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Is a Role Playing game developed by SEGA CORPORATION located at 東京都品川区西品川一丁目1番1号 住友不動産大崎ガーデンタワー. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

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User Reviews
Great RPG. Anyone who likes SMT will enjoy this a lot. Gems are outrageously priced but you can get a reasonable amount of them for free.
Really great to get a game like this on mobile, could use an improvement on the ar system its a little wobbly but nothing to distracting
Wow.. Many Problem issues has already Solved: bad summon rate, bad aura gate map, new FEATURE ( I REALLY LOVED IT), and facebook Link data... coz many of my gamedata and many publisher like k*** games making a hard to save data and make our data gone forever... i hope u guys will always success andd ... I LOVE SMT , from PERSONA generatio, raidou kuzunoha until DX2 😍😍😍😘
The quality varies at times, but the game is generally good for mobile rpg. Good but barely updated story and wonderful graphics. Pvp is p2w trash unfortunately. It's the same 3-4 whale teams with the latest power creeped demons. Very tedious and too much focus is put on it. Gatcha pvp demons have so many bloated automatically succeeding moves that the fights basically play themselves. This will literally never change in this title, sadly, so don't expect skill and ingenuity will matter.
What I like about dx2 in the same reason I would recommend it to you is the fact that you don't necessarily have to have money to make it far or get very powerful demons you just need to have the right combinations or the right summons and even if you don't have the right stuff to get summons there's even stuff you can even find demons in the world to talk to that will still let you achieve that same effect
Being a huge Smt fan, this game delivers. The only small gripe I have with this game would be the fusion. As far as I know (there's no possible way to fuse Ace frost) personally I found that kinda.... Sucky? I need my round boy :( Is there anyway to get my son (Ace frost?)
How about a way to duel with your friends? Or at least against their defenses. Maybe even a coop battle where each player controls one demon to create a team of 4 or 5. The game just feels like it's lacking in the ability to interact with your friends. Even Summoners war had both a live arena, and could play against AI of friends defenses. I'd love to see that implemented in this game.
This game is very addictive as the main line. Plus, this game is very free to play as it gets. You dont need to spend money to get good or get rare demons.
Its an overall good high quality game thats both fun and entertaining it almost like mainline smt just with some gatcha elements in the mix,and i havent had any issues with the game other than my phone being garbage (edit my acount doesnt exist anymore)
An amazing free to play that rewards you for actually playing. The make it easy to obtain demons through Summons and you can capture them like pokemon... Its a demon hunter pokemon catch em all type of game.. Amazingggg
This game is the finest Shin Megami Tensei game yet! Every new update and new dungeon and raid functionality is improved and really Shway!!!Not to mention the New Events Fire Emblem Heroes has nothing on this game.100/100 Stars Hands Down!!!!!!! This is a gatcha game lately the game devs at Service Games Incorporated *aka* SEGA have done a stellar job at content and the Summoning Service in game my view point on this game it's tied with Seven Deathly Sins and Fire Emblem.This is a great Moba!
Great game, really faithful to the original SMT gameplay and overall aesthetic. Looking forward to playing more.
Long before Pokémon, there was Digital Devil Story. DDS is not a children's game, it's as mature as Google would allow it to be. The stories (there are several) are interesting. There are different gameplays in different scenarios. The graphics are gorgeous. The only down side is it only works online, as every action must sync to server, which gets saturated some times.
While I like the story, the gacha rates suck! Even when 5* rates were x6 and 4* rates were x2, I pulled 10 3*s! They have locked the featured summons behind a pay wall, limited magnetite collection, destroyed pvp with a stupid magic circle mechanic which will decimate your team if you're not fast and the gems are ridiculously hard to acquire. I would have given this game 1* if it wasn't for the story. Fix it!
Immersive and really interesting, there's so many things to do in this game, and collect and make them strong to fight against others it's the coolest task. Really enjoyable!
I found this game recently and so happy as I can play this excellent game series on mobile with a beautiful demon design from Kazuma Kaneko. You need to spend lots of money to get your favorite demons. Without buying gems, it takes forever to get your favorite or special demons. Also, fusion price is insanely high, so fusion is useless. Even though you had enough Mag after spending endless time, It is time to get a high-level common demo which also needs you to spend infinite time. Sega wants us to pay to get your favorite special demon. As someone said, Even though you spend quite some money and the gacha in this game is BS, you will get nothing, mostly with just paying around $60. It should be at least over $90, which I can't afford not to get useless demons, in my opinion.
Where do start and what can I say? Shin Megami have done it again, and I'm full well impressed by each and every aspect of this game. From solo to multiplayer, from storyline to event's, this takes the persona style games to a new level and just keeps getting better!
The quality varies at times, but the game is generally good, especially for mobile rog. Very good story, wonderful graphics, and so on. Pvp is still p2w at the higher ranks, but I've seen way worse at this point on the Google play store.
So far the quality is nice and brings back a lot of nostalgia. Unfortunately it seems to freeze at times and the auto battle just stops and won't continue or end. Just limbo. These types of games focus more on getting you to buy things but seem to fail at fixing problems. Never liked how you just get OP characters right off the bat and there feels like there is little to enjoy. Where's the challenge?
