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Shoot The Moon

Shoot The Moon for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Shaun Coleman. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
it's funny, adorable and loads of fun. I wish there was a 120 seconds option and a pause option... I would also add to enable to shoot two missiles at a time but I think that will ruin the tension fun of the game. It's good for all ages easy to learn how to play great passtime great music, funny challenging to beat your own score (or others) great when two people play together (each with a phone) and see who gets higher score I BEAT THE MOON WITH 524 POINTS. POOR MOON.
The game is so good im speed running the moon now and beat it alota times really good game if only they had power ups tho with da different skins
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Shoot the Moon is a classic arcade style game. Very fun although I wish it would be updated more often
This game may be my #2 favorite game so far. I lost my attentuon to the real world, and i was focused getting the 140 score goal. Now my score is 154! This game is great, download Shoot The Moon now!
It's hard. That's FUN! I used to have it but I deleted it. Now my high score is 143! Please make it easier to get money. You better get this game.
I love this game!! I've been playing this game for 2 years and I deleted that cuz I was running out of storage. But when this came in my mind, I just installed other again😊😊☺
Shoot the moon is good but, sometime i keep loosing at the game. So i shoot it 30 times a day so i lose. Even, i unlock the sun. So it's hard.
Thank you so much for updating the game again! I do want theese following moons. 1 : dog moon. 2 : minioon ( a minion moon ) 3 : mars.I 4 : double moon ( makes everything x2 in the game. ) and finnaly. Maybe change the i am an onion moon to MOonion.
I don't like it because I have losed because in 60 second I can't beat it what I like is changing the moons skins
I love this game so much but I know people are mad because the moon moves too fast or the missiles should be the same speed as the moon but the game was ment to be like this and you should just practice and you will win
I played this a lot and I love it it's a great game, you should really play it.you shoot the moon and really entertaining, and if you're an adult, I'd really recommend it for your kids it's really fun game and you can meet your parents, high score, it's really fun, you should really try it and a have., a fun time shooting the moon.
I like this game so much that I scored 331 on the classic mode I even got pass 2 goals in 1 hit! Thank you for making this game.
Annoying moon makes it easy to want to shoot him but those damn little red guys he squirts out get in the way. Fun, fun, fun
I loved the game and the animation was facinating. The moon was kinda annoying, but his voice when he sings sounds cute😁
Its really fun and has been distracting me in this lockdown. And to those saying it's too hard? Actually try and practice, you cant be good at everything lol. - Suggestion: Every time you miss in 60 secs mode (or hit the red anger ball) the time goes juat a bit quicker and double goals set it to 1x again.
This game is awesome! I like that you chose Hall of The Mountain King for the background song and the song that the moon is singing, and I also like the different skins for the moon, the cat is my favorite. Great game!
One of my all time FAVORITE games. Addicting, fun, humorous and beautiful graphics to match. Its a win win and I wouldn't change a thing.
Wow best game ever the music the game I like how you can buy I'm so entertain make more games like this please.
I really like this game because you can get different skins from the shop and because I love the shark too :) I love the moon I even drew a picture of him! I'm a kid u know anyway I gave this game a five star ;) Really like it thanks for making it!
I remember seeing this game when I was younger, so this is nostalgic to me. Great time killer as well!
the Moon's expressions are hilariously annoying! Peter Lorre's M gave me trauma of this classic song, but I think the game has definitely healed it. XD
It's scary and the 60's second is too short. Do 199 seconds. Please work on it and please make it be able to sing diffrent songs by putting song name.
I love this game. It's easy yet more challenging than you think. Very addictive. Great for kids and adults. The costum changes make it fun and it dont take a ton of points to get. Well done. Hope to see more simple yet fun games from you. Thanks
I haven't played this in like FOREVER but I will always play this when I feel stressed(even though it's hard and stressing).But love everything about this game.It's a pity that people give it a bad review.Thanks for making this game.Have a nice day!πŸ€—
GREAT GAME! However gameplay doesn't sync despite Google play games sign in. I've had to unlock the same faces tons of times. My kids love it too.
It's good I like it and I like how he sings but I don't know why we got to shoot it and I don't know how to doing cuz it's not annoying for me but I shoot them anyways like I don't know why I have to do it cuz that's the part of the game I'm just want to have fun I don't feel bad I mean I feel bad for the moon cuz it's a moon and if we don't have a moon that means that it's going to bring Bruce Lee new night times but only day and something the Moon is supposed to be lights cuz it's beautiful I'
This app game is the best they dont bomb bard you with ads and dont bomb bard you with dumb in app purchise.ow and can you please add a new skin called the:sun. And i would be the sun. Cool right!!
