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Seven - Deadly Revelation - Horror Chat Adventure

Seven - Deadly Revelation - Horror Chat Adventure for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by SponsorAds GmbH & Co.KG located at Waldstrasse 23 66333 VΓΆlklingen. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's ok but hate the mini games better than those jewel ones though if it gets to hard I'll be unsubscribing
If you like glitchy games-- you know, the kind where you have to spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME beating mini-games to move forward, and then it glitches and you lose ALL your progress, then this game is for you. Perfect for people who love fueling their life with frustration and anger.
Pretty much as everyone's pointed out. COULD be a good game if they rectified the mini games that are unbeatable as you progress in the game. Love a challenge but these are ridiculous unless you spend a fair amount of real money to beat them. PATIENCE is the key or hist don't bother. Other thing I would point out is when you predicted the killer, you keep saying Last chance to change your mind(3 times)more money to change your mind. I did and gutted now that I was right I was the first place!!!
Really nice game so far! Some of the wording is a little weird. It's obvious it was translated to English from another language. It doesn't take away from the story, though.
OK, so my problem is not the minigame difficulty. It is the impossibility of some of the stages. Let's say I need 30 blue squares cleared. The level layout does not allow any kind of 10+ combos and there simply is not enough blue squares appearing. The only way to win is to buy pieces-items with BiCs, which kind of defeats the purpose, or try many times and lose hearts until enough blues appear. In this particular level, one out of 6 hearts I could win the game. Unfortunately uninstalled.
If you don't like ads don't install it If you wanna progress in that game ads will be one of your only options
I love this game hands down! It keeps you on the edge of your seat and it made me mad that there's a part 2. Cant wait for it to come out!!!!!!!!
There are too many adverts and they are so long!! The mini games are impossible to beat so you have to watch all the adverts. The game is good but the adverts are awful.
So cool!!! Fantastic, fast paced, interesting gameplay... is like reality gaming!!!! Scared the stuffing out of me when the game called me!!! lol fun as Heck!!!!!
Nice concept and can see how it might draw you in. Story is developing but slowly. Can't give a full review as too early in the game to comment on how it will pan out.
"Hacking games" are not fun at all. Also some of the story flow doesn't make any sense. Like person X says maybe you should ask about this to person Y but you can't immediately talk to them and you have to either wait for them to write to you or you can write them after talking with other people first. Also please make "..." skippable by tapping I don't wanna stare at screen waiting for people to write. There's also a video of a person suffocating in a plastic bag? That's pretty graphic.
Starts slow, warms up but then the mini games become impossible. Im happy to watch adds etc i appreciate that developers need to get paid but it just gets too hard. I've found I've spent so long trying to pass the mini games that I've forgotten who's who and any plot clues.
Had to uninstall due to the repetitive mini games. Every one is virtually identical and they pop up way too often. Was expecting a variety of puzzles. Story is good, but frankly I wish I wouldn't have even tried it. Mini game makes it more frustrating than its worth for me
Good so far. Only been playing for an hour and it's keeping my attention. I will update my rating if I find any problems or if I end up loving the game.
I first played this game in 2019. I do believe when it first came out. I hated it. But now since its been atleast two years, it seems the maker of the game has put in alot of extra time to make the game what it is now which is loads better. 😊 Im really liking it this time around. Keep up the amazing work β˜ΊπŸ€“πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
Not a game. It's a messaging app. Update 1: Turns out, the game is chat messaging. I played a bit, and it's having you improve/worsen relationships with a NPCs through multiple choice responses. e.g. she asked what she should wear to a job opportunity. I chose the option to wear a professional outfit to look the part, and she took offense for saying she'd just "look" it, and thus "worsened" the relationship. Dumb. Update 2: emailed support, but they don't appear to care about customer feedback.
my experince so far has been very intresting. i just started playing bu it looks like it going to be a good game. im hoping it keeps me entertained as i progress further into it.
Decent game but it loses 2 stars because 34.99 for in game currency even if its unlimited is ridiculous... Help annie is a good game better storyline.
I downloaded this game last night and it's great. I love these kind of games. I played Sarah is Missing a couple years ago and I was so excited to see two similar games in the Play store! (This game and Duskwood). I hate the mini games. I wish you would change them to something more fun. Edit: I got a new phone and lost my progress. Would be good if you had accounts so this doesn't happen.
Omg this game is amazing. I did not expect this. Keeps me entertained and smiling and a little freaked out!
Starts off kinda slow but the puzzles are really simple...so far. I'm giving 5 stars because it's already exceeded expectations. I appreciate games that give an alternative to paying real world cash. I'll update once I've gotten further in the game ^_^
It has a lot of potential. Not very interactive with the messages, it just doesnt seem too real for me
Malware linked to this game. I got a virus do to the download and install of this game. Beware that malware is associated to this app.