The story is interesting. The demons look cool in 3D and in battle. However, this game does require a good device to have a smooth experience as it can become a bit graphically buggy. As for the summoning pool, it is weird. There are different banners with different currencies for summoning which is nice for variety. However, one of the banners requires the player to purchase Gems at that moment to unlock said banner for a period of time. Above all, too expensive to roll. Not worth rolling.
Lot of fun, and although it takes time without paying for gems and what not you can progress through the story pretty consistently.
You always come back to play, the pay to play option is rather big but with patiance you can have fun. In PVP it's pay to play or don't play at all
My favourite app, I wish you would put the Shin Megami Tensei 1,2 and if... Back on the Play and Apple Stores and Update them too and translatw 2 and if... Like you have done with SMT 1 and Dx2. I even remember the Teddie vision app back in 2013 when the first Persona 4 Arena was released. Probably wishful thinking but eh you may do it one day. Keep up the good work with Dx2 and PLEASE never stop the Global version like most devs have with really good apps.
Fair warning, there is heavy incentive to pay to play - which makes sense, as otherwise the game is free, and to be fair the content is worthwhile. That said, it's fully possible to play for free, enjoy it, and make progress. And again, the content is worth it. While there are obvious changes, as a whole it feels fairly similar to early SMT games; the Aura Gates offer the full top-down + 3D dungeon crawling experience, and the story mode is engaging and ongoing, complete with branching paths.
It's a good game, can be quite fun, but when you first start playing all the menus feel quite overwhelming
This game is great for 2.5 years of playing, but it's frustrating for a veteran once you're done with Hell's Park, Aura Gate, etc. There's nothing left but PVP, and it's honestly frustrating even if you've Masakado, Xi Wangmu, etc. There's more powercreep than that, which makes it hard to strategize, and the problem is that you've to wait for months, half a year or even years just to try summon a demon you want since some of them are limited (like Skull Knight). Otherwise, I like this game.
Game is utterly amazing, I've been playing it for years. Graphic are just like a PS3 game, loading times are short, game has (Japanese) voice acting, and many playable modes. Gameplay is the best of any mobile game I've played, story is decent (great for a mobile game), and has branching paths. You can 100% the game without paying any money, or doing any gacha, since the game has demon talk, and fusion like previous SMT titles. Only problem is I rarely get a connection error for no reason.
I've only played this game for a short time, but I am impressed with the quality of the visuals, music, and overall presentation. If you are a fan of SMT and want to collect some of your favorite demons, it's worth checking out.
cant give this a lower score because SMT but this feels a bit bland to me. might be a good intro to demon fusion if you plan on exploring the series but it really is SMT Lite and imo there are so many superior gacha jrpgs being released right now. if it does disappoint you please do not be put off the rest of the series...it could change your life. fact. ;)
Its a great game but it there's way too much hoop jumping to level different aspects of yourself. It becomes more taxing then exciting.
This game is honestly good for playing for 2 years, but it's honestly frustrating for a veteran once you're done with Hell's Park, Alter-World, Aura Gate, etc. There's nothing left but PVP, and it's honestly frustrating even if you've Masakado, Alt Alice, etc. There's a lot more powercreep than that, which makes it hard to strategize. And the problem is that you've to wait for months or even "half a year" just to try summon a banner since a lot of them are limited. Otherwise, I like this game.
The gameplay is good, about what you'd expect from a modern Shin Megami Tensei game with press turn combat. It has your standard mobile game stuff thrown in, but I've never felt the need to use real money for anything. I found the characters annoying, but you can skip all the dialog.
Whoever piched the idea of Break Gauge should walk the nearest bathroom and go screw yourself. Every single battle in the alter world gets screwed over into a war of attrition because of Break Gauge. And how the hell are we supposed to combat that? More gacha nonsense? Who the hell thought it'd be a fun thing to do? I've gotten through the quests no problem but I imagine f2p people can't do as well as ones who whales this garbage. Tl;dr: Dude who pitched Break gauge, swallow a Cyanide yourself.
Game's great, here's why: +Combat feels alot like the smt games +Gacha results arent unfair +Game's generous by giving out most materials through daily/weekly missions +There's alot of game modes to do, ranging from Capaign, Dx2 Missions, Aura Gate, Dx2 Duels, events, etc. You can never run out of things to do.
I wish more games were like this, it reminds me of the old gba games such as, shaman king, demikids, dragon quest, monster rancher, digimon and so many other good titles.
I have no complaints whatsoever with the game. Its entertaining and has many different ways for you to pass the time. What I do mind is that the summoning banner rewards are a bit unfair but all in all i give it a 9/ 10
Very fun game to pass time. I dont really think it's a bad gacha game. I hope they add new races to the game.
Game is overall easy to play, and ive not had to spend much if any koney on getting demons. Definitely worth if you are a Shin Megami Tensei fan, and a good jump off point if your curiois about the game, but dont want to dive head first off the shallow end into the difficult mainline series.
It's p2w but it is a fun p2w. Hope sega won't be too greedy and release some more useful fusable demons in the future.
Excellent game with an enormous amount of demons to evolve. Many campaigns are available throughout the year
The story, quest, event and character in this game are good. So far I played this game, the new demons are more powerful than old demons. Also, system spiritize is likely take more than one year to complete panel 3. Some limited demons for example Agni, AliceA and so on were exist like one event only in one year. Lastly, the brands system in alternative story were hard to get even played last stage or quest no 5 in each element. I just hope the price is lower because in my country is totally.