Very fun and addictive, the game makes me have a great time as i play along side my friends. they have the game too. something that would be a cool addition though to the game would be a multiplayer mode to play with others.
This game is the best!!!People should really support this fun living "Arcade" game.So the moon gets more funnier and could add more mode modes in the game so that people would laugh more at the silly faces and sound affects.
Crazy game consistent with pestering short tempered opponent...great sense of satisfaction ticking him off in 60 second frenzy mode!
I like it and also I BEAT THE MOON AS SATURN but..... MY PHONE WAS ON 5% LOL I TOLD MY SIS AND MOM DAD BY THE WAY i loved the ending music i could hear it all scool days and weekends and to the 100th day of scool
I LOVE!!! because it's fun and when you start the game it's like your playing a game and listening to music at the same time.
I LOVE IT!!!! Its so fun and the skins are cute! I found it when i was very young and it was sooooo fun and its still! The cat moon and bee moon are so cute skins! I hope this game gets updates some day! <3
Great game hard but the song is really catchy also Ethan the youtuber has played this a long time ago so ye I reccomend installing it
I really like the way you have to shoot the moon and it gets mader and mader every time you shoot it 🀣🀣🀣lol
This is fun and addicting but those planets in the background are a bit creepy.Can you make it less creepy? πŸ˜…
it's a good game but the audio is bad. every time I play the audio is static or something. please fix this bug.
so challenging yet so fun I love it keep up the good work and plz update it been a year I beat the whole game litteraly like I finished and made the moon explode I have all the moons
i love it i have been playing your game since 2015 and it is so intense i have been trying to get that rare bug sooooo much keep up the great work oh can you make a moon dressed up as a reindeer or santa clause please you dont have to thought oh and have a happy new year.πŸŽ‰
Ok BUT I NEVER BLEW UP THE MOON and ad MEGA missles that you have to survive 4 red things to get it and it dosent hurt red things but can destroy the moon in 2 hits and the skins are cool
I love this game. it's addicting and fun. I forgot about this game and searched for it again using the song name the moon sings - in the hall of the mountain king.
The reason why I gave this a 5-Star was because of his singing, although it may hurt his voice. Try to beat my score: 302 with an average Hit Point of 10, making that 312. Good luck! :D
I have a suggestion can you make a mode that's unlimited like if you miss you still play and there's no time limit and if you hit that little red thing you'll still be able to continue
A game that i find to be quite pleasing. I just can nut put it away. I feel this is the best game yet!
Shaun coleman forgot the times 2 button in 60 seconds challenge in classic mode you need 3 tens to get times 2 20 why not both i know shoot the moon has random maps of space but its impossible to get 560 lifes good phone 560 yes luna pro 560 no its just the worst i played many trys 4500 trys and i did it in my lifes good phone its impossible on l3 luna pro πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
This game is really great! Im thinking you should make a "Shoot The Moon 2" The moon could get more skins and so could the rockets, the rocket skins affect how much power it holds. And there are more planets you can fight! 1st Rocket:Dirt Rocket (1 Damage) 2nd Rocket:Wooden Rocket (2 Damage) 3rd Rocket:Stone Rocket (4 Damage) And it could have online play where you race against someone the beat the moon, If neither beat the moon, the player's moon with most damage taken wins. Hope you agreeπŸš€ 🌚
I always come back to this game. Fun and simple, as well as good for annoying nearby people with the tune :D
Over-all it's a pretty good game I loved everything but the graphics could you a little work but all in all 10/10
There is one thing ad adds say in 60 second challenge if time runs out then in the game over screen put a add button then it will give you 10 seconds to continue then after that you lose even with the 10 seconds then there is a coin button it will take 100 coins for 20 sec
Its a easy and a lot fun game.... must try for sure Once i started this game my wife father even freind circle started on this... The moon gets over at 600+ score
The game with the most annoying music in the world, I absolutely hate it because my child always plays with it and its music makes me very nervous.
This is funny and very entertaining. I enjoy the little details like the cats face getting redder when it gets mad. Great job.πŸ‘
This is a very cute and fun game, it is harder than you think. Great for kids and adults alike. Sounds are super fun, music does get annoying bit that's the point right makes you want to hit him even quicker. I had a hard time at first and felt like I was going no where but quickly got the hang of it.
I had this game on my tablet and it was AWESOME!!! So glad I wrote it down on paper so I wouldn't forget how great and challenging this game is!πŸ™ˆβ€πŸš€πŸŒšπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ˜Ž
Good game very enjoyable. Loads of characters to choose from. Love that options of Classic and 60 Second Challenge. One thing the music is very obnoxious, I don't mind to much.