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Shadows of Kurgansk

Shadows of Kurgansk for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Gaijin Distribution KFT located at 1146 Budapest, Hungária körút 162-166. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a decent game. I played it for an hour or so. It's kinda fun, the graphics are pretty good, the sound is good... but there's a lot that isn't good. You can't stand still. If you stop moving, you start sliding. Time in the game is weird.. it goes WAY too fast. The controls are weird and janky as hell. Like I said, it's a decent game. But it needs some work, in my opinion.
it is a great game but i have a few problems LIKE THE LACK OF ENDINGS GAAAA, the game is great but it needs an endin (well i just picked this game up after like a year so maby it has one now) i really like the felling this games gives off no joke i fell like im alone in a harsh world wich is why it needs an ending
I love the game it has a good story line and it is one of the best games i haved ever played please come out with an update soon and keep up the good work and could you add multiplayer so we could play with friends
persinollay i dont think NOT including an ending was such a good idea i wasted all my reasorses tryin to get out of there and what did i find a YOU CANT DO ANYTHING BUT wait that was annyoing but it was annyoing for 3 reasions 1. the sounds and the envornment made me feel acctualy loney so i wanted to get out 2. it was interesting and i wanted to see how it ended 3 it was great to have a closly followd storie i play mincraft alot and interms of goals and advancement this game was better
I'll love to be able to move objects and also destroy objects I build... Sometimes I want to build an object,it stays on a mountain 🤭🤭 It would also be fun to build an actual house...😁😁 But the game is great...
Best game I've played to date...I love the storyline,graphics, game physics and the sounds and feel the game brings. I hope you make more games of this kind. Definitely in my top 3
Some bugs there in game but I like it the game has good graphics and the controls are also good I've played a game like this first time and the game has a storyline which makes the game very interesting
still getting used to controls, but so far so good...storyline is exciting and keeps me captivated. it's like a first person survival game...could use a bit more instructions in the beginning..can take a min to figure out how to do certain things...
I just started not too long ago and i usually dont leave reviews, but this game is pretty awesome. Zombies/crafting/cool graphics. Runs smooth and my phone is nothing special.
The game is good, Almost realistic, I played the two stories and finished it, The problem is the game's story is still not finish, I hope you'll update the continuation of it, then Ill give 5 stars for now it's just three for the cliffhanger
great game once you understand it all, just take your time to think its the same logic as real life people.... waiting for the next update, dont listen to the people who dont like it they are just lazy, i found the best place to build my base and enemies cant reach it i can even throw stuff at them to kill them easily, the best weapon is the anvil's axe for me now
This Is How I Always Wanted A Mobile Survival Game To Be Like. Thank You. It's Perfect. But Now I Have To Go Because I Want To Play Your Game. So Uhm.. Brb.
im trying hard to like this game and i want to but its hard when i keep dying randomly, i keep dying because i "lost my mind" doesn't atter how high i have my morale it just sucks away all my morale and stats randomly also i wish you could have the option to turn the "jump scares" off thanks
Pretty much the game I was looking for. Open world survival, gather resources, craft tools and survive the zombies and harsh wilderness. It has some added features like jumpscares and missions, which I love, adds a real spooky element to the atmos. The graphics are spot on and gameplay is smooth and there are no adds. Little tip for new players - level up and get use to gathering before venturing too far into the story. It's tough at the start so worry about buying upgrades for your character.
Bro i like the game but the new update is kinda sucks, my morale loses very quickly and the deserted shore, when i get some food the food decays very very fast and i dont like that bro pls fix this problem so that i can play normaly 😢😢and also why does the sea in the deserted shore has a pink color and the controls are tiny.
This is the best survival game on mobile it feels like last day on earth but more realistic and better its got horror aspects too as well as a great story i recoomend this game!!!
Spooky as all hell. the jumpscares are excellent! I never expected a survival game to be so spooky, it gets less scary the more they happen but the gameplay is excellent. I suggest installing this if you like fun with a scary cherry on top.
Horrific experience! This game is full of jump scares, glitches, strong monsters and terrible storyline.
With the most recent update this game deserves, proving that this game isn't abandoned. I increased my rating and start over my progress in this harsh world. Believe me, this is the 'only' survival horror open world crafting game that you can find in the play store. Plus, it's offline... Edit:f ing finally an update...
Great! If only add Building And More animal and fix the graphics like look of the water And Add more item to crafting. And please add something to ride like hours or bike or cars or anything And more Monster like bosses and Wolfe's And more story's and more place to go like secret place "cave or hole or big emty city with school and police and hospital and hotels
"Can't download resources because no network is available". It's truly astonishing then that I'm able to type this review using my network when it's not available! Garbage game with obvious bugs before any game play even occurs. Uninstalled.
personaly i didnt like FoW, too narrow for me. and that soung plus picture bumping out aka should scare someone, not scarry at all and there should be an option to turn it off. no critical bugs. some monster spawns out of nowhere right on players hideout were bit annoying, and in the second story that unbeatable statue thing, didnt like being unable to destroy it. but all in all amazing game, thinking about repeating both stories.