Way better then what I thought a mobile Shin Megami would be. A(+)lus did it again. A battery sucker but in a good way? Suffers from some intensive monitization, but freebies are plentiful.
Fun, this game brings back all of the core basics found in the Megaten series. If you are a fan of this series, you should try this game.
So I'm a big fan of MegaTen and i have to say this is a pretty well adaptation of a MegaTen game for phones, the gameplay is what you would expect for a MegaTen game you have your weaknesses your buff and debuffs, etc. The game is a gacha game but it's quite f2p friendly you can get some pretty good demons just by fusing and there's normally events that give you free summons, it also has a AR mode but it's mostly to get summons and stuff, if you're a fan of MegaTen games give this game a try.
It's a good game, but the game heavily relies on pvp. The meta changes so much, as the developers snort crack to try to think of new ways to make the next overpowered demons. Pvp has become such mess where you will lose because of one small detail you forgot about in the 1000 page essay that is every new demon's passive. You want a demon that auto revives their teammates and fully debuffs the enemy and buffs your team, how about demons that nullify passing a turn? Utterly rediculous. So dumb.
This a a unique and rewarding gacha. Great art, funky beats, well balanced daily workflow. Take a moment to try this one!
Great game after playing for almost 3 years. But there isn't much stuff left to do once you're done with PVE, except PVP. Goodluck trying to get "meta" demons for PVP btw since a lot of them are "limited" gacha exclusives that take months or even a year to return separately. Fusable demons are nice but most of them are not meta in PVP anymore like they used to be in the past.
Really disappointed if I could give negative stars I would. First time I lost the account and SEGA support did nothing to help recover the account even though money was spent on the game. I even had proof of purchase and still nothing they could do. Now with the predatory way they have the daily "offer" I had accidentally clicked purchase as it lines up with many of the daily buttons and it processed it charging me $80. Immediately contacted SEGA support and they did nothing
This game is the finest Shin Megami Tensei game yet! Every new update and new dungeon and raid functionality is improved and really Shway!!!Not to mention the New Events Fire Emblem Heroes has nothing on this game.100/100 Stars Hands Down!!!!!!! This is a gatcha game lately the game devs at Service Games Incorporated *aka* SEGA have done a stellar job at content and the Summoning Service in game my view point on this game it's tied with Seven Deathly Sins and Fire Emblem.
It's one of those games that you play the story and ditch (the story is like something a middle schooler could write) pvp is full of p2p players so it is impossible for f2p players to compete the gatcha rate is a joke along with the game unless you like grinding I would say play the story and delete because you arent going to go far afterwards without buying gems
This Game is RPG TRUE GEM 💎 with AMAZING Beautiful 3d model graphic true Masterpiece. With 2 PvP Battle system both Amazing. Please 🙏 Give it try Rpg Lover's 💓 you won't regarding trust me and 3d Anniversary 🥳 Crazy Gift for new player's. I hope they put NEW Jrpg Style battle system like devil summer Raidou Kuzunoha with his beautiful black 🖤 lovely CAT The Black cat bring luck 🍀 trust me do it Sega team 🌄
Good free to play game. Generous with gems (in game currency). Easy to complete the story without spending, only necessary for high level PvP.
Absolutely Amazing. The thing thatd make this game absolutely perfect would be demon trade and to change how fusion works, its a bit frustrating having to go back so many times because i dont have a common versionnof a certain demon.
This is a p2w game but yet f2p players can win us based on some stupid luck and gimmick. Won't recommend spending or eveb playing until they provide p2w players with more advantages.
It won't let me play, it keeps saying "Connection Error." I really want to play this game. Please fix it.
If you're thinking of playing this game for PvP forget it. An utterly broken dumpster fire of gacha exclusive broken demons. The power creep is insane. The rest of the game is solid but PvP is a joke.
Love this game! It just gets a little repeatitive in the main story. BUT there's SO many events to counteract that. I am a little said that the drop rates are low for items needed to level and evolve your demons. But not impossible. I haven't spent more than $5 on the game and I got really really good demons through the event's and their rewards for completing events. I hope they keep evolving this game. And I pray to SEGA that it will NEVER become a full pay2win game
Fantastic game with a lot of content, generous events, frequent improvements, and developers that clearly care. I've been playing for over 2 years and I'm very satisfied.
You do not have invest tons of money to enjoy it. You create your own team of demons/monsters and fight with them against others. It has pop also. You decide how you want to build your team and the powers and items to use. If you have a good tablet you can see it in a large screen and the graphics are fantastic. I would like to ask the developers to please create a PS4 version of this game with pvp.
This game is honestly good for playing for 2 years, but it's honestly frustrating for a veteran once you're done with Hell's Park, Alter-World, Aura Gate, etc. There's nothing left but PVP, and it's honestly frustrating even if you've Masakado, Alt Alice, etc. There's a lot more powercreep than that, which makes it hard to strategize. And the problem is that you've to wait for months or even "half a year" just to try summoning "one" since most are limited. Otherwise, I like this game.
pretty fun, always a fan of SMT, I loved Megaten (mmo) but whe US server went down, I wanted to find something similar, this is kind of similar and fills in the void for me. Additionally, the support for Lost account was Really quick for me, granted, you need to remember lot of stuff like, last demon to awaken, last demon to summon, spiritualization ETC.
The game crashed during the tutorial and when it finally booted me back to the game, I always get the tutorial incomplete message and Im stuck! HELP!
