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Shootero – Space Shooting Attack 2021

Shootero – Space Shooting Attack 2021 for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by GEMMOB Adventure located at 70 Bowman St. South Windsor, CT 06074. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It costs 10 energy to play infinity, 10 minutes to regenerate *1* energy, and you get a max energy capacity of 20 (very slowly upgradeable). Given that a round of infinity lasts about 10 minutes (and that's at ship level 45), that means spending 10 times longer waiting for energy than playing the game. The point of games like this is to give players the option of paying or grinding. The currency scaling + energy mechanic work to make the latter basically impossible.
I would want in depth stats on each weapon type; bullet damage for shotgun or gatling gun. Stats on how much gain/have in crit, HP, attack speed. It would also be nice to see a breakdown of the ship's stats; base + gear + abilities. What's also a turn off is when you cannot progress a level because there is an mob out of bounds but this is rare. Everything else is fair, like the randomization on fusing or abilities Also, the playstyle seems similar for all guns but maybe that's the limitation
Very entertaining, only one a couple of things: when you have full life the regeneration numbers maybe shouldn't be appear, it's annoying see the numbers all the time, maybe you should put the pause menu also when you level up, to see what do you already have and make a better choice, sometimes when you end a stage the game doesn't go to the next, the ship keep shooting to nothing, also the last ship (the one who need be obtained with gems) basically is trash, sorry for my bad english
Fun and simple game. A bit of grinding to level up your starships, but the game doesn't make it impossible to do without in game purchases. A breath of fresh air in many ways
Mostly fine, but some enemies with attacks that release a blast will damage you 2-3 seconds after the effect is gone if you go over the spot where the blast was.
Good game, but there's a bug in wave 9 boss of Zone 3: Spiral Storm if you play as a Tracker ship. If you let some asteroid float off the screen after killing the boss, the missiles will track that missing asteroid and cannot finish the wave. You'll be stuck there, making the zone unwinnable. It's a big issue, so I hope it gets fixed.
Alright, so, I've been playing this game a while now. Got all the ships unlocked, with the main one right around level 50, with all purple rarity gear from levels 40-25, and all abilities maxed out. You could say I put a lot of time in. Issue is, even with purchases (yes, I spent actual money in game), the stupendous scaling of each wave makes all of that time and effect worthless. 80% Evasion? 80% Damage Reduction? 1400+ Attack? All pointless if the boss still one shots a 10k health pool.
This game is my favorite, it's graphics are amazing , the bosses aren't too hard and it's very well done . I rate this 4 stars because sometimes the bosses are too easy. maybe if the bosses were a little bit tougher I rate this 5 star.
It's cool, but it's basically Archero. Not very original. Also, the purple boss has a rotating turret that is almost impossible to counter. Best you can hope for is that your shield activates.
Nice game, but too many bugs and game files like it's beta test of a game. Some time game doesn't save your progress, it happened twice to me already.
I have enjoyed playing this game during my free time quite a bit without many issues. My only complaint is the explosions from enemies need to be more clear as to when they are actually gone. So many times have I gotten hit from lingering area dmg that has absolutely 0 visual indication. It's not fair at all and its infuriating to deal with especially when you have a million other things shooting at you. The most important thing in bullet hell games is giving the player a fair chance.
The game has potential to be really good however, the game twice already lost memory and self reset and how is it that you allow the boss' attacks to continue killing a person after the fact that you have already destroyed him rendering a person completely useless as you are unable to move your plane. Get these few issues sorted and maybe then a 5 star rating will be rewarded.
Nice game for time pass. Rather good one among available. But there are wayy too many bugs. A bug when i upgraded engine to lvl 18 and 19 instead of increase in attack it decreased by almost 10 to 12 .. similarly my Attack power went to 4k aftrr iincreased Attack by +5% but when I restarted it went back to 3.9 and this happened many times.
Please increase the speed for upgrades and all of those transition animations. It kills the tempo. I want to just tap through it fast without having to wait. Annoying bugs where after killing a boss you're stuck in an empty map with no next wave coming. Only option is to go to main menu or close the game, both of which remove your run. Overall pretty fun but can be very annoying.
Power is dependant on either spending money or grinding. Progression is slow. Very little explanation or detail on items/abilities. Worst of all: levels consistently freeze, forcing you to exit- wasting your run.
love this game, but i've experience some glitch in zone 6 boss, wave 25, when i kill the boss, the boss just stuck there after its blow and do nothing about it, but my plane keep shooting at it
The game is awesome in every aspect. Very nice. But I'm removing one star because I can't save my game. I just really hope you can add that.
The runs continuously error out. Since bug prevents a wave from spawning, or advancing. One wave ends and the next fails to begin.
First of all the concept of the game is unique because when going to campaign as you level up you get 3 choices of which mod you obtain as to make the ship stronger. However, as you finished the tutorial you can do whatever you like but when you reach at zone 3 then at wave 3 which is the boss, this wave is very impossible to defeat if certain mods are equipped, namely either of these: double pattern, bullet up, hp up or regeneration(if get hit once). Even if your ships got to lvl 10 only 50%win
This game has been addictive at the start, the bosses, level difficulty, upgrades, etc. The big problem with this game is that the red boss is so hard, it's like fighting moon lord in master mode for the worthy and I can't learn his patterns and his minions do too high damage. 5 stars if u need this boss.
