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Shatterbrain - Physics Puzzles

Shatterbrain - Physics Puzzles for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Orbital Nine Games located at 989 Nelson Street, Suite 510 Vancouver, BC, Canada V6Z 2S1. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ads: (Edit) Not just ads, but long, loud, unskippable ads that are designed in a way to make it difficult to close them. They also violate Google Play guidelines: you are required to make every page in your app able to descend to the main menu with the native Back button, but your ads do not support this feature. Also, if you complete a level and THEN an ad pops up and you close the game, your progress is reset to the previous level. It only makes sense to have unskippable ads for the hints
Not as good as Brain it on, though it still is fun. I don't like that you need to have a perfect record before moving to the next level screen, and don't feel like subduing to even more ads to do so. You're even forced to it seems for the last 2 screens. Got about halfway, I think I'll stop there. Was a fun 20 minutes anyways.
Very interesting in making you think outside the box...as it turns out, various shapes and strategies will work...but maybe not get the optimum results of three stars AND the fastest time...the desire to be the best in both can yeild over and over retrying and honing what works...and what maybe doesn't work...until it does
It is soo fun, the only drawback is that you are forced to watch ads anytime you want to get a hint... Which is very inconsiderate of the persons data being used, on your dime... they dont care how much data you use up just watching the same ads over and over again. Otherwise it's challenging, makes you think, not too hard, yet not too easy either unless you think about it....
My father told me this puzzle game and he also plays it when I download it there were many stupid and easy puzzles now my father in on the last puzzle which is different and difficult
It's ok. It is tedious most of the time though cause the puzzles aren't that difficult you just have to get the shape just right to get it which means you have to try again and again. On that same note there are times when you will draw practically the exact same shape and it will behave differently for whatever reason then you'll have to retry again until you get it perfect. Like I said gets to be tedious.
Ok at first, until you realize there are some boards that are near impossible to get 3 stars, which you need to make it to the next set of levels. I believe that it's intentionally impossible and no skill or strategy can clear the board so that you'll watch 30 second ads or buy. Even with the hint (that tells you exactly what to draw) it was impossible not to hit the black boxes, which is an automatic loss. Concept is cool, but nothing new
Tried to unlock next area with an ad, every time I try to do it the app just closes. The agreement is you get more ad revenue, and I don't have to get a perfect 3 stars in every level. I gave you your ad revenue, but the levels are still locked, which means you didn't come through on your end of the deal, which means poor review for you.
decent game for the first hundred levels. after that, it turns into "its technically possible to win" play it for a bit, then quit before you get frustrated at how padded out the game is with levels that take hundreds of attempts to get the shapes just right, and even then if luck isnt on your side, youll be trying a hundred more times. if the developers could make a video of them beating each level in a decent time, i might be less inclined to blame them for trying to make it too hard
Very nice game, but also very buggy. 1 out of 5 levels I will crash randomly. Also there is forced ads. Would recommend but that was a lie I wouldn't.
Simple, fun game that makes you think. This game is very creative and I can play 2 levels or 20 if I have the time. I really like this game and have no problems with ads because I BOUGHT IT. Come on people, try the free/ads mode, but if you like it enough to keep playing BUY IT! Even game designers need to make a living.
I installed it yesterday... I'm at level 108...it keeps closing out on me. I would like to keep it but it's frustrating.
I really like this game. However because of my inability to earn recommended stars I cannot move forward.
Love this game it is very addicting and challenging as an engineer I get to use my skills and mind I'm a way that is practical for me
This is a very fun and interesting physics puzzle game. However there is one serious drawback. You can only advance to the next stage if you score 3 stars on every level. This means you have to play level 187 until you vomit, or uninstall and find another game. In their similar game, brain-it-on, you can have the occasional imperfect score and still advance. That is beneficial, especially when some levels are just annoying.
Game is pretty great, ad vids for clues is a superb idea to challenge the player and also feels like a bet for the creators beating the player.. I live the game. However, could you please displace the view of what goes on under our finger?? Like a magnifying glass right above the finger? Sometime it is more difficult than it should just because you can't see what goes on under a large fat thumb 😂
Challenging yet fun! I'm not a fan of stressful games when I relax so this app is great! No time limits, try as often as you want or need to, ads only appear when you advance or need hints. It's all about basic physics. Try it out & you'll become hooked as challenges become more difficult!
It's bloody brilliant! Solving these puzzles always feels like brain time well spent. I'm sure it's making me smarter.
I liked the concept of this game and enjoyed the puzzles I played. I've gotten to a level that has an obvious solution, but due to the way it's set up is basically reliant on luck, which is really boring. As well as that, I looked at unlocking the next levels which requires 3 stars on every level. The developer has replied to similar comments, but fails to understand that there is no purpose to a star system like that, just have completed/not completed.
So... Uhh... I had this problem where my screen blacked out. It just crashed. Also, I have Google Play Pass, but I still got ads? And I can't even purchase PREMIUM? (Which should also be free becausr of play pass) Please fix this. I really do enjoy this game though. Good work!
it's great and cool somtimes it crash and put me out of game i took 3 stars for all levels but didn't unlock page 2 step 46
Too many long ads keep you waiting. So much that when each one pops up, I set the phone down and come back a few minutes later. Don't they realize the length of these ads conditions players to put the phone down so you never watch the ads. the game is great but the ads mean I put the phone down for about half the time I'm playing. Shorten the ads.
