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Shoot Bubble Deluxe

Shoot Bubble Deluxe for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by City Games LLC. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 1.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Loved this game for years. Not available on iphone, was so excited to get on my android. One of the greatest casual play games that makes you think! Thanks for not changing this and keeping it going!
it was fun it is really easy you just have to find the matching color of the bubble . I think that this game is top rated and this is one of the best games I played so far. most of the time I am going to play this game and i thank you guys for showing us what old games were all about. I probably the only kid in my school who plays this game I also play this game at school. I am not demanding but i think that alot of people should play this game. In my opinion this game we always be my game to
It took me at least 5000 times to beat level 178 and I was so excited! I beat two more levels and then the game malfunctioned put me back on level 178 again!! I dont think I'll ever beat it again. Im super frustrated and sad about it! Besides that often the ball will land just slightly left or right of a space
A disgusting game, although I like it, but it is not reasonable this amount of advertising every few moment, I guess with over 100M installs, you get a large fortune from the game being played, so you need to reduce the advertising, do not be so much greedy. I will not keep it on my system, I will have to remove it because of the excessive advertising. If I could give a minus start instead of 1, I would have done so. So my rate is minus 10 stars.
I've been playing this game for about 7 years now. It is my go to game. I've been through all the levels around 80 times the best I can count. It is kind of addicting! My only complaint is that there should be way more levels and a few more hard ones. There is only 2 levels that take 20 - 30 try's to get through sometimes.
Really wanted to enjoy the game but the accuracy and angle of shots is inconsistent. Advanced from level 43 (which took a long time to accomplish) only to have the next level be 43 again. Really enjoyed but too many inconsistencies to continue game play. Lastly, on Samsung Galaxy S9+ with edge, border of game and partial level information not visible.
This has been my favorite Shoot Bubble game . However, there are ads that block playing and just sit there forever. Because of this, I just close the game. Also, when you get advanced, some levels seem impossible, and when I get tired of that, I restart the game so I can continue enjoying it.
Extremely intrusive and controlling with adds...will not let you skip and in most cases hides the "X" button to cancel the 10+sec add they're forcing you to watch...absolutely not worth installing
At the start...i loved the game. But i have completed all levels several times over. No new additions to the game. Losing intetest here. My only challenge bevame ....can i beat the last time it took me to compleye the levels...which i didd beat several times over. If they not gonna add new puzxles....not playing anymore.
Love this game. Best bubble shoot game ever! Love the sounds and how the complexity of the game is increased in each level. Must have game. Can play anytime.
I am very disappointed in the changes you made to the game. You can't pick a previos level anymore or start a new game. You can't mute the game anymor. you can't choose the option of don't rush me. It seems like the changes you made were for the worst. I played the game a lot i wont play till these changes are corrected.
I am absolutely in shock that this game has a hundred million installations. It must have been one of the first games invented. The controls don't work you're unable to aim or switch bubbles. This game reminds me when I used to play tennis Atari. You couldn't get any more Bare Bones then this game. I say installed just because you have to see it to believe it. It's literally unplayable.
It's my absolutely favorite version of the game, but on my current phone it doesn't work properly - I can't access the settings panel (the one where you can turn off the sound or enter/exit the full-screen, etc.). So, that's why only 2 stars.
I just got back to android & omg I missed this 😭 game , could never find it in my iPhone. But I'm glad to play it again 😌 & I'm be challenging my BF, let's see who gets at the higher level. Lol.
Loved this game played but after reaching to level 79 or even higher, I must have accidentally touched the "new game" button in the game!(not protected inside a menue) and it got restarted to oevel1!! Only in level 65 I spent a month to pass! And all is gone.I uninstalled immediately!
Its a bit laggy. I use to habe this game about ten years back and decided to install it because i hadnt found a better one but after many years i feel it hasnt advaced with the technology. It is laggy and too basic in regards of pointing and shooting. It atill brings nostalgia.
I love this game I've had it since I was like about 7 years old. The thing I love about it is that their so many Levels so you will never have to play the same Levels over and eover again. I recommend this game it fun to play. 😁
it's a very old game which i still love it. my mother has died in 2016 and she was big fan of shoot bubble delux . love it.
