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Shelter War: Zombie Games

Shelter War: Zombie Games for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Royal Ark. We craft best action games every day located at Omonoia, 19, CONSTANTINIDES BUILDING, Office 203, 3052, Limassol, Cyprus. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ok so I HAD to come back and update my review. Originally I had made the comment about how much this game crashes and how much it would glitch all the time but I WAY undersold that, I guess trying to be a little bit positive, at least. No, this is not just, "oh, this game crashes some." That's an understatement. The absolute MOST I've gotten from it is 2 battles. Two. That's it. I've played beta games that weren't this bad. It's not even worth it anymore.
The game is good but progression is SLOW unless you pay. The game continually fails to save your progress. Incredibly frustrating
Latest update it terrible and now made it pay to win. I've played for a long time and its a good game, spent some money on getting premium and getting coins for worker bots, not essential but makes things easier, but now you have to pay to get certain heros and aquire certain items which is rubbish coz I'm at a disadvantage if I don't buy. Its a shame when you already spend money and the devs just want more. Also game keeps crashing which is annoying. Avoid playing this game unless your rich!
Interesting game, but require to spend in order to upgrade faster. Irresponsible response from technical support team to handle technical issue. Issue encountered this morning and was reported. However, reply received was to continue the waiting as there was a system update recently. The last update was reflected as 25 March, not 6 April. What a convenient standard reply to default all issues due to system update without proper investigation. Lousy support!
Great game...if it weren't so glitchy. I finally had to delete the game because it wouldn't even open. Needs way more work done for the bugs that cause freezes, which are plenty. Might try it again in a few months.
Fun game once you figure out the flow of upgrades and adding new recruits to battle with. I like how the characters change appearances when you upgrade them. Overall great game
It's a good game so far (day 1). The fight scenes go in slow mo (which is annoying) but other than that, not bad.
After trying your game Dawn of Zombies..which I already given comments that it's not my cup of tea. But this one I liked the most, even purchased a bundle as soon as I joined, it's definitely my cup of tea.
Fun game to play and didnt mind spending a few dollars here and there just to snag some good characters or gear for the survivors. Definitely a game I can't wait for a few of the additions to be presented. Even if you don't want to drop money would be fun to pass the time but do expect a challenge when it comes to gear for the survivors.
I give 4 stars for now, my issue is in every battle the water resources you consume is to high, try to balance the game, otherwise i love this game.
Pretty decent so far! Simple base game, only minor downside I had found was that you can't speed up the battles. Other than that, it's a good game to pass the time with!
loading time taking too long, no ads can be viewed...only black screen...need more improvement...plus the game always crashes it crashes every 3minutes playing, so annoying...please fix the game, its not stable after last update
Basically borderlands. Was hooked from the intro alone, humor and lots to do with no ads being pushed in your face. Great game, would rate higher if I could. Only thing I'd say would be it needs more homebase char voice work and it'd be perfect.
Great concept. I've played games like this, such as Hustle Castle. It has great potential, but crashes a lot. I won't dock the game for that on the rating, but are there others that are crashing? I assume it's still developing. The daily rewards add incentive. Can you make the font a tad bigger? I'm legally blind and it makes it hard to read. Thanks.
Game drains too much battery, must be first optimized to be considered. Levels of difficulty are not defined, no sense having 10 waves of daily attacks where all are less than half my power, it becomes a tedious operation. Also no sense that you have farmers that work on plants and produce cans of conserved fish?
Another game made un such a way as to make you spend cash on it. Gets tedious and way too hard if you don't put real money in it. Uninstalling this waste of time. Edit: I didn t say spending money is compulsory. I said you build the game in such a way that it gets tedious if you do not spend money on it. Common practice for so many mobile games. Cashgrabs..
Lately the game has been having bugs. The game will shut down partway through watching an in-game ad. It's getting very frustrating. I've spent real money on the game but am now finding it a chore just to log in and play.
Been playing for the last two months and it has been good. Enjoyed it tremendously until something went wrong with my account and I lost my data. The development team responded and helped restore my account quite fast. When the developer responds to you, it shows that they are committed to the game. For me that's a big plus point.
So far the game is really good, still has a lot of work to do on it. Could do with a little less money making events and have more of a player orientated event. The most recent update is making it crash for me a lot but I still thoroughly enjoy it and I'm looking forward to more content. Keep up the good work but chill out on your cash grabs because it puts a lot of people off like hustle castle did!
I am so sick of these p2w upgrade games with idle combat. You managed to take the concept of Fallout Shelter and actually make it worse. Why do game devs think that gamers are so stupid that they cannot handle a more complex combat system then just watching. Watching is NOT a fun game mechanic. Trash mobile game with cookie cutter upgrade and idle combat system and time gating. This is just lazy game development. You were supposed to make fun games, not legal gambling sims...
