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Shoal of fish

Shoal of fish for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale located at 24 Raul Wallenberg, Ziv towers, Building D, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6971924. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very fun and relaxing Edit: -sooooo many obtrusive ads, no premium feature to remove them that i can find. -Controls are a little hard to use, itd be better if the directional control was larger. -buttons lag really bad when clicked, it can take a few seconds to load. Overall fun free game, it would be more enjoyable if it was more fluid and there was maybe a $1-$5 "remove ads" option. Really cool concept though, nice looking graphics and unlockables.
I want to start by saying that the game is creative, fun, and visually beautiful. I can't fault the gameplay itself. However there are so, so many ads, after every level and often during them. The fish that force you to watch an unskippale ad if you eat them need to go, they're irritating and make the game so annoying to play. Please, please, stop ruining this beautiful game with too many ads. I'd make a one time payment to stop seeing ads if you made that an option.
"This game is not compatible with your device". Are you serious. I have been getting recommended for this and now I can't play? What's wrong with my phone!? Besides, the play button was right there, no warning. Very disappointed 👎
Played the game for all of 30 seconds before being asked if I wanted to watch an ad for a boost, declined the offer, and then forced to watch one anyway. Waste of your time.
Rating harshly bc this game could be really good, and I would like it to be. Lag, ads, cheesy UI, as well as unflattering graphics (great art style, not executed well). I get there's a lot of fish to process but I'm playing on a pretty powerful device and it still runs terrible. I wouldn't mind purchasing an ad free version if the game were cleaned up a lot. Lots of potential.
Great game in theory but constant interruptions from the gameplay ruin it . Whether it is a completed score or an ad or a push notification to buy upgrades. JUST LET ME PLAY THE DAMN GAME!. I could lose myself for hour playing this if it only let me. If there was a payed version for £1 or £2 that included a free roam with no interruptions. I'd buy it
This game is more about Adds than game play, I thought it would be fun and relatively relaxing but it's a short burst of gameplay followed by an advert.
Ad Horror, every 20sec or so a 30sec to 1min AD. It looked good graphics, so I loaded it... Started, did 3 circles.....Ad!!! Then another Ad less than 10seconds after. Restarted.....25seconds in an Ad Then asked to rate the game. Back in the game...After another Ad... "Do you want to claim 3x score?" NO! Ad.....anyway......Did a few more circles trying to avoid playing and just look at the level....Ad...... Ad........... Utterly Pointless! Uninstalling after I write this. Vile!
Literally started playing about 1 minute. Seems fun and I enjoyed it. Then bam, advert. That was longer than the time I got to play. I was thinking to myself. Hey maybe I'll try a mobile game for once. Then I remembered why I never play them because of all the damn ads.
It is decent game for killing time but there has been some lagging going on. I had to redo the day 32 several times because my shark was thrown by random force to side and I swam in one direction and no other fishes appeared. Also, other sharks are overpowered. I also recommend adding sensitivity settings because, damn, it's sensitive as hell. In overall, it's good but could be better.
The game is great in my opinion, I have not encountered any lags so far and I really like the concept. Although I suggest to keep adding more unlockable sharks and some more secrets around the map as that's what motivates people to keep playing, once everything is unlocked or found people will lose interest as they will feel there's no more point in playing, other than to go through the seemingly endless line of levels and complete the same quests over and over again.
Fun and well developed game. The amount of commercials interupting the gameplay is overwhelming and takes away from the fun. Same commercial Every. Single. Run. I just want to binge this game without trying to be sold a weather chasing news app with gramatically incorrect syntax. I work in the ad industry, I get thats how you make money. Please find a balance that satisfies the users too.
I'd pay for a less add version. It would be a great way to relax but the adds make this impossible to enjoy. Music and graphics are nice.
Honestly a beautiful and satisfying game, and from the other reviews (and playing it myself), the only reason I or anyone is turned away from this game is the sheer amount of ads. I'll deal with ads to a certain extent, but I literally couldn't go more than minute without an ad. It's excessive and annoying.
Decent game ruined by forced ads, don't install, waste of time. The typical "Want to watch an ad for a boost? No? Well here's an ad anyway" experience that makes an otherwise good game obnoxious. Kid you not at the least one third of the game is ads, probably half. 20-30 second "day" for a 10-15 second forced ad that may end up being 30 seconds. And you can't pay to disable this which is likely done on purpose.
