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Shattered Pixel Dungeon for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Shattered Pixel located at PO BOX 99900 RD 476 222 RPO CARLING LONDON ON, N6A 0B5 Canada. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Do you like pixel dungeon? Get this one, please get it. I have have played pixel dungeon of many devices with many versions. This is life. Its pixel dungeon but better. Its better than the other mods for me too.
This game is perfect for those who want a challenge. It is hard, but fair, and takes a lot of skill to get anywhere. I have about 97 ish hours into this game, and have played most variations of pixel dungeon. I would highly reqamend this game to anyone that likes turn based dungeon crawlers.
Been playing this game for more than 5 years. I liked all updates and im still enjoying the game. But could you reduce the brightness of Flashing effect(flashing traps)? It is really distracting and tooooooo bright.
The only thing disappointing about this game is that it's free when it should be at least 99 cents. It's surprisingly fun, and pretty damn hard sometimes. I've put in many hours and haven't won yet!
A difficult but fair game where you need to use all the resources you have to beat. Receives many updates that continuously improve the game in this theme.
Simply one of the best mobile games there are. The fact that it is ad-free is mind-boggling. Kudos to the creators.
A good, ad-less rogue-like with a nice mix of traps, enemies, and treasure. Only real complaints are the perk system feels very underwhelming, and the hunger mechanic pushes you to rush when the rest of the game encourages meticulous searching
Great game, very fun and challenging. Not been playing long but it's SO refreshing to not have ads shoved in your face every 30 seconds so I threw a fiver to the developers. Although now I'm seeing there's many other "pixel dungeons" on the app store, and they all look the same... I'm confused as to which one is the original or which one I should be playing Edit: ok that makes sense, haha. Since this is the first one I stumbled upon I guess I'll stick with it.
Great game endless hours of frustration...no joke its.. By far the hardest game ive ever played...3 years still havent got to the end... Thumbs up
Unlike other games This game will not let you win that easily, so prepare to lose minimum 100 times.i am having blast In this game.as long as you update it regularly, I will be keep on supporting this game :) please consider my suggestion. ☆ Shop should be added in every floor [If u r in 1st floor- common items, If its 10th floor then higher lvl items], depending on which floor u r ☆Either reduce the price of items or more gold from drop. ☆Add more hero class ☆update game regularly ♡♡
Great game, I've been looking for a nethack light for a week while and this fits the bill perfectly. Really looking forward to more content.
Seems to be a pure experience so far, without the recent trend of microtransactions, ads, or pay-to-win. If this keeps up, I, like many others, will donate to the creator.
In the first time I played this game, I encountered struggles. It wasnt easy at first glance. But it represented that dungeoneering was a hard profession and yes, it was. The more I play the longer I progress, reaching to the newer heights, or should I say, deeper reaches. Until I have succesfully finished the game happily and succesfuly. The story is interesting, updates are impressingly imformative, especially bugs, nerfs and buffs. But all of those, I will still play this game and rated best!
Been playing this for sometime. The game is amazing and the new update has made improved it heaps. I finally made it to the last boss before dying but we're getting there. This has been eating all my time and attention and when I can afford it I'll be giving some money to the developer as thanks to all his hard work.
Overall fun game. Only problems I've found so far are that snakes don't always die when they're in a doorway and I need to run to 9 different doorways causing me to die on the way.. Also, if I'm chilled that shouldn't mean enemies move 5+ tiles to my 1. That's a little excessive, imo. Other than that. Grear game so far. I think I've gotten as far as floor 5 with the magician.
It seems like a solid and fun game but I cannot figure out how to effectively use higher tier weapons and armor. I don't see any possible way to get more strength to use those higher tier items. I think the game will be much more fun if when leveling up you get an increase to strength.
This game is amazing! I wish there were more games like this, which would encourage critical thinking more. I beat the game on v0.6 (have not played recently) and the difficulty curve is very rewarding and deep. I appreciate how you add guidance for new players. I feel like the end-game content (the 7 challenges unlocked after winning) are too rough and hope that you can revise somehow. I can't wait to see any type of new content! The boss reworks are exciting as well!
Love this game just like I loved the original. Very unique in it's own ways and tons of replayability. No ads, no microtransactions, just a good game. One complaint, in the original there was a search feature that allowed you to find secret doors and traps, this version I have to continuously walk back and forth in the spot where I know the secret door is to trigger it. Also, did you intentionally make the wraiths instant kill when walking through doors/surprise attacking?
I started playing roguelikes in character graphics about 20 years ago, so this is a crunchy experience for me. I'd never played a roguelike on a touchscreen before, but it was fairly easy to get into this. I've only been playing a few days, but it's been so satisfying for this old fart that I had to become a Shattered Supporter. As roguelikes go, this is pretty well balanced with a good mix of content. You have to appraise it as a roguelike to fully appreciate its quality. Thumbs up.
Hey dev, I think there is a bug in the new version 9.0. the wand I get suddenly disappears from my inventory and I have encountered it many times so please check that out
I'm glad I gave this a chance because it's immediately fun, deeper than expected, and perfect for a casual play or an in depth session! keep up the awesome work
I enjoy this game though the strength can be a pain to handle, but what really confused me was when I finally beat the second boss and I chose the gladiator subclass. When I died and went back to pick the classes, I saw no options to choose the gladiator. I'm a little confused by this since I thought the game would instruct on where to choose the subclass.
