun
This game is very beautiful and amazing it is an easy to use it is really so must for using it is only one of the best game in Play Store I like this game very much
What i was looking for . Best shooting game . Very realistic and smooth . Also very challenging . Liked it very much . After 100 of shooting games . Very nice play .
Always a different setup on the targets and it is a challenge. You definitely have to take a little time to adjust your aim carefully. A well put together game in my solo opine !
Shooting range for gun is very amazing game on playstore is all controls are very smooth and designed for a mobile I like this game very much this game consists many stunts you should try this game
Realistic Gun shooting challenge game, you will have to complete challenging levels with the help of advance equipped game and accomplished missions that will make you feel like you are in a real shooting range.
shooting experience and help you become a realistic shooter. In this shooting range gun simulator, you have a massive collection of weapons and guns to choose from which you will use for shooting moving targets
I love this game its weird because I will do so good then I get so excited and nervous at the same time and I shoot and miss or get low score lol I really enjoy it I laugh at myself everytime because how intense I make it lol its fun I get a kick out of it
One of a best shooting game ... I really like to play this amazing shooting game 🔥 features are Very attractive.. All over this game Is more better and Cool than other shooting games ...
It is fun,very. Tapping tord the way I want to aim is fun! And it does not take only but a tip touch on the screen to shot,fun
Too many ads keep interrupting. Not enough time between targets and reloading. Sadly, I can only give this app two stars. Otherwise, it's okay.
This game is so amazing and full of fighting.i like this and play for enjoyment.its features and control is wonderful and awesome..
Best shooting range games. I've played in a very long time for mobile!! Highly recommend!!!! Great control an response
I liked it alot.. i enjoyed putting the first bullet in that dingy bimbo that's always in my way. I like the extras such as the red Target dot, and the extra bullet. Its located to the left its yellow and everyone should use the hell out of it.. thank you for having the pepper rifle and what looks to be a m3 my choice in weapon ville . Anyways great game easy to understand,BUT i was done in aday and a half it started back on number one. Please add more.....
it's the best shooting game that I've tried the graphics are perfect very addictive hard to put down I like it thanks.i like the girl who has also been added makes it more interesting. brilliant.👍👍👍
This game is excellent! the attention to detail is stunning, the realism is great, and the guns are made exactly how they were made in real life! another cool thing is that everytime you get a new gun, it's not just the gun you unlock, but also new modifications for your existing guns! 10/10 would recommend.
a great app anyone who likes guns. however the rotation is somewhat annoying and it gets in the way when trying to reload or rechamber a round.
This game has many advanced features to play and enjoy. I really appreciate the developer of this game. This is an excellent entertainment opportunity on Google Play Store.
Fun game to play , and the targets are fun..I especially like it when you and your opponent skip the heart and head shots to shoot the target in the balls. That should be the 10..lol
I really like this application, I tested dozens of vpn applications from the Google Play store, but only this application allows you to connect to any vpn server without downloading money and counting the connection time. Other applications want money every time.
This game is foboulus and amazing game I palyed ever. This is also easy to play. I love to play this game. Am playng this game from many days....
This is the best FPS game I’ve played!!!Good gameplay and amazing graphics really cool guns and designs!this game reminds me of titanfall because of the mechs and it is futuristic.It is exactly like the trailer CRAZY ACTION!I love this game so much it is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!????
Very nice and enjoyed it a lot as I started and played first time reached the level 10 at each first trial it's so, easy to put aim and then shoot like real physical activity, everyone please try to once this game is awesome and good way to increase focus on your aim. Boost confidence level too. Thanks for inventing such a good game. Shooting range game ❤👌
A game is an activity or sport that you can utilize your skills, knowledge, or chance, in which you follow fixed rules and try to win a given challenge. We all play games and we all enjoy the time spent in-game.
Shooting range gun simulator game have excellent controls and characteristics. I like this game because this game have amazing results and characteristics.
Suggestion This is already a great game . But you can still add a "free range" game mode a firing range without the timer so that the players would feel more comfortable and might enjoy your game more . Add hunting mode with animals and things . Good luck hope u dont give up
One of the best simulator shooting game available in the world having great experience with. This game has easy and smooTh conTrols with great graphics and enjoyable gameplay. Amazing game
Ive been looking for a good shooting game not so much for missions and drawn out levels .just a game i could spend time practicing long shots or just playing with a friend and competing for who is the best shot ..the game is fun and recommend getting it ..
Shooting range gun simulator is a great game for improving gun shooting skill. Great graphics and easy controls. Can't get enough of this game. Must download everyone
Shooting range gun simulator is a great game it has many amazing features and good controls I have been playing with the best game it is really good and enjoyable game.
Wow ,pow wow great game ,i got up to stage 452 but seems like that's the end ????? Just repeats the same 452 game is there any more stages ??? Could yu answer this as this is a great game to continue ty bob
Great game. Quick to download and simple to play. The only improvement it should have is access to other pistols. Like the M1911 or the 38 Smith and Wesson police issue revolver. Other then that, it's a great way to pass the time.
This still remains to be the best of all versions. Also, I liked that I can restore my purchased items. Awesome. Very fun gameplay, great job!
I'm pretty impressed with the quality of game play here. I wasn't expecting much. But was pleasantly surprised with the crisp graphics and well thought out physics. This gunplay is how I wish Sierra 7 gun physics would react. I know it's just shooting, but combine it with some people to shoot & you got yourself a fun shooter!