Good game but I wish there was more depth to it, such as more gameplay and ways to upgrade/customize your shark
Advert heavy. Once you compete a task, do you want to watch an advert to triple your winnings. Select no. Well here's an advert anyway. The game is dedicated to the memory of their brother. He would be ashamed of how many adverts you slip in. For shame... Could be a fun game if not for all the ads you have to put up with.
Im sorry for rhe loss of your brother as stated in the bottom of the game but there is one problem when i go to eat like a singular fish i just somehow go through it i still like the game. I just wish you could please fix this.Thank you
Meh, it's okay. Kinda slow. No descriptions on anything. Wish some of the things I'm supposed to find would spawn.
I'd say the game is pretty fun but the ads the ads just pop up after a round of eating fish it's just...SO ANNOYING so please I'll put 5 stars if you remove the ads and make this game ad freeeeeeeee ok.
ADS EVERY 2 MINUTES. almost unplayable seriously. Just downloaded and had 6+ ads in less than 10 minutes. Great game, awful ad experience.
The game itself is a nice idea, very calming and love the art style but it's FULL of ads it completely takes away from the atmosphere of the game and ruins the experience. I understand ads are a necessity for making money but it feels like every time you press a button you get one!
Really fun game. I love games that just give you the option to watch ads instead of having to pay for stuff. Very fun game to play casually.
At first it was relaxing but it got too hard and too stressful. Maybe have a chilled mode where the energy doesn't run out and the sharks don't eat you.
First thing I noticed. "In memory of my brother" It's a cool, simple concept and it would be enjoyable if it wasn't flooded with ads. This game is just a showcaser for other games because there are ads everywhere and it even does that thing that offers you more rewards to watch an ad but if you decline, guess what? You still get an ad. Would be awesome if there wasn't as many ads. Guy made an ad spammer in memory of his brother, lmao
if the game is not compatible with my device then there is a function with playstore that checks my device and tells me not to download because my device is incompatible. If u already knew this, this act can be taken as a way to get more downloads even if we cant play your game which is equal to a fraud.
WAY too many ads. Even when you choose to skip the reward for watching an ad, you get an ad. Shame, I really enjoyed playing, but getting stopped every minute for an ad is BS
I feel like this game has a lot of potential, when I first saw the ad I thought it was like an agar.io type game, but it turns out its one of the same games plaguing the play store. The art style is really good, but the ads and constant "upgrades" just ruin it.
An absolutely perfect concept. Though, it's execution is lackluster. It is very true, when encountering mass amounts of entities, this fame with lag and buffer. For such a simplistic game, it would seem that the lag is not influenced by how good or bad your phone is. Though I'm sure it has its grievance, it seems this game is unable to handle itself. Either way, with an update, this game may be quite big. Lovely music, lovely color pallet, and a progression system that is simple and fun to play.
Maybe I'm being a tad critical but the lag and crashes throughout the game are too severe for it to be enjoyable. As much as I adore the style and gameplay I wish it was more freeplay rather than levels, and again, the lagging just ruins the whole "relaxing factor" of it. If these are fixed then I'd love to come back and play again, but for now I don't see a reason to keep a laggy game that doesn't offer much enjoyment.
I like the concept for the game. You need to add instructions. Just little pop up instructions as to what the hell is going on..... I am using a high-end device yet this application continues to glitch out constantly. I tried turning off Wi-Fi and even tried disconnecting all together. And still for some reason this game just does not want to function properly on my device. And it's a real shame. Keep working on it please I like it
Such a great concept but is just one big add farm. Get rid of/not have as many inssesent adds and you'd have one hell of a game and five stars.
Not a game, an ad farm. There are bammer ads across the bottom of the screen constantly and a full-screen ad will play after every "level"/"day" that you can skip after about 5 game play. However, each day is only about 20 seconds worth of gameplay. There is no option to pay to disable ads, which is likely intentional. Thus, this is not a game, it's an ad farm. I will still give it 2 stars, because it is ever so slightly enjoyable.
