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Shadow Fight Arena — PvP Fighting game

Shadow Fight Arena — PvP Fighting game for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by NEKKI located at 116 Gladstonos Street M. KYPRIANOU HOUSE, 3&4 floor, 3032, Limassol, Cyprus.. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Everything is excellent apart from the non responsive controls which cause you to hit arrows. If you duck, the character should take time to think about it. The character should instantly respond and duck. The same goes for jumping, moving forward, back dashing and rolling. If this game used the same fighting mechanics as shadow fight 3, then I would rate it 5 stars. Also please improve the connectivity performance. The game keeps on lagging and pausing at inconvenient moments.(I run 230mbps).
The game looks great the graphics are the best of any shadow fight game. Other then that this game does not stand out or shine. Other then the team of three fighters there is really nothi g new or exciting about this game. It's like shadow fight 3 without the story and that gets boring pretty fast. I dont see why they had to go and make a whole new game. why not just add this to SF3
Games pretty good for a moble game runs well and combat is good A.I could be improved same with some attacks like flipping the opponent over and they could add a menu for different attacks on each character but other than this it's pretty good 🙂
I loved the game, but I hope it's available as quickly as possible so we can get rid of the VPN and thank you 😁✌🏻
When I search for the opponent,It just gets me a bot but it is has better graphics than shadow fight 3
The poor connection makes it difficult to play, and most of the time the players are able to spam their regular moves. And for some apparent reason when i try to do a specific move my hero either roles or jumps. Also a majority of the players have very bad connetion which makes it somewhat impossible to play. They can use this to their advantage because then the game blames it on me for the bad network even tho it was them. This game has potential but it is nowhere near that.
Another awesome game by nekki! But there are some issues that I am facing, I know that this is a new game so there may be some bugs so I have listed them: 1. On my device after every victory the screen starts flashing and game crashes. 2. The guy( I don't remember his name) who has slashing combo skill, whenever I activate it the games shows CRITICAL but actually there is no damage dealt. 4. After some time I opened one chest and there were all the cards blank. Plz fix for 5 ⭐ Thank You
There's a significant delay in the moves with the touch controls. Like the move comes out after a significant delay when the controls are pressed. Please fix it! Also the game deliberately, prevents the user from getting the cards for the characters that he is actually in need of, so that its easier for the game to lure the user to pay for it.
The game is cool. Controls are nice n easy to use. I do wish I could choose my weapon. Something more along the lines of Bushido Blade is what I was hoping for but this will do
Not everyone is using broadband, some may use mobile network too. A single bar of network fluctuation making the game freeze!! It's not that I have bad network, but as we're using mobile data so network speed can't be same all the time. Right now I prefer AI fight over the real time fight just because of the freezing problem. I played beta version too before release, there was no problem. But after the global launch, man this game needs so much optimisation.
I don't know. I feel this game need more. The diamonds are definitely high price. Weapon is needed to be selected, instead of having to pick a character for weapon. And please it shouldn't be pay to win, it's an online game, we can just buy characters for the looks and uniqueness and to scare opponent, but not buy to win. please. take Call of duty mobile for example
A fighting game with an absolute metric ton of problems. 1. Constant lag in the US even on wifi with >100 mb/s speed. Emphasis: Constantly. 2. Automatic defeats BY THE SYSTEM because of your connection. 3. This is a fighting game that QUEUES actions. Causing your character to act like a spastic if you hold down your phone .1 seconds longer than intended. 4. Lag is in built to the controls, go ahead and pull up a training match vs ai and just move left and right and you will see for yourself.
Still needs a lot of work! Edit: What should be improved? Okay, lets start with the gameplay experience itself. 1. The game feels super slow, and overall command-to-action timing during matches is drastically slow and PAINFUL. 2. Coin earning is very slow, please ease up on coin earning difficulty so that levelling up our players become a bit easier comparatively. 3. Not a lot of active players currently, so pls reduce the waiting time before "fight with AI" option is available, to 10 seconds
This game is good. Ive been playing shadow fight from shadow fight 2 till now. But theres one and very stressful problem. My opponent is very difficult which makes me stuck on the same rank level. Even the AI is difficult. It makes me want to quit playing the game since i never change position of my rank level. Please balance the AI.
Awesome please first release globally Add when globally available shadow pass and character skin or Shadow Fight 2 Shadow character like only black and rank system like Shadow Fight 3 thank you for making wonderful game Shadow Fight series love to play🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤
I'm a fan of the other Shadow Fight games, but this one falls short. This is another collect hero shards to level up your team grindfest. The other games, while still pay to win, at least let you buy gear and weapons to customize your fighter, but now you're forced to use their "hero" characters. You end up with a game that is more pay to win with less customization and no story. It's a shame really. You should've stuck with what makes these games great and made Shadow Fight 4 instead.
Beautiful game, slow, a bit clunky, and a little bit too unbalanced. Button mashers will love this game. Just pick a direction and smash buttons. You'll win until you hit 1000. Then the combat just seems sluggish and slow. Not enough fast attacks in the correct direction, not enough variety in the same boat either. Progression is slow and the combos are rather unchain able. This game would probably do better with a repost function. Sadly this game just ignores that idea.
Ai opponent is so perfect that its know every move of me. It's so hard to beat them, even i have level up players. And it happens Between 2200 points . 1 Battle is so hard that i cannot beat them. and when i go down below 2200 points, then the opponent is so weak that i defeat them with one character. It is so frustrating.