A decent bubble shooting game that's not always trying to make you spend money, and you don't run out of bubbles or any of that annoying stuff. However, I'm getting unskippable ads IN THE MIDDLE OF LEVELS, which is super annoying. And then it seems to skip the current level, which I also find really annoying; I want to have the victory of beating each level myself, and that cheats me of that. Fix this, and I'll give a 4 star rating, but as of now, I'm considering uninstalling...
Before I write my complaint, let me say, had this game for years over multiple devices! Ive beaten the levels mode multiple times over. Still love this game! BUT since I got it on my Pixel 3 theres no menu. Like at all! Holding back button doesnt work, no floating button on screen, holding phones main button just opens Google Assistant. Literally no way to go to level select, toggle volume, use skip. Nothing. Just wanted to bring that to light. Will happily give 5 Stars and then some if fixed!
This is not a game. I've played this game for years and progressed through the levels, but the current version won't allow the player to win/pass certain levels. It just shuts you down by disallowing placement, never providing a certain color bubble, etc. It just becomes a frustrating experience and is no longer a "game". Too bad, it used to be fun.
This game is horrible amongst all expectations, no aiming, no ball changing, no high scores and the graphics are jus bad, on top of that the game has no settings, no options nothing pro-like, completely ameture... I'd say the games satisfaction is up to average... Clearly all this proves the game is vintage or the creator was jus testing the waters in the making of this game
Favorite ball shooter ever. I had to sort through all the wannabes to find this game again. Tried some others but none are as satisfying. It's a challenge and it's straight forward. You don't run out of lives, you don't have to buy balls, there aren't all these extra elements. It's ALL about where you shoot the ball.
The best bubble shooter game, period. The bubbles are large and easy to see. I like the sound the bubbles make when they collide. Flashing "loser" when you don't win a game is unnecessary. "Better next time," or "Oh, so close," are more encouraging. I like the way the game gradually increases your skill level. This is the only bubble shooter game I recommend.
I really enjoy the game but the levels keep going back to some starting levels again. I have played same levels again and again. And never really gone to far in both arcade and puzzle. Really upset to play the same level again and again.
I've had this game for years, and it was my favourite. I always preferred the Arcade game to the Puzzle, but completed all the puzzles and started over several times. But I'm deleting it now because it is not possible to complete the Arcade level 65. I've been stuck on several arcade levels before, but eventually managed to complete them, but there's no fun in spending months on a level that seems to be setup to never provide the right colours. Shame, because I used to really enjoy it.
This used to be the best time waster ever. Now that they added the skip levels by watching an add it's tanked. I feel like this game wants you to be stuck on levels only to get you to watch more adds. There has been a distinct change with this game and it's no longer fun to play.
Please, for the love of God, just restore it to it's original settings! No one likes it with the new update! Seriously...put back the sound option button. And ball size. I've already beat the game... Why the hell can't I choose the level I want to play now? It was perfect before! RESTORE IT before update please!
This is still my favorite shoot bubble game, the arcade. However, I have been on level 65 FOREVER. I'm beginning to wonder if there is a way to win this level! Are there more levels after 65? If so, developers please make it so a level can be skipped, so that we can go on to the next level. God bless you!
I have always loved this game. But why can't I reset the skip button if I accidentally hit it? After all it's in the perfect place to hit by accident. If I have been working on a puzzle and then it disappears it is frustrating and disappointing. Also, what happened to the days when we could see all the different puzzle levels and choose the level we wanted to play? Would like to see a rewind on the skip button at least!
Well since there are so many bubble games I know I haven't experienced all of them, but I'm confident in saying this is the worst of those I've seen. You can't swap the bubble & it's so SLOW! And the graphics are subpar, juvenile! I can't uninstall soon enough, in fact I gotta go do it now! Good luck if you're keeping it, you're gonna need it!