Game of the year contender. Excellent rogue/dnd game, Unlimited replayability, easy to understand, and more fun and addictive than many console games. Can be improved by just adding more fun magic effects on items, and perhaps more equipment slots. Boots of levitation anyone? Worth the download. Also very good for hospital waits. I intend to support this developer once my family is financially secure.
Gameplay is fine it's a fun game but to hard way to hard the only good characters are the rogue and mage plus all charecter have same base damage? How dose the warrior have the same damage as the mage like I can't even fight the second boss because the bs in this game why dose searching cost a turn and makes you hungry. Add more charecter btw
My brother suggested this game yo me, and after playing for a while it was pretty fun after I got comfortable with the game/controls -coming up with strategies and trying out the different characters, with their pros and cons, is pretty fun as well- and I think restarting dungeons everytime I die keeps the game pretty non-repetitive.👍
Wonderful game! It makes you behave smart and learn how to solve complex problems It is challenging but helps you improve the next time with different strategies It is addictive but also satisfying, when you finish the game you are truly happy It is made with love, this is so clear Thanks to the developers!
Three best game on the app store. No ads, no Pay-to-Win, endless replayability, a proper challenge, and one of the only games I've placed a review on.If you give it a shot, the wiki might help answer sooner early questions. However, half the fun is learning the rules, being a rougelike game. Don't be discouraged by the early difficulty.
super addicting, love it! Classic style dungeon crawler, you'll spend hours playing it I promise. *Originally I commented saying I wish there was a store which I just now edited out -- there is, you just have to reach level 6*
Overall an amazing game, the best pixel dungeon so far imo. But the most annoying thing for me is evasion. It seems as if for any build no matter how strong you are you get can get screwed over by a mob evading all of your attacks consecutively even if you're 5+ levels greater than the floor. This makes no sense to me at all whatsoever since you can't gain exp from mobs after a certain point so you can't farm levels for more evasion
I cannot recommend this game enough. If you love rougelikes, this is one of the most rewardingly challenging games on the playstore that I have found. Very difficult, but that just makes the wins *that* much sweeter.
Really fun. Going through each level not knowing how it will turn out makes the game quite exciting, even more so when you feel strong.
Every single bit of this game screams "passion project". This game feels so full of soul and love, from the improved camera compared to the game of origin, to the beautiful reworking of old mechanics, and continued developer support? How is this not more popular? The game is wonderful and I would highly recommend if you want a genuinely wonderful rogue-like experience. Such an amazing game, it could go toe-to-toe with the big indie titles on consoles. Much love to the dev or devs!
Great game, but it's not for me. I'm more of a kill all enemies and collect all items kind of player. That's not a good way to play this game as the need to eat has a large effect on your game and the extra steps needed to be thorough cause starvation quickly. That and the fact that new enemies seem to spawn after you kill everything on the level. If I could turn off the food requirement then this would be a game I could play for hundreds of hours. As it is, it was a fun 30 minutes.
I install this game every 6 months like clockwork. I play it incessantly and then Uninstall it. I say that to say this... I do not do this with other games. This one is definitely a gem. It's hours of entertainment and it always changes. I will continue to come back to this game even in 2029 when AI overlords are guarding my prison camp and it is an "Organic Crime" to express joy. I will probably get my whole prison block put in solitary to tongue test 9 volt batteries for them.
A fun, lightweight roguelike game overall. I would like it more if there's a system that would permanently reward players for diving deeper, making them stronger each time they die and come back to challenge the dungeon (upgrading starter artifact, character upgrade etc), but I also understand if it might be against the core design. Either way, i like it. I look forward for more updates on this game.
This is THE Pixel Dungeon. The definitive Pixel Dungeon. Everything about shattered is an improvement over the original. Wands, Alchemy, and Classes all get massive improvement. And we get very interesting new features like artifacts and skill tree. If you are going to play pixel dungeon, play shattered. It's been years since I touched the original!
A cute little game, but its it's nearly impossible to keep your character alive. Overall it becomes very frustrating. Even when you get good equipment that will allow you to survive combat, you'll probably die from starvation. Has potential, but needs to be more survivable to be enjoyable.
At first a fun game. Its the hardcore version I get it but enemies denying game mechanics is not fun. Snakes dodge even suprise attacks, 4 times in a row. Make something thats hard... Not unplayable
If you're going to get a pixel dungeon game get this one. The developers constantly update it with bug fixes and new features. The weapons are unique, there are amazing artifacts, and much much more. Thank you shattered Pixel dungeon developers for making this game EPIC!
honestly I wal about to give up on it and then I tried one last time. took my time, read all the tips, tested the items before needing them, didn't use every item right away....and i made it ahhahahahah I can express how quick it changed my mood and i finally slayed that pile of goo hahahahha
Honestly one of the best Pixel Dungeons I've played in awhile. The class features are excellent (though, from my playing it appears that Mage is by far the best) and the quality of life changes are very satisfying. I will say however, near the end of the game there is a pretty significant difficulty hike between the dwarven floors and the demon floors. To the point where floors 21-24 are actually harder to beat than the final boss. Otherwise, great game.