ORIGINAL & CREATIVE, uniquely fun puzzle game!! Very addictive way to pass time (quickly) while exercising the brain's problem-solving skills. Amazing layout & animations with gameplay that utilizes life-like physics of gravity and cause & effect. I love, love, LOVE this game!!!
you have to get 3 stars on *every single level* in order to progress. whats the point of having a star system if you need them?
the physics are strange, and it crashes often, but it's kinda great for passing time, and the ads aren't jarring. it's a good trial and error game
Enjoyable fun, not too expensive to buy the game. Physics based game. Meaning the puzzles are based in all the normal forces you know and love. Gravity and momentum will get you. The twist is, the way you solve. It is up to you. There is no set solution. This is well done, I'm only in an hour and I bought the game. Usually I'm on steam, I hope to see a PC version.
Great game! Runs fine on my phone. Ads are not obtrusive, and only run once in a while, and when you ask for hints.
A pretty fun game. It's good for when you've got some free time or if you're waiting on something and need a distraction. I'd recommend it to puzzle lovers. Only issue I have is that some of the puzzles are a little annoying even when you figure them out. Bit of a reflex challenge as well as a thinker. Other than that it's good.
i think the game has wayyyyyyyy too many ads ven for a free game. remember. angry birds made a fortune with a minimal/average amount of ads. the game will do even better with a minimal amount of ads for a free game. aside from that, the game definitely makes you think about how to navigate the puzzles. all in all not bad. cool music too, just try to reduce the ads. they aren't needed anyways
I've had this game now for about two and a half years and it makes you think outside of the normal 'box'....it's a problem solving workout for the head....get this and feed the grey matter....lol. later people......
Dont even bother, it has some entertaining levels. Constantly however levels are extremely vague and unclear, even after getting the hint and trying over 20 times on one level it wont work. Seems like not a lot of thought went into the levels when the solution wont work.
Fun and challenging game that needs a little creativity in your solutions at times, and also the occasional bit of lick. Ads are on the more obtrusive side.
Fun, but some of the puzzles are a little wonky and random. Also, the star system is pointless, because you need 3 stars in every level to advance to the next section.
Still working through first few levels, but, like Brain it on, this is great!! Got to think and puzzle it out! Awesome
Played every current level of this before rating, I loved it. Some levels were very easy and some took a little time to figure out. I used only 1 hint and that was the ONLY ad I seen. Game seemed to lock up and shut down a time or two, but other than that everything was good. Highly recommended to puzzle solvers. Great app, Well done !!! Look forward to more levels. James A.
Fun and challenging at times. There are many puzzles where execution presents the real challenge, even if you know what needs to happen. I alsoappreciate the single purchase to remove ads. I loathe subscriptions for apps. Subscriptions are only appropriate for ongoing services, like Netflix or Google music. To expect a subscription just for a simple app like so many are (ex: ES File Explorer 🤬) is greedy and I'll refuse out of principle. Take note, devs.
I love this game! Working in the last three achievements now. Questions for the developer: for "lord of destruction," is there any way to see how many objects have been destroyed already? And for the "below the goal," is that for 50/75 distinct puzzles under the goal? If so, how can I tell which puzzles I've already finished under the goal? Thanks for a great game!
My friend told me about this game because i showed him 'brain it on' (awesome game). This game keeps stopping. I can't get to the second page. I clear the first group of puzzles and then go to watch the ad to get the next thing of puzzles and the games stops or goes to a blank dark screen. I wish it worked it would be cool..... Thanks for the response. I will try it again with your suggestions. I really do like these puzzles. They are challenging and satisfying when you figure them out.
Game is a lot of fun. But even with hint there is 1 level i cant complete at 3 stars. Which wont let me take on the next collection. And if i watch a video ad to unlock collection game just crashes. So i have no way of progressing right now which is a game breaker. Please let us unlock next collections by having bit less stars than total number of perfect runs required as of now
Great concept and execution. My only issues are the fact that the puzzles often require intense precision to beat which is rather unreasonable in my opinion due to the fact that it's a mobile game and precision often cannot be achieved using your fingers on a small screen, unless you have a stylus. My other issue is the fact that certain levels require such a ridiculous amount of luck that it discourages the player from playing the game to get better or build their skills when in the end the levels would rely on pure luck to complete (for example, level 135). Other than that, it's a pretty cool game with lots of potential for more, even better levels.
I've thoroughly enjoyed this game, both from the perspective of gameplay and the beauty of the physics. Levels become increasingly difficult but the hints are helpful when you get stuck. People complaining about ads I believe are being unfair. You watch an ad if you want a tip (fair enough I'd say) and there are occasional ads between levels. Plus you can remove the ads for $2! I mean seriously... what can you buy for $2 that will entertain you this much! Developers need to earn a living!
Great problem solving game. May take you a day or two to solve one puzzle, which is what I like about the game. Challenging, not like brain numbing bang bang games. There are ads but only a few in between levels and if you want hints, that's the price you pay. If you cant find something to do during a 15 second ad, I dont know what to tell you. Hurry with Level 3 please. Thanks
Great concept and really fun. The reason its getting 4 stars is due to higher levels when need the precision you really cant see what your doing. It would be sooooo helpful if they added a little magnify bubble above you're finger to see what your doing. (Like when your highlighting text on Google) It would make this game so much easier to handle.
Personally I have no malice against the game. It's fun, but it isn't for me. It's a drawing style game where you draw a shape to hit the different objects. While I do enjoy a physics puzzle game, I draw the line (no pun intended) when drawing is involved. Otherwise the game has a good physics engine and is an overall decent game
It has potential to be much more. It's difficult to understand the object. It took about 5 levels to figure out that you're supposed to avoid any of the black objects with the finger strokes that you create. Would be more fun if you could make lightning bolts or bombs or maybe some cooler graphics. It looks like it was made back when ping came out.