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Shooting Battle

Shooting Battle for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Doodle Mobile Ltd. located at Osiris International Cayman Limited, Suite #4-210, Govemors Square, 23 Lime Tree Bay Avenue, PO Box 32311, Grand Cayman KY1-1209, Cayman Islands. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I will never buy your upgrade. It is stupid to think that you can compel players to buy upgrades by giving undue advantage to other players or your computer
This is quite good game enjoying playing it. I only want to give just one feedback to Developers that please add invite friend option so that we can play with any of our friends. So right now giving 4 star and cutting 1 star due to invite friends option is not available.Thanks.
I love to shoot especially snagging the crowd out of the pot once you shoot it first and early but after you get to $35.00 you only win 0.01 cent every two screens and you have to watch a video to double your shooting bonus and then watch another video to claim your pay pal pennies and cant cash out until $150 on all the games and cans combine like $30 from this game and $50 from this game $20 here $50.from another game all the games would be straight never got $200.00 adding games promised for
Awesome game, downloaded it today and it's just what i was looking for, offline mode also perfect, thanks to the developers for a great job, i strongly recommended this game for everyone
Very shity great game but it freezes in the middle of a battle you have no time to change weapons or up grade the chat is just useless pause button does nothing I guess except pause the press made chat Have a live chat fix the freezing and I'm sure folks would enjoy it better the bad thing is to let someone know what's going I have to shoot at the wrong target And there if no form of contact with support seems to me just want to push buying a upgrade package on a really decent game
So frustrating, constantly sight goes off target and can't control and as a result you miss THE WHOLE target and hit the wall,just can't CONTROL this game. INTERESTING HUH??????
Offline is appreciated for when I didn't have data or wifi.Plain old target shooting and it's so hard to be perfect but I'm still aiming better than most so far ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜….Let's shoot targets and not people.Thank you and Peace!I'm out of bullets!Oh well nothing is shooting back.Thats Nice Lol
You can play without buying anything with real money, but there is a clear advantage if you do spend money.
I really like the game. I just don't appreciate the fact that the game almost demands that you spent money to get ahead or move up in the game. You can't get the good chest just by shooting good. So unless you buy the bigger chest you can't get anything advanced or new.
Really cool game i'm diggit seem like it would be a great way to kill some time on the train or in airport and of course in a Doctor's office
This is one of the best target shooting games I have tried so far. The ads are nowhere near as obnoxious as most of the others. The wind changes your aim, and the moving targets provide you with a genuine challenge. A well earned 5 stars to the programmers on this one.
The developer doesnt respond to issues with the game! The second spin prize will tell you you won it but will not give it to you. When I first started loved the game, but all the little issues have discouraged me from playing now.
I absolutely love this game! I would give it five stars but a couple of days ago it wouldn't connect... So I played offline mode for a while. Then I realized that it needed updated, I updated it. Still not connecting. I restarted phone. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Still not connecting! ๐Ÿ˜ž And now because I uninstalled I lost my progress and cannot connect to connect to my gamer profile. Help please ??!?! Thanks I love this game and miss it very much!
Very easy to navigate through aswell as just a all around very fun pvp target shooting competition game I'm expressed
After you guys rebooted, im having glitch problems. It was better before i updated. Please fix that. This is my favorite game...
Good fun I just started playing it's ok at least you don't have to spend money to advance . This alone makes it a good time good grafixs you win good guns fast so ya I give it a 5
I've never been a real Target but this game is pretty realistic the moving targets are really great they test your accuracy. I think it's an all-around good game. For young and old.
Ive won every game so far. Amazing i say. Lots of fun time goes so fast. Time flys when having fun.l.o.l. yeah
Since update game selects rival player first time. After first game will not scroll thru and select new rival. Have to hit cancel and quit game. Was working perfectly before update. How can i fix ?
This game delivers on exactly what the description says. Good, continuos action. Of course there are ads but not too many to disrupt gameplay. I rarely keep games but this one's a keeper.
