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Is a Music game developed by Applibot, Inc. located at 東京都渋谷区宇田川町40番1号 Abema Towers. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love the artwork and the characters when I first saw this but just when I installed the game the loading screen took 2 hours and still nothing happened please fix.
Strange sci-fi rhythm game with an extensive plot and full Japanese voice acting! It is developed by former Dance Dance Revolution superstar musician, Naoki Maeda, which explains the fine attention to detail & the various classical EDM songs. Main complaint is that the audio offset options do not go high enough for my Bluetooth headphones, so I can only play with my built-in speakers. 🙁 Otherwise, great game. Recommend buying full version for best experience but definitely try before you buy!
I'm sorry what? We're playing a so called "free" game that was suppose to be a trial? Are you kidding me? And it's like $6.79 AUS, my gosh.
The graphics are spectacular and the story is really interesting. However, the gameplay is too easy. I don't wish to sound smug, but your "hard" difficulty songs are sometimes easier than easy difficulty songs in other games. I love the challenge of enemy skills when they attack, but when the skills have not activated yet, I barely feel a challenge at all. For one of the master songs, I achieved full combo with only 3 critical on a sight read and that is a major problem. Make the game harder pls
It's a great music rhythm game with two modes to choose from. The song list is quite decent too. The only downside is that the offset limit is at 200, and my phone needs me to adjust it past that number.
You can see there is polish in the menus and story mode and lots of effort behind the game but at the moment it lacks some key features like a good calibration system (f.e. tonesphere or cytus II's active calibration instead of a slider) and most of all it needs better optimization. Im running a Snapdragon 845 and i can barely get past 30 fps which in a rhythm game is not good at all. Will change to 5 stars if at least the performance issue is adressed.
It won't get past the loading screen for me. I really wish to play the game and will obviously edit my review when I do.
I play this game on my Pixel 3A XL and I'm aware some people are experiencing lag, but I've been perfectly fine excluding some skills like MARROW and CORNEA. Really loving the story and song selection, keep it up!
Initial Load Screen / Optimization Issue: Game would not load past initial loading screen for S6 Lite. Too bad - the game looks epic.
the game really looks interesting! but the problem here is that whenever i try to play the free play mode, it always gives me a "failed to load/play game". please fix this bug. thank you!
Love rhythm games and this one is top notch! Story mode. Free play. More songs to purchase both with money and in game currency. Art style and music battles are amazing! Overall great game.
I want to play this game but the lagging audio makes the game completely unplayable. I saw that there was a big fix but it wasn't the one for the audio bug so I don't know where your priorities are. Still no fix I'm guessing the developer does not know how to fix this game. If it's a compatibly issue then they need to try and make it make it compatible for all phones. At this point I am abandoning any chance to play this game.
A rhythm game with a cyberpunk story with full voice acting! And it's a premium game where you can pay to unlock the full game. Simple mode is like your usual rhythm game, the interesting part is chaos mode which make this game unique compared to other rhythm games
I'm not typically into rhythm games or visual novels, but this game was a complete exception. First of all, I wouldn't really call it a proper visual novel. The story is good for a rhythm game, (I'm actually finding it decently interesting despite hating most anime-game stories) but so far doesn't have any options and wouldn't be able to carry the game on its own. However, what this game is is a fantastic rhythm game. There's a guitar hero like mode called 'simple' which might be good for larger devices, and is decent enough. The real game, though, is in the 'chaos' mode. It takes the basic concept of tapping on stuff like elite beat agents, executes it well, and adds a lot on top of it. The gameplay is made for perfectly for phones. The game uses 4 different symbols to represent every different possible interaction with a touchscreen, and even uses multi-touch really well. Indicators come in from the sides of the screen so its pretty much impossible to miss beats even with your thumbs covering the bottom half of the screen. To spice things up, halfway through most songs a visual effect will be applied to the screen that will move or slightly obstruct notes. Its nothing special but does a lot to make tracks unique. Presentation is fantastic, music is great(as you'd hope) and the outrun art style might not be for everyone, but I personally love it. Art is consistently high quality and animations are well done. Others have reported performance issues or latency. Using my galaxy S8 at 1440p+ with wired headphones I have noticed none of either. I rarely passed 10% usage on CPU or GPU so I'm guessing performance problems have been fixed. (Good for battery too!) There's an ingame option to compensate for latency as well, if that problem persists. There's a good amount of content now- it'll take me a while to get through it - but I'm already looking forward to future updates.