Great game. Graphics are solid, gameplay is fun. Few bugs but that's to be expected in soft launch and none are game breaking. Biggest issue that will kill this game is timed loot boxes and capped daily rewards. 10 fights a day give small amounts of gold and every 4 hours a chest. Needs to be adjusted to give some form of incentive to continue playing. This isn't coming from a f2p complainer either. I don't mind paying something to play as long as it's fair. This is just over the top by a bit.
The game is good and the graphics are exceptional, Only one thing, and it's thd point system, that needs balancing and its killing the fun for me. I like the game so much but not a lot of players on the server, I guess you need to optimize the matching as well, so when I play against AI i get like +2 points!!! I spent a whole day playing on different times of the day without any players so I end up playing against AI, but won't advance with a +2 points like ever! Fix the point and matching plz
Great Game! Love the new expansion of the story becoming a PVP game. Shadow Fight 3 had PVP in the beta version if i'm correct then it was replaced with bots. Though i do feel as though there are some aspects of the game that we are missing. For example: Training Hall to test out character's moveset, The UpKick also seems to be hard to pull off, and it seems as though the moveset for the flying knee from legion is removed. Other than that I would really like to see some old moves back
The game is awesome but more weapons should be introduced and more and more abilities. The characters are good but there could be a few more and until now the enemy selection seems fine to me. No pro player faced being a noob. So this is a good game better than Shadow Fight 2 I can say. But consider releasing more videos in your YouTube channel. I am waiting for them.
The game is a good game but there's alot that needs to be fixed. 1) the match making takes way too long! I'm sometimes waiting 2-3 minutes. 2) the match making needs to be better. I fight the same five or six people when there are hundreds of thousands playing the game. 3) some characters need reworks. The emporor and marcus in particular. They need to be nerfed. 4) this isn' t really a problem, more of a suggestion. A feature should be added that allows you to see your fights again afterwards.
After playing the game for a week, i understand its flaws, opponents are much faster than you, and the controls its takes much longer to execute, i end up clicking 2 to 3 times of strike button but it register only once, and sometimes when you finish clicking and want to block the opponents, the amount of button i clicked is still executiing even when i don't touch the screen, need more work way more work
Was 5 stars....physics, graphics, battling with live players is great. However, it is impossible to play with friends not on the same wifi signal. I can't play with my friend in another country. Battle royal games like Clash Royale have the ability to play with friends from anywhere.... really disappointed.
An arena with almost no human opponents. The AI is just next to impossible to beat. Precise counters to all your moves at higher levels. Mixing it up is no use. Only option, you grind slowly to level up and deal more damage per hit or spend money. Graphics are excellent, but it's not worth it in the long run. I've given this one a chance for a while, since I loved SF3 but I am definitely not spending another dime. Take my word and skip. Play something else.
Decent PvP game. Matchmaking seems solid, and the are graphics top notch as usual, even on Low settings. That said, while the controls are the same as in Shadow Fight 3, they aren't as responsive. As a result, the combat feels 'murkier' than in SF3. Still, I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who wanted PvP in SF2 or SF3. Good stuff, Nekki.
Decent gameplay foundation, NOT MULTIPLAYER, even if you wait for "real person" matchmaking it's a bot (and no it has nothing to do with VPNs). Essentially it's using fake multiplayer and and decent fighting system to get you to buy microtransactions. If they dropped the fake multiplayer and rebalanced the fighting/pacing to match a 0 latency offline fighting game + made the microtransactions cosmetic only it has the potential to be a 5 stars.
Game is good, but I noticed something's to change. For example, for a start we are given charakter named "Kate". When we level up her to level 2 we can choose an upgrade named "At the ready". When we chooses this upgrade and have some shadow energy, when we use her normal shadow attack, and she got a boost becouse of the upgrade, we can deal more then 600 damage to our opponent. It's too powerful. Also like in every shadow fight, sometimes the are moments when we can't even hit our opponent. I c
I only gave three stars because the controls are very slow, whenever I press any button it doesn't react immediately which makes it difficult to fight with my opponent, but in Shadow fight 3 the controls work properly there. So,I want to know why this is happening, because the graphics and fighting skills are almost the same in shadow fight arena and shadow fight 3,if this game is such an issue, please fix it
Some problems i have with the game: - I know it's intentional, but all characters act really slow, every move is slow, even *Dash* is slow, and adding on top of it is input lags, making this not enjoyable. - No consequences for spamming: if you make Kibo's vulnerable after doing rolling waves, fireguard after supremacy, etc... please do the same for other characters, those above moves arent even fast at all. - graphic stays *crisp and clear* even at minimal setting! - Airscrew still sucks!
Atlast the long awaited PvP version is on. the game is very smooth in play and the game is pretty straightforward. you can even play with your friends. just started and it feels bliss. however, the design can be improved to the level of SF3. the transitions during the fight are a bit rustic and the controllers to be better optimised. Thanks Nekki and Banzai.....
Bold step from Nekki, just what was expected. You guys nailed it, Shadow Fight Arena, amazing fighting styles with colsole like graphics on a mobile device, only nekki can make it possible. However some people use fireguard only for spamming, you should do something about them🙂, It's getting hard for fair player to win because of this. Last but not least, you guys rock☺️
You are not given a lot of choices at the start. About 4 characters to choose from. But for $15 you can get a character who can hurt you without getting interrupted, becomes invincible before dying, and able to teleport behind you. There's no way of progressing on the game when you're up against these characters. So far I know that Hong-Joo is also broken with his attack range. I'm not sure if there are more broken characters like these because I can't move to a higher arena to find out. Fun!