I fought most'ly computer(Bots), not a single 'ON LINE PLAYERS'!!!, too Many Bots(RoBots). This App are "IMPROPER CONTENT RATING", it's a FAKE gameplay, only few ON LINE PLAYERS!!! What a WASTE of Time. I had Enough of this Bull_t. For that i Gave This Bull_t App HALF a STAR only. Adios.
I would like to have a day at the shooting range, (with real ๐Ÿ”ซguns) but this game is not too bad for video shooting . If you added jungle or dessert and people, the player being the snipper....My idea would take too long. Call me. WON'T put my phone number but I figured you might know how to get it Maybe we ALL get RICH!!! MIKE
It keeps giving the option to watch ads in exchange for knocking off 10 mins of waiting time for a chest. I've watched 6 ads, and it hasn't taken not one second off. It also gives opponents extra time after the clock runs out, and still counts their shot. Fix the bugs, and I'll go back to 5 stars. Also, I know you have to make money, but 100 dollar purchases? You can buy ps4 and xbox one games cheaper than that. The fun factor alone gets you 3 stars tho.
This game is so bad,i guh play this for d rest of my life.but one thing.ads study popping up and sometimes my game crashes.Good game ,keep updating.i woul've rated it a 10 if it was possible
Awesome Game. A must DOWNLOAD to have in your inventory, and access any time Great time killer. Thanks
The game is good, except that it needs to reload in the middle of the game. So if you are playing rush mode and you reload, you lose. I think it doesn't need to be that realistic since this not a war game. This is a target shooting game. You are just like practicing how to shoot guns.
Best app . It is like archery king with gun instead of bow and arrow. I love it a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At start feels good but as most of the rival are bots unlike archery king
Lag in winter level due to devs adding Xmas stuff thats animated and not optimized making itUnplayable used to be fun not anymore. Plus you end up getting the same stuff over and over again Uninstalled
Something is off with this game players are cheating it will start glitching and your opponent will miraclesly start shooting really good after shooting extremely poorly
Great game, similar to Golf Clash, easy controls with little or no hiccups. Need to spell "waiting" correctly though.
Fun game until you watch it cheat. How does the game score points for your opponent after time runs out? I'm not sure but watch it happen. I saw the comments but i didn't listen, I should've. Unless you plan on spending actual money over a game, definitely find an alternative. You won't be able to progress beyond a certain point.
Good game..just needs more character options..like different races of shooters..but other than that it's a cool game..
Really loved this game at first, then it became so painfully obvious you can't ever just be good at the game and play with people who play for fun. It's not any fun when you have NO chance of ever SKILLFULLY winning against the people who dump their entire paychecks on special bullets. The game is not winnable if you play fair, you want to win, bring your money. I'm fine with losing fair and square, not being cheated. Uninstalled today.
Oops, have to edit my review now that I see the pattern of this game. Everything was fine until I decided to wager 1600 chips in an online battle. The game, obviously trying to get me to buy chips, would fire my rifle the second I put my finger on the screen. Then, of course, an ad would conveniently pop-up offering me a deal on buying more chips after losing. What idiot thinks that a gamer is going to be motivated to spend money on a game that just cheated them? Uninstalled.
Great game, wish you can make more money its gonna take for ever to update your guns and accessories, and some of us don't have much time. I have stage 4 stomach cancer, and going through liver failure.
The versus 1 on 1 I thought was really good and kept me playing it until I discovered the rush mode once you play The Rush mode that's on the way to play cuz it's so you both people shooting us to get as much fun as they can in a limited amount of time I like a lot better than the other one but they're both good the classic and the bill very good congrats to the team
To many bots Really every single player hits the 12 when they let time run down to 5 secs. Way way way way to many bots. Meant for someone to pay
Exceptional..but the game is kinda expensive try reducing the price of some tinz..thanks..bt also the game is so cool
This game is really awesome. There are so many options you can try & most importantly it does not let you get bore for a second...Exciting game!
