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Hidden Object Games - Detective Sherlock Holmes

Hidden Object Games - Detective Sherlock Holmes for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Crisp App Studio - Hidden Object Games located at 65049, Ivana Franka 55 Odessa, Ukraine. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Tobacco Use) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Most of this is great, but now I've encountered sites that are too dark to see and items too tiny to find. Also, it's been hanging up lately. The sites don't seem to match with the monologues of Sherlock and Watson, either. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with the "find it" sites. If these can be fixed, it would be great.
Things are a little heard to see but like it, I like we don't have to deal with coins or have to pay for coins, and we can play all we want with out running out of energy and need to wait to restore enough energy to play again, or pay for more energy. Thank you. Tracy
Addicting. Great, mesmerizing, detailed graphics; charming, period-appropriate music, and something for every skill level. Ads are not that frequent.
Another beautiful and entertaining Crisp App Studio masterpiece! With Classical music for an extra rich experience. Get this one!
I love the game, and would love to see a broader level of investigation. Having said that, I must tell you that your music is the most beautiful, I have ever heard in a game. Keep up the good work.
Found this to be enjoyable and relaxing. I like the fact that you can go back and find new things in the same scene and also it doesn't time you out. Looking forward to down loading more stories from this developer. The stories look endless.
Love this app. I love the fact it is not on timer. I like that you can go back and do the level more than once
Some of the scenes are too busy. I'm older with sight problems, so the very dark areas and the excessively cluttered areas made it difficult to the point of being close to quitting. I think that other than that the graphics are lovely. There are a few nomenclature problems, but I finally figured out what to look for I. E. A casket was not a coffin. LOL.
Surprising how difficult it can be to find some objects, even though they are not hidden. Enjoyable challenge. Not too much story, good graphics, music is pleasant. As a newbie ti this game, I have found it to be enjoyable.
I like the well hidden individual objects in each room. Well done! Also for me, I'd rather look for hidden objects, rather than read a lot of story line. Good job! By the way, the background music is awesome. I love the fact that after playing for a while, I still enjoy the music. Even though it repeats, it still doesn't get annoying! This game is relaxing and can be played at your leisure. Just downloaded another of your games-- equally enjoyable. Glad I found them!
Excellent graphics and certainly one of the best hidden object games. One small criticism is the description of some of the objects. There is a little bit lost in translation. In two of the puzzles we need to find a turtle. Its actually a tortoise that is shown. But definitely very absorbing. Thankyou.
This game is really cool it's easy but it's really easy and I love the graphics the graphics make it feel like it's real
Actually doable. Thanks. I am 73 years old and, so far can see objects!! Good for my Grey Matter. Stimulating and am encouraged to return and keep trying.
The graphics are a bit tiny, and a little more explanation on how to advance should be given to the players. But all and all its fun. Up until it went from a hidden objects game and turned into a find the difference game. Why?
Fun to find items. Enjoy the change up to find 10 of one type item. F ast but not boring. Thank you!!
I like the game it has been one of my favorite games among others on your site.It was easy to download.No trouble understanding the derections.I would tell my family and friends about the game site app.
Enjoyed very much, graphics excellent, loved it without being timed I've played all your games and they have all been brillant, that's why I've given 5 stars,i do hope they will be plenty more!!!!! Just well done all round.....
Love the game just difficult enough, love the drawings of Sherlock and his side kick. That is what made me look at game in the first place😏
Like not havn a fast timer when just want to chill but like to switch off w a match 3 or othr not difficlt game an the scenes just pic on top of fake pic just not too good in the graphics an some thngs you cant hardly find an when you do your still not sure what it was. Freezes too on occaisn but will try anothr game as like that can play offline as well as not hav to alwys buy somthng to enjoy a game. Thanks
What a nice app........sort vof on the hard side but I am always in for a good challenge. The music played is calming and relaxing. Wonderful job done by all. Keep up the good work !!!!!!
This game started off being really great. The items hidden well. Made you work for it. Just how a game like this should be. My problem with this game is that, as soon as you finish the first round, you're done unless you want to pay money to keep playing.
