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Shoot'em all!

Shoot'em all! for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by TINYCELL PTE. LTD. located at 10 ANSON ROAD #13-09 INTERNATIONAL PLAZA SINGAPORE. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Trash copy of other games..obvious pay to win starting at world 2...pointless unless you have a few hundred to spend
Love the original n now I've lost all that progress since I had to reset my phone , I had a bunch of epic and legendary parts wow what a drag ,that it did transfer over or was saved to a Google account so sad !!! I used to be called something else too u guys changed the name too from war wheels same exact game too but different country I guess update I've gotten to a point that unless u spend big money u won't pass , now they limit how many ads u can watch so u are forced to use gems .
Limited ads per day to get extra rewards, rolls for different buffs, revive, and rewards when rescuing civilians makes me not want to play. This is the only game I have played with restricted ads, and it forces players to pay which is shady. Also, gatling gun should be able to shoot continuous and not burst.
Love it...BUT don't know why, but having an issue. I try to go up a level and it tells me something like: "collect rewards before going to next level." Well l have done that or at least think so but it keeps telling me the same thing and can't go up level. What's with that?
Terrible. After first hour game froze then refused to load. But no problem. I was going to uninstall anyway as you spend more time watching adverts than playing the game.
The controls are super easy to get used to and the gameplay is pretty fun the graphics are pretty nice And loot is very easy to get you honestly don't really need to put any money into it you can earn everything right away at least I've had a very easy experience with it and all in all I think it's a fun game
Was a good game not as good now went from having high hp to low hp and underpowered weapons against overpowered enemies and even the upgrades are horribly underpowered whoever decided to do this made a bad decision forcthe futer of this once good game
Good tank games are difficult to find (or perhaps I am biased because I drove them for real). This is a good one. It's not realistic but it is fun to play. 5 stars for gameplay, ease of control and interesting content. No complaints from this old soldier. Carry on!
Solid roguelike shooter, similar to loads of others yet the destructive cover, varying routes to take and customizable tank lift it above the rest. Just wish the request to watch an ad would go away, would happily pay to have them removed, none are forced
I enjoyed a game identical to this called war wheels. This game is much slower on advancement than war wheels.
Pretty good game, other than you should be able to progress your equipment easier. I've played for about 5 weeks now.
Id like it if the navi that gives me instructions spoke a little more clearly and perhaps a mini avitar riding a tank for me to custumize as well. That would be cool. :D
Deducting two stars on the spot for placing an *ad limit* when you make progression so reliant on it and then distinctly and repeatedly throw ad opportunities in the player's face once that limit is reached. Uninstalling entirely on how recklessly imbalanced some of these bullet patterns are in comparison to even each other.
Has real potential for 5 stars. Here's my criticism. Why can't we replay levels for more rewards??? Re should be able to replay levels. Why can we only get 400 reward trophy a day?? This limit makes it pointless to keep playing throughout the day. I would like to keep playing but beating levels with no trophies makes it stupid to keep playing. Get rid of trophy limit and let us replay levels.
Was having fun playing this but they scrubbed some of the early gameplay buff options.. could live with it I guess. Then added some extra equipment slots. Now the game won't load at all. Ive deleted it several times then reinstalled it but still can't play it. Been this way for 3 days now. Disappointed.
Didn't absolutely blow my mind but is one of the few good mobile games. No forced ads so insta 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Rating lower than usual because of the long forced ad after a death and now that I hit level 7, it's become nearly impossible to progress. Enemy damage has gone exponentially higher, taking out your tank in 1 - 2 hits and some are nearly impossible to dodge. You can't keep up in HP unless you pay. I'm at purple 2 and some gold for nearly all items and it's still not enough damage output or HP. Need to lower the damage enemies do to balance it. Paying real money should remove the respawn ads!
Fine archero clone with interesting obstacles, still has the wat wheels rewards menues and upgrade menues ad nauseum time suckium, and the same paywall. Right around that boss after boss level, yet still a charming couple of days worth of casual play. A random low level grind area would help more normal people watch more ads, understand? I think you do.