I tried so many Pixel Dungeon mods and this one is by far the best one! Frequent updates, friendly developer, your save can be synced with the cloud (never seen that before on a Pixel dungeon version) you can't go wrong with this one. Super balanced, different boss mechanics making it different then just hitting the boss until it dies. Alot of variety on builds, way better then the original version for sure, one of the best roguelike games I ever played, this one is a masterpiece!
One of the best traditional Roguelikes out there on any platform. SPD features the great variety, challenge, and fun you get from the best of the genre with modern QoL additions like an intuitive UI, in-game rules reference, excellent touch-controls and a lot more. The four character classes are very diverse and offer unique playstyles, all of them fun. If you've ever enjoyed a Roguelike/lite, not trying this game would be a mistake. SPD has no ads or microtransactions.
I BELIEVE THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST INDIE GAME I HAVE EVER SEEN :) BUT STILL THIS GAME HAVE SO MANY BALANCE ISSUES. I see the fact that this is an indie game I understand. I believe there should be a joystick option rather than touch. I don't know if this is part of the game but you get hungry very quickly As you leave the sewer... And I think you should change the game trailer as it doesn't really show what the game is... I think you should add atleast 2 lives before all the progress is gone :(
I love the game it's a bit hard but I'm just not good at games I've only been to the prison a few times then I die. But I like the door trick u can do with the snakes to kill them. I do wish you could have a crouch or something to sneak up to the sleeping monsters or something but other than that the game is perfect.
Great game to play while on a trip w/o wifi. One thing though, it seems like once I get to floor ten, beat the boss, and move on and pick my class, I feel like I die too quick, skill dif or is this most ppls experience?
A very difficult game but fun and rewarding! A challenge even for gamers used to dark souls. Expect to die a lot! My wish is that there would be a way to transfer a little something from one death to the next depending on how far you got- it can be frustrating to get to the 3rd boss then die the next time on floor 2 because you got double teamed in the hallway. Thanks Devs!
BEST free game I have ever downloaded, by far. No ads at all, developers update it regularly. If you like dungeon games or roguelike RPGs there is no better mobile game.
One of the best mobile games I'd recommend to play. Its free, no ads, challenging and been receiving updates. Couldn't ask for more.
Ok easily the best pixel dungeon game out of all of them simply because the updates keep the game fresh. Whenever i play the other ones i can just notice it feels like they were made a couple years ago, and i think "i could be playing shattered". I can congragulate the dev/devs (i dunno) on making a really addictive rng dungeon crawler. But its not for everyone once you get down to the dwarf city it becomes incredibly hard if you didnt get lucky.
This has to be the best Roguelike game I've tried, and I grew up playing the original Rogue on the PC. Hours of fun, with a bit of frustration thrown in.
I originally rated this lower out of frustration. This is a difficult and time consuming game to master. But once you find your niche and understand the nuances the fun you begin with pays off. Use online tips and trial by error. Great game to burn some brain on. My only advice 'personally' that got me winning consistently with 10 plus health potions to spare in the end, save upgrades for plate armor until you can be surrounded and laugh. By then you will have a weapon to upgrade. Be wily up to.
If only I could put more than 5 stars on this game. When I first played this game I was unsure I would enjoy it from the totally different atmosphere, but boy was I wrong. I absolutely love this game and every part of it. I really enjoy the subclasses and talent points for every character. This has to be hands down the best game in the series. Keep up the great work Devs!
There's no other android game quite like this. It's been, what ? A decade? And I always come back to it. Of course the original came first, but Shattered is superior in every way. 10/10 best dungeon crawler.
This game is very fun very very addicting great job on it. I love that its free to play as well thats awsome. I have one question can you not save on this game or is it you play till you die and have to start over? Anyways great job! Also how does my strength stats raise they seem to just stay at 10 strength?
This is better than the original. This game is more strategy-based than the original and there are many more strats that can be used in this game. The developer actually talks and listens to your feedback. The game feels a lot cleaner and smoother than the original. I would give 5 stars on this game any day.
Gorgeously pixelated and it has so many additional features since launch, there are a few ui things that could be improved but they could be opinions at best. Good game if you like scaling rogues with a hidden difficulty to it. Also, very nice to get deep into a game and it becomes addictive as you ponder your next move all the time. Hard to pick up and put down in a small time frame. Expect to invest time hehehe
Exceptional game with true dedication from the developer. And it's free without ads or micro transactions!? I never thought it possible. If you're a fan of turn based combat with old school pixel graphics and lots of unique loot in a randomly generated dungeon then this is perfect for you. If you're not into any of that, give it a try anyways!
Absolutely hands down the most frustrating dungeon crawler I've ever seen- dont waste your time...looks fun , just plain sucks .
Great game, steep learning curve and noob punishing from about the 2nd or 3rd floor. Just beat the first game boss on level 5 after the 10th attempt and I have to say I do a little bit better each time I play. It's partly learning, but also luck comes into it as well. The game is fiendishly hard but isn't a reason to say the game isn't good. If it's too hard for you, it's just not your type of game and you won't enjoy it.