Big fan of the whole series, saw this and downloaded it today, played a couple rounds bought the firebrand pak played a couple more rounds and then i couldnt find a player thats fine i played ai then after that couldnt connect to server now everytime i cant even start the game it says cannot connect to server
I know it just released and it's definitely not a bad game but there is one major thing that makes me very frustrated when dueling. It might be just me but the delay when you try to attack is extremely slow, there's also the support for full screen that is very unstable. For the rest the graphics and gameplay are great but the controls need more attention.
I like this game very much .It the great fighting game of our world .I really like this game.and please launch this game in India also.so your downloads and rating of this game is been increased 🧐🧐🧐😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😃😃 it is the top 1 fighting game of our world
The grinding is stupidly ridiculous in this game. The higher you get it's 15 points only at most for winning a match. Matches are way too long, and the load time for changing characters after a single match is very annoying. Losing a match takes more points than winning one and that takes away motivation to climb the ranks any longer. They did a better job with the gameplay mechanics then SF3 but I'm dropping this game.
Great Game! Love the new expansion of the story becoming a PVP game. Though i do feel as though there are some aspects of the game that we are missing. For example: Training Hall to test out character's moveset, The UpKick also seems to be hard to pull off, and it seems as though the moveset for the flying knee from legion is removed. Other than that I would really like to see some old moves back
This game is very nice but it takes very much time in matchmaking and sometimes it takes very much time and do not find any other player for fighting. If we can play with friends in this game online So,That's very good add the feature in which we can play with friends .I want to play with my friends in thus game please add this feature.
So I am playing via a VPN and soon enough I realised I was only playing bots. Though there were some usernames at the beginning which seemed to belong to real people but matter of the fact being that I couldn't play actual PvP. But other than that, the graphics and the unique fighters are phenomenal and add to the world of Shadow Fight 2&3, eagerly waiting for a global release. Also, please add the option to play against friends by the time of global release, PvP is no fun if without friends!
Just like Helga even Marcus needs a serious buff his attacks are so slow that even bots easily dodge and counterattack him & I get only a single trophy after a win against ai opponents which feels so sick fix that or just release this globally so I can get more trophies by defeating real players
My recommendations:-(1) something like in-game friend list and a system of sending friend request like thing should be introduced.(2) Players should be able to use emojis after a match.(3) live chat option during and after match should be introduced. Also the gameplay is a bit laggy on my device. Overall great game! Loved it🙂
Game is full of roll spammers and corner spammers who want to win by timeout. Totally not friendly for casual people who play the game for a refresh and get pounded by these people and get their mood spoiled. At least fix your controls they keep malfunctioning. And do something about this corner campers and rollers. Like putting a limit on consecutive rolls and the amount of time you can stay at a corner. Atlast I uninstalled it because of the frustrating opponent who roll back every single mth
Loved it at first. But than there is major glitching and lagging. So much so the characters are skipping. And yes I have a full bar wifi connection. So no that is no the issue. Sorry I want to give it a another try but after a 6 losing streak I am done. (keep in mind, last night I had a 7 win streak when there wasn't lagging). Also I am not new to shadow fight. Used to play SH3... At least I gave it a try.
You guys have done an amazing job on the game. The graphics are incredible and the UI is simple and well designed ..Although there are somethings i hope you guys would improve in the future updates. ---Response of the controls is a little bit slow. ---Searching for real players sometimes takes too long. ---Getting Upgradation cards&New card is difficult. 'Add more methods to get cards'.
Graphics amazing. Gameplay amazing. Whys it not a 5 star? Lack of content (this is not a main issue right now as the games just gone live dont worry about this to much yet), disconnection issues persisting while using data and just in general no area where you can practice anything. The brawler also seems to be heavily underclassed compared to the other fighters aswell due to the lack of range it has as the super armor isnt good. And if possible I'd love to see a magic based class in the game.
Game playing is awesome. I loved it. But if you are hoping to play a good PvP match, forget it. Even though I have a good internet connection, the game seems to be unsatisfied with it and will make you loose the match saying "technical defeat". It is very annoying. Even with just 2 players it needs highly stable network, not just stable. If this problem is resolved, the game will be awesome.I hope they are working on it, and will be resolve the network issuses. "Data not valid" is another thing.
It's an awesome game pitting players against one another in real time. The only drawback is the 'pay and win' aspect of the game. Like if you put money into the game you level up and unlock your heroes easily and kick ass easily. Atleast you could have set the price for fight pass a bit lower. So people like me who don't wanna spend too much but wants to have some epic skins may buy it. The overall experience though was awesome nonetheless.
▪︎Gameplay is fun, each character is unique as you progress your account level. ▪︎Matchmaking can take time, but you can choose to keep ranking up by fighting A.I. that get increasingly more difficult. ▪︎Controls can be a bit slow or delayed, but that may vary from wi-fi and mobile data. ▪︎Advertising and "limited time offer!" pop-ups appear every now and then. Personally the pop-ups don't bother me, but they may you. ▪︎Overall i'm satisfied and hope we get some new characters eventually.
Every person you fight, hides in the corner and does one move over and over.... And that completely takes everything good from this game. I had hopes for this game... and had anticipated this happening. All it takes is a couple of cowards to ruin it...