The ads is not very much of a problem for me. But one thing is that this game crashes a lot so it doesn't have the best performance when you play the game. The quality setting is not helping. This game only suit better when played in a smartphone with ( 4gb ram and above ).
I think I would generally enjoy this game if it weren't for the constant ad farming. It ran smoothly and everything, but I'm removing it because if your round takes more than 15 seconds, you'll get an ad with no reward attached, while also having the option of watching them for upgrades. I get wanting to make revenue but it's such a common problem anymore that I consider it an intentional problem rather than something the dev didn't realize would be so annoying.
Great concept, poor execution. this app has good graphics, aside from the title. The gameplay is ok, but when you catch a large group of fish the game lags! Also the default Mobile game setup of the upgrades make it seem like it was an original idea, then got transformed into one of those stereotypical bad mobile games.
I gave it a 4 star cuse sometimes you get lost in the map and runout of energy and fail if you have a mini Map thet will be cool and it is so hard to eat the gold fish 🐟🐟🐟🐟 plz make a mini map
Fun but gets super hard to get cash (coins) making it boring after a while keep running into massive sharks and die immediately 😢 i can't get away fast enough. But it's still a good game 👌🏻
Absolutely love the style and feel of the game. Simple and chill and relaxing, until... you have to watch a double ad after every level. In 5 minutes you can watch 3 or more ads. If you rush your gameplay then you can spend half of your time waiting for ads to finish. This is too much. I played for 10 minutes and then was prompted to rate the game. So I write this and will immediately uninstall.
Way way too many ads. Each level lasts between 15 and 45 seconds...then an ad. Even if you click "no thanks" to the 3x bonus for an ad at the end of each level, it STILL forces an ad. You cannot make a game that is more ad than game. Get lose
Every game I play the screen freezes and sometimes it zooms in and the colour changes to purple. Now it just doing it when it wants to and it's not fun to play, so I have uninstalled this game.
At the end of a level, it asks if you want to watch an ad to claim extra points. It's still forces you to watch an ad even if you say no... Going to be uninstalling this one.
Nice mechanic but as other posts stated around adverts, they are ridiculous. Every task you complete advert. Click 'No thanks' for multiplying your reward advert then another. Task complete which takes 10 seconds, advert and another and another so on. Completely ruins the game.
Peaceful game, or could be. Love the art style. However, there are way too many ads that disrupts gameplay. The amount of time I spent watching ads vs gameplay is overwhelming.
Has a lot of potential, but filled with ads. It is visually appealing to look at from the pictures but while playing the spotlights are too bright. The virbration is really annoying but without it the gameplay seems really dull. The level system i really dislike. I was on the expectation of a semi-open world game, hunting fish and exploring, upgrading yourself as you go. It would be a lot better that way. The music is calming. Lowering the graphics helps a lot when playing, so there's less lag.
Would be a good game, but it's bloated with ads. In memory of your brother? I don't think being greedy with something made in memory of someone puts you in a good image.
Fun fpr 3 minutes. too many adds. Game is made for ad revenue. Basic and money grab You dont really notice the upgrades either. If you dont upvrade you just fail. Basic bored after 5 minutes
It is a blatant cash grab. The art is the best part. It consists of short missions (I mean 5-20 second missions) followed EVERY TIME by unskippable, 10-30second ads. I don't mind ads usually. I want to support creators, but this is over the top. I spent 2-3x more time in ads than playing the game. Had high hopes. Was very disappointed.
Nice concept but I have a high end phone and even changing to low quality I get frame drops. Played 2 levels and it seems every level you get an ad forced in your face. Uninstalled
So. Many. Ads. Felt like I didn't have a chance to get into it. They're after every level, and the levels at the beginning aren't long enough to warrant it. The globe joystick felt clunky, and could use a bit more work.
This is one of those games where it ask you if you want to boost your points by watching an ad video... And if you say no, the game will make you watch an ad anyways.
Beautiful concept but it lags far to much, not smooth gameplay. I would love to play the game after it's been polished tho! (The user IMC wings explained the issue much better)
Fun. But there are so many ads. If you say no to a video bonus then you usually get another ad anyway....
I wanted to love this game, but it shows ads even when you select "no bonus" and that breaks the serene hunt the world is trying to build. It's a shame that monetization ruined what could have been beautiful.
