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Sender Unknown: The Woods - Text Adventure

Sender Unknown: The Woods - Text Adventure for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Daily Magic Mobile located at United States, Seattle, Washington, 98103, 8535 Phinney Ave N. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, War Themes) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game would be great if the.xharaxter didn't go offline so much and for so long. When I'm in the mood to play a game I don't want 1 min of play then 20 to 30 min of wait time. It kills the momentum. There also isn't enough back and forth. The character talks alot we respond once then it's down time.
I've just started the game and it's cool so far. The only thing that really takes me out of the experience is how much the guy texts when he's supposed to be in a time crunch. There are quite a few breaks between gameplay, but I dont mind all that much.
First the story was slow moving and anticlimactic, and then you can't even finish a story without paying. I don't mind paying but this one didn't keep my attention enough
Awesome game. My only issue is that I didnt get the "solved all riddles on the first try' badge but I swear that I did. Still a good game.
can only response once or twice before the protagonist would go offline; even if it's supposed to be real it felt like the protagonist talked over us and ramble most of the time. Would be better if we can have more replies rather than only offering a single advice when the protagonist ask and wait until they ask for more after how long.
Alright. I don't like this game. Normally, I'm not very judging on games, but this? No. I will not tolerate it. So, the game was awesome. I loved it. The only part I didn't like is that I have to pay to unlock the rest of the game, AND I AIN'T GOT MONEY TO DO THAT!!!! I mean, it's unfair. Some of us can't even afford to finish the game, and that hurts me, because I wanna finish the game. Why do we have to pay? If I'd known I had to pay, I wouldn't have downloaded the app.... Just saying
Id have given this 5 stars if it wasn't so short. I paid to unlock the rest of the game and literally took me an hour to complete all of this ( that's skipping wait times). Put more story to this and id have paid more. Love the concept, nice game play. Smooth graphics.thereis a few points in the story that seems rushed, like forcing me no matter what I chose. Would have the same outcome. Your story line is awesome and well done, but fix he above and it's a perfect game :)
Great game! Thoroughly enjoyable to play. Easy to follow along with and also VERY easy to get engrossed in and not be able to put it down.
I really like this game, the plot the way you control everything, I love it I would've given it 5 stars if it wasnt for waiting so damn long for the sender to be online
It was ok. It was interesting at first but i got bored halfway n didn't continue for a long time. By the time i got back into the game i was a bit confused about the story. Some puzzles r easy but some are confusing n i kinda solved by luck. The main issue of the game is that it felt too short n doesn't have much tension. I think if certain decisions were timed, it would add to the tension.
the game sucked me into paying for the full version. I love the game so I'm not mad! however, after I purchased, it quit sending notifications! I have checked the settings in both the game and my phone. they are both turned on. so I am constantly checking to see if I have been written again.
Its really nice and kind of scary some parts can be really creapy but i really like the game it feels real
this game is perfect! a texting mystery game where you dont have to play mini games to progress! also have the option to go in fast mode so you dont have to wait, or you can just play normal real time and wait until you get notified when you get a "new message". i want to play more of these. very addicting
The game is really short it's complete within half an hour waste of money! Also I can't believe someone said the puzzles are challenging a 5 year old could solve them.
Got a bit sad when I couldn't advance to chapter 2. I was looking forward to it, I didn't realise I had to purchase the game to do it. Also the waiting times are soo annoying . I just wanna play, not have to wait so long, perhaps there should be an option to skip ahead
incredible game!!!! similar to the old choose your own adventure games, but over a text message simulation. absolutely riviting! im a fan of "the room" games and if you are too then 100% you need to buy this game! do you have any other games to play? i finished this one way too quickly and i'm hungry for more! thanks so much!!
I'm enjoying the story so far! Its great how it makes you wait like a real text message. Its great that you also interact with the story and decisions! I'm loving it!
Ending was anticlimactic but the characters seemed like normal people it should've been way longer. Not worth 2 dollars at all
I can not say yet but with everyone's review I think this game will be great I have had loads of scary texting games and have even pretendid with my friends that we have been in one of the story's and it made me feel like I was actually the person in the story and it freaked me out I will edit my review when I have had actually had experience from the game so that I now if it is really a great game as everyone has said Thanks for the review and I will edit as soon as possible
First off I must say that I am greatly disappointed. I paid for the game, truly expecting to be satisfied with the purchase, but the game is SO short. I was able to turn on fast mode and before I knew it, I got a congratulation that I saved morgan? Too short. Would have been splendid if it was more chapters but it's not. Don't mean to be so honest but I have to be honest: it could have been better and definitely longer.
