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SEGA Pocket Club Manager

SEGA Pocket Club Manager for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by SEGA CORPORATION located at 東京都品川区西品川一丁目1番1号 住友不動産大崎ガーデンタワー. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It seriously needs some major updates, Especially Loading time and Internet connection Thing. Though I have a fast Internet connection, it says you need strong network to make the game work. I am just angry over it. Fix It ASAP.
Now i cant even enter a match to wath the match or even its highlights, takes suuuperrr long to wait and resulting im closing the app impatiently because it takes more than 5 mins. Really, please fix this and i would give 5 stars. My device is Samsung A20. Thank you very much
So close to unlocking something I wanted. Unfortunately blocked by stupid requirement to use a half wing. I have no real clue want that is or how to use it in game. HELP.
Ok so my progress bottomed out trying to make div 1 but as soon as i did it was back to rewards city. Roll rates were wack at the start but they seem to have adjusted them and we even get some 7.5% and 10% roll events. went for 1 5 star in div 2 and 3 then since then have had amazing luck. And ive changed this review from negetive to 5 stars. It would be better if we had some in game plays we could call for different modes of viewing. Should b able to call an audible at halfway in a match
Overall this games is incredible.. the games update is good.. almost perfect.. but still new player must follow 3 hours tutorial.. i think its little embarrassing for "Sega" Platform who we know is very experiences in game developer.. still to many for fix it so player its not borring playing this games.. what the function you ask email if you using unique ID who few player understand to reload their ID? maybe you shoud more give friendly instructions for player to use..
An average football / soccer management sim that is hampered by, ironically, too many things to manage. If this was on a PC the interface and depth would be manageable, but on a phone everything becomes a chore, and then the game soon becomes annoying. There are much better alternatives out there. I'd only recommend this game if you can't live without Sega's unique way of presenting games.
1.I would have loved this game more if it was offline 2.What is the deal with my team of 20000 constantly losing to really bad teams once I reach division 2....I have better stats n players than the top rated teams...still i lose to the the lower ranked teams...that's just disgusting....plz improve on this aspect 3.Why are the footie face players almost always the worst rated...sometimes even lower than 2 stars even tho my footie face is a 3 stars.....
Rolling a dice to win games is probably more consistent. At least by rolling a dice we will know the outcome for sure. In this game rating and countering formation doesn't matter at all. Even if you have +3000 rating after countering formation and having a better squad, you will still lose. Also for national squad. Come on, Korea losing to Hong Kong and Taiwan even though I have player lvl and formation advantage? This is bs. Would choosing Japan maybe let me win? If you implement stats and counters, maybe actually let them matter? RNG game.
I was really enjoying this game, but I'm finding more often it seems fixed! Especially in Cup matches, I've been up against much lesser teams (almost half my rating) and still lost 2/3-0! This isn't a one off either it happens quite a lot and I have several 4/5* players in my squad too. I regularly train my players, SP and abroad training but it doesn't seem to make a difference on matches where there's a big prize even against much weaker teams you still lose! I hope they fix whatever it is that's causing this but I have my suspicion this is on purpose to make you spend more money.
Only started the game recently but id say if you like your football games, this is worth having a look at well done to the creators off this game. 4 stars iniatially as only just started playing this game.
Great potential, few issues though, there is a pay wall when players reach certain level, also formation combos dont make much sense, for the formation combo with my team I have to have my LB play at RB and my RB at LB. Disappointed...
Leveling unit is very hard, SP coach can't be obtained through club funds. It's near impossible to form a team with such limited resources and time spent to grind. The developer clearly can't manage this apps to be as friendly as possible to their player base And worst ui experience ever
I couldn't mute the game's sounds so i can hear my music it's a really simple thing to do in any game, long loading time and many times the game stopped in one screen for many minutes, the stupid thing that i named my club ( Thunder Dragons ) but the game said there's an inappropriate language detected, i still can't find the wrong with the name, the club logos aren't much and you cant change the letters on it which is a really simple thing to put in your game. I expected much better
The constant confirmation taps get tedious after a while. The music is repetitive and got muted in the first 10 minutes. The whistle is shrill - accurate but unpleasant. The visuals are fun bighead images, and the customization features are really well done. Gameplay itself is really removed and formulaic, not an engrossed experience but a drudgery. The second league is dramatically more difficult than the first, and there's not a lot of "go back and grind" available. The player upgrade system doesn't match one's capacity with the instructions given in the tutorial. Rather than being able to upgrade players in a specific direction, your players get a set of possible upgrades, and that's what you have to work with. Overall? Not bad enough to quit yet, not good enough to recommend.
Great game for football fans to see some high quality animation in action. However the game play requires considerable time to build a team with different types of players considered the skill type, position, tatic type, coach style. When comes to player development, star level, skills acquicision, sp training 1&2 , upgrade, limit break. Combine the elements together, it is realy a considerable effort and time to spend to sucess in the game
At first the game is good. But nowadays its kinda suck in arena. The team power indicator dont really matter. When you need to win, even team with 40k power can beat your team with 90k power. But when you need to lose you can beat 100k team with 80k team, even their tactics stonger than yours. Its SUCKS!! PLEASE MAKE THE POWER INDICATOR MORE USEFULL!!