I'm playing shadow fight series from the beginning I really love this game but there are some minor problems accursed while playing, controls are not smooth as SF3 need to improve the controller and the AI bots are much stronger than real players, I'm facing difficulties to defeat the AI but I can easily defeat the real player kindly improve some of the performance.
Yeah its a good game, buttt, every time you enter a match , first you have a big search time, the after the match begins, after each hero dies there is a 10 secs loading time.. i am sick of the loading time and would've wish that if i would get action non-stop. Btw love your work , hope you get some good updates. this game is also a pay to win like sf3 and it is not acceptable in multiplayer games. If others are just paying to get to top then where will hard-skill players without money go? Huh??
I've been waiting for this! PvP! I've been playing SF3 for 2 years now I guess and I'm a huge fan. I don't know why people don't like SF3 over SF2 because it clearly is next level combat! I know this game still has bugs and glitches like in a fight my opponent triggered shadow attack even after dying but it's all good because I'm hoping you guys will fix it soon. Thanks for this gem. I was getting tired of them fighting games where fighting was just repetitive combos and skills.
This Game graphics is awesome i have to say it is best game in whole shadow fight series Controls are good i like this game if you are a shadow fight fan you must try this game.
Game is gud and as always graphics r great.....But there's one thing which isn't gud....PAUSE button.... There's no need of pause button lyk this here...When we touch that pause or quit button background(fyt) also paused.... What's the point in saying real tym arena then.....let the character stand still and get beaten instead of giving bot to the opponent Fix this...i even doubt this is a real PvP now
Its a great game with decent graphics and nice optimisation but why im i fighting against the guys in ranked with all level 6 fighters when i have level 3 or 4? and also these connection issues why would it say technical defeat when opponent has bad internet? and the pass is expensive af. Again this game has lot of potential and yea since it released recently the issues does pop up like pimples on my face(less). Giving 1-star just to make this review come on the radar.
This game has insane graphics, lots of characters to choose from, and daily rewards, which is everything you could want from a game like this. It is so much better than Shadow Fight 3. Must play!!!!!!
Very good game but need to add clan and buddy type to encourage players and need to add soundtrack for different locations
The new match system is new now. For example, instesd of fighting solo in shadowfight 2,they have teams now which are just different 'heroes'. These is good because I feel like they are trying to expand more ways in different fighting styles at the same time because in shadowfight 2,You can choose one fighting style only. The only thing that I do not like about this game is that they had recycled a LOT of sound effects and stuff from shadowfight 2 and they have not change the menu design.
Thanks Nekki, it's a great game. Finally it's not a pay to win game,it depends fully on your skill. Don't listen to all those haters saying that this game is pay to win,they are just noobs that don't know how to time their hits and don't know the meaning of patience. If you lose,you lose. What's wrong about it? Wanna rage quit or something? I'm just hoping that you add side missions to raise coins like in Shadow Fight 3, 10 matches per day limit kinda suck tbh. Keep up the good work aight...
Pros: An excellent concept, and the collection of fighters is appreciable. Can be a lot better if the below Cons are eliminated. Cons: The PvP matches frequently pause and declare auto victory to either of the player due to Internet connectivity issues. I play SF3 with the same WiFi and it works the best. I love Shadow Fight 3 better, as it has better graphics too. Playing this game HIGH SPEED INTERNET REQUIRED. I encounter more of technical victories, draws or technical defeats.
If I could give it less I would. The game mechanics are trash. Too long of a wait time. Getting bounced around because the throwing controls are broken and stupid.
The controls don't feel as responsive and snappy as Shadow Fight 3, I hope you're going to fix that soon. The matchmaking pretty solid but the rewards you get like 20 coins isn't that much or the character shard are too little and that the rewards are capped to 10 per day. And I know you guys are already planning to add more characters🔥. Overall the best pvp 2d fighting game on the play store, good job nekki.
I was really excited when I first installed and palyed this game. This game is really great and in my opinion most of all the people playing world wide will give 5 stars. But in my case I am giving it 4 stars. The reason is only that it doesnot have the option to customize the controls of movements and fighting like in shadow fight 3. So please Nekki kindly look after this issue and when it will be done I will give willingly give it 5 stars.
The game is super cool and all but the pvp players which I am getting to fight is very easy . They just keep spamming the forward attack so I can easily do some other attack and defeat them very easily. But that's not nikki's problem . I have no complaints with nekki they did a good hardwork. The only thing is that the players which I am getting to fight are foolish . 😏😏😌. But I am satisfied because the foolish players just increases my trophies and chests and levels.
There is only one problem with the game, which is that I waited for 16 minutes and the player did not find where the problem is
This game has got serious issues. Till they are fixed, my review will continue to be of one star. First of all, some of the game characters are being spammed beyond control. It is impossible to win in that situation. Second, why should I suffer because of my opponent's bad connection? If they are having connection issues every 2 seconds, they should be the one losing. I feel like some players are deliberately having bad internet connection so that they can win. Hope your team fixes this Nekki.
Best 1vs1pvp game i liked it so much and i recommend everyone to try it once but i have question that when it will launch globally is their any clu that when it will globally launch I am waiting for that movement
Don't really know what to say about this game, graphics are cool gameplay is ok, but there's nothing to do just an arena battle. A bit boring if you ask me. But there is room for improvement. Add more characters, some sort of story mode with character shards as reward, and events to introduce characters with special requirements and award ppl with new character shards. Right now if I sit for 20 min, there is nothing more to do
The idea of a PvP shadow fight is excellent but how it transitioned is not that great. It would have been way better if it would have been integrated in Shadow fight 3 rather than making a seperate game. The controls, for some reason, have a latency of 0.5 seconds and sometimes, the fights are unbalanced. If these things are patched and the performance is improved, I would give it a five star rating.