Something is not right about certain stages. You have to pay attention to the wind and rifle is not accurate at all. Yet some get on and knock off bullseyes like nothing. And moving targets too. You all got to be joking. It's got to be "bots" we are playing against a lot of the time..
My experience with this Game is Great. But i would sugest to the Develper team to update couple option like: 1.The Abulity to request wich player to play with as long as you know the other players name or guest number. 2. In th chat section ,abulity for players to type their own txt #Good and fun Game. I was able to play vs my Girl and the experience was more fun cz i knew who i was playing with.
Game is great. I love beating everyone one lol. This game is awesome and physics are outstanding. Thank you developers for allowing me to enjoy my game time.
Would have given 5 stars but the pause button dosen't actually pause the game. Could you please look into this? Thank you for your time.
Fun at first, but then you realize they just want you to buy increasingly expensive bullets to compensate for wind. The person with the most money reduces the most wind. I like the graphics. I like the overall premise of the game. The devs and story makers just need to come up with more than a "pay-to-play to reduce kentucky windage" kind of game. Also, semi-auto weapons with a magazine wouldn't need to rack the charging handle between every shot; if you did that, it would waste a round.
I just started playing. Shooting is pretty accurate , but right now the game play is a little slow. Good shooting target app
Ok game..looks good, needs more characters and outfits to choose from. My concern is as you go through the levels you can't control the sway of your weapon which is ridiculous, I'm a shooter and I don't sway to the extreme this game puts you through.
It was better befor the upgrade now it shakes right when u get to the targetand why is it when the challenge is going on its almost impossible to win and when u do finally almost eon one the gun takes off to the side and misses the whole target
When it works it is a very good game, However, bugs are that it will start a contest and then, without a shot fired, declare that you lost !! Also big server problems prevent both players getting a fair turn. Just not working.
One of the only things in life I was ever Top Shelf at and I enjoy this game very much one of three that I play nearly every day and sometimes for hours at a time the Eagle Eye will get you!!!!
ive enjoy to play this apps ,to enhance your mind not only for aiming but to measure your patience , but im going addicted of this game..
Great Game! I Love it... There is however a bug... The accuracy of the "Wind Arrow" is often a bit off. For example: it will say SE 1.0MPH @ 40 yards. So after adjusting my arrow's Arc Path to hit bullseye, the next Wind Arrow will say SE 0.5MPH @ 40 yards. Using math, being that the Distance(Yards) has not changed, i should be able to aim half the distance away from the bullseye as i did the first time; but the arrow flys what would be SE 2MPH. Way off the Target.
This is a smooth super controlable gteat graphical game. The over all game experience has a perfect clean well balanced code that makes the gaming experiece ****SUPER SNAZZA!!!! Unlike my keyboard skills on my phone using my big fingers.
Gets a little monotonous and without the better bullet-types โ€” which don't come around too often for free โ€” it's difficult to compete against players who frequently buy enhanced bullets. Too many gun options that are way too similar. I waste so much time just comparing which gun to use. SOMETIMES LESS IS MORE. Overall an enjoyable game โ€” but for how long, or without spending lots of money โ€” is the real question... I find myself playing it less and less lately.
I used to b addicted to pvp archery, but this game has a gr8 online pvp setup, and u can play offline!.... how dope is that!, not to mention a widely adjustable gun cache (most r easily obtainable). Trust, this is a validated 5* intall recommendation, u will b happy, especially wen u get that bonus of being able to hone up ur skills wen ur stuck on the subway w no wifi. Gun up gunslingers! ๐Ÿ˜‘---๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ”ซ
I'm changing my opinion. This was one of the best shooting games until the developer / programmer changed it so it's close to impossible to play unless you purchase upgrades and diamonds. Previous upgrade broke most of the achivements to receive diamonds. This upgrade changed how you use the Free Bonus again. It went from watching 3 ads to watching 5 ads per hour needing 8 views to get thebonus chest. Now watch 5 ads with an what looks like a 24 hour wait time before the next set of ads.
It's gd but the touch screen and the control for your shot then cover the target, cannot see through the finger lol. It is great though and fun.
