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Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen

Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by Sesame Workshop located at 1 Lincoln Plaza New York, NY 10023. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is really fun it's like what happens if you call someone and they don't answer but never like I'm doing something I'm too busy to call okay bye and you just hang up right away
Not working since I upgraded to Note10+. I emailed support, and haven't gotten a response. I paid for the full version of this app and my 4 year old is not happy! I've uninstall and reinstalled and it did nothing.
My daughter loves playing so I bought the full version. Then something happened and now it reset back to lite and won't let me restore my purchase.
My kids loved it. it was their favorite game until it stopped working. now whenever they open the app theres only a blue screen. they can still hear the audio but only see the blue screen.
Good app for toddlers to primary grade scholars, it helps with vowels; even thought it has a few bugs the kids love it, so get for children 2 to 6 years old
I got the full version for my 3 year old for a long car ride shes 5 now still finds it a treat to play
Great app for early years, but it's churning through my battery even when it's not running. Makes me wonder what it's doing in the background...
the game is just keep going off and on at the same time, I don't know what the fix here, but every time I did go to the game, it just turned black, and then it just shut off for no apparent reason, please, I don't know what the fix can you fix this? I don't know what the fix here, this game is always need to do this where the cookies are always getall of the cookies get nothing, but every time I just make a cookie it, just let me stop back over and create another cookie over and over again.
Excellent ! I love to review in my YouTube channel. The best app for children to learn new words in English in a fun-filled way !
We loved playing until cookie monster completely disappeared. Please fix the bugs in this app so we can continue playing
Hey people that raided this game I really like this game even my son me and my son try this game together but the thing is that he really wants this game it's not as baby or a toddler he's just a big kid guys he really likes it but one more thing before I go I going to like this game bye guys I see you next year
Even though this game literally gave me nightmares and all the tiled when I was 3 or 4 years old I nightmares on either Cookie Monster or Elmo jumping out of screening killing me 5 years old I had an absolute nightmare fuel nightmare I kept trying to kill my manager guy and I ran out to the lounge room shop the lounge and door run to the front door and even the loud indoor can stop her alone Elmer literally burst of the door off of its hinges after that I was chromatized and I woke up in a flash
It says you "learn" and it is fibbing to us. When my 7yo clicked on all four cookies, it is so bad that Cookie Monster says: "Nooooooo! Why you not share cookies?!" And then he cries. My 7yo likes Sesame Street!!! Please fix it.
Was great until cookie monster disappeared I paid for this and one of the 2 characters he has access to doesn't load. I've restarted the app I've uninstalled and reinstalled I've restarted tablet. Nothing has worked to fix this I would like someone to reach out with a solution.
This app has the capability to photograph and video record my child while playing the game. I see no reason for this and it makes me extremely uncomfortable so I deleted it. It also has full network access which means whoever is recording and taking pictures can also finder my child via GPS. THIS APP IS NOT SAFE IN MY OPINION
I just paid to unlock this app and it wont unlock. I suggest to not spend the money to unlock it because it wont change a thing. Very disappointed. My son loves this app so as of now I will not uninstall it, but I am disappointed.
with cookie monster after i do a word for example l and g after the cookie is made it makes me do the same thing again. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG
He likes it the only thing it's for the little ones it thing I would say is thing's like this should been free not up to a certain point with the tolerance level of little ones when I lot of Us were little sesame street was Free on regular TV it's Sad everything has a money angle even Santa Claus $ 25 to 50 buck for a photo it should be about the kudos.
My son absolutely love's it he has aspurges and learning difficulties, 10 weeks early preemie and he's doing Just fine for me, I love that this game teaches him alot and he enjoys it, 🍪 cookie monster is his favourite. Even though its just a trial hes still happy. I wish I could afford the Tool's so he can learn, understand and adapt with everyone in childcare. Overall its a fantastic fun learning tool for all ages even I get into the game with him. Thanks for the app!
What happened it was working but now just shows the dough with nothing else my child can do.I paid for the app.I see Im not the only one with this issue what happened to the cut out letters.Many googleapps been doing this working for a while then not if its not insane censorship of americans. Do you all really want to get sued or reported?I want a refund.
I love this game. Love it .Specially when cookie monster eats cookie .I have also lear ned some letter's and colour's. It's a first new type of game to my side. LOVE IT!!!!!!! # COOKIE MONSTER.😄💟💟💛
Downloaded this game for my 2 year old daughter she loves it, but I pay to get more letter and suddenly cookie monster doesn't work anymore. No letters, no words nothing. I've uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing works. Totally unfair and now a have to explain to my child that cookie monster 'doesn't hate her' since I wouldn't work
I love this game you can eat the cookies! And give them to Elmo and cookie monster!but one problem I can't get in the game! Once I got it I was in now I'm not!
My daughter loves this game, but it frequently soft locks on us. Especially in the Cookie Monster levels! The cookies don't load in sometimes, and my daughter gets upset that Cookie Monster keeps asking her to pick a letter when there are none.
my daughter who's 3 loves this game however it stops all the time and has to be closed and reopened. hope they get this fixed!
