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Shark Simulator

Shark Simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Big Baja Apps located at Estadio 1 Fracc. Estadio 82123 Mazatlan, Sinaloa. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'm 8 I thought it was a cool game a couple minutes later blood everywhere. I was like I'm gonna be sick blood guts and other things I cried because its that gross. I used to like sharks but now I'm having nightmares about it killing me and my guts come out. Like of jaws the movie. Cries 😥😦😨😖😞😵🙇💘💘💘💔
You can swim on land and people dont even run they just stand. When i attacked a boat the people flew on top.of water ya that is correct they dont sink
It is so good why do people hate this game sometimes I don't know but you should really download it it's very good so it's a very good game you should very much download it don't think it's bad it actually works for me my phone type is Samsung Galaxy Avant
Graphics not that bad. But is real glitchy... Good idea but please work on graphics and make more things to do.. Like go underwater!
Funny game the haters just don't get it why he made this game I like it plus the haters proboaly did not play it.😊✋👍👍👍👍👍 ✌ see ya peice
This game is garbage. All you get to do is move the shark or jump! Laaammmeeee. When you hit the people, all they do is explode. Don't install! You will be very disappointed if you install. Please fix bugs too. And add more to the game. Then maybe I'll change to 5 stars. But right now,1. I'm uninstalling it now.
I was expecting fun game where you live the life of a brutal, but comedic, shark, I couldn't even play the game because an add would keep popping up! Huge Letdown
Like the missions are hard and it's kind of inappropriate to get a shark game that sharks eat humans and graphic blood and all that stuff. If you get this game be seriously prepared! :-P
When I read all the reviewers notes I did not see any good ones never get this app why did they make it ????:(
This game is so broken its not even funny do not download this If you do it's very hard to play. When I press forward it makes me go backwards the physics on horrible and this game should be to took it off the app store
Its a crap game with way too many bugs. And whats with all this 5 year old stuff??? IF YOU DONT WANT YOUR CHILD TO PLAY THIS GAME. (No idea why you would want to) THAN UNINSTALL IT. ITS NOT THE GAMES FAULT ITS YOUR FAULT FOR BEING A BAD PARENT. (Why would a 5 year old have a iphone anyway????????)
I played for 30 no wait 10 seconds and i deleted no underwater no running away staying on land timer this sucks
I hate this game that even my family and cousin's and friends hate this game and the controls are bad that when your on land It looks like your swimming on land once again bad controls and the shark is so fast that you can NOT control the shark! Dumb game
OH NOES MY 3 MONTH YEAR OLD DAUGHTER PLAYED THIS GAME AND NOW THEY HAVE NIGHT MARES BLAH BLAH BLAH it's a great GAME really I don't know why everyone hates it. This is how it works in real life, what'd u expect ┐( ̄~ ̄)┌
I saw a heap of hate sO I gave an extra star to boost your confidence it has a few bugs but it's real good
This is AWESOME! So cool your dream become a shark or you want to play shark game you can play here so come now with me play with me so come here and join the game now.
Worst fame ever! I mean I am obsest with sharks ,but I know I know... I'm only 7 and in animal books I kiss the shark's... I love sharks ,but hate this sum game!
Ruby Eubanks, that's on you for even downloading the app. You knew there'd be violence, so why did you download the app with a 5 year old around? -.- SMH. Apart from that, cool app :')
I never got to experience it because an ad kept on popping up so I had to immediately delete the app. Still very mad.
Too gory for kids.Irresponsible [email protected] adults thinking its awesome for their kids.Another thing, the controls are rubbish. Uninstalling it.
Hate it its horrible when u kill people not just blood come out guts do to dont download it its not nice
How do to move the shark? I can't figure it out it only looks around it won't move forward or backwards. Help! I downloaded this for my son m he's driving me crazy cuz we can't figure it out!!!!
Its funny how you knock people out of their boats and as soon as they fall out into the ocean they just lay flatly on top of the water stiffly. They look like Kid from soul eater when he fainted
Why does everyone hate these games? It's SUPPOSED to be crazy and messed up! But, no, when it's a GOAT, it's totally awesome! ...YES, THAT WAS SARCASM.
A time limit worst game ever you are the worst game developer ever I mean really why would you make a time limit .
Get off the play store. Money grabbers for a terrible lookin' and animating game. Just ew. You should be ashamed. Don't download!
That's not a result of bad gaming, it's a result of bad babysitting,... And for the review: good game but lots of glitches I love the game please fix glitches and bugs
The creators of this must have liked to see people die with a lot of blood. I don't see why anyone would create this. Imagine if you gave this app to 100,000 five year olds... Then what do you think would happen? There is no point of this app. I tried it out because I thought it might be cool but apparently you go around as a shark murdering people and lots of blood. I hope that no younger kids play this game. There should be a warning for little kids that play this like "this app is very gruesome at times"
However, you ARE overlooking the main things sharks do: eat fish and swim. Not eat people. Definitely graphic. And just bizarre.
Seriously the shark can swim on the beach it won't be able to breath and u have to knock trees down on level 1 I love sharks but not this game
To people saying things like: "this isnt for kids! My five year old plays this and this has so much blood and blah blah blah," no. Just no. Its a game where you simulate a shark. What do you expect? And by the way, I could name off 10 games right now that have ten times more blood than this game. Im sick and tired of video games being attacked like this! To the developers: Good work! Its a fun time waster! I sat for a good 25 minutes just swimming around and tearing stuff up! Keep up the good work!