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Shadowverse CCG for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Cygames, Inc. located at 東京都渋谷区南平台町16番17号 住友不動産渋谷ガーデンタワー15F. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

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Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a good game but mb they do need give more rewards for beginner player cause beginner only get 50 packs for the first time and its hard for those 50 packs convet into one good deck.
The game will be boring real quick if you don't get the card with dramatic effect to play with in a short time.
The game is awesome but whenever I take too long on making decks the loading part whenever i save the deck takes so long that i have read a whole chapter on a book and it will still be loading.
Difficulty level is randomly off the roof or ridiculously easy. It's killing the fun for me. I uninstalled.
I haven't even played the game yet, but it has a MANDATORY 630ish MB tutorial, IMMEDIATELY after you are forced to hit "ok", you have to download THE ACTUAL GAME DATA FOR AN ADDITIONAL 2.1 GB... This is absolutely a trash introduction and making me want to uninstall without even playing it
No idea ehy this only has 3.9 stars tbh thats so not correct Been playing for maybe 4 years now, and its great. Legitemately phenomenal story, so many fun decks; its just great.
It's a good game but don't ever spend your money on it. Especially to get crystals for packs. Their pack opening logic is so screwed up it's not funny. So yeah good free to play game. This is a DEFINITELY not the game you want to spend money on to advance your gameplan or build competitive decks. Edit: purchased 70 packs and didn't get a single legendary. Uninstalled and calling my bank to dispute the charge. Biggest ripoff ever.
Class can have as much or as little effect on your card choice as you want. I have nearly 1000 wins with Bloodcraft and my next highest is Runecraft at 35.
Devs are incompetent. How they do balancing around the cards are very ridiculous. There are also classes that are 99% of the time favored across many expansions like Forest and Rune. Meanwhile other classes are left with janky mechanics and overly weaker than other classes, especially the afore-mentioned 2. Any formats are horrible to play with because the devs are just lacking the brain capacity to improve them.
Can't login due to Network error bug. Neither wifi not data works. Clearing cache doesn't help either.
I would like this game more, if it wasn't more like heartstone, with it's updates. It's almost like every time I try to play there's an update. People don't like updates! It force people to play other games. Some people don't have unlimited data. I have to go home to use my wifi, to play a "mobile" game.
i think forcing 40 cards is too many, i would prefer 40 to be the max and 20 the minimum. having lots of cards gives variety but can cause you to get cards that aren't wanted yet, 20 makes it easier to do specific things like use spells more. and i don't like that you start with 1 energy at the start of matches, would prefer to start at 3.
This is the best ccg of all time to me because it has voice acting such pretty characters but this one little Nick Picks that I have why do some of the characters in the game have Japanese voice acting when most of it is English
I do not recommend this game. It is fun, but unranked, ranked, and arena is filled with experienced players with well built decks. I cant even win a single unranked. It's not a game that newer players are able to become accustomed too, unless they are very lucky with their cards.
Amazing game. The rules are really simple and easy to go along with and the animations are top notch. The only thing i dont like is the balancing between classes. Why is Havencraft so OVERPOWERED?! It shouldnt be fair to heal back to 20 in a few turns after i have just worked hard to get them to 1 Hp. All im asking is to reduce the ammount of healing haven can do.
Best CCG out of close to a dozen I've played over 20 years. Looks simple, but has much more depth than Hearthstone, and Shadowverse is well balanced unlike widely praised progenitor of the genre, MTG. SW seems to employ the "when everything is overpowered—nothing truly is" design. Coupled with minimal amounts of random effects on cards, 40 card deck size and evolution mechanic makes the game extremely fun. It's also far and away the most generous to F2P players.
I've been playing Shadowverse since 2016 and this is the best card game I've played out of the many card games I've tried. Good graphics, interesting story and card updates keep me playing it. This game is easy to play for F2P people.