Excellent game - fast and easy to play. Doesn't force you into ads every few seconds like other games. The only time you see ads are when you voluntarily choose to view them to open prize chests.
Good, some difficulty with loose trigger, gun fires sometimes even when I'm still in aim position. Not sure what's up with that.
Cheaters/bots galore. You'll see them hit a 12 numerous times, then a FOUR? And they'll still win; you'll see them get one extra shot after you're done lol. Pathetic and frustrating. The rush mode stage 5 with hostage is LAME, everyone else can hit the target twice before it disappears, but I have yet to achieve it even with predicting perfectly where it's about to pop up.
I love this game only trouble is i was in the top section changed my phone and I have had to start all over again, lost all my gold and gem's, couldn't get back into my account
Fun...takes a while to move up. Looks like to get the really good stuff you need to spend some dollars. Or just take a really long time. New format is better. Achievement rewards with chests often have lots of worthless stuff like the Royal Molsin. It seems at times the game cheats and opponent gets an extra shot or points.
Decided to try this game on a whim. Glad I did, ots a great way to pass time. Crisp graphics, smooth game play, & advamce quickly through game. Definite try if you're a 1st person shooter fan!!!!
fun little game, but a CONSTANT search for shells (bullets). without higher level shells (wind reduction)...which you can win w daily spins, or of course, BUY...it is quite difficult to advance higher than fourth or fifth arena. put at least SOME shells in crates!! uninstalling b/c now all i play against is bots. garbage. pass this game up if you value gameplay.
I love this game only trouble is i was in the top section changed my phone and I have had to start akk over again, lost all my gold and gem's, couldn't get back into my account
THIS GAME IS AWESOME, the graphics are amazing and the controls work smoothly, What I like about this game is you can have diffrent guns and it feels like you're at a shooting range . Keep up the good work !
The only reason I'm not giving this game a five-star rating is because I have yet to run across an app that I feel truly deserves my immaculate impressivity! However, this game is awesome! I like the names of some of the ranges. **If only there were more camo outfits. Otherwise great game guys!
Though the animation and games are good there are technical glitches while using the guns. The bullets shoots off even before aiming. Really frustrating
I find this game to be really enjoyable. So far so good and the challenges in offline mode are good. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿค‘
Fun time waster but it's pay to win. Bring your money. You can't choose to reload going into a match. You go in with whatever is left in your clip from the previous match so that hurts the gameplay.
Awesome but link account 'cause you will lose your status. Update from last rating. Customer service is awesome. Had to get a new pad, lost all passwords to my FB account, they helped retrieve and reloaded all my stats. Who does that nowadays? Great game!
This is a fun an addictive little game with plenty of GOTCHA moments! Just one question. How are people.winning without firing a shot?
They've lost their d*** minds with the in app purchase prices, but all in all the game is ridiculously fun. I've had a blast playing it so far. Lower the in app prices to where a sane person would pay them and you'd probably do a lot better financially. I know you have to make money, but 100 dollar purchases? You can buy ps4 and xbox one games cheaper than that. The fun factor gets you 5 stars alone tho.
I love this game and I enjoy it a lot. But it seems impossible to get epic weapons without paying, you only got beaten up by your opponent because he played to get epic weapons and special bullets. This game is good But it is really Really NOT FAIR. I love it though.
Did the update and now my phone can't log into the game. Lost everything I had amassed. Going to uninstall. Was a daily player. Good job ruining your game.
Hi could you explain why spin & win are not paying me out when it lands on 50 diamonds I'm at a high level and this problem as been going on a while now please fix Thanks
It's a good game. My problem is the opponents that aren't real. If you play long enough you can guess 3 out 4 times where the opponent's shot is going to land next. The most obvious being that if they take extra time they will always shot a dead center head shot bullseye regardless of the wind. Never off center, never a 7 point just miss. If the competition were real people they would make mistakes sometimes. When you are shooting really well it really sucks if the opponent hits 5 bullseyes.????