Shion ruins this game for me. I stopped spending money on it months ago in protest. All I want is to be able to control who shows up randomly in the hideout. I'm glad I can skip visiting the hideout with menu shortcuts for most things but it's always such a bummer when I do visit and she pops up in front with much better and more interesting characters I'd rather greet me in the background. Otherwise pretty much perfect. They nailed their gameplay and the graphics & music are tried and true SMT.
You can't even play 2 matches in a row without the game crashing. Even if it doesn't crash prepare to read "connection error" all the time. I remember this game being playable in the past but the developers stopped caring a long time ago.
EDIT: veteran player, decided to reinstall, found out too many game modes with different energies (not for casual gamer, to me) compared first launch. still low rate *5 gatcha, yet given lot of summon ticket which mostly useless. was a good game. about to uninstall
Wow. This is easily one of the best ways they could have put smt mechanics in a mobile game Really sucks that they have to say "from the makers of persona" or else like three people would download it but I digress The gameplay is par for the course if you like modern-day smt. You got your press turn system your demons your fusion it's all here
While the gacha mechanics are horrible as usual, the gameplay his extremely solid. The story chapters help ease the player into the system while providing the player new challenges with its other gameplay modes. It helps the soundtrack and the graphics are top notch. It loses one star because of the gacha mechanics and limited characters. You will find an extremely solid, albeit grindy game. NOTE: This is using elements from Devil Summoner, a sub series in the Megaten franchise.
Sucks SMT is tied to this game. Between half the reviews and players not knowing persona is a spinoff and how scummy this game makes me feel I can't recommend it. The story is okay at best. I've been playing for 29 days and typically I will abandon this style of game in a month if I don't get a team of 5☆ and that's what happened here. ingame info is awful getting demon reviews is garbage because memes and other languages. Didn't log in for 3 days and got asked for 15 usd for a bundle. Avoid
Wow, they took a great franchise and ruined it. Pure pay to cheat now. One new pay to cheat gacha after another. This is now a whales only game after the addition of the sisters. Im done after over 2 years of waiting and hoping they might go the other way, but they just got more and more greedy and destroyed the game for any SMT fans. Its a damn shame. Please give us a real mobole SMT game with no microtransactions. Up front purchase with PC style season passes and DLC would be very welcome.
Nice game, too many whales! Turn style combat, done well in the Persona type gameplay. Story nice, not too hard to progress and complete story. Good events giving good prizes. The downside is the PvP and After World Tower (After World version PvP) pits you fairly quickly against a wall of whale accounts loaded with OP demons they paid for. That's OK, but, the weekly gems require you to play PvP whether you want or not. After World Tower gives gems as well (not too many), but not required weekly.
Only real complaint is the abysmal drop rates, which feel like an older era of gacha. Fun to play, not a great money sink.
It's actually a pretty fun game with the demons available, and the ability to help people mid battle. Demon negotiation still a flip of the coin but..meh. But the worst part is how pushy it is with selling you something. If you have a spending problem, I recommend staying away.
It is a good game and pass time there is always one way to freely get good demons without spending money or doing a huge quest thing I haven't spent a cent on this game i enjoy the campaign as it is somewhat like other megaten games and megaten games are what most my pass time this also inspired me to check out other megaten games I just gotta say thank you atlus I love you
An unbalanced, overpriced, unredemable cluster fark of a game. This game hunts whales harder than Capitan Ahab. The characters are dull and one dimensional. The 'dungeon' is a literal empty, recolor void. The PVE is so repetitive you can actually make the game play itself in a loop. There's 'friends' but literally no way to interact with them. A chat so censored you can't even use words that are literally said in game by the characters and certain demon names. The clan system adds nothing.
The game itself is pretty much an SMT game with your usual Press Turn System. The in-app purchases are pretty expensive but completely optional (despite some demons being way more viable than others, no question) which kind of incites a P2W environment. However, if you resist the urge for instant gratification, you got something to keep you hooked for a while with so much to do. Yes, IAPs are kind of bonkers at times but F2P players can go far as well, just takes more time.
I switched from iOS to Android a few months ago, I was able to bring everything over with me too! Game is great, typical turn based stuff. If you're familiar with MegaTen in any way I'd suggest taking it for a spin. While the human character's art doesn't bode entirely well with Kaneko's demons, I'm surprised how well the demons look in such a high fidelity environment. While its a gatcha game and you can spend real money: I'd suggest just playing normally. Irl prices can be insane.
Game is utterly amazing, I've been playing it for years. Graphic are better then some console games, loading times are short, game has (Japanese) voice acting, and many playable modes. Gameplay is the best of any mobile game I've played, story is decent (great for a mobile game), and has branching paths. You can 100% the game without paying any money, or doing any gacha, since the game has demon talk, and fusion like previous SMT titles. However certain demons are gacha only which kind of sucks.
I'm speechless! This game is really good, even for a f2p like me. The level of depth and playability is awesome, I am only few hrs in but I hardly noticed the time. Love that we can mix up the monsters and get new ones that sometimes are higher grade than the combined ones.
I love the way the models look, very pretty game for a mobile app. It's still a very different megaten experience though. Yet, not a bad place to start I guess. It is free to play after all and, they're not too stingy with handing you resources.
Great game! Definitely on the grindy side, but I love SMT gameplay and don't mind that a game I play long term in my free time has a lot of stuff to grind.