I don't usually review ads and take the time out of my day to rant. But before you think about playing this game, imagine the game actually being called "Shoal of Ads" because that's what it is I've played it for maybe 3 hours and atleast 1 of the 3 hours was watching ads. No, you cannot pay to remove the ads just one after another. DO NOT waste your time. Great concept. Too many ads.
The idea is nice, it's definitely something I could just chill with and play casually. However, the ads absolutely ruin this game for me, it's plagued by them, even if I click "No thanks" for the X3 bonus, I'm still forced to watch an ad. I'd be happy to pay a small premium to remove the ads, maybe this is something you could implement in the future.
The main thing holding this back from being a five star game is the over-abundance of ads. I understand that a free app has to make money somehow, but having ads after every game as well as extra optional ads feels like overkill. Still, it's a very relaxing game and well worth your time.
10 ads in 1 minute, could be a good game but is just riddled with ads, you do one 10 second task and a ad, then you get a 30 sec add every 2 mins, riddled with ads that the game is unplayable, I will be uninstalling
Fun and relaxing concept ruined by constant jarring ads. I'd rather just pay the 99 cents or whatever to never see the ads. I enjoy the idea. Swim around, eat fish, relax to some calm music. Visuals are cool too. But the second you finish a level it jump cuts to that stupid skeleton knight from raid shadow legends screaming. Instantly kills the vibe
This is a fun and relaxing game. The only downside is that you can unlock everything within a few days of casual play. Other reviews complaining about ads and level time are off base. At the end of a level you can choose to watch an ad that lasts 20-30 seconds for a bonus. If you choose not to you may have to watch a shorter ad. 99% of them are 5 second ads with the occasional 20 or 30 second ad. Levels are easy to beat quickly but you have the option to keep playing them for bonus points as wel
Great game too many add to be one at end of every level also the game still cuts out after the update was playing fine then I wasn't able to control anything and the game just crashed please fix
Has potential to be a decent game but the amount of ads is ridiculous, after every round (each round takes no more than 30 seconds, not even joking) you have to watch an ad, and the game isn't good enough to pay for ad free
Do not, for a SECOND, think that this is a self-respected, well developed game. It's not zen, not simple, etc. It's literally just another one of those repetitive games that shoves ads in your face after every round. Don't waste your time.
It's a good game, I gave it 3 stars, due to the game lagging when large amounts of fish are on screen
The ads are a bit much, and I wish some of the mechanics were clearer (i.e. what exactly leveling up different skills is meant to do), but beyond that, this is actually a really nice game! It's calming, but interesting enough to keep you engaged during gameplay. Also, the music/art/atmosphere are really beautiful. Would recommend to anyone who likes sharks, or marine life in general.
I like it but it needs to be optimized really bad. The graphics get crazy when its alot of fish on screen. And my devices run really hot when I run this one particular app. Tested on this on a Samsung a11 and on my LG. Something is wrong here because it makes both devices run hot and my LG is just for games so it has extra ram. Optimize it give us the option to change the graphics and to nerf the vibrations and its a calming game. I wouldn't review it if I didn't want to like or play it. Thanks
Badly optimized with ad spams. The game lags through out the whole game, even on the lowest settings. And I'm running the game from a OnePlus 7T where performance shouldn't be an issue. I can run Genshin at the highest settings smoothly than this game.
Not a terrible game but definitely just another advertising vehicle. I get developers need to make money on these free games but it is awful when you skip the advert to get extra money at the end of each level only to be thrown into an advert every level anyway. How about actually offering something meaningful to encourage people to watch the adverts instead of forcing them on players just to keep playing the game. Uninstalled after 3 levels!
The concept of this game is amazing, but as many others have said - the execution is poor. Lag seems to be problem even on my brand new S21 and ads occur way too often. After each day, it will give you the option to triple your coins if you watch an ad. But whether you agree to this or not an ad still shows. I wouldn't mind paying a small amount for this game if there weren't any ads or at least no intrusive ads.
An advertiser app that will just collect your data. Every 3 mins they will show you a 30 sec video ad. Shame. Uninstalled after 3 mins.
Nice concept, beautiful art style. Unfortunately unintalled after a few minutes, most of which I spent watching ads...