Your app is constantly crashing on my tablet. It would probably be fun if I could get any meaningful playtime besides load screens and crashes.
My game is frozen, I cant move or do anything cant collect or even go to battle, it won't let me, need to fix i tried uninstall and reinstall still not working I will Uninstall not worth it if you can't play it
Looks nice but unfortunately my phone wasn't strong enough to handle it. Make sure your phone is powerful if you want to play this game.
Decent game. Liked the storyline until it started looking as though they were using their app installation to snoop for data and using it for story plotline. Not an uncommon theme though primarily seems to be painting as an enemy they know i have a problem with... Not so much an actual description of myself. Difficult to maintain daily composure.
The game is good...but too many crashes...it crashes every 5-6 min and i have to restart...i am playing with bluestacks on my pc...thanks in advance
Started out well.. but then the rendering had everything in purple and even the waypoint map was purple with no details. Also if you are going to offer a premium experience, you should give the player a taste of it. Perhaps 2 days of premium would be good.
The game is filled with bugs and there is no compensation when things go really wrong. Prize boxes go missing, some fighters dont die. I purchased 2 chests at the start of the event before this one, submitted 2 tickets, and am still twiddling my thumbs. I loved the original shelter game and was excited to play this one. What a disappointment. I am actively looking for a new game while i play.
Game is in dire need of upgrade. U pass the levels and and all the upgrades and now all u got is a arena fight and sieges and spending money
Good game. But before the latest update my connection was stable, but after that my connection becomes unstable..can you please fix it.
Yes I playing the game is super fun, but we lack aliens , flying saucer and alien plasma weaponry. So can the developers add some scifi aspect into the game.
I've played a lot of games, this by far one of my favorites. Can get top gear by just playing. It's fun, nice story line, pvp, clans, everything!
watching too much ads isnt enough. 10k lower battle power wins over you. your against the system unless you spend real money. this game is cheating on you store price increase every time you watch ads. realy pissed!!!
Very similar to fallout shelter. I feel like some things have definitely been improved from FS but thus game is slower and its my opinion that its a little to much purchase Clouded. Everything has a price. The game is way to slow unless you spend. They charge you to keep playing. The daily mission are not attainable and you get hammered with spending adds Not for me
So far so good. Im a sucker for micro management and this is just great. I just hope you can add more iconic characters. We need more champions. Give this game a try. Its still on development and im sure this game will get better
Like the game. It has lots of potential. Art and story are good. The chat channels need to be more persistent, so you can backread and know what is being talked about. Other things are still developing. Game is incomplete, hence 3 stars. Feels like playing a game in beta status.
WIP very good fallout shelter clone. Events are fair and often. Pvp is not p2w. Pve is not finished. Could do without the heavyhanded anti-trump story elements but hey, nobody's perfect. Graphics can be turned down to reduce heat on your device. No crashes on my device lgv30. Overall a nice experience.
A step up from hustle castle and fallout. Although, I haven't played fallout shelter in a long time. But this is still great concept.
Still waiting for a reason to pay money for this game, having spent quite a bit so far... boosters? when can they be used? Obviously not when clicked on or needed.. Why do I have to pay real money to lose to somebody that has 100 k less power?
well lets say after an hour or 2 you get to stages you cant complete unless you spend, "fallout shelter part" just dont give enough food i maxed my farmers to lvl 20 and will take days to get enough resource just to lvl one building up and at this point you cant complete any of the levels because they are stupidly hard unless you spend mega bucks...basically this game is pay to play not player friendly at all. id rather play fallout shelter alot better to play & free 😅😅
Needs full mouse support for i.e. the many disabled gamers/users...also better randomizer that gives all level equipment, not just upper level. Also more freq. low level enemies. And perhaps better or full views or 360 viewing swipe or slower swipe in battles. And button for inside/outside shelter, not just go to shelter button. Also white specs/numbers hard to see after former/last upgrade with new white clothes on. Greetings Eddie.
Not bad, not great either. Absurd spikes of required upgrade time and resources. Quite demanding on phone battery. Annoying AFK checker that requires you to reset the app.
I have 18k clover coins and i cant use it. The game keeps crashing, and i already report the issue but no respond. The event is about to end now. Can you fix this asap??
It was great I believe you'd need to add few tracks also voice over on time to time will be a good add on and story need to come to life as well.
This game should be "The Game of The Year" graphic are cool, game play are satisfying, reward are good, and more adventure. Definitely recommended! You guys have done a great work! This is a master piece it's so good than Fallout Shelter. Keep up the epic work! I only request to add more adventures and raiders and also more gift🥰🥰🥰 love this game❤❤❤
This game does not respect your time, only your wallet. The last event had a very nice artifact that everyone wanted. I went after it hard, doing all my daily quests (even watching 6 ads) and still came up way short on getting the artifact. Up until that point i would have given 4 stars. I wouldn't consider 5 stars as there is way to much monetization in the game. The battle pass, premium for faster battles & progression, and helper robot are all seperate charges. Its just too much.