Really good so far. I like the story line so far and the mini games are okay. The adds are a bit much but I like the compindation for them. Gg
This game has the potential to be amazing. However, it's frustrating only being to progress one or two messages into the storyline before I have to complete another mini game. I do enjoy the mini-games, just not having to play them so often to move forward.
The game is perfect . I love these types of games , but there one big problem , playing it as a woman doesn't feel good in this game. have to be man to relate the stuff going on . Why didn't you made it optional at first so we didn't left out of it .
Great app but a big problem! I made it through the first round and actually guessed right on the culprit, but then before the game continued further (waited for an update) I switched phones. I am sad there isn't a login option, because now I have to completely restart. And it took a long while to get that far :( So if you know you'll get a new phone, wait with playing until you already have your new phone... :')
Love this style of game! Great job. Mini game gets annoying in later stages that makes you want to stop playing.
Beleive it or not im trying to buy some in game currency and it wont let me!!! Just hangs on the loading page, help!!!
It yanks the chain of curiosity at a really good pace. I wasn't sure about the concept of the game at all - Very happy to say that I was very pleasantly surprised and intrigued... Intrigued enough that while I'm typing this review, my desire to get back to the game is far far greater that my need to break for a long awaited coffee, right now!...
This game has some potential as being a fun time killer however any fun goes out the window with these extremely annoying mini games. Not to mention all the ads. To beat this game you either have to spend money or watch hours of ads. As for the story it's alright as far phone game stories go. The dialogue for the game is ok for the most part but my God the character you play has talks like he was plucked out of a 1950s TV show. It kind of takes you out the story.
A very clever game with the phone calls and the voice actors and everything and the choices with relationships. Love it!
Not bad for a messenger-based game - good variety of media, includes voice and pictures, and the story is decent. I might update the rafting later if i see any video (though note it's not really my favorite style of game -- so if you're into this kind of thing, you can already rest assured this is one of the best out there)
So far, my experience has been pleasant. There hasn't been any expensive choices I couldn't afford. That being said, I've only just started. I hope it remains a pleasantly fun game.
Such a great game! I totally guessed the suspect from the first try and WAS right! Woo! But what a whirlwind and awesome story! Thanks so much for creating a challenging and exciting game!πŸ’•
Haven't really gotten into the game , seems fun I don't really Know. The mini game Isn't HARD at all... Try for Yourself... Don't go by the comments.
Do you NOT read these reviews. The hacker mini games are too difficult and take way too long. By the time you complete them, you lose interest in the actual game. I now couldn't care less about finding the killer. Stupid. Uninstalling.
Not quite interactive, most of it storylines with no choices in responses (maybe 15% will have a choice). Play frustrating mini games and watch ad after ad to watch a story unfold. Would be nice to be able to be a female character, just not feeling the whole "knocked up the girlfriend" storyline
I love this game. I like the fact that you can switch it from English to German which helps me learn German.
I very much like this type of game. Its very different than the norm. Its very very similar to Duskwood for those familiar with that game. Has chapter 8 come out yet for Duskwood I wonder? I'll have to check. I hope this game doesn't leave me hanging too!
Amazing game. At first i was confused then after playing like 30 seconds of it i became so addicted and i felt like i was the main character. I wish i could customize my person that is the only thing that could be improved. :)
I just stated playing this game. So far, I think it is very interesting. The character development seems to be very intricately thought out. From a proofreader/editor point of view, I can see that the Devs have put in a lot if time and effort into the character profiles, and the role(s) said characters will play in the story. I have given a 3 star rating; because I would like to see more ways to interact during the text messages. For example on the texts that only allow one option..give mor
A little boring but I just started. Will review again when I played more. It's very detailed and realistic though
Good game shame ya cant put in ya own profile pic it would make the role playing game more realistic.
The app is fun but... Theyre are these hacking games that just arent fun they take long and adter the first hacking game i didnt have any fun no more the rest of the game is pretty fun
I haven't gotten very far yet but so far the storyline is good. The interactive play is fun. Can't wait to read what happens next. Good job guys.
I saw an ad for this on instagram showing it to be a game looking like the saw movie. But after downloading it is nothing like that. I've played through some of this and the only thing I can find redeeming about this is I can use my home button to shut it off.
so far, all I've done is receive instant messages. they don't explain the game to you at all... send like it could be an interesting concept, but other than messaging people in the game, c and the replies in the conversation are given for you, v so you don't really do much. still trying to figure it all out... ok, i received the threat, now what? then to get starts, you have to match blocks, but they didn't explain that either, you just kinda gotta guess your way thru the game.