As of yesterday, this game keeps crashing, not even loading it... when started, initial load screen shows, then if (and sometimes when) it lags at around 90% then closes the game. After that, it doesnany longer. longer.
Have to change my rating..sad to say. Dropped to 1 star because refuses to load. Was fine until a few days ago. Needs fixing please
Great for first couple chapters, then turns into a grindfest. Your vehicle moves at a snail's pace whilst the enemies move at the speed of light so majority of the time you have to get hit. But, you lose 90% of your hp when you do. DO NOT RECOMMEND!
Once again u try to screw the paying customer with this new update!!! The levels in the later rounds r simply unpassable ive spent so much money on yhis game and i dont even come close to passing the level!! U added more bullcrap to the power ups so it makes even more hard to pass. U dumbass jus ruined an awsome game that ive been playing for about 8months. I hardly play the game now so im uninstalling it!!! R. I. P
Has nothing new to offer same game just reskinned, subscription pass is ridiculous $13 a month. Just like the others grindy as hell.
Gr8 fun one of the best of the type. I enjoy this type of game, but please in a future update please include a way to turn off the music without turning off the sound effect. Your choice of music is not mine, it is repetitive and a distraction. I still give 5 ☆ for an enjoyable game
We are all familiar with this kind of game, top down, lots of enemies. It is in my opinion in the better ones available. I look forward to future weapon types and future customization. The only negative points I have are in regards to the cost of the "subscription" and the cost of the battle pass. I hope one day devs will realize lower prices mean more people would be willing to purchase them. Sadly as it stands it's too rich for my blood. All that aside, fun game looks good plays well!
Explain to me, how a person can reach maximum daily amount of ads by playing your game! How is one to progress in a game such as this with out such ads? Not everyone has cash to burn to remove ads. If I come across this situation, while playing tomorrow? Definitely uninstalling. Damned if you do, & damned if you don't. I hate ads at the best of times, and most times I tollerate them, but this is BS. Fix it!!! Either you have ads, or you don't!
So far so good and the ads are not really long there 30s if someone can't play a game that has 30s ads for all your awesome weapons and gold then you should probably be paying for all your games. So if you have an ounce of patience you will love this game.
Pretty good game. More creative than all the other archero clones. Just wish ads were unlimited. Pretty good on drops too
I had four stars, but since the last update. Man! You took out some of the good stuff and now I can't even purchase anything.
Fuxk this game. It forces you to start paying money after you max your tank out after a short while. They also took out tank parts from the smaller chests. Un install after a month of trying to pass one chapter. You guys fuxking suck as developers
Was enjoying the game until the last update. Now game is super difficult, they have made it to where you will have to pay to advance. As if watching all the ads isn't enough of a pain.
First I want to say, I don't mind ads. I really don't. I understand that it's needed to keep the game going. But this company is extremely greedy. They have so many ads, and sometimes the ads are super long. Also, there are ads in the game while you are playing. To get anything that's necessary to succeed in this game, you must watch ads. This game is strictly based on ads. Without watching ads you will not win. The company is a blood sucking leech that wants you to watch an ad every minute
I had quite the account played up and some money spent... took a break from the game only to come back and find that my account is gone. This game is definitely a waste of time and money. You absolutely will lose all progress and money spent.
I usually set games to 5 star unless something really drags it down. This game is really fun to play but makes you watch an ad approximately half the time spent in game. I don't see myself playing long if they keep this format. I'd rather pay a nominal fee for no ads.
This game is fun as hell..... during the time you spent actually playing. To play through a typical level takes a few minutes. If you want to level up, and you HAVE to to progress, you're going to watch a few minutes of ads. If you want to upgrade in the main menu... Long Ads. I really like this style of game, and this one in particular, and I understand the developer had to make an income, but just his much income can be made if the incessant ads are chasing people away? ✌🏾
this is one of those stop and shoot games I've actually enjoyed it and I've uninstalled other games like this found them boring one of the biggest compliments I could give this is the controls feel like it works better than another games
Tons of fun... and ads. This is a great little game but be ready for ads. You get in game stuff for watching, so there is a purpose and it means you don't have to pay to win. All in all, this is a very fun little time waster. I'm enjoying it.