Needs much more polishing. The controls are really in their early stage and need to be improved for lag. The other thing is the game freezing after I finish watching an ad, and forcing me to quit it from phone settings. Sometimes, I don't get rewarded for watching ads due to the same reason. The biggest letdown though, is the friendly match. I am not able to connect in any manner with my friend who I want to play against, even when we are on the same network. Please fix these, I'll give 5 stars
This game is great, one problem though... Once Ling puts you in a corner, there is no way out as he can cheese you with continious lights and bottom light attacks and you have no way out as kick does not work and you cant get past the lights upfront, if you can find a way to make his katana sweep slower that would be great :D Edit: 5 stars now because I've realized it's just my skill, having trouble with Ling? Use ironclad, use the forward charged heavy properly and you should be fine.
(New Rating) : Quick update thanks to the reply I'll be giving three stars since it is brand new and they will only get bigger from now on I love the game it's really good and I hope later I can change my rating to a 5 start I do recommend this game once I see more players on it cause it is fun. (previous rating) : Only reason I'm putting two stars is because there's only AI to vs you this game is supposed to be you vs another person but nope there's no one on this game
It's fun to fight but to be honest it becomes a little boring after a while ,because there's no storyline, you're just playing with random people, it becomes fun only when playing with friends, which reminds me of another bug that needs to be fixed, when I'm trying to play in ' challenging friends' mode, it shows bad internet connection, but I can play other modes smoothly like playing with random players, so fix it please
One of the most shittiest games I have played the system is picked based and there's no way to fight back once ur opponent starts rapid tapping the buttons. Trash game.
This game has a potential to become great an can increase it's review star BUT FOR NOW Ability timing should be adjusted ,in practice mode you should be able to select the opponent here there should be 3 different fights(small medium and long range) probably,lots of balancing needed in heroes and much more WORK ON. Improve or else unfortunately I need to abandon this game!
I you are looking for a Fighting game that actually feels like a fighter this is the game. The simple move set actually helps this fighter by making moves easy to execute and letting you focus on prediction. There are some balance issues and there is a gotcha element I believe they have threaded the needle in a Mobile Fighting game with good touch controlles. I look forward to see how they expand the game.
Great game, easy to level up, and even tho I know nobody will read this, I have a suggestion: Sometimes I play the game just to kill time while leveling up, but the games are too long, and sometimes when I need to go I have to abandon and lose the game. My suggestion would be to add a quicker game mode, like "Quick-Game" which would last much shorter by only having one round, lose or win, all decided in one round.
Awesome game with great graphics and moves. My requests are (1) Please add an option to add friends from Facebook or directly within the game and show their online status in the lobby where we can challenge each other for fight. (2) We want to use emotes also when the fight is over, when the opponent is on the floor. (3) Add more game modes like 2 round fight between 2 or 4 characters. It will be a great Fun. I love this game and also recommending this game to my friends.
Pay to win. This game is fun and addicting. Until you face characters that were purchased in the in-game store. Completely kills the fun. As you may have already figured out, what sets them apart from the ones you are given or earned is they deal more damage, have multiple buffs, and status effects . You can easily tell who moved up the ranks due to their "purchase" because they lack timing, spacing, blocking, dodging. I was thinking about buying the battle pass but im no longer interested.
It's absolutely awesome in so many ways from the fighting mechanics to the customization of the characters themselves, theres just one problem, there arent that many people playing this game so ranked matches get boring after time, my name's Valavoid in the game btw, if you're reading this, and have the unfortunate opportunity to face me, I wish you the best of luck, you'll need it...
Beautiful game, but the constant lagging in matches even with good connection speeds, coupled with the huge difference in rank during many ranked matches (I'm currently 1700 and keep matching the same 4800 rank who destroys me because he's too over-leveled and does massive damage) makes this game too difficult to be any fun. I often have to resort to facing AI in ranked, which only gets me +5 points per fight.. Better online play and matchmaking would vastly improve this game.
Great Graphics! Gameplay is also good but it's kinda boring after playing for 15 mins. I recommend adding things like: 1. Characters from SF2 like: Butcher, Hermit etc. 2. Storyline to defeat Shadow Mind. 3. Special Events to unlock Characters, Emotes,Skins etc. 4. Custom templates to use in battle. 5. Environments(Scenario) in battle will be depend on which characters are in the battle. 6. Customizable Controls. 7. Fight Pass with gems🙏🏻
Not gonna lie, this game is really great, but this game still lacking in player which leads to long queue time. I suggest you to put up some advertisements in youtube or elsewhere. If i were to compare, look at the new League Of Legends mobile that just released a while ago, they already have 5 million download and i think it's because they put the game ad in youtube, or maybe elsewhere which is i don't Exactly know. it's just a suggestion. Your game is great but still need more player.
There are the following problems in the controls: Any movement that includes the "Up" key (Jump attacks) takes very long to register. Sometimes when the network hiccups, any damage that has been dealt to the opponent reverts back. Other than that, this game has a wholesome experience. And no, I am not going to mail these things anywhere, it's your job not mine.