waited half an hour downloading 7gb of data but can not start the game. just wow. the artwork is fantastic tbh, never seen it before
Amazing graphics and interesting story. The sound effects and gameplay was great. Overall, it was a fun and worthwhile experience.Well done =3
i really want to play this game but im stuck on the loadong screen, i dont know if this game is online or offline,
The game used to run super smooth on my Galaxy S9+, and still does to some extent. Due to a broken headphone jack, I play games on my phone using bluetooth, and for the past month or so the game has gotten a lot more stuttery. Ever since I updated to Android 10, notes jitter in both play modes, making it much harder to play well and get high scores. If I play using the internal speakers, however, the problem goes away.
It keeps failing to load game in chapter 2 just after the two characters activated their pancrea and lung. It freezes from there.
Well appereantly the August update doesnt even let you pass the first resource downloadnof suppousedly 80mgb....... it does not take over an hour for 80mgb to still be at 60% of it.... FIX THIS
The story is good and the artworks are absolutely gorgeous. But, i think it's better if you suggest the player to download all data before playing it rather than downloading multiple times while playing it. Also, i can't focus on the notes because there are TOO MANY EFFECTS on chaos mode. Maybe you can make it with less effect and more simple on chaos mode?
Exceptional gameplay with Neo-Cyber-Style artwork designs, I like that. At first, story feels interesting but starts to feel boring and not fun when you have to download each of the episode. Yes, theres an option to download all files but it ended up being a waste of time because you eventually have to download files again. The download size is 4GB+ (caches not included) so its a struggle to play for players who has limited storage like myself.
The game doesn't even works, it loads forever for me after agreeing on the terms. Running on Android 9 and everything is above the recommended setup from the devs, but it's not working.
So far I'm very curious about the story but this game's story and setting and characters feels just like Cytus 2 which I love so hopefully this game, despite being by a different company, is just as enjoyable as Cytus 2.
The menu is kind of difficult to navigate - but the story is really fun (it's really funny hearing characters scream organ names) and the gameplay slaps. Im on a galaxy S8 and there are no problems with my audio.
Definitely a great concept, especially with chaos mode (very similar to the cytus series controls), but you should definitely implement an audio delay test to establish a proper audio match for bluetooth devices.
Surprising amazing graphics! I usually don't spent $$ on games but it's cheap! ($6 for the full version). I'm surprised by the quality. Amazing gameplay and easy to play. It's smooth on my huawei mate 20x! Would love to have more free songs doe D: (the selection is great but would love more!)
The game is pretty great in every way except for one thing: it runs at like 15 FPS for some reason And no it's not my phone i have an Essential PH-1 with which i can play something like Honkai Impact at max settings or close with no slowdowns of any kind, i should be able to play a game like this the same way but for some reason i can't even though it's a far less intensive game to run
I can't even play the game. On the 2nd episode the game will ALWAYS freeze once the Guardian a comes up. I have reinstalled it 2 times already, delete the app data twice and still it freezes. By the way I just scrolled through the comments and not one response from the devs came up about other peoples complaints. I might as well not type any of this if not even the devs will not even take a look at it.
I couldn't even play the game I opened lots of times, everything seemed fine until i pressed to play, it wouldn't load and lag.it made me quite upset
This is one of the best rythm games I had. I just started playing it today and it's really aestheticly pleasing! The storyline is good and the visuals are 100/10. But the fact you have to pay for the full version is just dissapointing.
Really intresting and good story! The 2 different ways to play the game allows people to comfortably play, the use of skills adds a nice challenge that is also fun. Could be improved by explaining the scoring system though. 5 stars from me Edit: Recently had to transfer my data, the support was extremely helpful
A big fan of rhythm game here. I like the gameplay and story, but personally, my issue here is the color tone. Neon is cool, but it need to calm down for a while because its too bright and I need to reduce my brightness to the minimum level in order to play this game.
