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SHINE - Journey Of Light

SHINE - Journey Of Light for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Fox & Sheep located at Linienstr. 130 10115 Berlin Germany. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
first it was intersecting but then it became boring and when I leave my phone to go somewhere and come back IT BRINGS ME BACK TO THE BEGINNG then It started to give me ALOT of ads and it became less cooler so please make it more fun PLEASE
Die. Ad. New level. Ad. Checkpoint. Ad. Finish level. Ad. Can't really get into a Game that is basically back to back ads. But no ads? Not going to buy it if I can't get enough GameSpy in to enjoy the game. Also it is full of its own ads for the devs other games and plays them even offline.
My God this is dull. It may just be the dullest thing I've ever played and no amount of breathtaking visuals or scintillating soundtrack is ever going to help. At least there are no ads I suppose (or at least in the 5 levels I played before uninstalling it). Going back to watching paint drying instead.
This game is a joy to venture through. I recommend the ad-free version, as the advertisments get old quick. A solid re-play-able investment.
I genuinely love this game already. The soundtracks, the narrating etc. The game runs smoothly on my tablet πŸ™Œ
Awesome graphics but.... TOO MANY ADS Like I just complete one level or I fail once and I get a flipping long unskippable ad. I get that you need to make money but shoving same three ads onto the screen half of the time a person is playing does nothing and only discourages people from playing. On side note to players: if you don't want the moonie to burn out you can select explorer mode in settings
I hate giving bad reviews and this is probably the only game ive ever givin 1 star to. Imagine Badland but, Mind numbingly, shoot yourself in the head slow and with very little interesting challenge/obstacles. Your literally tapping the screen making a ball rise and fall collecting light till you get to exit but with ZERO pace change. Your forced to go ultra slow every level. I uninstalled after 4 levels. It was so slow it was infuriating and you die because you cant grab light quickly.
The fact that you can only control vertical movement is very frustrating. There can be times you may want to go back a bit but can't. The "moonie" is a very slow moving piece and I wish it were a bit faster. Another issue is the nonstop ads. I get you need to make money off this game somehow, but other games do just as well with ads you can actually skip. Its just annoying when I want to move on to the next level and I have to sit through a 30 sec ad. And who puts an ad when you die??? Cmon.
Fun to get through all the mazes of the game and collect all of your lights on the wall of the mazes of the game! I really enjoyed it in truth rightfully so it was very relaxing to see how I was going to get through it all of the most remarkable graphic design in the walled areas of the games caves and caverns in which I was the little living light in the garden of the Earth-caverns in a relatively calm atmosphere in the environment of the world underground and Love wandering through it all! Fun!
Okay so first off I love this game, it's probably one of my favorites that I've ever played. It's very peaceful and and so well designed, love the music, and the graphics are amazing! I was enjoying this game so much, but I can't get passed a level called "stuck" lol, very fitting. Anyway I've had it for like 2 or 3 years now, but I don't delete it because I keep hoping I'll beat it one-day. But regardless of that this game is awesome! Maybe you guys will have better luck than me.
Beautifully made but all this useless tapping and getting stuck is annoying. I tried children's level as well as explorer. Useless.
Absolutely flawless. It's the best game I've played in a long time and one i'm seriously considering as my 2nd ever game purchase.
Terrible. Game doesn't respond at all, goes to top and dies and the annoying voice over repeats every time it restarts. Uninstalling.
Game took 2 days to install and it was to hard to start the game and it took 3 days to complete level 38 but the grafics was amazing
This game is really beautiful but what ruins it is the controls are very jarring and don't go with the flow of the game. The frequency and length of the ads are frustrating as well. I would love for the creators to create an animated movie/show. I think it would be very enjoyable because I love the animation and music.
Wow 😍 I really like this game it is a little Adventurous I really like it thanks for making this game but it takes very time to download and so many ads it's ok but I still really like this game. And please make a part 2 of it please I really wanted till part 100 but you can't so u can make till part 10 ok? Once again I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really like this game
I love this game. The visuals are amazing, soundtrack is exceptionally beautiful. The only problem is I've been stuck on level 38 for a week. Edit: Nvm that, I didn't know there was an explore option. Another edit: I'm back. I'd like ro compare this game to the Wildworks creation, Fer.al, because that's how much I love the graphics.
This game is amazing. the chill vibe, graphics for type of game 9/10 also you couldn't have made a more relaxing. Well worth the money. if this is your type of game don't hesitate to download to the developers thank you for this game.
Awesome game! Personally am someone who isn't a super gamer. Not much of a gamer at all. This game is perfect, not stressful at all! Calming easy yet, not so easy that its boring. Just perfect.
This is such a beautiful game. I loved the music, the graphics and the art. It's relaxing and fun but also challenging! It tells a great story and sent chills up my spine when i finished it. Overall, i was glad i stumbled upon this amazing game!! Can't wait for another one!
This is the most beautiful app I've ever seen. I don't even know how to begin to explain the magic and beauty Shine is. It's breathtaking. I feel honored to have found this and will forever be grateful. It's so amazing and wonderful! The way it transcends space and time and liberates my soul to an ethereal world without the pain and hardships of life. I've never heard such beautiful music before. πŸ’ž
Could be fun but it's too slow and hard to control. The up and down motion is frustrating and I keep "dying" in early levels because I can't get to the next moonies fast enough. Yet there is nothing to tell you if there is a way to go faster. Very disappointed. Was looking forward to a visually stimulating AND fun game. This was even too slow to enjoy the visuals.