Free player here. Played for a month before giving a review. I always lose on most matches until I did some searching in the web about guides for newbies. Yes, some paying players may have the advantage but you will be surprised on some free players who won most of the time in pvps. Their investment? Time ofc. I would not be surprised if some prebuilt decks dont come free as the game itself gives you the best experience in terms of, voice acting, fluidity, and graphics. They have a reason
Evryone can have the best desk they want but luck will decide the outcome when two strongest player clash, thats what i like about this game, beside your deck and strats, the part where luck decide the outcome really make u never bored of the game
Idk why some ppl say u need to pay to win,i am a free player so far and i alrdy have lots of legendaries and golds,i made a meta deck(evo sword) and am climbing ranks easily,and i only been playing for 1 month or so,maybe u guys just need to know how to play and direction a card game,u cant just go all over the place and blame the game,pick 1 deck and focus on it as a start.
I used to love this game. But now, the NPCs take so long to decide that half the time I abandon the storyline or a practice match because I have to wait for 5 minutes before the computer finally picks a move. And this usually happens when I was just about to win which is really frustrating😡
Its got better but some improvements arw needed. Some legendary card restriction rules and some card limit rule for some powerful cards may balance the gamplay experience more.
Devs are incompetent. How they do balancing around the cards are very ridiculous. There are also classes that are 99% of the time favored across many expansions like Forest, Rune, and Dragon. I don't hate meta but it's obvious and objective that Forest and Dragon currently have some retarded designed cards. Alas, any formats are horrible to play with anyway because the devs are just lacking the brain capacity and diligence to improve them. Heck, even the match logs are still very uninformative.
Cygames needa to stop add MB to this game pretty soon its going to rival console games for memory usage amazing game, love every bit of it story is great, multiplayer is great(matches within 2 ranks up and 1 down). and best of all buying cards p2p is same odds as f2p, just more of them. and if you have the vials you can create the cards your missing
This is honestly an amazing game the only issue I have is playing matches against paytowin players You can really tell who dumps the most money into the game to get cards when EVERY single card they play is a one of the higher rarity of cards. It is frustrating however I do know I have the ability to do the same and choose not to, and I DO find players every now and then who are on par with my ability to play. So all in all its the best card game out there
ok but the reason I'm giving it 3 stars is that it takes up to much space and it keeps crashing I love the game it's that I can't play it much while its crashing and some times I hart to restart my phone.
Experience of the game can be summed up with how the meta is at that very moment. But getting card packs and building decks are relatively easy so it is free to play friendly. You have scheduled events and collabs once in a while too. Decent game.
Shadowverse is a probably my favorite virtual CCG to date with over 1000 hours on Steam. I've played Hearthstone, MtG Arena, Rage of Bahamut, and avidly played TCG's growing up. For those thinking about getting into the game, if you're a F2P player it is quite possible to have at least 2 competitive decks within a week from clearing Solo content. The game is quite forgiving to new players so long as they're willing to tackle some early grinds. You can get almost $200 in card packs from it! FREE
Incompetent System, in Arena Mode, new players have to play vs high Ranked players. Just lost 5 games, Yeah i know im bad at this games but the game is not giving a chance to get better This game is like Cash in for the Meta Decks so you have a chance to win or GTFO.
This game is completely unbalanced now. New cards have weird design logic. Like, runecraft is supposed to play spells but it just got follower-based (and weak) legendaries + golds? Unlimited is trash now with stupid kill all amulets to spawn big guys trend going on. Even without that, artifact spam that kills ALL tempo decks is still around. Complete disappointment now from a player that has played the game since first expansion. TL;DR: Don't bother with this game anymore.
I had some trouble downloading the game at first. But overall a really great game it's like magic the gathering. TUNS OF FUN
I love this game it's very interesting also it's fun to play we also have to used brain But there is a problem if u don't have jio fibre than it going to be hard for u to download this game and play
Cards are too unbalanced now tenko or seraphim idol don even stand a chance now , cards are too overpowered after more then 14 rounds my card that I need can't even be play out
Love how the game ripped off alot of character designs from legend of the cryptids. Outside that its ok.