Very enjoyable PvP game. It has other modes too, but PvP is far more enjoyable! As you progress through the game, more Heroes are made available and more skills can be added to your favorite Heroes. Reminds me of Virtual Fighter and Street Fighter. Graphics and music are lovely. It's still new and evolving and promises to get better and better. Come play with me! (Free to download and play, number and length of ads is acceptable. Although there is some occasional pressure to buy stuff, it's ok)
This is kinda stupid. I'm at 1900 rank and I'm facing 7000 rank with all champions upgraded to max. I understand the game doesn't want users to wait for matching but bloody hell I'm sure there is someone with lower rank than 7000. The experience is not as pleasant. Love everything but the matchups. One star so the company can see. Will change back to 4* after company replies.
Too many network glitches man...!!!! I have lost plenty of good fights in the last round just because of a stupid network glitch... even when playing on wifi this game can't keep a healthy network during the whole fight.🤨🤨 Plus the ranking distribution is quite weird and not consistent. When I win a ranked fight with a single hero playing against all 3 heroes of opponent. I only receive 25-29 rank bonus, but when I loose by a fraction of health or something. it goes -35 to -38. Plainly Sad.😓
Solid game. I prefer it over Mortal Kombat. I just wish you could cancel moves cause you get punished hard for making the wrong one. Also it would be nice to have controller support. There should also be an option to add friends from Facebook and invite them to lobbies where we can use emotes. Also there should be a friend list where we can see who is active. I also found it pretty hard to get real matches. I always settle for AI matches cause they take so long to load.
Game is amazing. I can't play real people at the moment cus my stats are to high, that's gonna change on November 3rd. Well done game developers, game deserves 5*
the game is really fun, currently the queue times can be a little long and you may need to fight a bot but that probably wont be much of a problem in full release, one worry I do have though us the balancing for the characters, but if the balancing is handled well then the game should be fine. I am also curious to see if they eventually add a campaign or story mode or if it's going to be purely pvp
Came back to rewrite my review. Whatever you do, don't get this game. Everything is super expensive, game lags like hell and your opponent will take advantage of their lag spike to turn things around. By the time your screen is back to normal they've somehow won. Long waiting times. If you want certain cards, you either have to grind for a LONG time or you'll have to fork out over 30 dollars just to upgrade them by one tier. Don't get this game.
I know this is supposed to be a separate spin off from the shadow fight series, but you improved on almost nothing from the last game, there arent many characters, there is a huge delay when trying to do anything in a match and by far this is the biggest problem, how do you take shadow fight 3 engine (game with a lot of problems) and make it worse everything is much slower and the movesets lack their fun and style. Instead of changing it you could have gave us the option to choose which moveset.
1. The lack of customizing controls are a big pain in ass. Really big mess. 2. There's lags even when internet is smooth costing my matches which I would've won but lost due to those issues. 3. There's lots of spammers and it seems this game encourages spamming and winning with underhanded tactics such as staying in corner with fireguard and spamming shadow skills, taking advantage of time out, etc sometimes it feels really disgusting. 4. Great graphics, not so smooth gameplay, fair characters
A fighting game with an absolute metric ton of problems. 1. Constant lag in the US even on wifi with >100 mb/s speed. Emphasis: Constantly. 2. Automatic defeats BY THE SYSTEM because of your connection. 3. This is a fighting game that QUEUES actions. Causing your character to act like a spastic if you hold down your phone .1 seconds longer than intended. 4. Prepare to get stomped against people with emulators playing on PC because these problems suddenly don't apply.
It is amazing how the core of this game is playing online, Ylyet, the core problem is issues with connectivity. Another issue is OP characters. It is just a shame because the game is engaging but some characters, if seen on an opponent's team, you are better off quitting than facing them. Looking at the ginger with a shield.
I like how the controls are similar to shadow fight 3, but players could use a training room so they could warm up with their characters or try out different combinations of characters. Another thing i noticed was during a match, I tried to counter attack but the controls were a bit delayed so I couldn't parry or do a complex combo. Other than those, the game is pretty solid and I rate it 4 stars👍
This game had such a potential but it has no control coustomization, worst connection, worst mechanics, worst controls (specially the joystick), so much delay in attacks and I dont know why the hell this game doesn't have a training mod. The tutorial is so bad it doesn't even tell us about wall jump, grapple, and side walk. So many spammable moves in defferent characters. I know this game is not pay to win like others but it has so many problems. Plz fix these ASAP guys and a some story. PS.
Review Update: So I eventually hit a pay wall. I play on a VPN so I usually fight bots but now I only get 2 trophies per wi because my Dojo isn't high enough for the next arena. So what Nekki is trying to do here is force you to skip the long grind of 2 chests per day by paying up so you can level your characters in order to get your Dojo up so you can get 15 trophies again. So now I'm forced to fight real players who play like absolute cowards. Edit: Thanks for the reply, looking forward to it.
To start, it's a really good game, one of a kind, good graphics, and gameplay. But it needs improving. First, it's TOO many times that the game freezes, cause of low wifi. I know it needs good wifi, but you need to find a way for it to stop lagging so much plz. Second, the attacks. When I click a certain strike too many times before the character's first strike, it keeps doing the same strike over and over after the first strike is finished. Plz fix that. And you should also add Itu to the game.
This game had a lot to live up to, especially since SF3 is such a great game. I like this game. I kinda hoped to fight as my SF3 character, but I didn't really expect to. My only issue is the controls. They also are unresponsive sometimes. It's a new game, I get it but when i need to do a perfect timed roll or hit, i fail because the controls arent fast enough for me. Same thing with the shadow abilities. Otherwise, I am so glad to use my skill against real players!