This game is more than a pixel dungeon mod, consistent updates change the meta and gameplay there are only a few games that are on mobile that im confortable donating money towards. Yes donate because asside from a few menu changes and the ability to rename items you arent buying anyting. you're just giving the developer money to further the games life span. 11/10 if there was a patreon link i would sign up for it in a heart beat.
Great expansion of vanilla. Love the new features and added things to explore. Kudos to the dev, he really puts so much effort into constantly updating and adjusting the game. Thank you!
Amazingly this game really has no advertising at all and solid gameplay, one of the few games I have come across that are exactly what they claim to be, a light and beautiful dungeon crawler with tons of fun.
Pros: - game mechanics are great - sufficient complexity - layers of strategies to try - regular updates - no ads (I really appreciate this one) Cons: - "hardcore" is the only mode (very frustrating sometimes) - success depends too much on luck with what items generate - no casual or easy way to play, winning takes constant focus The cons almost ruined it for me, but it can be fun and rewarding after a lot of frustration and some luck, and no ads deserves a star by itself.
One of the best games I have ever played on mobile, asks for no money, no ads, no in app purchases. I have played this game 10000000 times and it never gets old. Still receive updates, and it's so great compared to the original with more unique classes more potions, a great alchemy system. More enemies unique bosses compared to the original. I cannot stress how great this game is, it's hard to pick up because of the learning curve. If your reading this, the game is worth the stress of dying alot
I thoroughly enjoyed the game however I think you should have a save point for plebs like me who can't make it very far in your game. Maybe when you make it past the first boss, tag in a save spot so you can try different things from that point and allow the player to understand the game. Free to play, but needs a bit of work on the games balance.
This is by far the best mobile game that I have ever played. The fact that there isn't a constant stream of ads is amazing. I am still new to the game and I have yet to beat it, so I can't wait to see whats next. Keep up the great work Evan. I am excited to see what you do next with this masterpiece.
Awesome game. I even payed for the highest pass. I've tried out a few pixel games and this one has the best graphics and just a better feel in general.
love this game! have made a point to keep installing it whenever I get a new phone because I always come back to it. Best part is they are always adding and improving.
Good game... Although I see it as completely unfair for the Warrior to have such a low accuracy, especially at the start of the game. On the bright side, I love how the mage has the staff for the beginning ranged attacks. Also, compared to the warrior, has better accuracy. Not to mention stable attack damage. Lastly, food is extremely scarce. That's all I have to say
This is a very fun dungeon crawler! The combat is a little heavy on the rng though. All four classes have unique abilities that are very useful in a pinch! However I have done a couple runs and I don't appreciate knowing exactly where a door is but the game won't let me use it because my character could use a prescription. If you click search button directly on the location of a hidden door it should reveal itself! But it currently does not. It's also really difficult to get to the end without intermediate save points that are absent and would make a lot of sense after bossfights! Also the Ankh is NOT a totem of undying! Besides what is directly equipped your inventory will get cleaned! Not the best deal still beats going back to the start. Farthest I have gotten was dwarf fortress a couple levels in and then a dwarf monk absolutely cucked me. The game runs butter smooth on my crappy phone from 2012 and is amazingly well put together! Pleasantly challenging too! Some minor issues but would give 8.5/10 every single day of the week.
I never even really got into the original Pixel Dungeon much, but this is in my opinion a really great game with great support. Most of the bad reviews are missing the point, I myself find it hard if you don't know what you're doing. Food isn't a problem, there's usually plenty to go around. Enemies can be dealt with if you know what you're doing. Sometimes it's annoying when you misclick, but that's more of a you problem. Stupidity, pride, and greed are your true enemies.
This is the best roguelike I have found on the app store. The one part, however, that I hate about many roguelikes is that food is a big issue. Here food has become even more important, which I feel is the wrong direction.
It is a great time waster. I would like to see different starting stats based on the class you choose though (warrior should have a starting strength higher than the mage, etc) Also, it seems like you pick up gear that is way too high for you to use early game. When ever you die, you start from scratch and it feels like there is no real progression.
of all the pixel dungeons ibe tried this is by far the best. I've played different iterations on this game on and off throughout the years, and theyve kept me coming back for more and more punishment, however this is the first time I can say that ive beat the first boss! Donations coming soon! Keep up the awesome work!!!
This is not a walk in the park game. I was only able to win as a Wizard. All other attempts failed. With other characters i was unable to use upgrade gear because it's cursed. I drank all potions to finally be able to identify them.
Amazing game. I have been playing this game for a few days and I am absolutely addicted (the good kind). The game is so engaging and fun. The lingo is kinda intimidating at first but very easy to learn. Very much D&D vibes. --I would donate money if I could.-- Edit: I'm now a shattered supporter, $25 well spent.
This game seems pretty confusing to me at first but slowly i was able to grasp the game's concept and have no problem with it anymore. Now i have played about 100+ games and find the game really interesting. But i really hope u guys can stop having random monsters popping out whenever we are paralysed. Just now i was really closed to the final stage, but i was accidentally paralysed by the gas and monsters just pop out suddenly attacking me non stop and i can't do anything about it (frustrating)
Its kinda hard because at first you will not know what are you going to do and if you die you can not save your level and location you will just restart to level one its kinda boring if you fight the same enemy over and over again right
Shattered Pixel Dungeon is in almost all respects the finest Pixel Dungeon variant ever created, and the developer is a great guy to boot. It shines in every area, from interface to graphics to Gameplay. But beware: SPD is extremely difficult. Lack of food & healing methods are the worst fault + the many nasty monsters who will sap you cruelly. SPD is, in two words: very hard! Addictive and super-fun but frustratingly, terribly difficult and no save feature. Still, SPD gets an A for effort.