Forced rank for resource, that going to be exchange with rng oriented packs that give smaller resource. Remove daily rank wins. Fix unlimited.
Art looks great when you can actually see it, there's some interesting mechanics but it's conveluted more then it needs to be. There's noticable issues with card balance and I'd say they're quickly painting themselves into a corner already, limited formats are also some of the most frustrating games I've played in any ccg, over all the games alright at best, worth a shot it but save your money
I really love the story and letting us play with good decks to try the different ideas and ..... Where is ignis dragon
This game was perfectly fine until the update came and now it won't let me into the game. I'm really loving this game but if this continues I can't be playing it no more.
Honestly this is the most generous TCG game I've played to date with its packs. I've accepted that every game have tier 0 decks and will have to just deal with it. The change from monthly points reward to season pass is unwarranted so still no 5 star.
One of the most free to play games I've ever come across. I don't know why some of the other reviews are saying it isn't. Just by beating the tutorial and clearing the elites you get almost 20 packs. Not including the promotions. Very good game. Highly highly recommend. Gave it 4 stars because it crashes sometimes.
It's ok but the reason I'm giving it 3 stars is that it takes up to much space if that can be fixed and will give it a 5 star.
This is definitely a great game but I think the matching system could improve more especially in unranked matches but it's also good because you don't need to rank up to fight better players. It's always a good experience to fight players that are 2-3 ranks higher than you. Deck building is fun and not frustrating. You can beat ANYONE with ANY deck as long as you have both the IQ and luck. Good luck to every new player!!
I will give you one star for good art that's it the rest are ugly Edit: also I like to say that the PVP system is broken the matches are nothing but luck base if you got good cards an start second you will sweep the opponents with ease and it's not even fair.
Im really enjoying this game, Its free to play friendly and can be played casually or otherwise. Unfortunately.. the clear cache option on the menu deletes all the game data and i have to spend 2gb redownloading it.. Thats been a nuisance otherwise... 4.5 stars
Fun but CPU's seem to occasionally ignore the rules. Example: a card that was just summoned and does not have "Rush" will still attack on its first turn.
Fun game except you can never win any match. Also I bought a deck and I can't even use any of the cards from it. Nice scam guys.
Artwork is too busy for a phone. It would probably be okay on a tablet. I couldn't get the solo campaign to work. I clicked on the blue button after selecting a leader and nothing happened. Many times.
Add more single player stuff. Can't be home doing PVP all the time. Add more single player ways to obtain packs. More dingle player events.
Cannot play the game because I cant choose to not install the tutorial and do not have enough space on my phone. Just have it on the base download if you arent going to give me a choice instead of wasting my time and data.
It's very fun and very generous on the free card packs. It also has beautiful art and the combat style is so fun. I play it for hours, both online and offline.
The best CCG I've seen. Storyline is truly Amazing! Lots of ways to earn packs and cards. Different events to play. Shows winning tournament decks to help you build a good deck. Bad news is the matchmaking in the events are TERRIBLE! if you are new, expect to lose. If you pull off a win or two expect 3 straight matches against former champions. Out of all the players, and me being a low bottom level C2, there should be someone else near my lvl. Will never spend real money because of this.
This used to be good a good game, a good option back when there was no magic arena some of the devs were even magic players I believe, tempo used to matter in this game it many mtg qualities to it that I enjoyed, sadly this game is more Yugi-ish now than mtg-ish. the power creep is also terrible
Game suddenly crashes on startup, been playing for months without any problems, uninstalled and reinstalled the game same issue please fix it
Amazing graphics and storyline. Intense strategy required when deck building. A must have for deck battlers!
A Great game with lots of freebies, challenges, tournaments.. where everything works...and you can play totally for free and with no adds. Impressed!!