I love it but i hope there is more levels...and but the ads ugghhhh it makes me wanna cryπŸ˜…...there is too many ads but I really love it...excellent...only two things...1.Add More Levels Or make another mode named endless mode 2.Please There Are Soo Many Ads Fix It...That's It For Now...I Hope You Guys Fix It...
I love the game but it's really slow and romanticπŸ˜† and the ads keep showing every times even my internet is off🀯🀯
i only have one real complaint for this game, but it's a big one. there are no captions/subtitles available. i have an auditory processing disorder, and i'm sure many would-be players of the game are deaf or hard of hearing and would greatly appreciate the option to turn on captions/subtitles. please remedy this. if the voice of the narrator is reading from a script there is no excuse not to have that script typed up into captions to improve accessibility.
Such a beautiful game. Really appreciated all the music and stunning graphics. Can't wait for the next one.
First off it's a beautiful game. Buut the ads are a nightmare. I have play pass, and with it, there shouldn't be any ads, yet they're there regardless. It has a bubble that says 'remove adds' but when clicked it takes you to a screen that suggests you watch an add to keep playing... Even when offline. They have ads within the game system so you can't be rid of it. Overall it's not as enjoyable as it would be.
Very beautiful and lovely ethereal music. I thought wow this is boring but I think that this is the point of this game, kind of like a meditation you don't really have to think just follow the balls of light with a gentle finger touch, so I'm finding it relaxing instead of boring, kind of like the game Gemini (love this one) or my meditation game, all of these games seem to be similar
Finished all the levels. Beautiful graphics, beautiful sound track. Only issue is I don't want to stop playing, I wish this game was twice as long or more. Absolutely enchanting.
really this game is amazing, i love the visuals, the music and i love the vibe altogether, BUT the unskipable ads are just atrocious, they really kill of the relaxing factor of the game and i really dont want to spend money for something that you shouldnt be paying for. all im asking is to let us skip these 30 second ads. Sincearly, a player with high hopes
A beautiful game, truly. Intriguing and challenging, yet simple and fun! Its perfect for what it is trying to achieve, but sadly, I have focus problems and cannot pay attention to the game, as it is slow going. But truly beautiful and creative!
Very relaxing and still entertaining. After a few levels you are given the option to buy the full version, but you can also continue with ads instead. But if someone puts in the work to develop an app does it not make sense that they should be supported in that? just saying.
The intro video stops everytime I play it but the audio is still talking. What seems to be the problem here?
This game is so beautiful. The sounds, colors and the rhythm of the flow of the game is so relaxing and calming. Well done devs! 10*
Unplayable... I really want to play this game but after I download it and open it the game just crashes.
I love it. At first it was boring. But now I like it. Also jokes on you random company who made this game. You actually have the most tolerable adds I've ever seen. They're fun and creative. So I'm not removing them. 😘
Amazing game, calming and relaxing. Completely destroyed by the ads. Watch a 30+ second ad everytime you start, every time you go to a level, EVERYTIME YOU RESTART A LEVEL. It's a slow moving game dragged to a snail's pace when you realize you're spending more time watching ads than playing the game itself
It's very beautiful and calming relaxing I appreciate it I have no problems with the game it's perfect if you want a challenging calming and relaxing game I can't wait for the next part of this game I hope they make one more game like this
Love the music of this game and the voice of that old man..the story is so amazing..love to play it...but i hate the adds that got played after completing one stage...
A very weak demo. The free demo is very repetitive and limited. at the end of the demo you are shown a trailer for the game and offered to buy the game to continue. A game demo should be engaging. Drawing the player in and making him or her want to continue. This demo is almost pointless and doesn't fully explain the game mechanics.
music is amazing, virtually amazing controls are a bit limited but not enough to scare you away. I might keep the game to see if it gets better but won't be playing long if I'm MADE to watch ads to continue. change this and you might keep people playing, don't and you'll crash and burn like so many other apps out there.
Very unique & entertaining game. I really enjoy playing it. I like that there are different types of game play......easy, regular & explore.
The app repeatedly crashes on startup. Cannot get beyond the first splash screen. I have even tried reinstalling. Android 11 on a pixel 3a.
This is a game you should definitely give a go because it's control is simple and the graphics are very nice , you might love the story too as everyone else did. Have a delightful journey.
While I am annoyed that I can only play through the first world, I still found this game a relaxing experience to play through with surreal environments, a simple introduction to the world and a voice actor talented enough to make me feel like I'm listening to someone reading a fairytale. Come to think of it, you lot actually handled that pretty well. Maybe when I return, I might be able to get the full version to find out what happens next. 🌌🌟🌠🌌🌟🌠
First few levels were great but then it seemed to stop responding to the screen being touched about 3/4 of the time and I got very bored because that meant I kept dying, which wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't been for the fact I was then spending more time to watch ads than to actually play, as it showed an ad every time I died. Will uninstall if this is still an issue next time I try to use it. Shame, cos it was pretty
Seriously controls having only vertical is so frustrating. I was supposed to play this but knowing the controls makes me want to close the game. Amazing story though.