Graphics of this game is awesome. Weapons are awesome and everything is awesome about this game except one thing and that is no matter how many time I play ranked matches I never get to play against real players only at starting I was able to play with them but as my rank increased I didn't get matched up with any than I have only one option left which is to play with AI. That's why I am giving 3 stars. Otherwise gameplay is awesome.
Decent PvP game. Matchmaking seems solid, and the are graphics top notch as usual, even on Low settings. That said, this game could really use some mini-games, or a practice/training mode to test out new fighters before taking them into combat... And, while the controls are the same as in Shadow Fight 3, they aren't as responsive. As a result, the combat feels 'murkier' than in SF3. Still, I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who wanted PvP in SF2 or SF3. Good stuff, Nekki.
The graphics are way much better than shadow fight three but the problem is that i have to use VPN to play it and I hope that you will release the game globally very soon (it would help if you tell the release date 😉) AND I am also hoping for shadow fight 4 which has more great graphics and good controls and mostly new characters and storylines.. Ok thx for replying and I will be waiting eagerly for it 😘😋😙
Everything is absolutely outstanding. The graphics is just fantastic. Definitely a big step up from the previous one. Although still the same shadow fight 3 combat engine. The biggest complain I have is the lack of customisation on the controls. It doesn't really have to be changed entirely but I request to have an option where we get to change the position of the buttons and the size of it. I really hope it could be change since this was not a feature in the past two shadow fight games.
Big fan since Shadow Fight 1. Finally a good PvP edition. Loyal to the mechanics, easy to switch from a combat style to another. Gold is scarce if you don't pay. Paying will get you through the arena score but if you are a skilled player you definitely won't need it to have fun or beat other players. Characters are balanced when you know what to do but I feel like Ironclad is a beast among the common ones. Hope to see Bolo soon ! Congratz and thanks to the team !
At first sight it looks good but as u continue playing it becomes boring. Controls don't respond quickly, combos are really difficult, also I am being forced to play with 3 characters without having the ability to change weapons or upgrade them just like in SF3 . Also quite confusing (for starters), rewards r really terrible. Why can't u make it just like DUEL of SF3? It would make it better & more fair. Disappointed
Overall great experience, just needs further improvements and development (more heroes, maps, modes, events,etc). One thing that would make the game way more fun is custom character customization, like SF 3, switchable hats, weapon skins, and armor for each hero, not just skin bundles. You add that and I'll surely give you guys 5 stars.
Hi! I really like the game's design and all but can you make no cool down between chests or at least let chests stack and let us decide which one to work on? Cause I feel that there won't be much to do except fight for some coins, capped at 10 times a day. Maybe increase the rewards or just remove the limit but give less? Also, can you add quests for more characters and money? Thanks. Also, could you add a main quest line like in SF3? It gives us something to do or grind while waiting at least.
Very cool game,I wait for global launch,please add shadow fight 2 characters,that characters need to come back
I've had a lovely experience so far in the game. I really felt awesome that we the servers are very strong and I could fight nearly anyone in the Asia server region. The PvP frequency is also very time-saving and I often get a match before the 20 sec mark. However, I have faced a major problem of small control buttons which ruin the feel of the gameplay since you're forced to stick with the small buttons. I hope a customization of the buttons will be implemented as soon as possible in the game :)
the coolest game I have ever played. it has everything that a game needs to have in it. you can play real time PvP, you can play with friends, also you can practice against bots. and now it is released for 3gb ram devices and I am very happy about it. keep it up team.
The concept of the game is an excellent idea. But it lags so much against real time players. Its one of the best games I have ever played. The gameplay mechanics are quite impressive. But 4 star because it lags so much even with a good Internet against real time players. Hope Nekki works better in fixing this. Overall a great game and you should definitely give a try, it's WORTH IT !!!
This is really a great game . The game has really insane graphics and playing mechanism this so much enjoyable playing the bosses of the shadow fight three. I would have rated it four star bcz their is no story mode their must be a story but due to its graphics and gameplay I have rated it five star.
Graphics and matchmaking are good,although matchmaking takes kinda a long time. The controls feel sluggish and slow at times,and are not as fast or responsive as they should be. Only arena mode makes the game boring.Adding events,characters,story modes,1vs1modes,boss raids etc..will make the game even more interesting and playable. The network connectivity issues come up sometimes even though my internet connection is quite fast. The game has potential if you can improve on it
Almost the perfect game. It has great graphics, fighting controls, etc. But I have 3 problems.There is no training feature. Some characters need to be trained with a dummy like in shadow fight 3.The internet connection. After a certain point you only get 1 trophy for victory with ai. On the other hand it takes a minute and even after that there are technical problems(which do interfere with the fight).The fight pass should be able to be bought for rubies.The bosses and account lvl need less card
Awesome! Awesome! Way faster than the pre game you guys had (Shadow fight 3) this game is fast paced and dont have to wait long for fights either over all one of my favs
Everything is excellent apart from the non responsive controls which cause you to hit arrows. If you duck, the character shouldn' take time to think about it. The character should instantly respond and duck. The same goes for jumping, moving forward, back dashing and rolling. If this game used the same fighting mechanics as shadow fight 3, then I would rate it 5 stars. Also please improve the connectivity performance. The game keeps on lagging and pausing at inconvenient moments.(I run 230mbps)
It's a good game. Great graphics,decent controls. It's kinda p2w but not very much so it's kinda fine. The PvP battles are fun but thats the only thing you can do. I think this game should have something like a arcade mode with some different opponents against ai,it would add a little more to this game. Other than that it's a great game
Hey guys, So I noticed that the tutorial doesn't show how to do side steps and grappling. I know it because I've been playing Shadow Fight 3 since day 1. So here's how you do it. When you're close to an enemy, side the direction button towards your enemy twice quick to side step and go behind them. When you're close to them, it you press the direction towards your enemy and hold the punch button, your character will do a grapple. And! Omg! It's finally here! Been waiting for this!!