Ads, ads, ads!!!!! Is there any need for the amount of ads that you have to watch in this game. The game itself is good and quite addicting but the mini games are just ridiculous. Nowhere near enough moves or perks given. I've stuck it out and played this right through to day 7 but my god, I must have spent over 10 hours watching ads. Tone them down, it's ruining a good game
Bad only because of the mini games...get rid of them and I would keep it, but I'm uninstalling, maybe the mini games will be taken away then I will re-download and change my rating. :(
I wanna love it. It's a cool idea. But like many reviews here, the hacking mini game just kills it. It's a broken buggy mess at its worst, it's an RNG nightmare at it's best.
After a while you are just playing the mini game instead of the real one....getting 1 or 2 stars in mini game is fine but after a while it needs so much time just for a few massages... so i uninstalled it
One of the most addictive game I've ever played! 10/10 thrill i was excited all along! The story is insane! The writers are sick and twisted and i loved it!
So far so good it's still early in the game but I guess it's okay. I will update when I get further in the game so far the interface is nice and it's cool how it has actual notifications on your phone makes it more real
**UPDATE** Game has been fixed now and I was able to finish it! A great game, had me enthralled in the story the whole time!! Im ready for the next one!! I am another victim of the 8th day white screen of death and am very upset! I absolutely love the game and would love to give it rave reviews but cant because i cannot finish the game! Please fix this!! Please do another update fixing this problem and i would love to give this game the praise it potentially deserves!
Fun game saw someone else playing so I gave it a try and now I can't stop playing it is addicting I find myself trying to actually figure out who did it cause I get do caught up in it
Still too early to give a proper review. Currently waiting for next chapter of duskwood and thought I would see if there were any other games like it. So far it is similar, enjoying it so far, but haven't really got started yet. Once I get immersed and get to know the people I am talking to I will update my review.
I've played this game numerous times!! After I finish it I wait till.i forget about it and play it again
The controls on the block game are lacking in rudimentary function. The odd snap-to overcompensation and the terrible consequences of a ghost double-tap will invariably lead you to drain your in-game currency trying to claw your way back from the brink of disaster. No worries as you can spend your own cash to overcome the inadequacies in the randomizer algorithms for the piece distribution. The Story makes you want to push through the failings in the block game but i tell you: turn back now
Just started ... kind of slow moving, so I'm hoping it speeds up a bit. Will update after a bit more game play
I love the mini-games! Having too much text conversation makes it tedious so I enjoy the mini-game part to switch it up. I do wish more response options to choose from were included. When will the next part be out?
I love these types of games. They are a fun way of being able to be a part of what's going on inside the game. Its cool that your able to interject yourself in the game.
Awesome game! To the devs - my apologies for only rating 1 star. I'm an imperfect human being and didn't realize I gave you only 1 star. Here's 4 more for ya.
This is an a AMAZING game its really cool i like it a lot the first part is like a little boring but then it gets to a good part and i like that they added a little hacking game to it but not litteral hacking!
Very fun game.. love the story line. Keeps u wanting more. I would say u like murder mystery games u will like this game...
It's not a terrible game the only reason I give 4 instead of 5 is the difficulty on the minigames they start out super easy then all of the sudden bam it hits you with one of the hardest levels you would think of
Game progress is slow at first, however, it sets the mood for the game. Then, when you least expect it, it delivers a freaky phone call and a mysterious game of internet hacking and finding out what is going on with your Girlfriend.
The game was great and interesting but then when it got to the hacking point where I have to do mini games to continue the main game i had to stop playing because the mini games were not possible. They porpously made them impossible so people would have to buy in game coins to skip the mini games
Looked great but it was only half in english. Then the second time I tried to open the game it git stuck on a white screen. I immediately uninstalled it.
AWESOME!!! Guessed the bad guy halfway through!! Kinda easy with the evidence. Great game, though!!! Wondering if I'll get the "prize" they talked about for guessing correctly! Hope there's a sequel soon!!
Seems an interesting concept, but unfortunately only a few turns are available before a contact presents a question which requires the in-game currency to proceed. it does not seem possible to obtain in-game currency without an internet connection, so my play stopped there.
This game is overall enjoyable and semi-addictive to play. However it is kind of ridiculous how much you have to play the puzzles to progress the game. And some levels are very difficult to beat which doesn't make you want to keep playing.
They won't let you go through the story in peace. You always gotta beat some levels until you can continue, which sucks hard.
It takes a minute to get into the game. But the beginning is to establish character personalities and relationships. Then it starts to get creepy. A random creepy text, a random creepy phone call. I've been playing for a few hours now. It keeps my attention. I've done a mini game and have to say it was fun. If you like text games this is definitely one you should try.
Really enjoying the game so far, however, the mini games are getting really difficult and for some reason the ads won't work to give me a free heart. It just keeps telling me they're preparing a video and to try again in a short while. Not sure if anyone else is having this issue but I really don't want to have to spend money just to progress. Please fix this then I'll upgrade to 5 stars.