I've played many of the roguelike, and more specifically pixel dungeon games. This one right here is the best I've come across. ShatteredPD is more immersive to me than the others. The talent system, the wider variety of items, and the catalogs make this version really stand out. Cheers to the developer. You took something great, and made it epic!
One of, if not the best roguelike on the market. Beautiful design, fantastic and enthusiastic dev team, endless fun. Bit of a learning curve to start, it took me a lot of playing before I even reached the first shop but I've now been playing this for years and it remains challenging and fun. Still being updated constantly with new details and interesting enemies, items, and encounters. Brilliant job guys
This game is fun and very intense. You must be aware of absolutely anything. But too hard that i always got killed, specifically, on the 3rd boss. This is indeed a good game.
Man this game is one of the best mobile games I have ever played( I haven't played that many to be honest). Right now there are only three things I can think of that the game sorely needs: • Reworking and balancing out some of the talents • more music • Satisfying endings There are some more things too but they aren't that necessary compared to what I said previously imo. Once this game has these I don't really think it would need much more. This game seriously deserves more downloads.
Incredibly fun pixel art game to play. I played the previous version I'm pretty sure but looking at and playing this new one, I see that they've added a couple more items and improved the map generation. Highly recommend getting this, and it's in my favorites among other games like Soul Knight and BTD 6
the most addictive game I have played....you can play from a couple of minutes but don't be surprised if an hour or two goes by....and has that just one more go feel....it is regularly updated and added to.....and has a lot more depth than if first appears....
Shattered is better than the standard Pixel Dungeon in every aspect. It's still updated regularly, with so many great new features. The game remains free, and has no ads at all! Unlike the majority of games on Google Play these days, it's actually fun and isn't loaded with in-app purchases. The game hardly uses any storage space in comparison to other games, and I can play for very long while hardly using any of my phone's battery. There's so much more to say, but I've ran out of space.
This game is amazing! It is fun yet challenging, i just beat the first boss, and it was fantastic, definitely recommend if your looking for a game that is hard and a fun rouge-like dungeon crawler.
The definitive version of pixel dungeon. If you've played pixel dungeon before, or you're just starting now, this is the version you want. So many more items, quality of life improvements, and No item degrading!! Shattered is so much better then the original that I sometimes forget Shattered isn't the original. The other mods like sprouted, and yet another pixel dungeon are good, but if you want something that is close to the original, while improving everything about the original, get Shattered
Even though I've checked all my equipment, enemies attack me a bunch of times randomly in one turn. Fix this. And also add a easy normal and hard mode
This is a fantastic game. I have played many of the pixel dungeon mods, several extensively. This version is head and shoulders above all others. I just downloaded it to my wife's phone - the 3rd device I have it on so I always have access in case my two devices are not available. every game is unique. many friends and. coworkers have takdn it up and are voracious players as well. great fun to compare dungeon runs. never the same. always entertaining
It feels like there's a fun game buried in here somewhere... Update: I found the game :D I never gave up on the game and before I knew it, a solid weapon carried me through the first boss and beyond. The issue is learning the way the game is meant to be played and it's not intuitive and you may not agree with some of it, but you have to adapt to the game. There is a lot of craft here and the game deserves it's high review scores even though it likely rubs most people the wrong way at first.
So while I've been playing RPGs since the C64, I've never played one where you couldn't save your progress. I still don't actually understand how one can beat the game without having hours and hours of straight game play with no break. That being said, I am starting to realize that it takes time to learn, it is not a straightforward run-through. I've talked to gamer friends and most of them love it. So I will keep trying. :)
I am a returning player who played the original version of Pixel Dungeon, and I must say that this Shattered version really enhanced the game. It gives many new additions that really suit the game and make the game even better. There are new helpful features that will come in handy during the players' adventure, epic new illustrations that add to the immersiveness of the game, and even a fair amount of new dungeon contents that make the game more challenging and fun! Great job and thanks, devs!
For me I'll give it 10/10 perfect star I'm a gamer of all the games I've play online mmorpg, survival or other games this one is the best I've play for hours and it's challenging I love it I finished the game.great game dev can you add more maps dungeon
A great game! But the game's difficulty is so racked against the player that I can't even reach floor 3-4 or so. It's still a great game. Although the characters are a bit inconsistent - the archer is the only one with substantial skill with the infinite arrows while the rest are well uh, weak. And thank you for continuing to improve the game! I'll update this review if this is made better.
High stars!? To difficult. The game says to level up before going deeper, but this is a way to starve far to easily, making grinding for levels impossible with very little food to find. Just about every item I find is unidentified making it impossible to know which scroll even identifies and which ones will be completely wasted, including potions And tell me how the hell to raise strength if leveling up doesnt do the trick!? Oops, cant gain benefits from any new equipment. Game gets old fast.