This is one of the most fun tank games I've played so far and my library of games is extensive to say the least. It's a linear game but you have the ability to choose what routes you take in whatever order you choose. Really cool aesthetic upgrades for the tanks and weapons.
Just started playing but the game is full of ads. I wouldn't mind watching 10 second ads, but 30 sec ads just drives me away. It's a good game, essentially a tank version of Archero, but as one commenter startes "how can you hope to make money when you're driving people away with ads?" Sadly, until game companies realise that long ads drive people away, their efforts, no matter how good the game is, will ultimately fail. And with all other ad littered games, this is about to be uninstalled.
You probably will recognize the classic archero formula while playing this game. therefore, you will need to play half a dozen of stages and go through half a dozen of ranks before the game starts to shine. It is just plain fun, and does plenty to stand out by itself from the other clones littering the playstore. If you are into this kind of games there is no reason to pass on Shoot' em all! PS Ads are not intrusive, the rewards are useful but 100% optional.
Amazing addictive game actually, the low rating is due to very adult ads that is not suitable for target audience of such game
Graphics are spectacular. Early on a bit repetitive but that is only a bad thing if I can not overwhelm the enemy late game.
Fix the damn game. At times when the ability for shooting while moving activates it locks out shooting. So I'm stuck not shooting at all for 30 seconds.
Good game, I've never seen a game restrict the amount of ads you watced, this my one issue as I'm sure others will have noticed. Between rooms when we're giving a chance to power up by viewing an ad it limits this ability, I'm a bit confused at this process, it negates the point of trying to beat the bosses if you can't, either that or pay to play.
Great game, only thing that I would figure out somethin to do when you max level your garage and cant do anything when you get more spanner Material
Have some self respect. Don't support developers with ads, a subscription model and in-app purchases all in one game. I don't mind paying but this is ridiculous.
Most of these games are made for cash grabs, this game actually feels like it was made with care from the devs, feels like a classic game with the new style. Good steady progression and fluid gameplay. Love it!
Good design but not great execution Few enemies have completely unfair attacks with no indicators whatsoever Laser weapon blocks laser indicators of some enemies which have projectiles that cannot be avoided without it It's also another game that doesn't allow you to play if you run out of energy Game keeps asking you if you want beginner loot or restore10% of your health by watching ads, you cannot avoid it at all But it's not completely terrible thus I'm giving it 2 stars
Excellent Game that if u loke shooters u need to try! Selective ads for bonuses- epic graphics and animations- solid controls- simple yet challenging and good variation in level design... try it!
Awesome to see this game back. There's a few glitches though. Specifically, the crew member Valeri has an ability that lets you shoot while moving that quite often doesn't work. It'll light up as if activated but there is no effect on firing.
This game is extremely well made and it is definitely not a pay to play! I rated this four stars for two reasons... 1. When you get the beginner chest at the beginning of a level you waste an ad and don't receive the reward. 2. The ad for the blocks that add up 2, 4, 16, 32 And you're supposed to get up to 2048 crashes the game and you don't receive the reward that you watch the ad for. So for those two reasons it's a four-star game otherwise it would be five-star.
Really enjoyed this game until I just recently got a new phone. All my progression is gone including the in app purchases I made. Someone help please.
Better than archero and butchero tank can stop to shoot - i love how theres a choice of boosts and stat increases even better proljectiles (3 way etc) offline too
Very good game, kinda remindes me I some of the old school games with a challenging twist. Would like to see some more!!! Run out of options really quick, when you're on the roll of making big choices. When you do make the right choice, after this the skies are the unlimited. Keep on going, the next Surprise, will keep you!
Seemed fun, but as already mentioned now loads to 97% and freezes. I have 0 respect for a game that can't run properly.