This is a great game that was abandoned by the developers. Initially it's a lot of fun, interesting, and quite challenging. Graphics are pretty bad, the physics are terrible, but that's not everything and the way the game operates is nice. If you don't manage your things well in the beginning, a bit later it gets extremely difficult to the point where I can't fight anything. I wish there was more to this game, it was a good start. But there isn't.
what you must do in the game next is very unclear having a director of some sort like an arrow or little light path would be nice. also you should have a better idea of what you are looking for by a place to stay or something like that and I hope that we can get together for a discussion about the whole thing opening the door for me to come in and sign the contract and be proud member of the family. I am working on a project that sounds great if we could get together and talk about what i got.
its not bad. but there are a few bugs. but its a good survival game but not the best. still needs work but fun.
I loved it the first, second and third time that i played this game SOK is probably one of my favorite run around and kill stuff games. The story needs a little work but aside from that i have had zero problems here. Also to mention this game is almost 4 years old and the developer still updates periodically which inspires me to keep playing, i hope to see an update to the story in the future or maybe a few cool features to entertain the wait. I recommend this as a good time killer for sure. ☺️
This would be a good game but the random "loose my mind" dying is like... Sigh... So tired sometimes... Just i just wanna progress...
i absolutely love this game i play it everyday i love the graphics the storyline becuase it makes some sense it kept me entertained for a long time and sometimes it does get a bit creepy and i have never seen any other games like this one therefore its the best game i have ever played even above console games
This game is great if you like games like ark survival this is a must and its not too resource heavy so even works on low speck devices without sacrafising game play also its not advert heavy
Look i liked the game BUT I have MANY suggestions that in my own opinion make the game much better. To conserve space ill simply list them here with little to no explanation. 1) sensitivity change options 2) simpler crafting 3) aim with left, shoot with right, not aim and shoot with right 4) cool story but let me play the game not everyone likes story assisted playthrough 5) options to skip tutorial 6) simpler inventory mechanics crafting and inventory is unnecessarily confusing for a new player
Hey, this game is definitely on top 3 best mobile survival games. The only thing it's missing is co-op. I feel like you should make an extra game mode that's pretty much the same as deserted shore, but you have a partner. Make a Facebook or play games link. That would make this game perfect! Please consider doing this!
I really love this game. It's rare to find this kind of game in play store. It's offline, open world, first person point of view, survival, rpg like, lots of quest, lots of crafting to do, it has 2 different maps which gives you 2 different saved game, and most of all it is very compatible on some average devices. Oh and you don't actually have to pay for anything to progress in game. I mean you could buy stuff to have a greater chance of survival but you can craft your things and that's really the point of the game.Plus your death doesn't mean the end of the game. You RESPAWN. Cool eh. Now if you want to play with high graphics you can, and if your phone can't you can always choose the lowest graphics which runs very smooth. I encountered zero bugs or glitches as of now. Thanks devs for making this game. I'll hundred percent recommend this on everyone. Thumbs up. Your game doesn't even need an update.
Great game maybe u guys can add some old cars to drive in a new update plse would really be good and will update it. So what I'm sayin add vehicles to move around with
easily my favorite mobile fps. it's a familiar world, but still satisfying to learn how it differs from the games it will remind you of. movement and aiming feel good using on screen controls. i download it and play a few hours every couple montgs and i have been doing so for a couple years now.
The game are laggy i set the graphic quality in low and u turn off shadow and grass but no changing its laggy
its good, good storyline, simple mechanics, but you need to add some juming and crouching buttons, and meke the enemies hit for less damage
Beautiful open world game! Scary enemies! The anomalies are tough! The enemy/player damages are perfectly balanced and overall it's a good game!
Great Game! I Love the concept and game play, not too difficult to learn but really in depth and immersive game play!!
I hope the devs see this. I like the game but is it possible for you guys to add in the survival mode from the pc version this version just feels incomplete without the other modes that version has
SAMSUNG GALAXY S9+ US VERSION After 2 real days app would load up but unresponsive on main screen. In game enemies are so poorly designed this game could be taken as a joke. Immortal electric things follow you and are impossible to out run and I couldnt craft a torch fast enough as they are so damaging. Abosolutely poorly designed game. Gayjin Entertainment does not entertain
First of all this game is excellent. Smooth & decent graphics for a game that doesn't have that much MB, simple controls, interesring quests & storylines, I also like the fact that this game is playable without an internet connection. Overall this game is recommended to be played since it's well-made. 👏
Is to aggresive for the player, need to watch a lot of ads. to survive. Monsters spawns everywhere (even inside the stones, near to you) and are very strong, need to touch you only few times and you are dead. There is no place to be safe and to collect resources because of that. Cloths are for nothing, after one fight with a monster you need new ones. Food is difficult to keep, even in the fridge is disappearing.