Good card game, but i really hope u add a feature where u can display card of different classes on our homescreen coz im the kind of person who stares for hours at good arts, esp the legendary ones And i also wanna display waifus on my homescreen
Great game even if a rambling storyline. Turn base card strategy game. DON'T be tempted to buy expensive card packs, no need, u r supplied with basic packs that u need to play the chapters and can get add on cards with gold u collect...these r sufficient. A tad complex as u need to change avatars to play chapters but this ADDS to the gameplay/strategy. Is tough but if I can do it ;)
F2P-friendly game with a great story mode. Lots of freebies, and easy to make a meta deck. Spectacular animation and battle effects. Con: lots of power creep.
Well although I would like to be able to choose whether I use the ability "burial rite" or "accelerate" instead of automatically doing it it's self this game is genuinely amazing to play
For me this game is The one and only greatest CCG I ever played Very friendly for non spender, in 2 weeks I can have literally 3 meta deck only by playing. As expected from cygames
It is somewhat a Pay to Win game. It was okay at the start, untill you reach a certain part in the Story Mode & get stuck, either you have to be extremely lucky with the draws or duel for almost 20 times to win & They will prompt you to buy Pre-Built decks to garuntee Victory. The Ranked & Unranked Match Making is ridiculous, they pair new players with seasoned players with good decks that will kill you within 10 turns. This has to be fixed.
This game is great for killing time. And have nice art. But unfortunately I as Swordcraft deck main user is disappointed with it's current meta nowadays as Swordcraft deck is always underwhelming while other deck is like too OP. Always encountered shadowcraft Eternal patch meta. Waste of time losing streak.
Fix ur games please, Fun in this game is gone... There is no fun in this game, thank you Also, i'll give this f game *5 if u unnerf Illganeau
Some people think this game is pay2win but the fact is. It's the opposite, it is not pay2win I've been playing shadowverse since long ago and never ever spent any single penny on the crystal purchase for just a card pack, the value of the crystal is the same as the rupees(gold) except crystal can also bu used tobuy skin and some deck, and as for the rupees it can only be used for pack, but hey you can also get a skin from the pack if you're lucky. So I would say shadowverse is f2p friendly 10/10
A very enjoyable card game experience that honestly has the cygames level of quality you would expect from them. Leaders are well animated and the collabs are stupendous. All the info you need to play is always easily accessible in game so you can keep track of the extra numbers with ease.
This game is custom made for weebs. But aside from that its a very well made card game. And no point do you feel like being held back just because you are not spending any money on it. It's extremely generous towards it's players and very beginer friendly as well. It has very interesting and fun game mechanics. Artwork and animations are top tier. And voice acting is just amazing. Honestly I highly recommend it.
After the latest update ingame for the new stuff my game has been constantly loading resource data before logging in which its lasted for a few days now and it loads for 1 to 2hrs and its annoying me cause before i had no issues and i really like this game so if someone from developers can help that would be most appreciated thank you
It seems like a good game but it is simply to big if you are gonna make a game then just have everything in one package dont make people download a lot of 'updates' I dont see why you can't just have it on the actual game this is a problem I see with a lot of games like this where it will say only like 89 mega bites but when you done it's almost like 3 gigabites also it seems like it is pretty complicated and the tutorial does not explain a lot
Losing streak is crazy. I'm dying to win. I like this game so much but it's exhausting to keep up. Please add more events.
current meta guide (2021)... (Too help new players) OUT OF META: swordcraft(best option is storm), bloodcraft(there is an experimental avarice deck) ROUGUE/STILL SEMI VIABLE OLD META: Havencraft(elena), shadowcraft(minthe+silence+hades, anotomy), portalcraft(puppets,artifacts), forestcraft (rhinoroach(natera),rhinoroach(return)) META: Dragoncraft(Zoey, Dagon lord of the seas) Havencraft (anvelt+skullfane+rivayale havencraft legendary, summit temple, ward) Spellcraft(spellboost)
I mean it's fun when your able to play but why not download all the stuff while your tryna play the game instead of taking atleast 2 hours waiting for all that to download other then that it's pretty fun
The game is nice and all, strategic combo and stuff, but getting cards here is the problem, the pack have pretty much random cards with low drop rates. i mean 1.5% for legendary, 0.08% chance for each legendary in a pack to show up which usually not the one you're aiming for, so it's really hard to startup especially on the first couple of months of playing
If you plan on playing this don't expect to win in any of the tournaments unless you've paid for top notch deck so just plan on playing the NPCs. Prime example of a card game that's pay to win.
