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Seven Endgame - Scary Horror Messenger Thriller

Seven Endgame - Scary Horror Messenger Thriller for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by SponsorAds GmbH & Co.KG located at Waldstrasse 23 66333 Völklingen. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
So far it's a lot of fun, really detailed and immersive. When I got the first phone call... chills 😱 I didn't wanna answer it!! Lol. recommended :)
I loved the first part of this game and I am already loving the second part! You should totally play this after you finish Seven! The story line keeps you hooked!💕
Interesting and different game. Good storyline and you can play for quite a period of time. You can choose ads to advance or not. So far so good!
I really enjoyed this game, it filled up several days of quarantine rather nicely! I enjoyed the twists and turns in the story. My only complaint is you have to watch far too many ads to be able to complete the hacking games. I totally get needing ads to make money for an app, but maybe instead of a video giving 2 moves, maybe make it 4 or 5? And then pay the bics for 10 moves. Apart from that, I loved it!
**SPOILER ALERT** It's not often that I leave a review for a game, unless it's worthy of the recognition. Highly immersive, brilliant script, and not too short. I didn't necessarily like the ending as much, i found that too many changes took place, but i guess this will be the stepping stone for the next one. You can play without pay, however I did pay to support the Devs. What i would love to see on the next one, is the option to consult your real WhatsApp contacts within the game!
I normally either hate or love a game. This one is a great game weighed down by the hacking game. Personally a game like this should be for entertainment not puzzle solving. Some mindless level 1 hacking is ok but it gets very annoying at level 4 + I think I've lost interest overall
First, the good. Great story telling, great characters, unique, fun, and honestly well rounded. The problems. Your choices barely matter. They don't really affect anything. Pretty sure the ending is always pretty well the same. Also, maybe this is my own fault, but I was not enthusiastic at all to find out you are making a third game. The story feels done. The first one didn't, but this one did. Now it feels cheepend, and I probably won't play it. Know when to end yout story. This was it.
Such a shame, great concept as others have said but truly let down by the annoying hacking game. You pretty much spend most of the time playing this hacking game, which in essence could be a separate game altogether. I was enjoying this game for a short while until i realised that every few messages there'd be another "hacking" challenge - not to mention the annoying 30 second ads in between winning stars or running out of turns etc. Gutted , this game could have been so much better.
Ive played the first one all the way through and really enjoyed it. They really improved the graphics in this one for hacking and made it easier to tell blocks apart (colorblind). I'm looking forward to seeing where the story goes. Edit: The story is interesting but I find the overuse of the hacking puzzle takes away from it. Plus the hacking becomes so hard that it's just frustrating.
I enjoy this game it is challenging and exciting. I rather enjoy playing this game. The only thing that stops me from giving it 5 stars is that I haven't played long enough to give the 5th star but that may change. But keep up the great work it has been fun and creepy thus far😃👍
So many adverts... Ruins the atmosphere IMHO... Seems a great game otherwise. People have given up and I don't blame them. Yes they are a business but I'm here to play a game AND NOT WATCH ADVERTS... its about the balance which I think they have got WRONG!!
Just charge money for the game if you want people to pay! I hate these 'free' games that badger you constantly with ads and in game currency. I would be perfectly happy to pay a few bucks for a text adventure arrangement, but not only is the pay wall hidden in the game, but it's over 8 dollars for unlimited 'hearts'! That's pretty steep for something that is more of an interactive experience than a game. I was getting into the story, but I just couldn't take the ads anymore.
I'm just starting this sequel but I love the idea of a story playing out via text and requiring achievements to continue. Sometimes the main character is an idiot and the games get difficult, but it's still cool overall. Expecting this one to be at least as good.
I love the 1st game and this 2nd one but idk what happened but everytime i open the app it takes me to jus a bloody boarded up wall and it wont move to a diff screen it wont let me click on anything like its frozen
Cool concept,but it revolves around microtransactions to progress. Or watching countless ads if you don't want to pay your way. Honestly irritating
Very fun text based game! First game was great and this one just took what was good about it and made it better!
The story seems interesting, but good god! That hacking game is ridiculous. I've been stuck on the same stage for like 3 days. I'm not paying for that sort of cheap trick. How about focusing on making a good game instead of trying to force your player's hand? Unbelievable as it may sound, I've actually paid for games I found compelling. I know, right?
Really enjoyed this game. Keeps you wanting to know more. The mini game isn't terribly hard, but can be a tad frustrating. But, I kept at it because the story pulls you in. I also guessed correctly at the first guess!
Absolutely loved this game! The feature that allowed the player to use coins after too many fails on the hacking is brilliant (mainly because I failed ALOT!) The controls were easy to use and the storyline always kept me guessing, loved all of it :) Please bring out more games like this!
This game and the first part is incredible to story is amazing people may find the hacking annoying but I can not WAIT! To see if there will be a third game and thr story behind it after the way this has ended people play these games in order it really makes you think doubt and engross into the story I womt ruin the ending but you will never guess what happens.