I use to like this game yet since I reinstalled on new phone it cheats and if you compete level it will make you do it again it's very frustrating Just tried updating again miss fires shooter will cheat and not go where you aim very disappointing tried to jive half star would not allow and half star was saying a lot for rating my 4 year old grandson even knows game cheats he did not think it was possible
They make it difficult for you and impossible to win so that you press "skip" which will prompt an ad video to watch.
this is the closest version to the arcade and console versions I played back in the day. that said, DO NOT INSTALL THIS VERSION, if you want to try this game DOWNLOAD VERSION 3.7. it's the last version that still has the 'level select', 'sound off' and 'don't rush me' options, and also the last version before this game was loaded with ads.
I have played this game and love it but hot discourage at level 64 and it will not allow you to continue I feel discouraged and wouldn't want to play again. I even don't know the rate to give.
This game was nice until I got up till stage 641 and now It refuses to open da next levels.. Wat a waste of time!
I enjoy the game, however cannot locate menu options to see if there is an option for people who are color blind, as I am and have a very difficult time differentiating between the colors. I've emailed developer and have not received a reply....
The game's a little too big for my screen, the controlls are a little iffy but in it's defence it's probubly becouse of my new phone. I've played this game on older phones befor and I love it, the adjustments need to be made on my end not on the game, the 3 star review is realy becouse of how my phone runs the game at this point, will give a revised review when I make the adjustments. Unless someone on the game's end can help me with my adjustments then by all means please do?
fun time killer. but some levels are almost impossible to beat. it's not hard, it just won't give you the colors you need to beat it. level 366 is almost impossible to beat. I've beat the game like 3 or 4 times but this level and a couple others will make you mad. first 3 lines across the bottom are green, bronze, and orange. but it'll give you every other color but those
It is the worst game I have ever played I didn't like this game this is so annoying and frustrating this is only the waste of time and storage of phone it doesn't deserve 1 star😠😠😠😠😠 also first of all we cannot change the colour of the bubbles and cannot navigate direction of the Bubble so annoying and frustrating I have you uninstall this game and I advise to uninstall this game and don't install it because it is so frustrating and annoying game 😠😠😠😠
like others have stated, this game has gone from enjoyable to downright TRASH. WHY? the OPTIONS menu - Gone. the MUTE option - GONE. THE EXIT FULL SCREEN option - GONE. the LEVEL SELECT OPTION - GONE! the game has become one big ad. for someone who has completed all levels, the level select was great to go directly to any level at any time - GONE! now you can only SKIP one level at a time and you have to watch an ad first, EACH TIME YOU SKIP! save yourself the headache and find an older version.
The game is amazing. I love all bubble shoot games. But this one has something that is missing. I don't know what it is but it's missing
It's good and addictive but you can't start the game over from the beginning once you get to a level you can't pass. It's infuriating being stuck on an advanced level. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game but it still remembers my last level. I just want to start from the beginning
I love this game but give it a poor rating as of the ads that now make it impossible to move forward in the game . They freeze the game and only way out is to close everything and start all over again! This never use to happen but now it's virtually impossible to continue. Sort it out!
This is worst game I have ever played in history. First of all you can't change bubble then you can't navigate where you are going I wasted alot space just to play the game please don't install this app unless you want to be fustrate and annoyed. Uninstalling the app right now. It doesn't even deserve a star JUST ONE STAR!!! It doesn't deserve it. Worst game ever 😠😠😠😠. Unless you can accept the annoyance and frustration this game is for you but really this game is the worst.
Poor quality (visually and sound as well) and terrible controls. Why can't I move the gun itself but just tap where the ball will go. That is not the point of these kind of games.
it is a great game it has a lot a level i am 24/7 on this game i been playing this when a was 3 with my grandmother and it was so fun have to play this game i think kind and adults will like this game thank you for the experience!
I think I'm on level 80 for the first time and believe me it was hard getting to this level. I am addicted to this game. I've deleted this game so many times. It would be nice to know how far this game go too. So far I will keep Shoot Bubble in my phone. Until I see there's no possible way to win.
I love this game. Popping the bubbles of all that is vain...I seem to be on point with my aim. Bubble busting lol...πŸ˜πŸ˜‚Love it!