I enjoy the game so far. The downside is probably that after selecting a chapter to play, I have to go through a couple of clicks before getting to the story dialogs. If only I have an option to skip those clicks, it'd speed up the pace. Because I usually go with no support and same character/demons. I don't feel the need to change demons/characters on each chapter.
Once you get passed the long tutorials (which still creep up after a few hours in) you'll have an RPG that's easy to learn but tough to master. SMT on the go, what more could you ask for?
It's Good, but doesn't nearly compare to the other SMT titles I've played. If you're a fan of the series I'd recommend this, if you haven't played the series I'd recommend playing Nocturne or persona 3, 4 or 5 before playing this.while decent as far as mobile titles go, It's clearly the weakest link I've seen in the shin megami tensei series.
The game is extremely addicting and fun, probably the best turn base demon summoning game out there in the market. SEGA can you please make these 3 star demons worth something other being fodder. Can you add a 3star PvP only arena. That way there's still a reason for keeping them
I liked this until the Moirai sisters update. They have totally ruined the PvP experience. It is completely pay to win now. And u have no hope of beating the idiots that paid hundreds of dollars for the set of 3 characters. Oh and they also synergize with the paid character from this summer's event. And now there are 2 more new characters. Also pay to win for them. No use fighting a losing battle. I quit.
The game itself is great but starting about last week, I can't seem to get past the warning screen (the one after sega) and it just says "connection error" and it just keeps circling around. My other apps/games don't seem to have a problem, so I'm guessing it's just with this game. Try to look up on it please, I want to play the game again
Great system, love the series, and very unique compared to the other gotcha games. Also talking to the demons/recruiting and aura gate is the coolest thing I've seen in these kind of games. I only dropped one star because all the tutorials get a bit overwhelming but understandable. And when I try to fuse some of my demons I'm getting an error on demon creator. Otherwise keep up the good work, I don't see myself stopping this game for quite some time
If you love the show then it's a very good chance youll like this game.Plenty of different demons to choose from and play, and lots of different experiences.
Dear Dev, is there any way to track my previous data apart from the transfer ID? I thought that i could just link the game through google before realized that i couldn't so unless i use the transfer ID. And then when i link to facebook account, the account states that i'm a newbie... I did remember that i've link it to my facebook profile. Is the Facebook link even working? Need help here dev. I want to play the game using my previous data. Please...
I can't believe I missed the Devil May Cry event. Time to uninstall then. Apart from that it's a pretty fun game and story is ok. Summoning isn't too bad but it's not good either. You are guaranteed 5 stars if you're a new player tho. Story mode gets progressively harder especially season 2. You need good units in order to proceed in story. Please have a rerun of Devil May Cry event. I missed it cause I didn't have enough space. I'm uninstalling till then.
overall good, but much better if we can make our own character and expand the social .. I hope there will be an update where we can customize our character so that it will be more fun and expand the social :)
Game itself is pretty good, if a little average. The problem is backing up the account. I had a lot of great demons until I had to switch phones due to me selling it, and though the game was linked to my Google account. Lo and behold, I lost a good amount of great demons, and time, since the tutorial is way too long, and there's no option to skip it.
If mobile SMT is what you're looking for, here it is. The story isn't as good as mainline but it does get quite interesting near the end and with upcoming updates. The real meat and bones of this game is the very well known Press Turn combat. It's done almost true to the original games, albeit the introduction of unique skills for gacha demons does make the PvP much harder to break through. Overall, game gets good the more you stick with it.
Cant play at all every time i try and change my demons in my party it just says function lovked and kicks me to the main menu
Firstly good, sega u got another one right though I don't know when u guys got yours hands on persona rights or if you guys owned it in the first place, I am big fan of the shin megamis persona games, but I don't get why demonotasing the series cuz there called personas it's in the English titles don't knw why u keep the characters but turn them into ''demons'' was kind of unnecessary and also the whole vibe u give this game felt like ya'll apart of the aluminati or something
Great game I've been a long time player of Shin Megami Tensei EDIT, 2021: Not happy they doubled the spiritualize requirements that's crazy I've been saving 5 months to boost chernabog a hard and lucky demon to get now I'll never be able to fully spec him, disappointed 😞
Genuinely have been having a good time. While notified of the available microtransactions, I feel no need or desire to pay at all, as the fusion system and the summon options all have plenty of availability to free players. Though it rarely matters, the story and writing aren't awful which is genuinely shocking. Its goofy, serious, and genuinely a fun side smt game
A bit unbalanced but enjoyable. Main weakness is price point on in-game transactions. Very few actual 'microtransactions'. Game will need certain underlying overhauls to maintain itself, but in all, worth at least looking at. 4/26/21 update: please release more normal fusion demons. Wood please, and maybe give love to the other families like Haunt? Also 5 star banners could use clean up. Maybe banners without fusable 5 star demons on it, since so many demons are banner exclusive at this point
It might seem like your usual gacha game mobile spin off thingy but it honestly is a really enjoyable game, the demon models are all detailed and the designs are as awesome as they have always been, I also haven't felt pressured to buy currency or spend real cash even once despite having played this for weeks on end. If you like collecting monsters and dope creature designs this is worth your time.