After playing duskwood, I was a little hesitant about it. But so far so good...and I like that the puzzles are similar to Tetris ( which is my GAME) That's all I got for you so far...might update later if I remember 😬
It was a good game mixed with mini puzzles that weren't too hard and if you did get stuck you had the option of using bics (that you can get for free) to pass. The story made sense and finding out who it was matched well and made sense with the first one. I like that you had more options to change your relationships with people and the videos and calls made it feel like saw. Really liked it
I don't know now no one else seems to have noticed this in the reviews, there's a homophobic slur like a minute into the game, completely unnecessary and makes no sense to the story line. I feel like they're just using it as a general insult, but it's 2020. We don't use that word anymore. For good reason, so get with the times
Love the game until the hacking gets to level 3 and 4...then it gets to a point where you have no choice to watch multiple videos to successfully hack because they don't give you enough blocks of the certain color you need. Quickly losing interest now. Also got kicked out of the game multiple times and lost my progress which is frustrating!
These stars are too few of what I really wanted to rate. Its a brilliant game twists and turns love it cannot wait to see if there is going to be a 3rd one
Better than the 1st. Actual puzzles to solve...but one, I believe is set up so you can't win. The amount of mini games needed to play is still monotonous & annoying. Change them up. Your choices don't impact the story much. There's an inevitable outcome for the last task that you cannot escape (the outcome sucks). Again, better than the first, but still needs work to make the game what it could be. More riddles, puzzles, problems & more code breaking would be great. More interesting mini games
Love this game its so addictive. I really enjoyed the first chapter and couldnt wait to find out what happens next. The main format hasnt really changed which is good as i liked it how it was
Enjoying it so far, mini games get a bit tedious. Would be good if there were more of a variety of mini games throughout
Leaves you wanting to know more! This is a super fun game that you can play casually or for long periods of time. I really enjoy the storyline and trying to figure out what is going on. Sometimes some of the texts seem pointless and a little drawn out, but I think the point of that is to build on the characters and give you an insight as to who they are.
Very entertaining. Finished in a few days. Really enjoyed the twists. Agree with a prior review re: excessive ads to complete puzzles. I paid 11.99 for unending lives, that should turn off the ads. Also, find someone who actually speaks English to translate the text. Very stilted.
Honestly this game look like a good game butt here is to many bugs I can't even finish the intro of the game because it won't let me continue and I only been playing for 3 mins. Hope they fix it
Crazy mystery rollercoaster of emotions! What was really my big problem was the choice options in my response to something was pretty limited and didn't show a good range of what a person in that position would say or do. More realistic optional choices to help push the boundaries of a mystery thriller! Could use this positive critic in the next one can't wait!!
Just started playing, but I like that there are choices in how to respond to texts. Great for casual playing.
So far, so good! I have just begun this game and am liking it so far - but it would be great and get a full five stars if it gave the option to NOT engage the mystery killer. If you had just come through what the hero has, you might choose to avoid a new mystery threat. The game play could still continue - as trying to avoid or ignore the killer would only enrage him or her further, thereby raising the stakes. But it makes more sense psychologically for someone who was traumatised. Good luck!
This game is so scary!!! When the person "calls" You, it's like... It feels so real!!! Honestly 5 stars all the way!! Holy cow pp was it scary!
So i recently completed the first part of the game and it was super intense with not an overload of ads. So far this one has picked up where the other one left off and even added some polish so im super excited to see where the 2nd part of yhe story goes
Story is compelling and kept you interested throughout. The hacking puzzles seemed more attainable than the first game, especially towards the end. Although it is very repetitive, so more variety of games would have been nice. However, I do wish the choices that you make mattered more/made more impact throughout the game, it would make some replay value for the game as I think there isn't any currently. I also don't see any affect with the relationship value, so why even have it.
Im almost at the end of this game and i dont usually review but wow this is hands down the BEST most suspensful games full of twists and not impossible to play. If you see this please try it out. Im so picky but this is something special. Youll be entertained all the way through!!!
Gets you in for a little but to continue you gotta use credits which you can either buy or watch adds for 1 at a time or something when you need 50-60 to progress. Make it free or at least up the reward system to make it worth while
The english could be better, there are quite a few mistakes, and the amount of times you have to play the minigame is a bit frustratimg when you are just looking for a story but appart from that its a good story.
Fun game but the "apps" game got really annoying. The translation was a bit off and it needs improvement. Overall the story was pretty interesting. 👍 I recommend playing it if you like puzzle solving type games
Awesome! I was lucky enough to guess the killer before the end and it was so worth it to see it played out!!! Really hoping for another sequel!!! Great job, guys! This would make for a fantastic film!!
When I first downloaded it i didnt realize it was a sequel. Either way it does a good job at catching you up and keep you wanna find out what happens next. I do find the hacking very annoying, i get sometimes but every 8 minutes another one? Anyways great app. This was my first time playing one of this category.