Shooting Range Gun Simulator - Gun Fire application is an amazing and so much interesting gun shooting game to play and so much enjoy with it and its all levels are perfect to win.
I like it's simplicity and surprisingly great animation. And it's controls are very smooth I just ask for more weapons like the M60 or maybe even the use of attachment customizations.
Shooting range gun playing very easy i appriciate this game i like it very much one of the best game playing very easy
Great game Great game. Yea, okay there are in app purchases but for 50p to unlock all the guns I feel that it was with it. It is a free game with no adds and if it costs me 50p for a game as good as this I am not too put off by paying f or it. I have played paid games that cost 5x that and they have been much worse than this. The only improvement would be a range level without a timer but overall if you like shooting and are happy with targets then give it a shot.
I just love the game. I did alot of shooting as a child growing up. I used to go hunting with my father and now I take my nephews and teaching them how to hunt and read the tracks on the ground
I'm enjoying it so far I will let you know if I believe this to be true as sometimes the games are good then after your rating it gets stupid or has more things connected to it.
Yeh, it seems like it is a good game....... So far.......... Its got me hooked as soon as I got on it... Its one of my top shooting games. I haven't got far yet, but I hope this game keeps me hooked. So far, So good.
Pretty good. No issues yet. Ads are skippable unless you want an upgrade for free so its.....playable at least unlike other games I've played like this. And the graphics are decent also.
In this shooting range gun simulator, you have a massive collection of weapons and guns to choose from which you will use for shooting moving targets.This game is really amazing and excellent.
come to the right place. Shooting a range of gun simulator will provide a real shooting experienc a realistic shooter. In this shooting range gun simulator, you have a massive collection of weapons and guns to choose from which you will use for shooting
Really enjoying playing this game easy to play. You can upgrade your weapons if you like this type of game it's a must for you highly recommended.
I really thankful to developer who provide such a great entertaining game. Awesome graphics with great animation I am really enjoying this real game. This game introduced new kind of entertainment
Shooting Range Gun Simulator is very good, awesome and totally different from the other time killing and heart touching game that I ever experienced.
Good game, please add friend list feature/ we can visit friend profile. And add feature "Duel" because i wanna be duel with my bestfriend please read my concept/comment. Sorry my english is not good (bad).
Shooting range gun is an ideal and amazing game .while i was playing i get alot of entertainment .you can easily spend more time with it . Thanks developer for such a interesting game
This really is a complete game of learning various skills of how to master sight, and movement to target. Excellent vision graphics, clarity and interesting targets. Great for everyone to learn and value the art of firearm mastery. Well done!
Too hard to control. Aiming is horrible. Didn't get beyond the first few seconds of the game. Too frustrating.
Fun game. But if you have a cheaper phone the controls for sighting in are all over the place. Other wise lots of fun.
The application Shooting Range Gune Simulator is very fantastic and nice application in play store.Its sound & colour quality is best.I like this application.
Not a bad time pass when you have five minutes to spare. Please dev, explain android illiterates what the android permissions are about, not necessarily to be able to browse through their files but just to be able to access/write game data in the storage etc. ;)
follow fixed rules and try to win a given challenge. We all play games and we all enjoy the time spent in game.
This is really smooth and awesome game with balanced graphics loving this wonderful game i have never played this type of amazing game before.
Great game The best shooting game ever Now let me play the game without having to do anymore more writing to express my gratitude for your room to rent a car to get the best shooting for the bus ticket to the same for you to see you on the plane and the bus in the plodge I have been working on the plane and I have been working on the floor having the opportunity to discuss my application for your room a black mat too much time to get some garlic bread crumbs and have been working on it and. ❤
Controls are way too sensitive. Very hard to aim. Only played for a few times and gave up on it. Plus weapons are expensive
I've been playing this game for 3 years now and I still enjoy it very much, give it a try, don't get frustrated and don't expect perfection from yourself, you'll just get better and better and before you know it you'll be able to compete with the best of them !! Enjoy.😁
It's a pretty good shooting game, my only issue is I bought the shotgun but there is a glitch on the 1st challenge. It says to shoot 12 bottles. Bottles never ever appear, just the human silhouettes. But, in the shotgun time challenge, the bottles appear and not the human silhouettes. This is an issue because by default you fail every time because you cannot complete the challenge.
some one gave this game a good report ---not so gun movement is bad takes to long moving from target ,to target needs adjustment !!!!!!!!!!!!
Very fun and addicting game! The only things to improve on is windage and chat in game and seeing what rifle opponent is using. I love the game it's a staple in my life
Played this game many months ago until i broke my phone. (two phones ago) I'm glad I remembered to download it on my newest phone because I forgot what a great game it is. It's not weighed down with a bunch of unnecessary ads or bombarded with offers to spend money. Decent gameplay and great graphics. Kudos to all the brains behind this game. Top notch!!!
This is amazing. I've tried bunch of similar app, and this is the best so far. No kidding with their tagline, fast, secure & unlimited ❤️
I love it, play against others I'm hooked. wish the players could talk to each other though and I wish the players could make a choice to play with the same players. maybe I can?
Shooting range gun is all wonderful gaming app. It depends on best shooting skills. Good to play. Interesting graphics it has.
it's a great game..just wish you can earn more money and the not have to fix your gun so soon. other then that it's a great and fun and addicting game.