One of the best Card Games you can play, very fair system, extremely F2P friendly and P2W players have no advantage over F2P players
Hearthstone meets anime! With a more involved story! And awesome artwork! This game delivers everything as advertised and more. Please do give this a game a shot. Controls are very responsive, and the game is relatively easy to pick up. My only (minor) gripe is that it takes up more than 2GB on my phone, but it's more than worth it for all the content you get. Otherwise, the only way is see someone not enjoying is if they don't enjoy card games. Absolutely recommend for anyone and everyone.
I've been playing this game for years now off and on. Game is great and runs smoothly. It can be difficult to build many decks unless you spend money or have been playing for a long time, but overall most players should be able to build at least 2 competitive decks after playing for a few weeks. Story mode is pretty good and every card and character is fully voice acted.
1.mechanic in gameplay is low 2. some card is over powered 3. boring 4. pay to play some events like arena 5. graphic bad 6. any game collaborat with anime is die creat your own characters 7. learn from ur mistakes and build new version or new card game with better ideas and more balance 8. there is some lags 9. make all cards for free it its working in legend of runeterra 10. i hope this game improve to better this is my experience throughout the game and thanks.
First installing, i need to update 650mb for tutorial, 2gb for game, and 650mb more for idk. And Change sound from english to japan, need to patch 366mb, and i change again from japan to english i need patch again 366mb, when i change it from japan to english again, i need to patch 366mb, total i was patch 1098mb just for change sound 😑😑 after i spent 4398mb and what i got? I cannot login, error, and need to re-installing. SERIOUSLY! NOT RECOMMENDED GAME! ALWAYS PATCH JUST FOR N O T H I N G!!
The best card game as far as i found in my whole life, everything is just great. I hope this game could add more options for friends to interact with them such as chatting or friendly match plus friends' online and offline notifications
This is real review for you who like TCG. I find that it is more imbalanced and a very pay to win compared to the brigade sky release (2018) I can easily crush newbie who don't have a good collection of card within 7-10 turn, then I can be easily being crushed by veteran that have better collection (a.k.a legendary card) within 5-8 turn. You have to grind everyday or you have to pay to win, not a nice mechanic for a casual player. Hope that help summary the game.
They doesn't care about balancing the cards anymore. Utterly pay to win where you need many gold & legendary cards to enjoy the game. Then those freebies and daily mission won't give you enough coins to buy them, so you endlessly have to pay quite amount of money to collect them each update, and they update it monthly. Bottom line, developer become more greedy than before.
After playing for a while longer I have decided to revise my review, because I said that it's way to pay2win. In reality you can get any card you want to without paying for it. You do this by playing the story and completing missions. I still have my love/hate problem with the game though because I cant ever win regardless of the cards I have. The game has a ton to download but it runs well.
Love It. After playing a few ccg, I'd have to say out of them all, I've had the best experience with Shadowverse. I recommend it almost at every opportunity I can. I'm sure others could point out flaws, but to me this game has been fun and though playing online can suck when so many people buy all the cards they need and makes it hard to win at times, I've won enough still to steadily increase my rank so I know it's possible to play without paying, just gotta grind a bit!
Very fun gameplay. Not great for free to play players. The collection of resources takes way too long and getting even one fully complete competitive deck takes too long unless you pay. If this game was more supportive of free to play itd be 5 stars
It's a great game. Everything else is great. The story for each class or cards are amazing and the fact that they are intertwined at some points is incredible. After further playthrough, the game is worth the wait. The animated adaptation is also great. Now if you can bring this game to consoles like the playstation 4 and 5 I would give 10 stars 🤩
This game is very F2P Friendly despite what everyone say, Take your time i'll explain where your resource come from. After the tutorial you will be given 10 pack each for the new expansion. Clear all the elite achievement that give 300 rupee each, And clear the Story (this game released long time ago there is a lot of chapter to play, unlike HS, here solo content is all free). Do all the event and daily mission every day you'll net 15k rupee every expansion, that around 150 packs...
