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Sepia Tears (old)

Sepia Tears (old) for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Scarlet String Studios located at 2967 Dundas St. W. #765 Toronto, Ontario M6P1Z2 Canada. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This story pulls the heart strings of readers. So much so, that I could feel what emotions that the protagonist felt. From start to finish, it was really captivating. The music is suits the mood, had a few laughs here and there. The ending was something I didn't expect. Truly well made! Hope there's more! :D
This IS the best romance novel I've ever read. It is sad beautiful scary romantic and funny all at the same time and that fist of the north star hokuto shinken reference was well done. Please make more games like this. I don't wanna sound like one of those picky review writers but unless you meant Myra's diary with the fin? Can you make a number two
Thank you guys for making such a great VN. The sound track was great damn it takes you to a different world when you listen to it. The story was Great it got me in the feels. I really liked the art too so can you pls provide us with some wallpapers posibly? Im now a fan pls make more VNs. I cant put it in to words how great this is for the guys who is thinking of installing it install it 600 mb is worth it.
One of my favorite visual novels; fantastic job. I did notice a grammatical error when Mark meets Myra on the roof: "There are so many things I want to ask, to say, but only line comes out." Was the word "one" omitted before "line"? Anyway, thanks so much for the great story, art, and music. It was more superb than Rin's fake blush!
Great. I played this when it was first released and now years later I'm replaying it.Still brilliant as ever. Expecting more projects from devs and Team NEET. Good luck and thank you.
An amazing story, short but really good. It took some turns and there were some twists I didn't expect and it kept me on the edge while playing it. For me the main character, Mark, was really relatable and it made the story very believable. Really nice soundtrack and nice visuals. A few spelling errors, but did not take away from it. Great job, I recommend!
This is so good the story is pretty solid in my opinion also loves the some of the BG music. And the stuff that is related really makes sense. It teaches me many things. U must do the second part and maybe add more heroines.(Really love Run and Myra)
So beautiful... Just play it. This interactive story is absolutely beautiful, although it's really more story than interactive... There arent many choices throughout the game and, in the end, they have no real effect on the plotline. But its still a real tear-jerker! I would be soooo extremely happy if Team Neet made another story!!! Also, to complete the story, first go to "The Hill" then "The School Rooftop" and then back to "The Hill"... Youll know when you get there. Oh, and DO NOT GENUFLECT!!!
Well written, takes you in deeper and lets you get attached to the story as you finish each chapter. Most guys will find it easy to relate to Mark, in case a similar event happened to them. All these elements punctuated by an ending that will leave a smile on your lips and a touch in your heart. Job well done, Team NEET! Will be waiting for more VNs like Sepia Tears!
Does not even opens/ starts. FYI, I own a pretty decent mobile to run games heavier than this, so the game is crappy
Played 3 years ago,now im think of a second run with more different choice,very emtional thus funny sennerio,plus it free,thank for making such an interesting VN.
This story.. The best visual novel on this store! I felt embraced by the story and the relatable aspects were very clear! Decisions appeared when they were deem appropriate and it worked! I've played this game three times already with different choices and I'm absorbed by it. I hope any possible future updates either include more dialogue options or additional story content! But gods, I loves this story! Excellent work. Five Stars!
Hey there, Team NEET! I have recently noticed that there has supposedly been a bug created in the last update. You see, I really wanted to replay the game on the go, but sadly, the situation changed to an unforseen one, making the app crash upon launch. Me and the many other players would really appreciate if you would fix this problem, in order for us to play and/or replay this narrative marvel. Thank you!
Amazing a love story always should have emotion pain anger happiness and sadness this game definately has this i fell in love with this game since 2 years ago
Personally, i recommend this vn to anyone who likes a good story because its not completely sterotypical and is slightly self-aware at some points. It does have less choices than most but that just makes it more unique. Also i loved the good ending M.Night style plot twist.
The story in itself was wonderful and definitely left an impact on me. The charming and "mystical" characters, and the romantic and the subtlety of the plot all blend well to make a great VN. Hopefully TeamNEET makes a new one! SPOILER: Oh and for the "endless loop" ending? Just go to the school rooftop and then "Stand up" and go to the hill after that. You'll reach the wonderful conclusion to the story.
Artwork was something i wasn't used to in visual novel but as the story continued I finally began to appreciate it, especially the CG's. Much appreciated because of renpy engine
You, creator of this VN, the story is amazing, plot is not satisfactory. However, how things move on is splendid! I could relate to it so much in my imaginations, very nicely written and very deep inspirational lines. Simply one of the best vn on e play store. The ending keeps on repeating for me thou. I tried taking different choices and I tried the same choices couple of tines too, men. Is it intentional or a bug!?
This story is depressing, tantalizing, enlightening, and heartwarming in the most wonderful of ways. The characters here, even in the narrow frames through which they're presented, seem to have whole lives behind them, solid and dynamic personalities that exist in a world all their own. And when I got to the ending, I felt true emotion for the characters behind the screen, something almost no story before has managed to do. If you're even considering downloading this, do it.
this game was a wirlwind. in fact ive searched for days to rediscover this masterpiece but never once did i think the search up "visual novels" until now. amyways it gets five stars from me.
The plot was a good idea and the diolog was good but it should been played out differently by rearranging some parts and adding a little more detail so you aren't confused by the end. The diary was a really nice touch. They only problem is SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!! if she had no intention on falling for him then why did she care if he was over the other girl or need to do that to him... doesn't make much sense if she was over him. I understand wanting to prove something to yourself but like I said earlier.
Props to the developers; trumps my expectations! A sweet story told with splendid writing, well-placed sound and music, good visual variety and nice twists. Engaging all the way through! If you are new to the Visual Novel medium, this is a great first. [ENDING HINT: In case things seems repetitive, keep at it. Try some different combinations!]