So enjoy the game and story but for me the mini games are too long and difficult without using extra coins to get more moves πŸ€” I think they should be let difficult or better done so people enjoy doing the little mini games or don't waste too much time trying to do them that they end up losing interest in the game because they can't get the hack upgrade or whatever
Not too bad, I don't really like the mini game because I suck at it and it's just difficult, I wish they just scrap the mini game or make it easier because I'm not great at it and make me wanna uninstall but the story is really interesting and want to read more.
Fantastic game. I paid the $NZ15 to get unlimited hearts which was worthwhile. Very clever, using real website links and things. The incoming call is a real trip. Hurry up and make part 2 ok
Is fun but just froze then took my coins and restarted from an earlier point then when hit contact it say server not found.. nice
Excellent! My favourite game so far this year. The story kept me enthralled all the way through, the little puzzles kept it interesting and challenging.. I'm sad its finished. Slight negative... some of the phrasing is a little "off" in english translation for certain scenarios. The story is clear to read so it's not a big issue :) Price for unlimited lives is a bit high considering the game only lasts a few days (I didnt realise the length of game when I purchased) but this fully is optional
The game was ok at first. A little monotonous. The mini games are a fun way to break it up when they are winnable. Half the time they don't even give me enough pieces or colors to even attempted to win and unless you want to spend all your time watching the same ads over and over, it's just a waste.
While the story isn't that bad the game is absolutely infuriating. Choices don't matter at all, you are so extremely railroaded is not even fun anymore. Not to mention the extreme roadblocks that take you out of the story with stupid minigames that will bore you to death. But for only 40(!!!!!) Euro you can play without those distractions. Seriously?!
Been playing for a little and so far have a connection with just about all the characters story is interesting and have had fun playing
Promising start, but as soon as you want to make progress your stuck with near impossible annoying mini games. If you want to skip them you have to pay. Sad end to what I thought would be good
Wow! Very interesting game, it really pulls you in. It's my first time playing a game like this and I'm very impressed (*possible spoiler alert*......The phone call was completely unexpected, I was muting the volume about to ignore it and then only answered as it was almost 2am and I thought it could be important πŸ˜‚ almost scared the bleep* out of me LOL) Definitely worth a download and a decent shot you won't regret it!
Engrossing...lots of ads to unlock galleries, but other than that I'm enjoying the flow and the story of the game. Thumbs up!
I like this game, a lot! The reason I am giving it only 3 stars though, is because I bought the unlimited hearts package for $9.99 but it won't let me play. A message keeps popping up that I don't have enough stars.
The idea is good, but it takes way too long to wait for the "texts" to come through and the cube games you have to play to unlock things are stacked in a way that you have to watch add to make it through to the next part of the game. You spend more time watching ads than actually playing. If you want to know who did it, it can be found on Google without wasting endless hours watching ads to get to the end.
I really love these games. I can get lost with the characters. The mini games are fun without being to difficult.
Not bad. Puzzle games are challenging. Otherwise I like these type of games. Make more of them please. Thx.
Update: I was finally able to conquer the mini games and beat the game. I have only one complaint. The game gives you the option to guess who the killer is. I guessed correctly but it had no affect on the game. What was the point of that?
If you can't hear things do not play this game They do not offer subtitles at all Really disappointing
Really enjoy this game. Its fun, suspenceful and intense. The only complaint i have is not being able to pick my name and gender beforehand. Im not a guy. Lol
Fun and interesting game. No crashes, bugs or major issues. However, being unsure if I could or what would happen if I miss a call I answered while my volume was down and missed a portion of my first phone call, being able to replay it or to read a log if it would be cool. Also, some relationship defining responses left me uncertain on how the answer will be received. Other wise I'm addicted, amazing job. A lot of effort was put into the game, can't wait to see where it goes.
Bored, the story is so slow and bored and controls are not clear i had great hopes for this game but the start is so BORED that makes u sleep, half hour and nothing interesting and narrative is bad, whit no background of most of things
I really wanted to like this but the mini game didn't fit at all and got so tedious that it sucked all enjoyment out of the main game, to the point where i wasn't having fun. So it has led me to uninstall unfortunately.
just started playing. fun game, just wish they would switch up the mini games and you didn't have to play so many to earn the points.
Tiresome game. Concentrates on havin to complete alarge% of the same minigame togo onto next quest of the game. You can use ads todo this, but even the same old boring ads time&time again puts you off. The minigames are difficult todo with the amount of moves you have so you are havin to go through 10 -15 ads each mini game that each gives 5 goes to complete, it makes you fed up and tempted to buy. I've only just started and I'm sick of it already. Duskwood is brill, much better than this