I've only played 2 levels so far. Seems like it could be fun time killer. Low stars because of ads. You finish a round, it asks you if you want an ad to double your money. You say no, and it plays an ad anyways but you don't get the bonus money. Closing and re-opening is faster than waiting for the ad
This game would get five stars if it weren't for the ads. I don't mind the optional ads to get bonuses, but ads after every round is annoying. They're skippable so far though. Aside from that, great game! It's fun, and very satisfying to watch the swirls of fish. There are obtainable goals that get more challenging as your skills increase, and very relaxing music and background. It's fun to unlock the different skins, and the shark is fairly easy to control. Well done, Just cut down on the ads.
Good Game! But full of adds! Even when you ask to skip an ad it still plays it. No option to pay to get rid of them!! Won't play long if there is no option to get rid of them.
Appalling game. And ad enter every level, even when you deny ads to get more coins. Ad here, ad there, 10 minutes into the game and 9 minutes spent on ads.
I really like this game! Idk why people are so angry over ads, just turn WiFi off or use airplane mode. But my bad thing bout the game is the levels. They can get repetitive a bit and they are short. Other than that it's good !
It forces you to watch ad's. Like you even press the "no thanks" option and it's like "you know what, we know you said no thanks.......but we are gonna make you watch an ad, regardless, AND you don't get the bonus, just as punishment for not watching the ad. Lol, we are so funny!" Deleting the game after 3 minutes. I'm fine with ad's, but when they make you watch it like that? Yeah no.......
It's okay, a good experience. but for one thing, I want the forced ads to be removed. it's a common problem for most games, though it would make sense to at least not have an ad when you LITERALLY said NO. and for the second thing, I want a freeplay mode where it's kinda like hungry shark. overall, decent game, and keep on updating this game. It's nice to see someone remember their siblings!
More ads than game. Not even an option to skip the 30s ads or pay a premium to remove the banners and videos that play every ~10 seconds. Utter garbage.
I love this game, it's in memory of your brother, and it's perfect. I get all the ads but maybe tone it down? Like one every other day? Maybe add a sandbox? And have alot of ideas! Please download.
This game is fantastic. Reminds me a bit of the beginning gameplay of Spore. One ad per game is a small price to pay to keep the game running and it gives me a moment to breathe in between levels. Although I would gladly pay a few dollars to remove ads and support the dev's, I also find it pretty great that there aren't a bunch of in app purchases ruining the continuity.
Loved the game at first, then it stopped working. My shark doesnt move at all anymore no idea why. When I touch the screen the map moves to my finger
Decent game, unskipable ads every 30 seconds. About a third of your time in the app will be spent watching ads for no reward.
I think the background is soothing, but personally, the shark moves too fast and the controls are a bit too sensitive for me to enjoy myself. I feel rushed to complete tasks, because the shark runs out of energy quickly and you fail. I just wanted to swim and eat leisurely like the ad showed. Also, ads play whether you want them to or not.
This is the kind of game that looks interesting but in fact is just an ad machine designed to draw you in with a pretty picture. Between the ads ( no kidding, 2 or three per level) the gameplay is what you expected it would be. The first couple of levels the rewards and fish to eat ( this is how you get energy and points) , are plentiful. By the 6th or 7th level there are barely any fish and therefore your shark runs out of energy and you die. It wasn't worth downloading I deleted it .
Great concept, bad execution. I thought this could be a relaxing open world experience with optional quests, but no it's just the same old 10 second level, then an ad after every level, and then an ad giving bonus gold, and then an ad at the bottom of the screen. I'll only play this game for 5 minutes, then uninstall, and that's about it.
The idea is there. It is quite entertaining aside from the plethora of ads. If I choose not to watch an ad for extra rewards, don't have me watch one anyway. And if you do, I best be getting the extra rewards. Ditch the ad machine and you will get more stars. However, I will say if you turn airplane mode on you can play ad free. Which I shouldn't have to do to use your app. This is my 2nd review. They deleted my first one.
The game seems to be a decent time waster. Not really much of anything to it other than just finger dragging your shark to eat fish. However the problems with this game begin as soon as you play. The game would lag as soon as I would starting eating a shoal. Just skipping and was not a fun experience. I have a new phone so the older phone you have the worse an experience you'll have. With that fixed it would be a decent time waster game that you'll play for 15 minutes and never open again.