7 ad watch requests per level, 79 ad watch requests in leveling up your account, 6 ad watch requests in the store for "free chests", a microtransaction scheme EA would be proud of, a battle pass system for a single player game, and the best part of all - no cloud save! That's right! All of your purchaces and watched ads, all of your progress completely gone! There is zero account security. Save your money, don't even waste your time.
Awesome game! Great graphics, cool game play, and great time killer! I'm pretty impressed with this game! And I would recommend it to anyone that loves these types of games!
I think I already gave you all a 5 star review. But now in retrospect, there is or are 1 or two tiny little things that are annoying about my experience. Honestly great game but, sometimes I want just the sound fx on and no music but that isn't an option and it just plays the one song over and over and over omgoodnessgracious. Other than that I think I'm good
Fun so far . Dont really like the long ads but I guess that the standard these days. Also the green things you need to 5 of every time you battle is kinda wack. That being said the game itself is entertaining, it looks cool and all the power ups on your tank remind me of R-type a game I have always loved.
This is an Amazing Adventure shooter. It keeps it simple with the one hand controls..I personally love that. And you can customize your vehical that really adds to the games freshness on an old concept. I really Hope they add more. It is addiciting alot of fun to play i cant wait to see where this goes...Can we get pvp 1v1s? Then do random powers ups? Ive always wanted to see that on a game like this. Keep up the good work five stars!!!
Enjoying the game, but most times it freezes during game play (esp when internet is on) aside that, it's better than other similar apps played.
Of the endless amount of these "rogue-like" games, that I have actually gotten turned off by when I hear that, this one still keeps my interest. Not completely sure how deep into the game I am, but it has been constant upgrading the whole time. Which is why people play rpg games, the rewards for your efforts, this hasn't even come close to disappoint. Haven't spent money yet, though I will when I eventually get to the inevitable wall. (Happens in every game, and for a reason, you big babies)
Rating lower than usual because one of the enemy attacks leaves a burning circle that fades. But even if the spot is visually gone, it's still able to hurt/kill you for a few seconds after. Very cheap way of getting a player death. Also noticed some ads have increased to 35 seconds + another 15 of "try it" mode. Paying real money should remove the respawn ads!
Played about 30 minutes of the game and was enjoying it but after that the game won't even start up anymore, it loads up to 97% then just completely freezes so it will be a 1 star review until this is fixed.
it was okay till "giant fortress level" where there's way too much going on, it freezes repeatedly, and my vehicle won't move while i'm being fired on, super imbalanced and glitchy, might as well say Absurd Pay Wall. You also have no alternative to paying thru google play, you need paypal and google pay INDEPENDANTLY as i'm blocked on googlepay for using my bank to get a refund.
I like this game. You can be free to play but they do include a nice pay to play option. Would love some world bosses (fought by all), or like x number of days special events. Been playing for couple weeks now though so might have special events I haven't seen.
Good jackel remake very add intensive but still fun to play and development of vehicle makes it more interactive as you progress
Awesome game but fair warning if you buy the subscription after skipping 10 ads you are no longer able to use that option for the rest of the day... Not worth the money.
Your game is rigged so that I have to watch the same commercial eight times just for a single reward even though my solid connection and full completion of the ads should have dispensed my reward, but they did not, they did however let me blissfully, and ignorantly presume that the seventh or eighth full ad viewing would reward, but nope, just another game trying to cheat you into watching ads that only payout about 1/10 times the ad offer claims, I'm done, maybe at some point i'll reinstall
This game has gotten five times better than when I first started playing this great job guys keep up the great work
Great game play, no ads unless you choose to watch them. I get the feeling you could play 100% without an ad or a payment. It's not pay to win. My only criticism is that I wish you could compare tank parts side by side instead of going back and forth between them. Thumbs up guys!
Game has unbelievable amounts of advertisements, and also asks for ridiculously crazy prices for upgrades, otherwise you'll be playing till you drop? This isn't how these games are supposed to operate. These companies are using improper tactics to generate revenue. And the developer saying "dear, you don't need to watch the ads" is bullcrap. Every upgrade REQUIRES you to watch neverending advertisements.