I having fun with it, although I'm not clear on how many times I'm to do puzzles over and over before I go yo the next level.
I find this game, and all crisp app games to have excellent hidden objects, beautiful graphics and the best games on the web, quite unique, Thank you crisp app developers!!
This game is interesting and fun. It is not timed. The music is really nice and calming. The scenes looks real, and of that time. There is a telling of what you are doing and why. It is an easy game yet makes you think and look to find the objects. I have just today installed it. It is free. I just love this game. Please try it. It has hints and zoom in camera icon. The objects you can see good.
I love this game. Not the same thing over and over. To b honest, I really don't read a lot of it, but I like that there are so many different options. The only complaint I have is that a few objects are way too small. I'm an older woman and eyes are going bad. All in all , I love 💕 it!
Hard to get 3 stars and no clue what i am doing with collection and how many i have of them and basically anything about them. I like no timer but no goals.
So far, so good. It's rare to find decent HOGs, this one is a cut above a lot of games. Will happily be playing this game over time. We need more games with a deal of quality.
Very well put together. I love the different challenges. As many times as I have played this, it's like starting over again; I still have to look for each item. Thank you for a wonderful game.
Just started playing. Graphics are good. Stuff is easy to find. Scenes are kind of busy with lots of stuff. Have to zoom in 95% of time. Most things are just right there in the open. You expect them to be small but they aren't. So far so good.
Ad EVERY GAME! Had to uninstall game because it locked me into an ad and wouldnt let me out!!! bye bye!
some of the items are hard to find this makes the game more difficult than the other games of the same type
Fun Fun this game is fun finding some of the objects is a challenge but not frustrating. Think out the box when playing.
In general, it is a nice game, especially since it can be played offline. I do have two complaints: the menu icon is only available when you first enter a scene so I can't check my progress AND is it too much to ask for an exit game button which is simpler than hitting the HOME screen icon. I'd still recommend it, not too simple or too complex.
Relaxing, not hard; not easy either. Cute graphics. Turn up the brightness & enjoy because this game only gives you a few rounds & you have to pay, or uninstall. Most aren't going to pay, bcuz its NOT the best one out there.
This is a great hidden object game. You get Stars instead of a timer. You can go back redo the scene and get more stars if you want or you don't have to. I really enjoy it, thanks for a good game.
objects are poorly described therefore difficult to find. I found that I had found an object for it not to be removed from the list, only to use a hint & it was the object I'd selected earlier.
It's an interesting game. There there are ads but they're very short just seconds. They're not constant either. Each time you play around the next round is different. You have to really search you have to memorize and you have to think . A good combination on any day
Good so far . I like the varied scenes of hidden objects which capture the story. I hope the game develops in keeping with Mr. Holmes ' detective skills.
This would be a fun game but you have to keep tapping because it doesn't recognize that you have tapped it several times.
I like the well hidden objects and there are a good number to of objects. I'm glad there aren't any long stories just a short story.
Very good game the ads are short and sweet like they should be . Plus no one asking you buy everything.
I like that I can keep playing as long as I want. I like that the commercials are only 5 seconds long. I am hoping for things to pick up a bit but still I like this game.
I like a good find the objects game. This is a good one to play. It's low key, no pressure just the fun of finding the different objects. I would recommend it.
Now I totally love this hidden game I do have another one, but this one I enjoy a lot. The graphics are incredible, it's challenging l, and I do like the story line. Ty you for the different type.
This game allows me to go at my own pace. I have vision probs & it lets me repeat same Level until I'm familiar with items listed & to improve my score b4 going on. Also, HINT button is easy to see & use with no penalty. Most of these games stress me out. They bec impossible to solve very quickly. This game helps me relax & feel better when I'm done. I'm hoping it will improve my memory in time. Either way, it works for me & so far it has been free!
Nice game but objects too small or hidden where you can only see a piece of the object. Not fun when you can't find it. Haven't been able to get 3 stars much. Will keep trying but probably will delete
This was a fun game, especially if you want a game that is finite. There is a good storyline and the graphics are great.