Really great. But also I hate it so much. It's a lot of fun but incredibly unforgiving. I do wish there was a way to save your progression, maybe after each boss. Its so hard to get to and past the slime boss and to die the level after makes me so frustrated that I wasted time and effort.
One of the most challenging, frustratingly inviting, and emotionally capturing games you can play for free. The amount of skill and forward planning required makes this game fun and exciting to play over and over even if you lose 100s of times. It'll feel impossible at first but just stick with it and you'll understand.
Takes some runs to understand things, such as whats important, Though - any gamer thats a quick draw should enjoy the fast paced Clutch moves or item use it takes to unlock the 4 classes - which all have ind.talent tree's, Truly fun an worth some jam-time, Ive personally like the Mage Wands start wep or Rouge Ghost Cloak that grows with use which is epic ha.. Also it saves very nicely even during quick slide closes which impressed me few times!
I write very few reviews. But this one deserves it. I stumbled upon it while searching. This is by far the most amazing game i have played. You got diversity, different weapons and much more. After playing this i researched a bit and settled on this. There are many like this but they lack. They do not update or lack content. The best thing is there is no pay wall. Many games are ruined because of this. You can check the main one if you want but i truly enjoy this one. Keep up the good work.
I've been playing the original base game for years now. There has been so many improvements in shattered pixel dungeon! I absolutely love the new art and features. (Thank you for getting rid of durability!!!) So much has been added and it stays true to the original game. New enemies, new skills, new items and so much more. I appreciate the attention to detail. Streamlining the search feature was genius. Thank you for the work you've put into this project. It really shows.
Great roguelike game. My fav pixel dungeon. Dev have been supporting this game for so long. Thank you and I hope for the best for you!
Day one review of playing, simple and challenging game so far. No noticeable bugs and fun for a rogue like. thank you for not having any adds so far.
The best one out of the bunch! I see alot of comments complaining how hard it is but fail to see that that is the fun part of the game. I died exactly 157 times to finally beat the game, and when I did it felt hella satisfying. I don't have much complaints other than when you beat the game it unlocks challenges. I'm a perfectionist and I've been trying to beat the game with all the challenges turned on with rogue but it's just infuriatingly impossible unless maybe you're using Mage(Warlock)
Very fun balance of chance, strategy and adventure. I really enjoy these type of exploration games. One thought for an improvement would be adding difficult quests with rewards into the game mechanics
Hi, im not sure if this is intentional but if you examine a chest thats a mimic it has a health bar also when you go into a room with a mimic in it and then leave the mimic dissappears whereas normal chests stay visible
Addicting gameplay loop, great pixel art, difficult but satisfying learning curve, TONS of updates with continued love. Can't ask for something better in the roguelike phone genre. 10/10
Brutally difficult but absolutely fair; the ramp-up is handled very well. Every successful run requires using everything you've gathered along the way. The support from the developer is top-notch. My favorite of the PD games.
Great game! My only negative is that to win the higher bosses it's more about healing potions and less about tactics or strategy.
Worth playing. Not a single ad and it's been really fun so far. Haven't gotten bored like I usually do with most games. It doesn't feel repetitive at all.
Freaking amazing game. I love that it's not a pushover type game. You will most likely die some amount of times. But all while learning more and making it further everytime.
This game is so good , but so bad at the same time... Character have an IQ of a freaking banana about traps , and sometimes game let you jump in a hole instead of taking dumb stairs. DONT PUT TRAPS WHERE THERE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ONE! Especially like this.
This game is phenominal! I use to play this back in 2015, and even tho some weapons have been nerfed and new enemies make it hard to...live, it still has its glory it did back then. And NO ADS, might I add!!! This game isnt for the people who rage easily...this has become a very complex game, despite it's simple design. Took me about a week to understand everything, but i am great at it now! Thank you for making this game!! A little help for the game, please consider donating for more content!!
One of the most consistent and replayable games on mobile. I've jumped from Soft to Vanilla to Sprouted to this, and I can confidently say this us the best version out there. I've been playing this for years, and the updates keep making it better and better. Keep up the good work!
Brilliant! No ads and no microtransactions, which is really hard to find in a mobile game, but on top of that, it's just fun! Finally defeated the first boss after about a dozen playthroughs and it feels pretty great. Improving and learning are very rewarding in this game, and the different characters feel balanced and interesting in their strengths and weaknesses. Not sure what gold does, though. Don't be discouraged if you die a lot - just keep at it! 'Tough but fair' - you can do it!
A massive improvement over the original, which was already a masterpiece in its own right. The game is truly free, not just free to start, and does not have any annoying ads or in app purchases. The developer has continued to support it with updates, even after all these years. Other games might be flashier, but this is a must-play classic whose simple presentation belies its depth and complexity.
Would be 5 stars, and I'd rate it 4.9 if I could. The only issues are a bit of UI/control issues, as well as an unhealthy amount of RNG and unbalanced items. Some items are borderline *required* to do well, like the food horn, and some are completely outshined to the point of borderline uselessness, like the root sandals. Why would I want armor that only works standing still when I can stop time or travel through walls? Oh, and knowing what each staff bonus did for battle mage would be nice.