Pure Gacha game without any actual soccer management. Player condition and yellow card hinder your progress as soon as tutorial finished. Players are super hard to level up with endless random matches that you have no control of and you will even lose to teams that you are 5k over their ratings.
Fun game to grind, generally trying to achieve the best team, however, as you progress you'll probably need to study regarding the tactics and formation, so in a long run, you will probably need to be more committed in order to have a better team and if you are looking for a casual game to kill time, you may not play this game for a long time.
Best football management game period. I like how easy it is to get into unlike all the other management games. Keep it up guys!
This game like many others in the app store has great potential. Too bad after about an hour of play in which i scored 5+ goals per game, suddenly I'm losing to inferior teams with interiors strategies. At one point I set my instructions to play defence heavy, and even though I had the better rating, countered strategy, all good mood players, I lost 6-0. Let me repeat that. Better team better strategy all players good to go defensive setup and I lost 6 to 0. Seems like a game is meant to get you hooked with 7-0 victories only to start destroying your team and make you feel like you need to spend real money. Well congratulations all you have done is caused me to uninstall what would have been an incredibly fun game. Nice, real nice.
I would say for an indepth football game, You've done superbly. My only suggestion would be maybe alliances or a way to communicate with other players. This has great potential to become one of the best games for sega.
So far so good. Enjoy the game itself and looks like it could become something pretty exceptional. However it's all a bit too in your face at the moment so the interface needs simplifying and alot of unnecessary graphic design and tools which could be hidden away slightly with a better options menu. All a bit too in depth too so can see why players would be put off when champ manager is simpler! One issue.... I have brought all the bundles and also the premium pass to see if what you get is worth it and hmmmmm.... used everything for the transfer and have been robbed of a 5star player which was meant to be guaranteed?! I have emailed support and if this gets fixed I will upgrade to 5stars purely because at the very beginning this game seems to have got my attention and definitely deserves some more.
- Too many bugs, I wasn't able to 'start' the game until the download (which kept falling) finished; and the option to download batch updates is completely broken. - It feels like a cheap mimic that is trying too hard; don't drag real-world player names into a fantasy world! - Any fabricated players are given unrepresentative names (in relation to their nationality) without differing features. - The amount of time that would need to be invested is on par with a very detailed sim (Football Manager?) But the gameplay here consists mostly of skipping conversations with the club's assistant. I would continue, but this was intended as a "short" review.
awesome football management game. very addicted! the only drawback is unlicensed name for some legend players.
In superstar carnival event I was told I can get 5* star players (3) but I received not even one after I spent all my coins that I saved for the best. Daily achievements - send training abroad is not working. I sent one player abroad to see I can get the reward I didn't receive. So I sent one more player again but again it did not work. It would be better if I can contact the tech team or raise the complaint in the game. So that I don't want show this is the review
Wow. This game is really good. Let's you fast forward through games but has all the details from it you'd want. Full team customization and fun (but not silly graphics). So far, it's hitting all the right notes. Great job!
If you enjoy football Sims then this is perfect for you! You can build your fantasy team and grow your players to build the perfect team. Additionally, you earn the premium currency at a decent rate and, if you save it, can use it to build a really strong team to compete with in the solo and online modes.
Lovely game and interesting.. but the problem is i always get omf for my 5star gold card.. always when i certainly need other players in other departments is annoying please adjust thay
The game initially showed a combined download of 70mb. Once it is downloaded it will ask for permission for another 50 mb data for graphics objects and updates. Once u gave them the permission, you will watch 100s of mbs moving away from your mobile and yet the game can not download only 50 mb. In my case the 50mb update actually cost 230mb originally, and still its stuck at 94%. Well I guess I will not allow it eat my data any further . and hence the game is a big zero to me
Amazing game, you can control everythig and it very fun to play.But i wish the captains had "captain sleeves", like that you will be able to know who is the captain of the team, afterall the captain is a very important element in the team.
Great game my only complaint is it uses about 1% of battery per minute. The average for high-end intense graphic games is about 15% per hour. This game is not high end or graphically intense. With that being said I still recommend this game but I also recommend having your charger plugged-in while playing.
Fun game. Still fun and enjoyable even you don't spend money since event is single mode. BTW, the price is very expensive. Not worth it just to get random 5 star player. How to spam buying for specific player if too expensive
The game is ok at best. At first it feels good and exciting but it quickly becomes a drag and repetitive. No online matching so you won't be going up against human players. Each season you will be pitted against ai teams with increasing difficulty. It just doesn't feel like a true soccer manager. Here's the worst part, one if their events is very misleading. I used 3600 gb, the game's premium currency, to buy the European star scouting pack of ten players. According to the description, it says you are guaranteed a 5 star player. I bought in and didn't receive a single 5 star player. After contacting their customer service I was told I needed to buy the pack 5 times, which is insane for a single 5 star player. Really?? Deleted.