My Dear Daughter loves this app. She is able to independently navigate through the app, while creating beautiful memories. A must download for parents. Only caveat, the app. doesn't have much to do so children may get bored fast. This is important because my Dear Daughter has a Developmental Delay and gets bored easily.
my kid loves this game so I purchased the extra letters. Once I did my purchase, about a week later all the letters dissapeared. I will gladly 5 star this review once this issue is fix.
I could never use the alphabet before, but sftwr getting this app i have been enlightened and have now learned to speak again. I have taught the entirety of the orphanage how to speak the alphabet. I recommended it to my 3 imaginary friends
Even using the basic free version my son is in love with this game and I really like it too bc it can be played offline and is truly educational.
This gane is great but i have I on both my sosns ipads wanted to buy the full version for them both to enjoy but it will only let me have the upgrade to full version on 1 ipad if i pay for the full game it should update so both devices can have it, very unfair.
No, Cookie Monster! You broke my game! I can play only with Elmo! Elmo is one of my favourite characters ever! Cookie Monster, your letter minigame is not a cookie, it's a minigame! Elmo's minigame is lucky to be available again!
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🙂my daughter 💘 its her favorite game from Elmo, and it is easy and educational.
My child loves this app, but after the last update, it keeps causing the OS to lock up and will cause a hard reboot. I think it is causing the tablet to get hot. I have never understood why this app is so resource intensive.
Not unlocking after payment. I uninstalled and restalled twice and its still not coming up as the full game.. please fix admin
This game is so fun and funny Elmo and cookie monster are the best My brothers say the game is scary when You download it at 3am at night And thats no real right rate 5 or 4 or 3 or 2 or 1 if its real or not
My little boy really likes this game but when he makes cookies with either cookie monster or elmo the letters aint coming up, then only by scratching at the screen they will appear in the dough otherwise no letters at all and for that reason i can only rate this 1 star which is ashame
This is not a good game it has horrible graphics it's so confusing and it's hard and not just that. it's boring and my 6-year-old brother who is not a baby likes to play baby games just like this Elmo game. This game is horrible hard and confusing it has awful graphics for the people who made this game please delete it and make sure it never comes back on play store or apple store again.
the free version offers so little. my 2 year old loved it but got bored and now its dust. paying wouldnt add depth, just more letters
So I snagged this for my three year old on a lark, it was free. The kid has been regularly playing this game for a few months with just the two trial letters, he loves it! So today I payed for the upgrade, and the kid is quite excited! Excellent game, teaches some grammar and spelling skills, and obviously has some staying power as far as keeping a kiddo interested.
It worked great for my son... once upon a time. Suddenly the app wont open at all. I checked permissions, uninstalled it, restarted his device, and reinstalled it. Still doesn't work. Unfortunate, it's one of his favorite apps.
Fantastic, funny, engaging and my little boy loves it. Just like myself. Paid for full version but he was more than happy with the lite. Anyway this game is highly recommended with great graphics, colours and funny talks. 4 stars only because can't add it to family library!!!
Keeps getting to the part where the cookies are swirling around and it gets stuck. Restarted the tablet, uninstalled, re-installed & restarted again. Nothing helps. Now I've Wasted $3.00 and have a very sad 2 year old who doesn't understand what's going on.
This game was great and my daughter loved it very much, but the cookie cutter letters will not show up now so she came play the game at all. i uninstalled and installed again, but no luck. I wish someone would fix this because it really was her favorite game. please fix this problem.
Bought (paid) the full app for my 2 autistic kids, but when I tried to unlock the apk from Lite to Full, I can't. I get an error of cannot unlock because I already own it... i already purchased sesame street apks in the past like Elmo ABC and Elmo 123. Never had an issue unlocking to each of their tablets. Will reverify what I need to do to unlock the full apk.
purchased the full version and soon after the letters stopped appearing in both games. I reached out to support but have yet to hear back. I would like a fix or a refund at this point.
Limited. Cannot upgrade. Tried buying full app. Moved boxes, left and right. Answered math problems (correctly of course) and still...no go.
And I got it when I was five and it was so much fun. Make some yummy cookies so much fun you see the cookies to Elmo and Cookie Monster just it's just too much fun for me this is the funniest app if you try it I would be happy I love this alot thank you for creating this game
Why was it takeing pictures?as soon as I saw that I started panicking and all my brothers deleted the game and my mom said that the people where spying on us I don't know if it's true though-
Its OK. I thought the full version would have all the letters, but you only get the 5 Vowels. Also, I think they should say the letters more than they do. It's a lot of animation for a minimal amount of learning.
i like this game very much there is barely any ads and you can even get a picture that you can hang on the wall
For 3$ you don't get any more levels or other things than the lite version. Only enables a couple of more letters and some colors and some decoration stuff. A bit steep for so little add-ons.
I'm going to say it it's bad you got to pay to play everything and second of all my baby brother got a Amazon tablet and he's got all the things on lock
The game itself is fun and our kiddo loves it. That said, the short-sightedness of the unlock feature on this app is face-palmingly dumb. The app only unlocks for the account you bought it on. It doesn't give credit to your family account. So, you know, a game made for your family to enjoy isn't actually added to your entire family's account. This means the kiddo can't play it on her restricted account. She can only play it on dad's. That's no bueno. She's too young to have full access to the google play store, so she's going to be out of luck, and we're out of a little cash for an app she can't fully use.