I was more into the OG Pixel Dungeon at first, but this one has definitely grown on me like the grass from a wand of regrowth. I really enjoy the new updates, and as always it is just an incredibly well crafted game, that doesn't require you to pay a cent to own at it. Keep it up Evan!
Addictive from the start I started by just giving it a try before I knew it I ended up sinking in roughly around almost 12 hours of game time and I wasn't sure if I wanted to stop it has good game mechanics and although it's easy to die as you get a hang of it it eventually becomes easier you start forming a strategy good luck fellow players I know I hope I have some LOL
It's a great game it's fun and I can play it forever, but omg please make the snakes easier to kill, I had ful armor and full health with a good sword and I missed every hit on the snake and died. Love the game though.
I have played the majority of the Pixel Dungeon mods and this by far my favorite. The dev continues to add more features and the game is punishing without feeling unfair. Awesome game and keep up the great work!
a fun little roguelike, the stat requirement for gear is too unforgiving at times, you'll always have a lot of gear that you just cant use, which is frustrating considering there I only one stat, if there was a more reliable way of increasing it(leveling up, or maxing out perks) alot of the early game frustration would be resolved.
probably a bug, but the recent update saved my life. i left off a few days ago almost dead and refusing to lose and came back to full health. amazing game though, i love the progress ive gotten to see in this project
Really enjoyable and addictive but since the new update whenever i try jumping into the chasm my game crashes and i lose my data just letting you know its also low battery drain so i can play for hours and only lose about 20-30%
When I played this game after a huge update (update when alchemy became a thing) I was really confused at first. But this is still my favourite game and I'm happy to see it improves almost all the time. PS Throwing weapons sucks: 1) weapon deals low damage 2) upgrading them has no sense, (you can loose upgraded weapon(!) in dangerous area) 3) Stone of blast/Wands/Bombs/Tipped Darts usually do the job (unlike other ranged options)
Arguably the best pixel dungeon with constant updates and improvements. The only problem the game has is that it's way too overwhelming and aggressive, demanding near perfection from the player. even the warrior is underpowered to take the weakest enemy head on and playing defensively is punished with the monsters tracking your location almost perfectly all the time and surround you regularly , forcing you to use your healing items , often leading to a slow yet arguably guaranteed death.
The game is very fun and surprisingly difficult with a very steep but fair learning curve. Unfortunately the rouge character seems to be bugged as I can't unlock it despite meeting the unlock requirements several times over. He requires 10 surprise attacks and Its quite easy to perform over 20 of them before the 4th floor. I've even kept count and only counted attacks that were 100% a surprise attack given that the enemy presented a ! sign above its head meaning it hadn't seen me yet. Please fix
Amazingly good game. Great RPG concepts. Off-line. No ads. No p2w. Simple. Great replay value due to the randomisation of levels.
If I ever find who's responsible for leaving so #×@% many cursed weapons and items laying around... they WILL receive a sword to the gut!!!😡😡 (But seriously... this is such a great throwback game - in the vein of the old Ultima series - it's almost too good to be true. Engrossing and highly recommended!)
Easily the best roguelike I've ever played -- and I've played many! Its smart, challenging game mechanics require you to explore and fight with intelligence in order to succeed. It has a deep item and crafting catalog, and procedurally-generated dungeons makes every game different, which gives you endlessly unique adventures. Its well-designed interface and combat mechanics offer fast-paced and entertaining adventures. Truly the perfect pocket-sized phone game, and totally addictive!
Great game, love it I've been playing for a long time now and even though I'm not the best and cant beat lvl 2 boss, it's great the difficulty it balanced. Also no in app purchases and ads is just something that you really dont see in today's games. Once you learn the strategies to meet goals in game you feel accomplished and proud devs did a awesome job cant wait for full release. Recomend it, though it's not for everyone it's a good game give it a try. Devs you put alot of effort into this thx
Easily one of the best rogue-lites on the store currently. The gameplay is real challenging and can seem almost impossible at first, but the game has many hidden mechanics that can help you towards the end, you just need to find them and understand them. A lot of replayability, constant updates, and best of all; no microtransactions or ads. There's an option to support the development which i sure will be doing considering the amount of time I've put into this.
I really love this Rogue game, best Rogue game i've ever played to be honest i also reccomend adding multiplayer so the game will be more enjoyable ❤❤❤ -> Edit: There's also a glitch when you have a full items and then tried to buy in the shop then shoot the shop keeper the item that you tried to buy will stay
It's a good game but it's way to difficult plus recently I had an ankth blessed and when I went to fight the level 10 boss it killed me but the ankth didn't revive me it activated and I lost it but it didn't revive me I still died instantly so I'm pretty ticked off at the game rn
Haven't played such a fun and challenging game in a long while. Looking at the dislikes, I see that 90% of them are from the people who are to lazy or to stupid to put real effort into a game which requires more than mindless tapping and scrolling to play. Just to illustrate how challenging the game is, it took me somewhere around 100 tries to beat it and the winning run lasted for more than 2 hours, but it felt so satisfying to finally beat it because the effort put in realy paid off.
I love this game and it gets pretty addictive, but somehow as a casual gamer I always feel weak compared to the dungeon. I'd say all the classes are glass cannons but even a weaker enemy melts the warrior's health down. I would love to see a developments system, like levels outside the dungeon so you become stronger and stronger, rather than every run becoming tedious after the 50th death.
