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Seven Letter Press

Seven Letter Press for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Words and Maps. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Some words I never heard of and after a few weeks of playing..seems like I got the same 10 sets of letters over and over or a ridiculous set with a x z and one vowel. I like the challenge.
This would get a 5 if you could turn off the timer. Otherwise it's a great game and the ads aren't annoying
I don't mind odd words like catalpa, but some of the words, in fact a lot of the words are just made up like the one I just missed - visaing, which IS NOT EVEN A REAL WORD CUZ I TRIED TO LOOK IT UP!
It's enjoying and much better than any other games coz' it can helps to learn some unfamiliar words to me...
Seems like the creators of the game aren't interested in the least of very real concerns the users are expressing. No addressing of any of the concerns or even acknowledgement of those concerns. It's supposed to be a WORD game, and by it's very nature should be using words that are found in common dictionaries... far too many made up words and far too many words not acceptable that are in every day dictionaries. Uninstall if you have installed.
It's nice to pass the time. But they just recently changed the app, so you're forced to watch the ad. So annoying.
It needs to recognize any word that's in the dictionary. Controls and graphics doesn't matter in this type of game.
What is the word "finical"? I just looked it up in the dictionary and it is nonexistent. Also, is this game based on American English or British English? Too many made up words!
Real basic gameplay but bland looking and noises are too quiet. I found an extra seven letter word in one of the trials but I didn't have the space for it. And there are words that are not in this dictionary. And vice versa. Fowl words forever.
Used to be good, but now you can't skip the ads which play at FULL volume regardless of where I have my volume set. I uninstalled
If you held your finger on the screen too long it would zoom in. Then not zoom out. You would have to close the game to restart. Really annoying. A lot of non words as well. Some names and some nonsense. Not as bad as some other games I have seen but lame.
I'd keep it if there was an option to turn the timer off so I could challenge myself to find all the words. Uninstalled.
Just did one of your puzzles. BLINDLY. You allowed dilly & billy as words. But not nilly. Willy nilly is an Old phrase. So its a word. Thank you. B-)
Game is ok but since 2/14/2021 update the menu is no longer functional so you can only play, cant turn sound on or off, cant quit midgame, you have to let the clock run out. Not as fun now.
Nice design & challenging. Good, expansive list of words -- incl those we folks may utter infrequently, like "Aha". Even incl the word, "Sis", not accepted in other word games. Only disappointment --> Typically, way too little timed play to finish a board. FRUSTRATING when the game ends, and words you WOULD'VE added with more time, are shown on the app's completed board. Game should allow us the option to set longer time limit.😒 Oh well. To save space on my device, uninstalling for a while.
I love the game but it sometimes freezes when you go to open it and we get a black blank screen! My husband has it on his device too and has the same issues!
Best English word game by far, also probably the best game I ever played (I've been playing video games since the onset of Atari 2600). At the very least I could say this is the game I spent the most time with (alongside Sega's "Wonder Boy"), and unlike the latter - or "Scrabble" for that matter - I never tired of Seven Letter Press. My only suggestion for improvement is that missing (unsolved) words will lead to their dictionary definition(s) when pressed upon, after a game ends.
How about we stick with words from the designated language. And a little consistency would be nice as well. How can you accept app - an abbreviation for application - but not carb, an equally acceptable shortened form for carbohydrate? Removing app. No response from developer to review. Too many inane words.
One of my favorites! You have to spend some time learning which lesser-known words the developer chose to include and exclude (in many cases, it seems completely random). But if you have the right attitude, it just adds a memory component to the game. 😉 The animated banner ads during gameplay seem like a crazy, self-defeating choice—why would anyone deliberately try to distract their players and make their game less fun? Fortunately, you can avoid this annoyance by going offline first.
Love this game play when I go to bed it is very relaxing sometimes I fall a sleep which is good as I have trouble going to sleep GREAT Game
Full page ad after EVERY game. Yuk. Stupid to allow the same amount of time for a game with few words & 1 with lots of words. Uninstalled
This game is fun but could be so much better. I can get used to its quirky word list, but the high score function has never worked for me since I began playing, and that's especially disappointing considering I had a game in the top 35 of all time, and plenty of daily top scores. Why hasn't this been fixed? Also, since the last version was introduced, the size of the letters was greatly reduced, so it's much easier to accidentally press the wrong letter. I would change my rating to a 4 or 5 if these issues were resolved.
I'm ok with obscure words like "fogyish", but made up words!? Neglige, leggin, and alining are not real words. In one of the example pictures you can see one of the answers is "agin". It is frustrating.
Good word game in anagram form. But had to give it 4 stars.You have words that ate not in my dictionary or thesaurus.
I love this game. Recently it was updated to show the missed words in a different color. Great. Now I need to have the option to pull up the last word for when I'm showing the plural of a word in order not to have to type in the entire word in again. I also need to be able to cancel a game if I can't get all the words and don't want to wait for time to expire.
Frustrating, too many made up words, but doesn't accept words which are real. Liked playing it but uninstalling after one too manu fake words
The game is addictive and fun though some of the words are not in the dictionary. I have learnt some new words which are in the dictionary. So all said and done I am enjoying the game.
After over almost a year I'm seriously considering uninstalling the app , too many times I have entered the letters to form words , the bell went off signalling acceptance of the word , but at the end of the round , I see that the words were in fact not accepted .
Updated and now have ads. I didn't mind the made up words but the ads, I do. Not sure if I will delete the app or not.
I still play it so that says something but I get real frustrated because some of the words are ridiculously obscure. That kind of puts a spoiler on it. What really brought it down in my opinion is the scoring system. You get the most for the first word you find. after that each subsequent word if is worth one point less than the prior word with the same number letters. what kind of sense does that make? I wish it showed the total possible points for each word also.
Everything about the game was very good. I uninstalled because i have limlted memory and have to keep changing games for variety. Game was challenging and fun, if you have space for more than 2 or 3 games at a time, try it you'll like if you are a word game nut.
Beware! Great time wasting game but its American spellings and terms! Very convoluted! Addictive teabreak game but a bit dull! No levels to achieve makes it boring! Fix up! Uk review