It's interesting enough. I just started and I've been playing for an hour without getting bored. The developers probably hear this often but I'll say it too: "Nudes!" 🤣
So far it's good but I don't like that I have to pay to play the game seriously it's not okay to get you into the game then all of a sudden you can't countiue. The game is good but need more options to keep playing
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.I'll tell myself it's too slow and then I keep playing it. It's pace also makes it easy to put down and come back later. My biggest problem is the English. Words are spelled wrong(i.e.complains-complaints) or wrong "billeted"? A military word. But ok it's from German, can give them a break. 5 "auf" 6?. But some sentences aren't understandable. And the ads are so long! How greedy can they get? One rap video is bad and looooong. Please fix the English. People over 30 are inept. I'm computer savvy
I've only just started so will update when I get alittle further. I've been trying to find a game similar to Duskwood while I wait for the next episode. That game is insanely addictive. I'm sorta chasing that dragon right now and this game seems like it may end up filling that gap.
If I could give these games a 10 I would!! This is the most fun text/mystery game I've played and I've played quite a few!! It is def worth trying! Start with Seven though and start the story from the beginning!!
I absolutely loved this game and the story really drew me in. I won't spoil the ending for new users though but I hated the ending. I played through the first game and then this and as said because of how much the story and characters drew me on the ending of this upset me even more. I unfortunately now will try to forget about this game because of the upsetting ending.
I got to maybe my 3rd or 4th round of puzzle playing before the mix of pieces given, requirements, and "administration" popping up made even the easy or medium levels just about impossible.
I'm enjoying this game,I like all things psychological and games too,I love the very real feel to this and the fact that the choices you make can change the games out come is awesome.
Yet again the game has no real ending there is another game to play. The texts take way too long to load in conversations and I was bored. The mindless messages from everyone and random selfies have no reason to be in the game. The hacking mini game is boring. It's the same game every time, with variationsof Tetris. Some levels don't give you the colour you need so you can't beat it. Won't be downloading part 3 When and if it becomes available. More time is spent watching ads
Fun interactive game! *EDIT!!!* I just finished this game and I'm in love. I played this not knowing that it was a sequel but that didn't change the fact that it was amazing. Great story and well developed characters. The twists honestly had me reeling and in need of a third game!
It's alright. The storyline is okay. Doesnt really get you interested but at least there's something. The thing that bothers me the most is the 'hacking' game. Its just the same game but it gets harder. Gets kinda boring as well. Plus you'll hack it, move on to the next conversation, and like 2 chats later you have to start hacking again! Kinda bored with it. Will update this review if i finish it. Update: Didn't finish it. Uninstalled.
First time evwr rating an app, amd so far the app is great. I love the world building, amd stortytellig.
great game, fun puzzles (the hacking games were a bit difficult and at times i felt forced to spend real money just to move forward from something i couldn't otherwise beat). also, it cost too many BicS to change your guess as to who the killer was... i got stuck picking the wrong person even after i had figured it out :( i would recommend, but with the warning of my above mentioned experience.
Great game but lose the hacking!!! I loved the concept and how this game plays, but the hacking part is absolutely horrible, really ruins the game for me, and from reading the other reviews, I can see it's not just me who thinks this, get rid of the hacking and this game will be amazing.
Literal on edge of seat suspense, have to admit nedr saw the ending coming, would rate five stars asides some of the hacking parts are rather complicated..other than that worth the time and effort!! First game I've been willing to spend any cash on, waiting for the next updates!
First time I've ever felt the desire to review an app. I loved playing Seven Endgame, the gameplay sucks you right in and gets more addictive the further you get. Would have liked more variety in the puzzles you have to solve to hack the files as they do get a little tedious. Still the best game I've played in my phone. Fantastic!
As a hardcore gamer I originally scoffed at the idea of a text-basee game...but boredom got the best of me and I downloaded the original Seven, beat it, loved it, and then got this one... And it's great, the creator fixed all of the issues I had with the first one(sometimes it didn't save, slow text) and they are in their prime with this game. It borrows elements from the movie Saw for the villain but in a good way, the story is great. Just download it, do yourself a favor.
A great follow up to the first game. The main reason for not getting 5 stars is due to the games that require you to watch adverts due to not enough moves being provided or the correct bricks, just so you can get 2 additional moves. Decent enough story and better than the first one. Looking forward to seeing the 3rd installment. Maybe introduce free text for some replies
Very long great game! Ive been chasing the dragon after playing Duskwood (best text game btw!) & found this. While yes there are bad grammar/translations to English, the storyline is surprising and kept me guessing till the end! While I wish there were better choices for dialogue and a diff ending in final game, I highly recommend this. There are some issues with the hacking game- it freezes at times, forcing you to close and reopen game, but the ability to watch unlmtd ads to help hack was rad!
In general I really don't like texting because i find it annoying and slow. Somehow i decided to download this game and surprisingly i got attached to the format and the story. I finished it and I really enjoyed the puzzles. My biggest complaints are 1: why using 30 seconds ads? Its was really annoying specially towards the end when you had those puzzles with not enough moves? You could use 5 to 10 seconds ads instead 2: (spoiler) i wish i could have had at least one affair with Lina. She's hot