It's been almost 1 week since I have started playing this game. There are still a lot of bugs in the game and there's room for improvement. Controls must be optimized since few actions cannot be performed properly during a fight. It's better if the price of Fight Pass is reduced a bit. I have tried to report about the bugs in Customer Support but no one replied. Overall game performance, graphics rendering, sound quality and visuals are fascinating.
Great game. Graphics are exceptional. But try to make the overall movement of the characters a little faster, just like Shadow fight 3.
I've always been a fan of the Shadow Fight series. This game takes the series to another level. The combat is as expected, easy to figure out and simple. The graphics have improved compared to Shadow Fight 3 and the animations look better. The concept of heroes fighting your battles is good but it would've been better if character customizaion was a thing. Too late to change it now. Other than some occasional crashes on online PVP (which can be fixed), I love everything about this game.
As an avid fan of shadow fight 3, I had high expectations for this game. Unfortunately the controls aren't as responsive as compared to SF 3, the input feels SLUGGISH and your character won't move according to your speed. This is a big no no for fighting games. I'm not sure whether the game is design as such or its some sort of bug, It will be great if you can fix this in the future.
A solid multiplayer experience worthy of the Shadow Fight name. This is a MASSIVE step up from SF3 personally, the matchmaking is pretty good so far, (10-20 matches in) there are some people with bad connections but that was a rarity, somewhat better and generous rewards(!), and all the rage, the satisfaction, the thrill, the epic plays and the action are all here. This is a great step forward for you guys, would be awesome to see tournaments for this game as well. Great job Nekki/Banzai!
Despite what everyone is saying, I personally like this game(it's an improvement over shadow fight 3). You always have a chance to fight back, and I mean in any position. You can't combo lock someone and beat them over and over while they're forced to sit there and wait for the EXECUTION. I also noticed little features here and there. You can't emote at the end of a fight (very toxic). Yes, I'm toxic and I hate when someone does it do me too(it really isn't fun to be on the receiving end) GJ.
Love this game! The graphics are top notch! But you guys seriously need to optimize this ASAP. For lower end devices especially. And just ordinary matches are gonna become boring real quick. Please add a story mode like Shadow Fight 3. And maybe some events later on. If you can, this game is sure to far surpass it's predecessors in almost all aspects. We appreciate all the effort you guys put into this. You have my respect :)
Great fun when everything works like it's supposed to, it would be a 5 star except for a few things. 1. We need a manual block button,the AI is unreliable. 2. Players leaving the game when their loosing, and causing it to be a draw, but when I do the same, I loose lol. 3. Input lag. And 4. I paid money for the fight pass, why should I wait every 24hrs to unlock a new level. Smh
After playing this for a while. I understand one thing, skills don't matter in this game. The opponent cooks you with the same repetitive shots and god once you are cornered, no way you'll be able to win a fight. The game has a dumb connectivity issues. Games that are graphic intense and need a lot of connectivity are performing much better than this game with the same internet connection! Need a lot of work!!!
There's this issue where you are trapped on the either side by your opponent and you can do literally NOTHING to get out of that trap.
Its a great game obviously considering that it is a new game. Though I would like to suggest to add more variations in heroes, more daily reweards etc. I have played great number of matches since release but still stuck with only 4 heroes and the progress is so slow that I think it will make it boring in future. If you want to pay some price then its great, but those who don't it will take lots of time to unlock more heroes.
Gams is good. But the controls are a bit delayed. I've noticed, the match-making or search time is too long. And most of the time, I can't get to fight with players at all. So I'll just fight with Ai instead. And lastly, sometimes the game freezes after watching an ad. Please fix it. This game has a lot of pofential.
Disaster. Controls reaction and connection bugs. Enemy choosing algoritms in PvP mode: lvl6 must fight with lvl8 without chanses 2 win (U can win within Enemy connection bugs only) . Slow movement animations are worse than control movement in SF3 Game pause within connection bug stopes the Game in 3 sec. But after it the Game tries to make ALL moves, buffered by app at once. So, you don't have chances to do anything - Just see the fast animations of the fighting moves, buffered by app.
I mean, we should've expected bugs considering that it is a new game. But even at this level, this is a great addition to the original SF3. If the game's already so good right now, imagine what it would be like after some more time. SF3, SF2 and many other Nekki games have gone through so many updates to improve. If this is just the beginning, then SFA will go really far, I guarantee it...
I seriously love this game,but I'm giving 3 stars because,1 star gone coz, getting rare and epic characters is hard. Another star gone because of an extremely annoying bug:- Whenever I play a match,it sometimes gets hang and I lose my progress,and sometimes when I beat a character, getting great or perfect,the game starts to blink and I can't move anything and then I lose my progress! Plz fix this bug