It's pretty cool. The target moves faster as you progressive. No way to stabilize your gun to make a better shot. The different bullets only help a little.
A long time ago u made a arrow bow game and the game is similar to this game we expect it was best shooting game but same thing like bow arrow game piz improve the graphics and bugs so many bugs like cyberpunk 2077 I practice and guns are not showing and other thing I prove graphics and made action game u will get 1st on action I promise u understand.
Still just as fun as before, but not anymore since it seems to always tell me that I'm offline and can't get it to open up. Tried 5 to times to open app and it would not let me do it. Kept telling me that I was offline and try again. It's as if I'm not allowed to play anymore.
Ya this game in nice but if you had and a little bit more graphics it would be superb but it is nice kind
This game was fun at first but then realized it cheats you out of points and rewards. Like in daily spin. Youhave the first spin then watch a video for the 2nd that you do not collect the reward.
Need a more accurate way to aim on target. Because it's a floating site, not enough time to zero in for a bullseye. Thanks
Have a nice guns, but the controls let me fail in games!!! It always shoot far from target which it moves on its own instead of following my finger.!! I lost a lot of trophy. Unlike on real life i could control my gun well๐Ÿ˜ข
Deadly!!! Its kinda boring but still effectively side tracking!! Addictive in a way that I keep waiting for the blow my kind of game the ad claims it is!!
The game was fun, Realistic And normal simple, The game naturally looks good But, It is not!!! as a user, I just wanted to, Practice my Shooting skills w/ this game in the first i look at it, I said "Omg, I can really practice w/ this app!" But when i open it I dont unlock items and also it looks like a Low Graphics, Non fictional and Most of all Can't practice there, I expirience it normally, And all the problem was the shooting graphics when i am shooting I shooted it But they say not.plsFix
So far quite enjoyable and not too many adds. The designers have done a good job of including wind to compensate for. But as the tours progress it get very difficult. You are already having a timer on your shot, which add pressure. Then you add the target moving and even more pressure, then you add another person to shoot against; you don't need to make it more difficult by having to compensate for more wind and a faster target. I am a rifle shooter for real, and there is a fun at shooting for distance for points. But the fast the targets are going, that is taking the fun out of it. And more often if you are not careful you are putting where you have to aim and shoot over your sights making it hard to even see much less hit the target.
This game is by far my fav target shooting game its easy to control the weapon n very user friendly i have only seen ads when i chose to watch an ad instead of pay with the money i earn in the game which i really like it even my 4 yr old plays it n loves it
Level 10 of the amateur challenge won't let me shoot. It just shows a rotating camera view of my character..
Love the game but why change the color scheme of the guns liked the black and red now its white and red. Didn't do it myself. Just wish it was back to how they looked originally.
"If" you practice for real, Do Not play this or other games with 'Wind reading!' sure it's easy enough to dial in but "Wildly" different from game to game. If you want to keep your real life training Sharp, real life train, drop the game! It cost real life money and possibly real life, in real life. P.s. If you don't train in real life, I suggest you stick to 1 game to give you the training advantage, then stop (for good) once Live training commences, Good Shooting out there!
Best Target Game Around Hands Down....Plus I can Let My 6 Year Old Play A Shooting Game Without Brain Matter And Blood All Over The Screen. Well Done Guys Well Done
Same engine as Golf Clash. Same experience, both good and not so. Gets old quick if you're not spending $$.
It's not even close to a realistic shooting. I know it's free and thank God for that, because I'd be asking for a refund. The oppents aren't real and shoot after time expires. After an hour of playing, it's time to delete!!!
I really like playing, they need different things to shoot at,not always shooting at bullseye. Other than that ,5 star's.
Used to LOVE this game. However, for the past month it has lagged and been choppy, probably from the latest "update". I have sent three emails and gotten no response. When it runs properly, this game is awesome, though you are usually playing against bots. Anyway , I will resume playing when the bugs are ironed out.
Accurate shooting ability to targets. Agreat sharp shooting game. The upgrades are difficult to reach. However, ive played the game for hours and live for the challenges.
