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Sensory Baby Toddler Learning

Sensory Baby Toddler Learning for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by Xisle Games located at Xisle Games, Door 44, Log Cabin 10B, Dunston Business Village Dunston Business Village Stafford United Kingdom ST18 9AB. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I mean it is a brain training game, it teaches my son.. what happens if I move this fish or shapes or bubbles or if I move my finger this way. My one year old is still getting used to phone interaction but my two year old is a pro at it he likes this game also.
Since the update can no longer change color of background...other than that my almost 4 test old still loves his fishies
Daughter loved it! The app gets stuck though if she presses in one area too long and sometimes the app will let you select the fish and background but wont let you push the green arrow button to continue.
It does exactly what it suggests - helps keep a toddler from having a boredom tantrum! It's also absolutely worth paying the extra $2 or so to buy it and eliminate ads. You and I might not mind waiting thirty seconds, but try explaining it to an 18 month old any they can't play Fishies yet. Only downside I've noticed is it seems to drain battery life faster than I expected it do. But that's not a major detractor.
This app has been amazing for my son, but it's recently started crashing on start up and is completely unusable. Hope there's a fix deployed soon because it's a shame to lose such a great and enjoyable app.
I downloaded this app for my little sister but I really disliked the constant popup asking you to buy something for the game. Then when I selected the fish I wanted in the game I was met with an ad. It was a little annoying. I might give it a try myself and I'll see if this js even worth playing.
charged me without permission. Before even trying to play this game, it has a pop up where you can click free to watch and video or charge 4.99. Neither the free button or the x to exit button worked, and the free was mapped to the purchase. This predatory tactic on a child game is awful.
This game is terrible for a toddler. So many ads, and it ignores your input of trying to x out of ads. They desperately want you to make a purchase or hope your toddler does so by accident. I'm uninstalling and never downloading anything from this company again. 1 star. Merry Christmas. Bahumbug.
I'm not a parent but I let my 18 month old nephew play it... It takes way to long to start the game with a crying child screaming for the game. He loves it, the sight, sound, and vibration will kerp him busy and keeps him smiling (until you need your phone back) For optimal use, maybe download this app to an old phone so the child can use it anytime and you dont have to worry about the phone breaking or being slobbered on. Simple and works great. Thanks!
Got and add within 5 seconds of opening for the first time. I get ads are necessary for free games, but this is just silly. There also doesn't seem to be a point to the game. My 19months old lost interest within seconds.
whether you watch the ad to get 3 hours free or skip the ad is the same length and deceptive. The only difference is you get to unlock all of the features if you volunteer to watch it. I wish I could rate 0 Stars.
My 11 month old loves this app. I'm rating 3 stars till there is a fix it crashes on opening (opens then closes) with Android 11 I have a pixel 3 XL
I downloaded this to try to distract my teething, clingy 15 month old, and it immediately was a hit. I just got it 15 minutes ago, and he's been happily creating bubbles on the screen since, which is the longest he's let me put him down all morning! So far I haven't seen any ads except to unlock one type of fish. But no pop up ads disrupting the play!
My 1 year old LOVES this game! Great for when hes upset or in the car. Or even when im trying to get him to hold still when we go to the store
This game is great for autism kids even though I wish there were a few more free choices to keep it more interesting.
Nice game for my 1yr old grandson. I only gave 4 stars because before I purchased the game I could pick the color for the background. That option was gone after I purchased the game.
Great sensory game for infants/toddlers. Wish it had a little more going for it once you pay for it. But it definitely does the trick of entertaining my son. Has a screen pin feature which prevents your child from closing out of the app easily and accidentally...wish more apps had the feature and not just apps for young kids. You kid app developers need to show the gaming developers how to pin their apps on the screen lol
We've been struggling to keep our 11 month old interested in something long enough for her to eat enough to gain weight. Finally! She can play on the phone without changing the screen!
Stuck in game.... "Press back button to exit" doesn 't work when using gesture controls. Restarted phone and deleted!!!
Force closes. My son loves this game with the vibrations, the sounds, and the visuals, but it won't open now
FREEZES YOUR PHONE!!! My child has tried playing with it, and it worked well with ads. Then it stopped working once I purchased. Complete waste of money and has to uninstall. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
I used to like it when it worked, but now I cannot find the support contact to report that it keeps crashing on my pixel 3A running android 11.
Only problem with the app is for what ever reason the screen look does work on my phone. It says it should be locked until I hit the back and home buttons at the same time. It doesn't work. My child can instantly get out of the app and not by hitting the back and home buttons together either. Nearly useless if she can get out of almost instantly.
Doesn't actually pin the app to prevent him from getting into other apps. All my one year old has to do is tap the screen and the drag bar comes down which covers the whole screen so he can get out of the game. Also there are ads that last at least a minute, but feels like forever when you're trying to keep them occupied. Other than that he loves the sensory games.
Tried to purchase the no ads for 1.99 and the payment would not go through, but for some reason I was still charged the 1.99 and guess what? Still not ad free. Very dissatisfied. And 1.99 short.
Enjoyed graphics, but when want to get out of it. It would not let me out of it, i tried like twenty times hold and pull bck whatever and nothing. I had shutoff my device just to get out of it. uninstalled, till that is fixed.