Game is average, neat graphics but painfully easy compared to a real SMT game. Dialogue is so cheesy and characters are boring. All that would be fine but it keeps popping up "micro transactions" that cost over $30+ which indicates if you wanna have fun lategame in pvp you better be a wale to have fun. This game wouldve been great as a once off purchase and getting a full game instead of this grindy mess
The game is great for many hours without paying but becomes really hard to progress once you reach a early late game point. Pricing for the cash shop is also a little over priced. Great AFK game!
Eventhough I'd to spend in the game to stay relevant it is still an enjoyable game nonetheless for the f2p. Hoping the game will be release and marketed worldwide for global scale player increase. And also please be more demon and unit from the smt franchise.
I couldn't even get past the tutorial. Its so obnoxious and over the top. No thanks, not what I want in a SMT game.
Excellent graphics, lots of collabs (examples: Devil May Cry, Ghost in the Shell, Berserk), a ton of free summons during anniversaries and the like. Free to Play users can fuse SSR demons without paying anything. The alternate story ending is really cool. Definitely recommend this to SMT fans.
Its a really solid JRPG experience with excellent gameplay (good old Press Turn System), an excellent soundtrack, great graphics and an interesting story that is unraveling over time with updates. Its also a gotcha game so you have been warned but you don't need to pay a cent if you don't want to.
A very long history of games and mythology to work with. Learning how to auto-battle to farm and succeed makes this different experience. But they have a lot of potential if they push the boundaries in game play, especially guild battling or capturing cities like Risk, etc. Even with an unlimited pool of characters, they still need an added element to increase longevity.
Yes ita p2p, long grinding and time consuming but for smt fans and unique gacha game seeker, this game is recommended
This game is a tasty, TASTY, PIECE OF WORK. ❣️👅 The menu/navigation design and sound effects are crisp and engaging. The artwork loyally brings original, fresh, and often humorous takes on classic myths from around the known WORLD of cosmology. It's a great dive into the wicked darker psychesomatics of Mer consciousness that Carl Jung is BEAMING in his grave about. Well done, Devil Survivor. ⚔️ You're a crown jewel among rough sands, bringing radiance to the shadows of the nocturniquet. 🔮
I really love the new meta introduced lately, especially with the 2.5 year anniversary update. PvP used to be 90% the same team builds, but now people are getting creative with their teams, which is so much more fun. Thank you for continuing to evolve this game. I also appreciate that there's effort to continue adding more story and events along with the meta shifts, it keeps me interested. I'd love an even deeper story too.
A decent mobile game, but one of the weakest Shin Megami Tensei games I've played. It has the solid press turn combat system, and has great graphics and UI. If weren't for the the atrocious gacha system, I wouldn't have much to complain about on the gameplay side. The story is subpar and the characters are one dimensional. The music is also decent, but a bit weaker than prior MegaTen games. Despite my gripes, its not a bad game, it's just not great either.
Long before Pokémon, there was Digital Devil Story (Megami Tensei). DDS is not a children's game, it's as mature as Google would allow it to be (there are lots of nude demons - of course, why would a demon wear clothes!) It's completely ads free. The stories (there are several) are interesting, but they eventually end and there are no more gems to get, which are necessary to have a (very low) chance of getting a good demon. There are different gameplays in different scenarios, including a separated AR system just for demon chatting. The graphics are gorgeous. It only works online (to avoid cheating hackers), as every action must sync to server, which gets saturated some times. Fusion is mostly useless, as it requires "common" demons and none of the best demons are available as "common" types. One can get the best demons from start if lucky enough, instead of having to work for it through gameplay, making PvP (which are not mandatory for most of the time, but very stimulated, as they offer some exclusive items) extremely unbalanced. Joining all that together and you have an ads-and-hackers-free game that may be fun to play as a standalone if you are lucky to get powerful demons to win some really though battles, otherwise, be prepared to have most of your tender parts kicked pretty hard by low level players who were luckier to get the best demons at the very beginning.
One of the best turn based rpg on mobile. If not the best. It could be a little overwhelming to some at first, specially if youre not familiar with SMT gameplay. Updates regularly, it gives you something new to do. Fun. (But hey, there are quiet a lot to do already anyway. ) Doesnt require you to purchase to enjoy it unlike other pay to win games. Gatcha is generous, you can get everything by grinding. I definitely recommend it. Great game!
love the game but you cannot skip tutorials and there are alot of tutorials... but gameplay is SMT 100%.
Ah yes, my favorite game turned into a mobile app. I really like the SMT and Persona series, but this is the first SMT game I've ever played. The summoning, the fusing, the battles, everything was great. Also the story is great.
A pretty decent Shin Megamall Tensei experience overall. It's too bad this won't land on consoles, as it's pretty packed with content and longtime fans would love it.
Like anything SMT or Persona i am getting really invested in the characters and story. Combat is good and the development of demons is straightforward but also complex. Love the game.
Being an SMT fan from way back, this is a good mobile game to honor it, I initially thought I'd hate it but instead I love it, also there's lots of free stuff for you to upgrade your demons and whatnot, so that's a plus.
What started great has hit a wall with a bug. Pandemonium now is stuck on the evolve lesson. Evolving does work but the evolve quest remains in play so I can not use any of the other functions of the room. It also means that I have to close the client to leave that room.
Had about 20+ hours in this game, lost my account and can't recover with the transfer data feature. It was fun, but now that I can't play it anymore there's nothing I can do about it.