Fun game that can become addictive. It offers some of the challenge of actual target shooting and the progression of upgrading your equipment. The great thing is you can play casually (for free) or engage in an arms race to upgrade all your gear. It's fun either way. The best fun is having a back and forth match with and equally skilled competitor.
There is a bug still, when you try to play some ads and decrease the time waiting for the reward ,after watching the ad the time doesn decrease
Totally addicting!Easy controls,so fun for all ages,game modes pleasantly organized leaving you to just enjoy a really thoughtful fun game.
Something is off with this game it is glitching sometimes just before U shoot the setting menus are opening on there own missing shots without the chance to aim the last game I didn't aim and it said I missed
great experience i don't know bout the others but ya gotta learn to play and be patient (ps to the devs: thanks for your hard work) :)
Good fun it need a upgrade where you can talk to the opponent in person like voice to voice it will make it more harder for the opponent
Fun game, and i enjoy the challenges and necessary skill you actually have to have to hit ๐ŸŽฏ keep up woth new games covid time is zone out time for myylself! Lol
The best shooting game at playstore. Accurate shooting. Good graphics. Realistic all in facets. Im so addicted. Even got my husband to play. Thanks now he is addicted and doesnt bother me about my game playing addiction! Thank You Thank You. Desperate housewife gamer
The issues are rwo fold. 1. Unless you are competing in a tornado the is now way you need up to a 5" deviation at 35 yards. 2. It great just to play at but no range moves the targets a warp on a variable arm spinning target. And if you manage to get to the higher levels. Well forget firing at stationary target. You'll be lucky if you can chase the targets in your scope while trying to calculate a 5" offset.. But its only my opinion. S have fun and don't go broke buying everyrhing you need.
Super fun until the game crashes. Totally frustrating. You almost had a winner. Too bad should be called "Crashing Battle".
Since the last update the character models are solid purple. Also, when playing rush mode it won't let you fire for a few seconds after every shot. The screen just says "Not Ready" meanwhile the bots are just firing away with no problem racking up points. Until it's fixed so that the player can even have a chance to win this app gets a 1 star. Fix this, and I'll give 5.
Gets repeative fast. Wouldnt be a huge issue if it controled better. Gun moves like molasses, starts at random points after each shot, and with moving targets the slow movement speed makes it impossible to catch it without leaving the sight.
This game is cool and very good to the same people is working to hard. Who's want to release tansion this game is cool and very nice to playing because this game so easy to play and control.
This game is not working properly, it complete level by itself saying "you have surrendered the game"
But shooting gun and aiming and this is just a perfect app for me and the company of the shooting bullet whatever it's a good game I rather prefer it for bow and arrow or something else ever since I got it I've been playing it and I just want to think this game and a company for making this game
Really cool game... you should most definitely try it. I guarantee you won't be able to stop playing once you start....
Some misspellings persist: 'hingest' for 'highest,' etc. The last update prevents players from personalizing their avatar. I want to upload a picture, but the UI won't allow it. Nor is there a generic avatar image as before the most recent update. This is another annoyance.
the more I play the better I like it. Why is it so hard to hit the turkey? Aim 2 ft away from the target? Because if you aim at the bullseye the bullit flys 2 or 3 ft. away. pittifull. This could be one of the greastest shooting games except the rifle is way to boucey,unstable ,windage is bad-elevation is fine. I understand that it will have some unstableness but not that much.Just speaking for myself it would be more enjoyable if it was easyer to shoot instead of pissing me off and uninstall
I love this game, cool graphics, nice control movement. The only problem I have is why is the wind when you are shooting inside of a building? Other than that, on a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 9.8
From all this shooting type battle games with PVP, this one is the best out there! 1st of all very simple game, 2nd it is REALLY fast game, 3rd there are NO ads running like crazy (no ads at all, there are only if you want some free hourly stuff), all in all it is very nice and fast game 5/5! There is just one thing, but I'm guessing that is because I play on Memu emulator on my PC, there is a bug when I play against other people and result is 100:100 there is no winner, I can't shoot at all...
