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Shooting Ground 3D: God of Shooting

Shooting Ground 3D: God of Shooting for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by DAERISOFT located at #1013,10F,Byucksan Digital Valley 5-cha Gasan-dong,Geumcheon-gu,Seoul 08513 . The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like the game I just wish there a game that dosen't have a time limit so one could just practice their shooting skills. The timer is fun to play but it really doesn't let your self set up in time.
You got to be Spot~On Pleanty of chalanges , Adds = not long as other games . pleanty of Playtime . great Graphics =×=Cool ! So FAR ITz Greeeat ! ₩ild ₩ild ~ §HOOTING ***>>°°°°°>¤<°°°°°>°`°>θ>> you can choose different weapons , Scoped pistols ,rifles , options to obtain , more time,larger targets using your award cash , Or watch an ad .
lots of fun for a short time time killer. the trigger really sucks. Do I hold it and let go to fire? Or tap fast? maybe a push and release configuration to fire would be better.pretty cool overall.Id give it 3.75 stars if possible. and 5 when I figure out the trigger. thanks
Above average shooting game: Understatement. Occurrence and duration of ad's: Minimal. Downloadable?: Highly
very good. i thought another, similer game was excellent for its type, until now. this game is far superior, with virtually no wait times and nothing ad-annoying about game. somebody complaining that this game shoots by itself and so uninstalled it. the game is designed to give you so much time with a red countdown timer for you to aim your shot and make it or the app will fire the round and hit whatever the crosshairs were pointing at at that time of firing.
The controls we're workable solution it made it a lot more fun to play. Totally AWSOME graphic's I was very impressed thank you!
Seems to be fun game so far, but commercial caused misfire? I will continue to play and enjoy and hopefully it gets more fun and somewhat more serious, competitive, and ultimately better.
very challenging graphics are awesome controller is a little tricky but not to bad you get used to it really like this game. great job.
These guys gotta cheat to win on there own app. I've never seen anything like this.. I've hit the bullseye, and the score given was a 9. That's pretty far off scoring. Very noticable.Who ever runs this part of the app, is showing bad examples of competing in this app. Bad way of showing kids to play fair.. Your giving this app a low grade look & feeling. You have to learn to lose, before you can win!you have a fun & addicting app. Play it fair, Your clowning yourselfs & no one else!
The upgrades are limited and expensive. In the timed competition the wind speed is not showing, so it's guessing...
One of the best range shooters out there. I've been looking for a good range shooting game for while and this is in the top 3 I've discovered!
I am finding this game to be realistic and fast moving just like real life battle. I've only been playing an hour so I can't say anything else
First time on this game. Not bad at all. Just the focus and aim is abit too loose, otherwise a good game.
Getting used to the controls, but overall, a comfortable interface with expected entertaining results.
Excellent app! Smooth, acurate controls. Surprisingly exciting. Great job by the developers by having plenty of gameplay with minimal, nonintrusive ads.
i love games that show true detail like controls on a excavator trac hoe i mean you've got to know what the controls look like right ? and if you don't before you write the program for the game just google a small catapillar trac hoe and look at images .Now your game takes skill it may seem to be just a little fast on the aiming but that will only make you better .
its alright. i just started playing and the time you get for shooting is so fast its not even fun. Hopefully you can upgrade response and how long u have to pull the trigger
it's alright but the bouncing targets are a joke, it's pure luck 4 that part & the eagle targets, u can miss it completely & still get a decent score on it. I didn't notice much of a change at All with the "Upgrades" of the guns, target size, the glove 2 control the shaking when closer 2 the bullseye or the wind cutting bullets.
It's pretty good. Keeps me entertained for a good while at a time. My only real complaint is the hit box of the targets. Sometimes one shot will not be considered on point while another in the same position is. if you fix it, I'll up my star
Great shooting game so far. Enjoy the challenge but the ease of controls make it worth coming back to play.
It's a decent game could be better with the customizations but it does grab ur attention it's cool...
its a cool game but you need to make the aim a liftle more precise to begin... or give just a little more time to aim, its really a fast timer... and to get the aim...its just to fast, that is all, thanks
its a gr8 game, good job! thats why i gave 4 stars. its a five star game, but being as were in a stage of improving, my request would be to see quicker upgrades. I do like the time challenge as it challenges you to wake tha fk up and release even as your target moves and also creates distance shots, so there are benefits of the slower upgrade that requires certain accomplishments and seeks to financially profit. However there are other games very similar. I am concerned with a person get bored.
eh it's fine it's y'know not flashy but it's pretty good for practice and pvp is satisfying(mostly cause i win) but i've barely played. the controls are easy but it comes down to your ability to adapt,predict,and be precise( i say adapt because different types of guns shoot differently)
With respect I was scored with 4 shots at 10 each and one at 9. The REAL truth is that I got 2 shots at 10 and 3 at a very obvious 9. It's a mad rush with the little time you give to fire and the music is overbearing. The game Shooting King by Mobirix is far superior to this & is much more accurate and more fun. If ever I'd try this again I'd like to think that IF one of my shots MISSES dead centre I'm not scored a perfect 10. I'll uninstall but if ever you update it I'll come back again. Thanks
This game is a very good game and I highly recommend this game for everyone to play. It's got some pretty awesome graphics the controls are easy to use. The development team did great.
I likes this game very much. It's very fun to play. Easy to play & graphics are good also. Hope they keep it this way.
Fun game and starts off fairly easy but gets more difficult as you go along. I haven't came across windage shots yet and would suggest it be worked in on future upgrades. I recommend this shooter.
could be a better game! doesn't hold steady game moves for no reason. player should have more control.
Dig the game alot maybe think of adding more guns with attachments and party shoots were 3 or 4 players can shoot at same time in a range type set up with common goal of a high amount of points the higher the score the more coins each player receives but person with highest score gets something extra ofcourse
Great game it's okay with my shooting the way I am listed in the Army in firing line shooting and in the field shooting.
yeah I like thethe app it can help kids when they begin to target practice it can help them know what to sculpt is all about and I think it's a real or teaching people and children how to shoot I'm having fun with it so that's my opinion out of the game I give it five stars all the way
After a time adds increase to 1 every match. 3 stars now. Even that I feel there are some problems with the program, itis so much better than the other five dozen programs I downloaded that I give it five stars. Fun with few adds to look at that I recomend to try. it. By the way, let of your finger to shoot. Once I went to pistol I cant get back to rifel. on adds I did have problems but there are so few I can look past this. Very good but I woukd have an option for non timed shooting.
Good game and just a hint to the players if you find its too sketchy to aim go into settings and decrease sensitivity....huge difference!!! Can get a bit boring on the target range should have more varied targets and scenes. All in all decent game.
targeting is a bit touchy. self targeting with the shotgun by AI is LAME, let the player use all weapons and sight on manually. penalize the player that uses a rifle at pistol or shotgun targets. bonus for not not missing a target, and collecting multiple hits in a row.
Controls are pathetic, timings are very bad, its like developers are in so great hurry, they want system to play automatically, they dont want user to play. come-on developer team you have to give time to user/player to get adjusted, aim and play. why should we like you, when we are not getting a chance to play. please don't put time limit while aiming and shooting. let user enjoy the game.
Decent game, not perfect but a decent shooting experience. Worth downloading for a game to pass a little free time with to kill the boredom in this time of lockdown.