Demon graphics are good. Everything else about this game is not good. Done all PVE and now it is only PVP. Need banner demons to really do well, 2 week banner requires 5,500 for 6 steps and not even guaranteed in those 6 steps, which pushes paying. To summon 1 demon is 100 gems, which you can't earn in 1 day. Overall, very stale and heavily monetized.
The Devil May Cry 5 collab was the best thing that could happen to this game, I absolutely love it so far now that I have all 3 characters. The actual normal monster designs themselves are ehh, not the most visually pleasing, alot of them look awkward or weird and all over the place, not a big fan of the art style, but playing with Dante/Nero/V has got me totally hooked.
This game is one of the the better mobile games you can play as it pretty much feels like an smt game, strategy is here and the battle system can be challenging like how it is in mainline smt games. If you like smt play it. Only gripe is not accept all rewards button for missions and no remixed ost from mainline games like smt imagine to my knowledge and no option to change battle music
the usual unskippable tutorial when you decide to give a second chance, Make tutorial optional, for those not needing tutorial explaining plain obvious mechanics (raahhh "you completed the tutorial" and then more forced actions, not all your players have mush for brain, for Pete's sake ) and"transfert number" is just as crappy as fgo or overlord, It doesn't make account secure, if anything most use it for selling account or for scam, it make account impossible to recover, (No FB link back then)
Great game. Lots of p2w players, but dont be discouraged if you keep on losing in pvp. Focus on story missions first. Some events can give you free summons (ex. 100 free summons on anniversary, random weekly events). All you need to do is play daily and finish missions. Played for 3 months, I already got good demons, and I NEVER SPENT REAL MONEY. gg
profile level 60 now and I can say that all the reviews about ridiculous gacha drop rates and them getting worse is true, if you dont have hundreds to spend on this game give up trying to get anything useful or hell even getting above a 4 star through fusion cause your gonna need 1million plus magicite which you get by around 50 to 100 per fight.
This game is perfection. Excellent music. Love the events, the stories, the characters, 'factions' feature & democalypse. Mad fun. Loving the new layers of play!
Add auto-translation feature on rating section, please. I can't read Japanese comments there. Thank you.
The length of the brain dead toddler level tutorial is absolutely infuriating. Whoever made this needs to take a long look at themselves and ask how much handholding is necessary. I'm guessing most who pick up this game has played SMT or a Persona game before, but even if they haven't people do not need a forced tutorial for every single function and button.
"Please fix the connection problem." It was my report 6 months ago. And now I give Dx2 another chance. Guess what? This problem is still remains here and much worse! I can't even passed the Einherjar very first introduction. Connection Error, Connection Error, Connection Error. I live in Indonesia. So, is it because Indonesian server problem or what? My internet speed is decent enough to beat other online game. Just fix it! Don't play dumb, dev!
It's about as MegaTen as MegaTen gets, with a mature story and complex demon management system. I'm very much enjoying myself.
Pretty normal mobile gacha game. The pull rate for 5 star demons are also similar to most games. Anyone who's a Shin Megami Tensei fan should just give it a try and see if they like it or not, as it does get pretty challenging (especially the PvP meta). PS: I'm an F2P player (3 years in) and its still playable, athough the grind gets real after you get into the groove. Good luck
TLDR: i just started playing and like the SMT Style, this is a very different spin on the theory where they just give you the strong spells immediately and focus on leveling demons you like. This is more pokemon-esq than SMT though because the focus seems like leveling your favorite demon rather than actual progression on working towards the best demons. This game is also VERY easy to start, gonna continue to see if there will be a spike soon
Complicated but... If you really plan, even a new player can make an incredible team! Lots of tricky ways to play.
it's so addictive to play it has a good graphics and it's fun for the fans of SMT but i wish they extend a new story line and higher quality of graphics it's gonna be so fun.
If you've enjoyed pervious iterations, you'll probably like this one. There are a few balancing issues, but overall is still worth playing. Generous with free gacha currency and rotating store offers give access to the stronger demons in the game.
It's a fun game to play for me, who is a free to play player. I really hope they could at least improve the skills of the early 5☆ demons, so that they are not too weak against the new 5☆ demons
Great game I downloaded the update today but as soon as I log into my account it jumps to my home screen bugged or what? I need some help or me and alot of other players won't be able to do the event
Games amazing, devs aren't, this is the most pay to win game you will ever see and the drop rates are not properly listed, it's under a 1% drop rate for anything other than a useless 3 star
Hard to wrap my head around but interesting to play, can you bring back the ghost in shell event. To be honest that was the only reason I came back. Also the graphics are pretty good and the storage isn't as destructive as other big games.
Great graphics and fun gameplay but unless you link your account to social media before uninstalling, it completely wipes your account! What kind of game does not save progress with google play in 2021?? I lost my account with multiple 5 stars (including some gacha exclusive demons) because i uninstalled without linking it to any social media, and considering the rates of the banners, its ridiculous to even consider re-starting.
It's a addicting game. Sure the story is kinda lame but everything else is flawless. There's a lot of variety in collecting demons and fusing them to make powerful demons to create the best team. The battle system is taken straight from the SMT mainline games, which guarantees a great time. It's so rewarding and strategic, you will love this game. SMT and Persona fans will love this game, try it.
Probably the best gacha game out there content wise. Pvp has great strategy with no completely dominant meta. Very generous with summon mats and pretty good rates.