I paid to have the ads removed but they're still there. Ads are super long and normally wouldn't be a big deal except this is a app for toddlers so it shouldn't take so long to start it up!
My twins love this, they are currently 5 months old. I don't think this would keep the attention of a toddler for very long though.
My kid kept getting stuck on purchase screens and the ads are pretty heavy as well. Way too many options just to tap a screen. Ultimately this is more of a headache for my kid than it is fun so I'm uninstalling
Love this game for my toddler and purchased to ad free version. The one annoying thing is every time you finish selecting your background and go to start playing, it asks you if you want to enable pin windows. Would be great if this function was moved to settings. My toddler can navigate by himself through the setups with the big arrows until he gets to this step.
Long ads for a toddler game. It's sad they set it up for a toddler to hit the ads and download things
a 30 second ad always plays as soon as you click everythibg to start the game. do not use for young children as the ad that played was DISTURBING for a child of any age let alone my 2 year old. never again. warn your friends. this is not a child friendly app.
It's boring even for my 8 month old. There are ads, and most content is for a price as well. I thinking the title is misleading for what the game is: select some limited options, touch screen, fish swim to where you touch, and the bubbles or stars appear there.
4/5 only because there's no option to turn sound off. My kid likes to play with the fish and jam with me to music and we can't really do that when there's loud bubble or star noises going on in the background
Minus 1 star for the constant closing (nice way to show more adds and in-app purchases), minus another star for the kid targeted ads, and minus 2 more stars for trying to get kids to make in app purchases. Hope this company gets banned from Google Play.
wonderful game! my 9month old cannot get enough! it's a huge comfort to me knowing that she cant go scrolling through my phone and makes playtime easier for her because she can click, tap, and press away without needing to understand what shes doing β™‘ I thoroughly recommend this for anyone who's around kids and maybe needs a few seconds to breathe ;)
I love this game. When I go to the bathroom or something, I let my one year old brother play with it. And he loves it! Thank you so much for making this awesome baby game!☺️
Complete Garbage. Ads, ads , and you guessed it... more ads. We had to watch three 30 second ads before the game would start. I'm sick and my youngest is sick so I thought this would be a great time for us to sit in the recliner and play. Not so much
Very nice simple app, my daughter loves this, the sounds and colours are interesting and keeps her entertained for a good while, and I like that ads can switched off by simply watching a video and pin screen is especially useful, for this I believe this app deserves 5 stars
Calms down my 7 month old sister the only problem is the ads can you put the like in the start of the game not before you pin the app
My son loves playing this! It is amazing for kids that need extra sensory and vibration. My son needs the stimulation and he is special needs. This app would calm him down he loves it!
Super fun! My little guy loves the colors and fun sounds. I love that i can pin the app and he can walk around playing with the fish.
ive had this app for going on a year. it keeps my daughter occupied. however, she's starting to get bored with the same stuff after so long playing it. Do you have any plans to update it with more scenes,sounds,fish,effects etc? I'd love to help update it. i have unity and Android Studio. Just wish i could get your Source files. I'm trying to learn so I can make things like this.
Downloaded it on phone works great so i downloaded it on my ipad for my girl to play and there is no sound or vibrations
My daughter LOVES this app. Anytime she sees my phone she wants to play with it! I even bought the upgrade, which I never do, just to have more options.
My son (1.5yo) loves it and it has a feature to lock on the app so he can't get on other stuff easily which is awesome (wonder why all baby apps do not feature this?). Only costs 1.79 to unlock it all which I find very reasonable. Thanks to the devs !
This USED TO be a really good game to keep my kids distracted for a few minutes if I needed to pay for something at the grocery store or whatever. Now as soon as you open it you're bombarded by ads before you even get to play the game. I'm not talkin you play for 5 or 10 seconds and then you get an ad on talking the moment it opens Ads and ads and ads. I will now be uninstalling the game.
Dumb a$$ game. It's a toddler game. I understand ads we're on this app. I still installed. I was trying to see the fishes but I can't. As soon as the fish comes on the screen an ad show up to block the whole screen. I can't see or view anything cause I'm to busy pushing the X button off the ads. Then it send me right back to the home screen to push what type of fish and the scenery in the background..again as soon those fish pops up on the screen the ads pops up blocking the whole screen
App pins itself so baby can touch everywhere and not close out. He loves it (1 year old the 27th of September)
My 4 month old daughter is learning how to use her little feet and hands. This game is so simple and perfect! It is brightly colored, yet calming. She laughs when she touches the fish. The locked screen helps her remain on the fishy game without accidentally emailing a boss or calling a relative. This application is a winner.
What type of person thinks it's a good idea to riddle a app with pop up ads and pay walls that when you take your eyes of your toddler for the space of one blink shes bought every thing possible i will give credit were credit is due it did distract my 10 month old for all of 5 minutes.
My kid loves this app. He loves playing with it all the time. I just wish you didn't have to buy all the stuff but its a small price to pay for entertainment for my kid.
Great app, thankyou.. My 1 year old grandson loves it . It's so easy for him to use. I set the choice of fish, background, and bubble or star before and of he goes learning what happens if he taps it, also to tap in different places to get the fish to follow him.
Overall great, but starting 9/28/20 it crashes when opening. Tried uninstalling/re-installing, no dice. Hopefully bug gets fixed soon, my son keeps asking for it on diaper changes!