I don't know why the rating is so low. This game is so much fun and I love how it has a story line. I've been trying to look for a music game like this and I'm glad I found one!!!
Fun/weird The game itself functions well, its smooth and the tutorial is nice and easy, but the reason why I gave a three was the games first impression of advancing through the story, to advance you need to download the episodes every time if you want to continue?? Its weird and not what I expected, I was thinking that everything would be inside the game already there for me to use but it isn't. The game is fun and does change it up a bit but to download extra content just to play, eh weird.
The game was fun but seems a bit unbalanced like for example normal feels like hard as I kept trying and trying to beat a CPU in battle mode they just keep beating me. I would rather have free play mode to play the songs without having a dumb battle but the gameplay is alright I guess...maybe?
The songs are 10/10 and the interface is lovely, but it just doesn't run the story mode on my pixelbook. Such a shame, the few screens that managed to load were gorgeous. I only get either a white screen or a black screen, making following the story impossible. Free mode works fine, but since you need to unlock songs the only option is to skip all cinematics. 5/5 stars if you fix these issues. Hang in there, devs!
The game is great. Great songlist, great concept, great visuals and theming, and lots of things to choose from. But the optimization is horrible...I am on a top end LG V50, so there is no reason it should be running at 10-15 fps even when I turn the settings all the way down...It makes the game completely unplayable because half of my inputs just aren't registered at that point, and the half that are don't register at the right times...
has good music but is unplayable on my phone, it only allows to set offset + or - 200 (miliseconds I guess?) but even at the -200 audio is still behind, I would need another 50-100 ms. the framerate is awful too especially in "simple" mode - speaking of which this game seems to have identity crisis because it has 2 completely different modes for each song - "simple" which plays like BanG dream and "chaos" which looks like something between Cytus and Tone Sphere. It has some story and characters but that's not really what I'm looking for in a rhythm game
If I'm honest it's a really amazing game I love the art music and the characters the only thing that I wish was that its 100% offline a way I think it would be possible is having a download you can only receive if you fully paid for it (witch I have fully bought the game) and I'm not trying to tell you to do it but it's a small suggestion as many people dont get wifi as much as others do but as I've said it's still such an amazing game that I myself really enjoy
I really want to try but the loading screen is just too long i turmed off my auto close screen and opened the game for the whole goddam night and it didnt load plz fix your game
Good game really nice graphics but when trying to purchase the full unlock it's not giving me that option when using the S21 couldn't let me confirmed the purchase other then that great game
the game is good but can you put background audio test (music background,the voice of the characters) sometime the fps just drop ,i dont know why, but can you fix it so we can understand the game story and the background audio a lot better? thx
Do some difficulty fixing. And graphic fixing. It is SO HARD to read the notes timing to the point I just set the speed to 2. Difficulty? I'm no new fella to rhythm games. Sure, it's been awhile, but I've done my fair share of rhythm games. On chaos hard on a LEVEL 4 SONG, I cannot for the life of me get above a B. Now you might be thinking, okay, B is good enough yeah? No. B is a fail, you can't beat the CPU with a B. Not w a combo of over 200.
I wanna play this game but the game is not starting only loading loading.... I tried many times . Plsssss fix this. And plss add lots of game modes also & pls update the game regularly.
Even though downloading the whole file, and have a strong wifi signal. I still have errors like "Failed to send data" and I can't even pass through Chapter 1 Episode 2. Graphics are amazing though but I can't even pass through the tutorial. Will review again after fixing this type of issue.
This game sucks! I did battle mode and lost every single match and only missed like 1 note... wasnt even online, just the AI gets perfect score? What a weird game... ill stick to better rythym games. Too weird for me
I've been playing this game for about 2 month now. It's good, the graphics are futuristic, the story is intriguing, and the songs and characters are cool as well. I hope you added more other features to expand the player creativity. I have high hopes for this beautiful game. Keep it up dev👍
Won't load pasting the loading screen. It just spins around and around and around. Will NOT. LOAD! ANNOYING AF