Great game, been playing for awhile. Great graphics, loads of different characters. Worth playing, thanks
This is a good (story line) and simple (controls) game that doesn't hog resources on my device. Been playing for a month now, and can see myself playing this game for months to come.
The update make me cant open the game, its stuck on the opening. It says check your internet connection. Pls fix this issue
Pretty great game with my favorite demons. Would like more rewards like yata mirrors and yasake Mitagamas and more events tho.
The only thing that hinders this game in getting five stars is the "connection error" that appears on your screen even if you're internet speed is stable, as it will direct you to the start screen hence will lose all progress made aside from 1 game mode (Aura Gate).
To start with, it I really liked this game. Loads to do and figure out. Then you realise that PvP is a mess of paywalled broken gacha demons that you literally can't win against. Utter BS. Guan Yu and Masakado need to be nerfed, there's a reason 90% of PvP teams are all the same.
It's a solid game for a mobile SMT experience. The demons look nice and while the characters are kinda flanderized it's not anything unexpected.
The best gacha game on Android. You don't need to spend lots of money (or any money, honestly) to have fun. Not hard to get at least a few high-rarity demons from the very beginning. Great 3D graphics, but needs a fast phone to run smoothly at higher settings. Plus, it's SMT on your phone! And it plays pretty close to the mainline games in terms of battling, demon talk, and fusion. What's not to like?
The game is fun but good grief that tutorial! They shove it down your throat! Now i do believe games need one but typically its a map or level maybe two then you can enjoy this game. While it would be a good game the overbearing tutorial kills the enjoyment....I'm not one that likes souls like difficulty but this is the other extreme its not just holding your hand its that and dragging you to safety.
Graphics are good. Fun to play at start, becomes a chore after a while. Getting rare demons is sheer luck, even with $. Lately game became p2w, with added broke demons. Gameplay and system are polished, but suffers from connectivity problems sometimes. Has adjustable autoplay function. Eula's age to play is 13. The game is NSFW. No google advertising, but beware ingame shopping pops up unexpected & prices are very HIGH. Support is dedicated. Devs actually listen to players.
uninstalled the moment it forced me to send a friend request|| Edit: after another try and playing for a month, it was pretty fun and perfectly playable without any further social interaction. I finished the story without reading any of it. In the first chapter it seemed to beat Persona games in cringe level so I just skipped the rest of it. Don't get me started on Megakin. You can get OP demons quite early, and it feels like you skipped 3/4 of a SMT game. (PVP Meta builds will beat you up tho)
Like no smt game i've ever played and not in a good way. Very much seems like your basic anime aesthetic gatcha game with the classic demons attached to the combat. Horrible without needing to be. They could have easily drawn from the style of the Devil Survivor games and had a much better experience to offer.
A lot of the great shin megami tensei content in a free game. The premium offerings, however, which are mainly items to help build your demon arsenal, are generally often more expensive than buying an actual game. It must work for them, but I'm not even tempted.
NO1 JRPG for me. Amazing Graphics and Very Hard challenge for the player's who love RPG games this is for you try it. I wish increase the demon drop 5* start maybe in the future. 3 Year playing the game and I'm happy ;-)
Great game, some of the force tutorials get kind of old. I'd rather just wing it and learn from trial and error. But overall a terrific game.
I've loved the SMT series over its many console years and this game is decent but the gacha in this game is BS; you'll never get a 5 star unit without a guaranteed ticket. Also, the "demon scanner" app is completely broken and freezes up on "generating demon" every single time. That is, if you can even get that far with the app, and it can't even identify flat surfaces 90% of the time.
Surprisingly good presentation and actually charming character dialogue, and also very quick to get through the tutorials and right into the game!
PvE is great and challenging, story is corny sometimes but good. PvP balancing is pay relative(See below). Always loved SMT game, this is no exception. Game is great, doesn't feel grindy, everything can be obtained just by playing, nothing is locked behind a pay wall. However, game is heavily influenced by paying or time-locked if you want certain demons as Gacha banners tend to need 20000+ gems to get the demon of choice you want. Every gacha roll gets you an item, and 200/300 of that item lets you summon a specific demon. It is at its core a grind heavy game to be played over time and not a get everything all-nighter.
Love tensei games wish it was a little less animey. It forces the story to be predictable but all the demon summoning fighting and growing fun is here and easy on the free to player
I discovered this game through facebook showing Berserk characters. I love Berserk! Now Im super in to this game. Im having a blast! I highly recommend trying this game. Thank u for bringing back past collaborations.
Fun game. Great for megaten fans. And so far I haven't felt forced to do any micro transactions at all. My main gripe is with the art style which is a little cartoony for my megaten tastes.
The PvE content in this game are F2P so far, even tho there are some things that difficult but its passable unlike any other paywall game. The only problem for me are how low the gacha rates is, even with step up summon. And all of the demons are banner limited. I hope they changed so that everyone can have demons unique to their own. And i propose the idea to make lower star demon became powerful with some kind of limit break system. Just like how FGO make their 1* servants viable
Honestly I've gotten far in the game without having spend a single dime. PvP doesn't feel like I'm being forced into it either. If anything I'll wind up buying gems just to support the game itself. Through Fusion and grinding missions you can get your hands on pretty much anything. Plus the rewards for playing are fairly generous even a few months into the game. Really just log on once a day even if your not planning on playing, it's worth it.