While it is amazing sometimes; but terrible cheating is also manytimes like changing ball color after selection, continuity to give unwanted colors even player have one or two balls only left. It must be based on wininning capability not such hinders as it is causing player to stop using or remove the app itself.
This was my favorite game, but getting stuck at a level for over a year, there's no way to start over. Tried uninstalling & reinstalling...didn't work. Now I can't play at all since I can't get past this level. Please create a "start over" button.
I just love the game but, please change the annoying audio of shooting the bubble. May God bless you.
They can improve your skill about this puzzle games and I like it, they can help my brain and my mind that's all thank youπŸ˜‰β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ™
Nest version of bubble pop out there, but can't turn off the sound effects. I like to listen to podcasts or music while playing games so I can't play it
I have played this game countless times over the past few years. For a game with unpolished graphics and few updates in between, this game still manages to be playable. The only compliant I could give is that you cannot adjust the trajectory (aim) of your cannon (or whatever it's called). Truly a diamond in the rough (amidst the influx of Bubble Witch Saga and similar freemium titles).
My aunt used to have this game in her phone when I was about 3 years old and I remember playing it a lot because my aunt was the only who liked to have a smartphone with her. I really enjoy playing this nowadays.
Would have left it at a 5, but can't get to the "new game" button on my phone. Can't even uninstall it and reinstall! May have to find a new app! πŸ˜”
My favorite game. Clocked three times, but enjoy the challenge. Great game to fill in an idle moment.
Played this game for many years. Used to love it! Installed it on my new phone to find the edges off my screen cut off so can't see the balls at sides or what level I am on. There is no settings menu to adjust the screen size or get rid off that annoying popping sound every time you hit a ball.
once you get higher in levels it won't send the color you need, instead it sends 9 of the same color in a row. Level 66 is impossible they definitely don't send what you need. In fact I'm so pissed at this developer I will not try any other apps they have. I don't understand it why a developer would do something like this. Need to change algorithm so it doesn't send 9 of the same color.
Completely cheats and is just a game of chance. 99% of the puzzles require connecting 3 balls of the same color, however the game randomises what color ball it gives you, so usually you'll just be repeat playing levels constantly hoping for the right colors. Not fun at all 1/10
Been playing this game for years, off and on, and have always enjoyed it. Until the update 12.21.18, which killed the menu options, so I can't turn the game sound off, which is a complete deal-breaker for me. Everything else about this game I can deal with, but the sound design is terrible.
Addicting. Can play until battery runs low pn my phone. Sometimes I find myself imagining some playing patterns in my head while falling asleep.
Giving it 4 stars because I like the game but why all of a sudden its slow and I can't access the settings... Please fix and afterwards I will change my rating if fixed properly.
Amazing game alot fun and 1 more thing it is very intresting in both category arcade and puzzle must try at least 1 once i am sure tou have fun enjoyyyyy.....
Great fun! No problems as of yet. I just started playing afew minutes ago. But I do Love the challenge.
would easily give it 5 stars if you would BRING BACK THE SOUND ON/OFF option. Its that simple. Cant use this app while other audio apps in use!!!!
Horrible. Game screws you. You can make a move and it will go sideways but make the same move that won't make a match and it'll do it. It's like the balls gravitate to different colors.
If I could give it a 1/2 star I would. I have been playing this game for a while and today I was level 590 when I passed that level i moved on to the next level. It was super easy so I played another and another I probably played at the most 10 levels and I looked Down to see what level I was and EVERY SINGLE LEVEL I PASSED WERE GONE 590/700 levels were completely finished and now they are gone. I'm so pissed.
So far the game is fun and engaging. The graphics are good. The only thing that threw me off at first was the lack of a visible aiming system. But once you get used to it the aiming system is managable. Good job!
Last update turned a great game into a bust. Please, please tell us WHY you would take away useful options in an update. #1 dumb move - no more Mute button; #2 dumb move - no more "Don't Rush Me" button; #3 dumb move - no more "Exit Full Screen" button. Why oh why would an update to the game take away many options and make the game almost unusable? Without the Mute button users can't listen to podcasts or music while playing the game due to the annoying arcade game like sounds. Please fix.