Just like fallout shelter but more advanced...you can jump into the shelter dwellers and move about freely, which is the icing on the cake for me. Just started playing yesterday but haven't uninstalled today so I will say kudos to the dev team...you have a winner!
Really fun game. Especially if you enjoy the little things like hoping into a "Dweller's" shoes and touring your shelter or looking at their stats. Comedic writing with intuitive ux/ui. Minimal ads and minimal "pay to win" mechanics. As far as stability, my phone has had no problems.
I am really enjoying this game. Refreshing to have no ads to sit through to play, but lots of significant rewards in the game if you do watch ads - much better than in most games. Graphics are good, game play is fun. This is a great game to play, but it crashes all the time, 5/6 times an hour. Really spoils what could be a great game.
I really like this game but seriously what takes the fun away is when it takes so long to update a room. 4 damn days to update a room, crazy! Less time would be great, please fix this..... 😐
No tactics. Pay to win. Can't hasten combat without paying. Lots of ads in order to stay relevant without paying. No real gameplay, just grind without thinking. Very cheap audio. The only good thing is the graphics.
Game crashes all the time. Watch a video, crash. win a battle, crash. try to go to the map, surprise crash! fix yo game and it would be awesome!
I really enjoy playing this game daily for several months now. There is something i hope changes soon though. Folk hero, the daily quest to seige 8 players. When i find someone i can suscessfully seige i am getting a message 70% of the time saying i cannot because the player is offline. Yet when i login after bieng offline for hours i get messages that i was attacked while offline? I want the fok hero daily to take less time to find online players i can successfully seige. Thanks
I take my time picking the right(best) game for me an this time I was looking for a shelter game..I tried out an looked at a lot other shelter games an when I came across this. I installed an played an still play an I gota say.its the best shelter game by far so install it an enjoy the game
The game is ok. Starts off slow but if you persist it gets better, started really enjoying it due to getting lucky in an event got VIP and assist bot in it for a few days... However after the second event it started getting boring, repetitive and a chore to grind the daily tasks. Battles are really slow unless you spend money to speed them up and upgrades are unnecessarily long.
The shelter mainframe has malfunctions!!! Having a hard time to even connect to the game even tho my connectiona is fine, i open youtube and other games is working with my wifi. 100mbps, it says my connection is the problem but it is not.
This game reminds me of "hustle castle" but more improved with better "breeding" system and more improved story, only thing I like better in hustle castle was the tournaments they have (which here is the battle dome) where you get 10 players and have them compete to get the most points and win in a live battle that lasted like 5 - 10 minutes and only cost 1 token for the whole tournament and not per battle, other then that, so far the game is awsome and alot more fun
Fun and the visual is great, however its glitchy...it keeps shutting off after watching a video for bonuses and the loading is terrible.
Nope good story but the person who responds ro reviews is a dbag im in it early but if i have to stay hours on end or spend money to progress im out and goodluck spendinf ahould make ir easier but not spending should not make it almost impossoble either well see if it goes up
Pretty fun, just like hustle castle and that other game, actually exactly alike, just post apocalyptic wasteland this time, with a great nod to fallout.
BEST shelter game I've ever played you can go first person with the characters and its Really well made and Really Fun
You can play the game for free But everything is crazy expensive in app purchases way overpriced And you get a speed boost by the monthly pack If you don't have it your teammates fight incredibly slow almost like the matrix There is not much of a strategy behind the game
I love this game, the base building and AI battling it's just so fun and to top it off at your home base you can control one of the dwellers in first person and wonder the inside of your base.
Fallout shelter copy, but... Still really fun. With campaign, battles and more. I like it. Can't wait for extra content.
Money hungry, limited creativity, I was hoping for something better like an improved version fallout shelter, the graphics are alright, the designers did a good job, but the obvious consumer fornicating plot is pathetic and not worth the 800+MB of data I wasted on it, let alone actual money which it REALLY wants. Replacing with something less blatantly designed out of greed, not even a good time waster. Beat fax to give it a chance, still super dumb. Intro was funny, amusement ended there.
Game is completely unbalance. Squad power is irrelevant seeing squads 3k lower than yours can still decimate your team. Daily quest is basically a watch marathon for ads.
Waited for two weeks before I left a review Firstly if you play this game you will be sorry. Early on game is great plenty to do but when you max out nothing left but boredom. And to make matters worse, never played a game that crashed so much. Advise play it it's fun but don't invest in it you will be sorry you did.
Quite good so far. Been playing for 2 weeks now. The only issue? Building updates take forever. I hope the developers notice this as pretty much everyone is complaining about this, and take a hint. Otherwise good game to play