I am absolutely loving this game. I an completely addicted to the immersive game play. I'd give it five stars if not for the "offline" times being so many. It gets a little annoying to see I have messages, play for about a min or two and then the sender "logs off" and I have nothing to do but exit out and wait. It gets a bit irritating.
Would have given a 5 star rating but you get totally immersed into the gameplay and character and once you're hooked they want you to buy the game to finish chapter. Sorry but there are other free games so this is getting uninstalled.
The idea is good but not much happens. Just a screen with texts from someone needing help. Not many graphics and Takes way too long between interaction gets real boring real quick.
The story is really nice. I loved the stat thing, it's kinda unique. But one star less because we need to purchase the game after chapter 1, and I'm not the type to spend money on games. So apologies!
I love this game but I wish they would tell us how long we have to wait but its way more fun to be on your tip toes to always remeber to check your phone to look for a reply its like waiting for a reply from and actual person
This is an interesting concept and I love the idea; however, paying for an hours worth of play felt bad when it was over (on fast mode cause who has that kind of self control.) Also the story felt very underdeveloped. There was no backstory, no real conclusion. Its a fantastic idea but very poor execution considering its nothing but a fake text stream and most of the selected resposes led to the same response from the game. Not worth paying for.
Awesome, would love to purchase the full game but I am unable to. The "Unlock Now For" button (after the free trial) doesn't respond and neither does the "Unlock Now" button at the bottom of the settings menu. If I can figure this out, I'll update my rating.
Honestly it was great, I wasn't expecting to be so wrapped up in it! Every time Morgan had to 'leave' I just wanted them to hurry up so I knew what was happening. The story was well written, the characters were distinct and well developed, the gameplay was fast paced. The story was on the shorter end, but worth it. I'm curious to how you would build up other stats as I picked what was most natural to me so I might be replaying it soon. :)
I dont understand how anyone made it through the 1st chapter, much less paid $1.99 to finish the game. The main character is annoying and i kinda want him to die so i can talk to someone else. Im hoping that eventually we get more involved with other characters, the killer, have some puzzles to solve...something. Right now I am just *happily* chatting away with someone who is rapid fire texting nonsense, eventually allowing me to make a single choice so he can drop offline. And then we wait..
really awesome and just could really get into it, i'll give it 5 stars cause its great but really need to fix some bugs like all the messages coming at once and it wont send any notifications.. but still amazeballs game
It's an enjoyable story line, but it's not cool that it wait till the end of the first chapter to tell you that you can't continue without paying.
The story is great. I enjoyed the puzzles. The wait times between texts are annoyingly long. Would have preferred mini games or something in-between.
Why do you need to pay after one chapter at first I was like finally a good text game then after a chapter I was supposed to pay and I'm not doing that sorry!
I thought spending money to unlock the game was a bit scummy. But i did it anyways and didnt regret it, unique game, fantastic puzzles and great fun! I just wish the time between messages was a bit lower though,theyd send 5 messages and have u wait 20 minutes, maybe add a way to skip it watching ads? Other than that, this game is perfect and i hope you make more of those
I really like the game especially the fact that we can LITERALLY control the game. I accidently killed the guy i was surprised. But only 4 stars because the guy goes offline many times. MANY times. And the fact that we have to pay for the rest of the chapter is kinda unsettling...
Didn't even attempt to try it. I'm not going to support your product if you're going to hide in game that you only get a free trial.
I haven't finished the first chapter yet, but I love it so far! The music really captures the creepy mood, and Morgan's dialogue really drew me in. I don't know what the starts do yet, but I think its a cool idea. I can't wait to see what happens next! 😁
Definitely love the game it's just that is it worth paying for it for just 4 or 5 chapters?? If it was longer maybe... But otherwise the game is good and i loved chatting with Morgan... They made it seem like i was talking with a real person which makes it kinda worth it
Just started the game last night and I think it's a keeper. Definitely interesting. Edit: just read other reviews to find out you must pay to finish the game and I'm really disappointed. Oh well
Love these style of games. The game kinda of feels like u r talking to some random person in distress. Although the ms come very quickly. Of they could add a small delay on between each message. Would have an over all better feel maybe even more suspenseful
Great til the "my blood sugar is plummeting, I need insulin" text. You just killed Morgan with insulin, maybe do some research. Insulin LOWERS blood sugar, and it would be RISING with a lower dose. Type 1 diabetic since age 5-i know what I'm talking about. If you don't understand the basics, dont put it in the game.
Well it was good up until you have to pay for the next chapter.Im not paying 2.10 everytime i end a chapter.But it was good while it lasted.😒
Best & most enjoyable mystery text game that I've tried. I even got my husband into the game. He was sitting on the couch next to me trying to help me with a puzzle. The puzzles were a little challenging but not too hard. Story line was pretty good and not predictable.