A awesome game with good quality graphics ๐Ÿ‘Œ great for boredom ๐Ÿ˜€ and play online but u need cons to play each round but best target shooting game i ever played.
This game was working fine Before the update now I've had to delete it because I can't go online I have tried re downloading Several times with no lock I enjoyed the game So I hope you can fix it and I can read downloaded and play again
During play, gripless fast oscillations occurring. Why?. It must be rectified for smooth movement while play.
Hey. What is wrong with this game ? I played it everyday now I can't even play the game. Noting works. the update sucks.
Searches and searches but never finds an opponent, so I can't play. And yes, I'm on a network and everything else on my phone works fine.
Awesome super fun game addicting love it real people challenges can enjoy poking shots at apponent great fun wish they'd up the free stuff for more you play for all the ads you have to watch which are great but to many for what they give you considering what advertiser's pay them
I removed it Something is off with this game it is glitching alot sometimes just before U shoot the setting menus are opening on there own missing shots without the chance to aim the last game I didn't aim and it said I missed
Good game battle to everyone around the world.I played better than any to 20k bet.But their are many "auto-clickers" opponents in the tournament. I will suggest that if there are,auto-clickers players is auto clickers to auto-clickers fight only. Damn their,i got hit 2,3,4, bullseye in just 5 rounds. This game app,I would suggest to all gamers online.
I have been enjoying this game for the past 3 months.playing only on their gems and coins. Advancing each level the better i get. But i will not be cornered against a wall when their con antics make it necessary to pay real money to advance to the higher stages . will you enjoy yourself starting out? yes!! But as you progress you will be where im at! Looking forward to reading your reviews.
If you like a good challenge then this game is for you!! This game just got released in July of 2019 and it already has over a million downloads!! Once you download this game you won't want to put it down!! This is the best shooting game I have played on Google play by far! The developer's got it right on!! I love the graphics and game play!!
Really love this game!! Just dont like when entering into a match, i get dropped before it even start for no reason.
waste of time.this is the first review iv taken the trouble to go to playstore.the game is junk,it cant keep the order of play or even let you play half the time its your turn as well as shorting you aiming time.the developer cant even spell.sad it could be fun but.... save yer time and your nickels. twenty bucks for a fake gun that wont work.not that i bought one! lol .im sick of games that waste anyones time. tic tock tick tock tic toc ,oh sorry your not ready time after time!
Marksman Only Not surprised at low ratings as typical with any good to great shooting game and this one is Great. Low ratings come from untrained wannabes and know it alls who think they understand the shooting concepts and physics from watching movies. All device and software complaints the result of junk devices. This is a fun and accurate game. Controls are fine and weapons fired so far appear to be right on and I call all my shots. Plenty of time is given for each shot. Nice job Dev's ty.
Graphics is ok but I don't like that in every stage there is count 5 round in which the targets moves like anything .what is the purpose of giving scope if a target is moving like hell ,we cannot focus while zooming, but I tell you that's how you will earn from us buying bullets from stores. That's why user or player crack or hack the game because it is not user-friendly. Giving scope and moving target too much is a sense less thing. Also many BOT players are playing. AWARE..they are looters!!
Game is easy to understand and gets more harder as you progress like games should be. No constant pop up ads but you can watch videos to earn game money and diamonds. Good work developer's
This game will actually challenge you, you have to gently aim and squeeze off with the trigger. Very similar to real life.
This game is quite good: is quite discriminated against: No matter how much you like, you do not get good guns or literature. Very bad performance
Top game for a shooting game, others are usually hard to control but this one is excellent well worth the five *****.
It's a great target shooting game. There are several advertisements but what game doesn't have them. It's pretty easy to rank up weapons and playing head to head is fun also
Great Game Extremely realistic love it awesome graphics as well a truly brilliant and great game I like the realism as well really great they did a food job making the game hope that they make more stuff like this soon.