Nice Work But Could You Plz Add Jump Button And Aim Button bcoz it feels like player is attached to ground and many times i'm stuck in some narrow places and can't come out from it...Add different Magical Weapons it will make the game alot more funn...Thanks for reading.
Focuses way too much on grinding and crafting without much reward for it, terrible weapon options, and ridiculously difficulty enemies. You're never going to kill a bandit and take his assault or sniper rifle like you would in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl, like this game tries to give you a feeling of. I hate games like this. I just want to kill some bad guys and pick up some weapons. Why do you have to turn it into a nasty grind fest with no reward? This game sucks!
Navigation SUCKED. I was all over the place and no matter how much I tried, I couldn't really control my character from going to far looking on the ground, straight ahead, etc. No control over what you want to select to add to inventory, belt, etc. Half the time I wasn't sure if my tool broke. Not for me. Good luck though.
This game is nice/game play and crafting on point but this loosing my mind thing is way too much.its the only thing that makes this game sucks
First off being confined to one small area makes it impossible to get supplies. Hunger and morale goes down way to fast .You don't have a fighting chance with the zombies . The controls suck you can't see what is around you until you are dead . The game has alot of potential to be a good game . It needs alot of improvement.
I really love this game, 5 stars. But I feel like there should be more. This game hasn't been updated in a while so hopefully we will get update in the future. Also I have an idea that there should be people that show up after you. The people came to the place just like u. These people you can chat to and also trade supplies and have friendship meter so can make better deals or just an overall friendship. So there's idea on what the dev's could add to the game.
I love the controls, and the graphics, but the physics could be a little better, and I would enjoy a jump button as well too 😄 This is a great game, and it kind of reminds me of Dead Island with a twist of Minecraft survival! 🔥
This game is really amazing. I didn't think I can a get a such good game in android and also in small size. I really enjoyed the game and like to see more storylines. Unfortunately the game is underrated.
It's a good game, but there is a point for me that there is just no story and then you end up just collecting materials and surviving without any story. Other than that, good game.
I like the new UPDATE its fits in latest model of phone today and no joke i love it now the game run in a smooth play thank you developer for the update i really love it
This has to be the best first person survival game on mobile the animation are good the sound of the mining while having chips coming off the tree's is realistic and the comic art style from the intro and the optimistic and nerdy character narrates the story well I'm a open world survival game. And it runs so smooth as well! I hope we see more survival games by these developers of different genres like attic survival and so on because they do it and always put there facts in there game like that need did in the tutorial! If your tired of generic survival games play this game instead it's worth investing into!
It was a pretty fun game. But i got stuck inbetween some rocks and i couldnt get out since i didnt have a jump button. Give me a jump button and i will give this another chance.
its not cool. i dont recommend this game to people who like good gameplay and graphics.its really glitchy .and it says open world but you have to craft wepons to survive and it has"anomalies" that can possibly kill you so it kinda sucks ...its certainly isnt the best game ive ever played its more like the worst!!!!!!
Everything is great except.... i'm stuck inside the floor! Idk how to get out without resetting my progress. Please fix the bugs and glitches
Little be I'm totally confused but...slowly i will learnt everything,now....I'm having problems that i don't no....how to.play the game....and i don't no how to used the thing that's it
Extremely interesting. It's very well maintained. Has excellent controls. Big zombie fan. So to see something like this be created. I'm gonna play this alot.
I've played this game before and never finished it. I glt board playing it but it was one of the best free survival games for moble that wasn't online. The graphics are not half bad and ctually decent. Though supplies are scarce and I kept blacking out in game due to not being able to sleep.
a bug prohibits you from continuing the story within the first 30 mins of play time on one of the two maps available. dev has abandoned game and has no intentions of fixing. luckily, the pc version of game does not contain this bug.
This game is really nice! There was some bugs when I played them year ago, but game is really good... I just played this game and I gone to the end in all two maps... Thanks for this game!!! It was really cool... Don't stop update them, and I hope to see new maps in this game to the future!!! You're the best!!! What's about graphics, these graphics looks same like in The Walking Dead, and I like it!!! Keep it up!!!
It's absolutely awesome! I can't beleive this game is more like a reality. Like a feeling your surrounded by a plague, surviving all by yourself and fight zombies. I reccomend that you make an extra story so that people who plays this gane can get more interesting.
I used to play this game a lot and then i had to quit. I just didnt have the time and this newest update has made all the water neon purple. I really love this game and if that got fixed it would be awesome
i liked the game but.... enemies spawn outta nowhere not to mention in swarms also. the character hp bar gets shredded easily with full armor/dmg reduction. the night stalker isnt even visible to do fire damage on it. i uninstalled for now but later i hope that these problems are fixed. it has great potential for a crafting game.