I love it so much It reminds me of the space fight in the 2020 version of battle but so much more addicting. I just want to see how far I can get each time I come back to it. 3rd mobile game I've ever kept. Keep up the good work!!!.
I love the game, it's done really well. Bit, the seasons are a bit long for how easier they are. It'd be nice if they were week. Just a suggestion, your choice, not mine.
The aesthetic and gameplay is fine at first, but quickly gets frustrating because you have no time to decide what's a bullet and what is currency. The damage numbers are also massively distracting and if you pick explosive shot the entire top of the screen is covered in a massive mess of objects, numbers, explosions. You have no chance to see enemies or bullets coming at you because they are covered up by the disaster going on with the visuals. There are many better shmups to play than this one.
It is fun and satisfying in the beginning but after you reach zone 3 and for example wave 7 there suddenly a change from easy to impossible. There is so many enemies on the screen that my phone lags a lot not only are there so many enemies but they are so annoying. They follow you around all the time and smash into you, even though I had the second best ship in the game which was leveled up to 15 and had very good stuff such as the drones, core, weapons etc I still couldn't destroy any of them.
Fix the bug on 7-9 boss , i clearly dodged the explosion bullet but somehow it still hit me if im too close to the edge of screen , its annoying that i died from stupid bugs when its perfectly doable, fix it and ill fix the star
Simple yet addictive gameplay and level up mechanics, I always feel well rewarded when completing zones. Really good game!
This game is ok for killing time, it can be played offline which is nice, but there are a handful of issues that make it very lackluster 1. You can't save game data, there's no way to link an account in this game 2. The game difficulty spikes at level 5, it took me over a month of playing on and off to complete it, while the other levels took me less than 10 minutes. 3. Ads everywhere, not as bad on Android but my friends who play on IOS get them constantly.
Great game and lots of fun but 3 star because after the last ship was added I was unable to do anything as the "tutorial" was showing me how to open a chest which I've done like 20 times and wouldn't let me actually open it. Also I can see it reset me in the top bar. Will review my rating in a while and see if this happens again.
Solid game, getting used to what the various things coming at you are took an adjustment because the colors for "bad" things are colors typical used for good things in other games. Typical ad supported gane that hooks you, then makes progress painfully slow unless you pay out often. If this game had an option to pay $3-$5 to remove all ads, I'd rate much higher. Also daily challenges tied to spending money is horseshit. Unable to advance past zone 6-20. Enemy is defeated but remains on screen.
This game is very good i like the game and graphics, but this game is kind of a copy. This game copied a game that i know but some of you may dont know but its true ( im not lying ) its a good game but copying a game isn't going to make it better i really recommend making your own game, like literally all off it is copied except the game has a different concept ( like spaceships ) the game that has been copied is archero by habby
i totally love this game even if it is a rip-off game, I'll love to stay all night to get stronger in this game. the only problem is when i ever quit the game all of my efforts is gone, it all reset to the tutorial and all of my things is gone. I'll rate this five stars if this is fix and I'll drop off this a bit until its next update because all of my efforts will be gone if a quit on it again.
Fun game but its also kinda stolen. Its a copy of a game called nova drift. The bosses art style and attacks are identical. The regular enemys are also the same.
Zone 4's boss need a heal nerf; got softlocked in zone 4 wave 14 (possibly thanks to Sniper) ; please add an in game feedback function for bug reporting and refund for energy, credit or gem in case a bug happens.
Not necessarily a bad game, just seems a little underdeveloped or still developing. A lot of the power ups are misleading in their names and you can't inspect the perks of the stuff the merchant sells you (may be intentional, don't know). But definitely tons of fun, just kind of wish it was a little more finished feeling.
The game was working just fine until zone 5. The game glitches after level 7, 8 or 9. It is random. What I mean by glitch is that once you clear any of the above mentioned levels of zone 5, it does not move on to the next level. It continue to shoot endlessly towards the open space. This is ridiculous. Those level are really challenging to clear and when you clear it the game glitches and loose all progress. Please fix it. Otherwise the game is just fine. Thank you
The game is decent but still needs work. Don't plan on spending any money before that happens. Most things in the game have no description whatsoever. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE MAKE TRACER FOCUS BOSSES AND NOT FREAKIN METEORITES, IT'S GONNA MAKE ME QUIT THE GAME ONE DAY, I SWEAR.
It's "okay", you shoot things and you get rewards, simple. But you also have tons of loot to grind for (or buy with your money), energy bar (or pay to remove it), everyone's favourite loot boxes, premium currency and more. It could be great but the greediness is too much
Fun and addictive. I even spent a little (4 dollars total) to get some gems. But definately worth playing.
I beat the game in two weeks without spending a penny. Yes, sometimes the RNG gods must be on your side, but otherwise the game is fair. I have only one suggestion and that is to make the other ships in the game worth buying. IMO only the starter one is decent, the one that costs 1000 diamonds is just a joke. Tl;DR - good game to waste some of your time on
There is a bug when i fought the purple boss with many meteors. Its a endless round despite a killed the boss and all the meteors but this round is just endless lol. I fly just keep shooting endlessly. Pls fix this