Fun game. Definitely challenging so stick around for a bit and you will enjoy it more. Your character learns more about the game as a you go along.
Has definitely changed from before, it's far much more intuitive and challenging now, but not impossible to the point of needless RNG. Give it a try!
Ridiculously difficult... I've played 30-40 rounds and can't get past the 3rd floor (crabs) even after reading the hint guides and using the "strategies" they recommend... The only way to identify potions and scrolls is to use them... which means you basically have to waste them... in all those games I've never found a strength potion so I've never been able to use an upgraded weapon or armor... I enjoy challenging games, but this is just stupid... maybe give it adjustable difficulty settings?
The best game on mobile, free, no ads, no microtransactions or mobile style points, very high replayability, strong time tested mechanics, lots of content, very quick to get into and out, short or long session compatible, casual or hardcore. I'd wager it's the perfect mobile game.
Hands down the best pixel dungeon variant. Very good balance between challenge and variety. Of course great replayability and skill mastering cap. Used to play the vanilla, if you want to start, this is a good option but also for the experienced player maintains its fun. This game is meant to be learnt through trial and error so don't go furious if you die on the first floors. Its rewarding as you learn to progress. (WARNING⚠️ VERY ADDICTIVE!)
An excellent mod for a great challenge, I would like to see the additional classes from remixed make it into shattered, my only problem is that your character seems to be stupid and will willingly walk into a poisonous plant unless you hold his hand and guide him around it unlike other PD mods, other than that it's an amazing game and provides more strategic options and less rng luck based systems, which I love!
Pretty fun Roguelike so far! I enjoy that I am not getting blasted with ads every level (there are none at all!)
Its ok but the strength requirement on all gear is annoying. Every char starts 10 str and leveling does not increase, only potions and one ring increase it. Most of the gear you find you cannot use for a long time. Every run you are hoping to find the str ring to dump upgrade scrolls into just to be able to equip what you find. Huge flaw I think.
One of the better, more fleshed out Pixel Dungeon mods out there. Does a great job of explaining the core mechanics, as well as their own additions to the game.
I normally can't stand dungeon crawlers. This game has changed that. Since playing I've looked for others but cannot find one that I enjoy as thoroughly. You've done an exceptional job, especially as a solo developer! Please keep it up good sir!
Great work making a great game even better. I loved the simplicity of the original, but this adds way more depth with items, skills and more.
There is a certain charm to the simplicity of this game. I have spent hours tapping away level after level. The sheer frustration of when you die and have to start over is in itself one of the reasons to play the game. This is an amazing work of art and an even more amazing game. 10 out of 10 would recommend.
SPD is the best of the Pixel Dungeon variants in a number of key ways. Having played it over 100 times I can report with some authority that it is a difficult game but once you learn the do's & don'ts it gets better. Have reached player lvl seven and reached dungeon level five at least three times but have yet to beat the boss. Big learning curve, but overall SPD is one of the greatest if not the greatest PD variant. Kudos to the developer for all the cool updates/features he keeps adding.
This game is simply amazing! Thanks devs, for such an awesome game. It's a bit frustrating at first but once you figure things out- you get absolutely hooked, for all the good reasons: interesting levels, vicious mobs, and cool loot! And the marketing model is nice , I wish more games would go for that, no annoying ads that make you buy the full version, you get the full version straight away, enjoying it- feel free to donate! Would rate it a 100 if I could. Thx devs you're awesome!
The game is pretty hard to get into with all the weird mechanics, but it's pretty fun, yes you will die, multiple times, but after you get the hang of the game, it will become really enjoyable
2nd review. Still getting lvl18 gear before I've left the first level!? Then die a few levels down. It's becoming like ground hog day to see how far down you can make it. Not a long term character building game. Just another "see how far you can get" toilet playing game as that the time length before starting again. Love the game style... Just not a long term keeper for me.
I've been enjoying roguelike games for about five or six years I am impressed with the effort put into this game thus far. roguelikes are not for everybody so it is a bummer that the overall rating of this game is skewed by people that don't appreciate this type of game. I have just defeated the first boss but we'll update my feelings on the game as I play more I'm sure there is a way to communicate with the developer about ways to enhance or improve the game but so far so good.
I've sunk a lot of hours into several Pixel clones. This one is by far the best one. No ads, and the in-app purchases available are ONLY donations. As far as mobile games go, this one is easily one of my favorite. Easy to pick up and understand, tactical, lots of variety and options, I could go on and on. 5 out of 5 out of 5.
Though I can't offer monetary suppot, I can review the game. It's honestly one of the best mobile games I've played in a really long time. It's ad free, and the micro-transactions aren't pay-to-win based and ad. The interface is very user friendly, and not unpleasant to look at. Nor is the character art. Honestly, I'll take some time to just look every once in a while. The characters are also all unlockable, and very in their play styles. Aweosme game, devs! Will definitely recommend to friends!
This is a really fun game with lots of replay value. I started with the vanilla version almost 10 years ago and then found Shattered a couple of years later. I've tried all of the offshoots and Shattered is by far my favorite. The updates also add a lot to the replayability. I highly recommend this game!