Woooooow the ads. I don't mind ads in a free game but when I select no thanks, I DON'T want an ad forced on me immediately. May as well have selected to watch it.....
SO MANY ADS THAT ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO PLAY!!! My first 1.5 minutes I had to jump thru ads just to play, then 2 levels I get ads in lumps of 2, then to play a new level ANOTHER AD!!! I ended up just spending my time watching ads for a game I almost liked but didn't have a chance because of the disgusting amount of ADS!!! Dont even bother trying the game unless you find ads for cheapo games or "lust game" ads.
Its a nice game. Relaxing, but it keeps crashing and goin back to the home screen. It also makes you loose all of your rewards or what you've collected.
cool game but you have to fix it cause when i open it it only shows pitch black for a long time cant even play it sometimes so plese fix it and i only play it in adds when i play other games so please fix it for your players.
Simply just an add farm. Watch 20 sec of ads for every 20 sec of gameplay. Sometimes have to skip same add twice. Annoying.
So far, I've played 3 levels and after each level there's an ad, even after saying I don't want the multiplier. This game would be, "SO ADDICTIVE" as facebook said, if I wasn't bombarded with ads. (-1 Star) This means I just turn my internet off to play and don't get me wrong, I would watch ads to get bonuses but not right after I watched an ad for no reason. (-1 Star) Due to the amount of fish, the game is really laggy. There are points in time my phone freezes a good 3-5 seconds.
Lovely game, the atmosphere is breathtaking and I personally enjoy the level system, but it would be nice to have a free roam option to grow a personal shark, maybe? Something where you can eat and grow without pauses. I'd happily pay for a full version that includes that, among any other potential features. If there's a feature beta test, I'm definitely signing up. Only actual complaint is the number of ads. Please let us pay to remove them. Even if its 9.99 ♡
There are to many ads. I can't stand having to sit through an ad after every level, even after saying no to the multipliers. I love the game itself as I find it peaceful, but the ads ruin the experience. I would be more than willing to actually pay to get rid of them if it was an option.
It's a fun concept, but compulsory ad at the end of each achievement, compulsory ad every 5 upgrades... Literally just ad revenue mining :(
It would have been amazing game but these greedy people put ads in every part of the game. It doesn't matter you choose to watch the ad for rewards or not they gonna show you advertisements. I don't suggest it anyone and don't waste your time by downloading it. It's not game but just an app that shows advertisements. 👎👎👎
A peaceful game but will kill you with ads if you don't come back fast enough with a finnished mission. Game won't allow you to go anywhere in the map with land and as soon as you reach close to the land you won't see it. Which is the problem. Some people may keep going straight into the land thinking their going far away and reaching atlantis but in reality their just wasting their time trying to pass through an invisible wall, too bad. 4/10 wouldn't recommend to anger issued people.
Would be alot better but theres an ad after every 10 second round which is stupid and the ad is 3 times longer than the gameplay and when you get asked if you want to watch an ad for a bonus and you select no it still plays an ad
Decent game, makes you watch an ad every "level" whether you like it or not. If you click the "No Thanks" button you get to watch an ad. If you click the "Watch" button, you get to watch a longer ad.
Adpocalypse of a game... want to upgrade watch an ad at the end off every mini game ad finish a stage ad want to get x3 on your upgrade points ad. Wait you want to carry on without sitting through an ad here's another ad ... game plays pretty boring as well.
This is very bad, the ads sucked, I couldn't play of the ads. Revive? Ad. Give Up? Ad. Nothing I can do, what, eating fish, then die from sharks, then watch an ad. Nothing but ad.
I really love this game as i really like sharks but what ruins this game a bit is that there are too much adds and everytime i die or complete a mission it comes on so please do something to have less adds and i will rate it 5 stars, thanks.
Nice graphics and Great music but jeez is it ever glitchy freezing screen when you get near the shoal random glitching for no apparent reason deleting it until you get it fixed
Unplayable, I've spent more time watching ads than I have playing. There's not even an option to pay to remove and because they're making a killing bombarding you with them. Uninstalled once I realised it was just an ad machine.