Good card game. Lots of cards and potential strategies to build decks around. At this time I haven't felt like I need to spend any money to progress in the game, though I am pretty casual and mostly use single player.
Very steep learning curve. Arena matches pit you against end level players in pick two and pick six. Cards packs contain cards you can't use until you unlock other champions. Its a fun game just expect to lose over and over. The AI magically pulls cards that can wipe your hand in an instant .
This game seems like every other modern card game but outclasses them in every way. Theres no punishment for plahing casually. I love that about this game. Even though i can play it casually theres still quite a lot of depth so if youre into that sort thing you can take advantage of it. The art and voice acting is s-tier. It even has animated cut scenes this is a AAA game disguised as a free to play mobile one.
It was fun at first but the swarm of broken runecraft or spellcraft decks using the same cheap methods to kill you in one turn ruined the game for me. I think maybe adding a spell card usage limit per turn would help fix that a bit + cards like the turn skip as a 1 use per game. Visually it looks great, the cards are very detailed, and the voice acting is great. The events are nice too, usually give you alot of packs to get new cards with and a fair drop rate on rares.
Definitely one of the best CCG games on the market. Very generous, beautiful artwork, and a lot of fun with its distinct classes and mechanics. It even has a lot of free single player content! Would and will recommend to others.
Started off having fun till how grossly pay to win the game is settled in. Not recommended for anyone without boat loads of cash to spare.
This game in a nutshell, "if you can't beat them, join them". Although sorta f2p friendly, the game does induce levels of stress into me, not seen since my days playing competitive csgo, due to the sheer bullsh*ttery that some decks can produce. Also tip for anyone that plays this game and is about to spend money, don't do this on mobile, just download steam and buy crystals there, it's cheaper.
This is a game which continuously requires you to download additional Gigabytes of data. The tutorial was fun but you'll never get to play the actual game.
Please tell the dev that the server are problem now especially in sea server. The game become unpleasently irritatingly when u were in a game and the then theres a pop up "now loading" and make the screen froze, miss a round just like that. Naisaa. My internet connection wast fairly good fyi. Ty. (Been 2 weeks still doesnt solve)
A very fun card game. Loads of different playstyles for each of the 8 factions. Crafting system makes it easier to get the rarer cards. One thing I don't like, which would be super easy to add; why are the story mode leaders not available in multiplayer? Rewards for completing each leader's story? Achievement rewards? Even purchasable from the store? No, no and no. They are already coded in story mode with a set of greetings/emotes and everything, so please make available.
Came back to game, in beginner ranks people who has this op meta deck called ward haven which you will never afford as f2p just owns me do i cant even accomplish basic quests. They basically give you 90ish packs from start with tutorial practice quests etc. than you will never get any reward as f2p. This game is dead in the west and only playerbase is toxic, bming, p2w japanese people. Don't bother playing this garbage go download LoR or duel links. No wonder why both this game and anime failed
I love this game so much. I just wish they'd improve the friend and guild features. Friends should be able to chat outside of guild. Global chat at least? Guild rewards maybe? Co-op battles like in the show would be dope too. A chat feature in the private match hub would help a lot. Thanks Cygames for an awesome game none the less.
It's really F2P friendly, and there's guides everywhere. The tournament winning deck system allows you to get an idea of the meta and adjust to your play style. My main advice is to not craft bronze and silver cards but to invest your vials into gold cards
It needs work on getting Char skin. And also making almost all skin bought for rupies cause its kinda unfair for f2p and, those who want the skins but needs Gems. But other than that I have no problem than OP cards so I will rate it 5
Great gameplay and artwork are so well-done, definitely best card game i ever played, not to mention every collab that happen in this game are absurdly good