I've changed my review from a 2 star to a 1 star, due to the new limit break system. To parents, there is no free way to get the top players or limit break them without paying over the top prices. Don't let your kids waste their money on a game we're the developers have flat refused to have a way to do everything for free. Even if it takes you a life time. Through new features that are pay to use only, they are ripping off players and football fans a like. I contact them and they didn't care
This game is pretty damn good a lot of new content could play without having to pay and still be able to somewhat keep up. Down side is the US support is a bit weak. There is no clear explanation to how certain things work if it changed before you start playing the game. Yet in the Japanese they have a full wiki to explain everything of the game.
Even when your team is double amount of strong than your opponent you still lose. Even with boost up still you will lose. Gameplay and AI is worse than anything. At first they will let you win. But once you are high enough they will make you lose even when your team is many times better than the opponents.
No option to turn off the audio, long tutorial, complex gameplay, and too many abstractions. Could have made the game simple and straight forward. Not upto the mark !
Great game only one issue. My players are getting Red Cards for consecutive Yellow Cards but there are multiple games in between. Yellow Cards do not disappear after a second game. Really annoying having players get a yellow card 4 weeks after their last Yellow Card and then getting Red Carded. Please fix.
Well now i basically have a full team of 5 stars there is literally nothing to spend my money on. So i can safely say after a year of playing. There is absolutely nothing elft for me in this game. I dont even care about clearing out DIV 1 because its jsut become grind. Cant merg characters Exp across so no motivation to upgrade new people and lower my performance. And you clearly intentionally have been vague about roll rates of 5 star cards. its not 10%. i have had them drop 1 in 50. BS
Sega again ,the only one still made slow loading time game at most times at all console,what year now? Step forward please,why? Most game you guys made so slow? Think how to make games again!!! Don't wasting people times and your times,We all have a fastest hardware ,but you still make a slowest and buggy software ...close the company or regroup.think and learn how other how to make a good and btter games,specially korean company stepped big forward than all times... very disappointing ...sega.
This game has a match engine of a beast but the team run the game are like headless chickens.All the contents in this game are very very boring after you finished the first 1 or 2 times. They have like 5 events and repeatrd it for like more than a year. The rewards from the events are also a joke, nothing really excite you to get after first few compishments. It's a Gacha game that you cant spend on anything for a month due to the banner last too freaken long time. Sega, fire this team or close
This game has a match engine of a beast but the team run the game are like headless chickens.All the contents in this game are very very boring after you finished the first 1 or 2 times. They have like 5 events and repeated it for like more than a year. The rewards from the events are also a joke, nothing really excite you to get after first few compishments. It's a Gacha game that you cant spend on anything for a month due to the banner last too freaken long time
A great story and game. Cool graphics and matchplay. It's awesome. I prefer to build a team, like training rookies or lower ranks to reach higher ranks with performance as well. Just making a team of 5star players is about luck of the draw not management. Why put rookies on scout if you have to discard them? Also formations should be custom, I wanted 1cb,3dmf,3omf and 3cf but I cannot More management skills, more formation freedom and subs when I want please.
I eagerly awaited this game, had the notification this morning to say that the game is ready to download, NO, can't get past a maintenance screen, click on the notification box, nothing there. Surely this should have been checked before release? I'll change my revyif I ever get it to download it! Not impressed.
Really fun game with the only problem being that the pop up windows don't display any information and some interfaces don't work at all.
Great game , just add more Region & Home nation options. And add big players in draw market & scout like CR7 , Leo , Salah etc & more legends like Kaka Zidane Beckham etc.
I think you could put the engine of this at better use ex: in a actual playable soccer game. It's just boring to watch the matches... The visuals are very cool but it's boring. It could be better if we could control the players :(
This game seems a bit buggy so far, in some games my team would manage to get the ball in the net and it got counted as offside for reason. This happened twice so far, each game I lost due to it. My players appear to be in good condition and team strength is 7000, though keep losing to 3000 teams?
Game is very good, but the possibility of obtaining a 5star player is ridiculous low. In previous event I have gone up to step 6, spending in total 21600GB and i only got 1 5star player. I send an inquiry to support and although their response was very fast, their answer was a copy paste from their manual. i am not 5years old, i know the odds and i can read, but 1 5star out of 60 players is way to low.
this game game could be so much more... but their "rock paper scissor" tactic style is broken.in the end you could have the tactic advantage+great players+more than 2/3x the power of your opponent and still lose 6-0, 3 or 4x in a row...it's just BAD RNG. then you would have the same players with different rarities and playstyles..I mean cavani IS cavani, there's no 2/3 cavani or are there?I would say more but U wont even bother answer your players. sadly I'm uninstalling it. isn't worth my money
Please what was the developer of this game thinking while making it? How will you create a managerial game without inserting the option of substitution during a match. All my players are tired but i cannot make a sub even when a sub list is provided. This is the most stupid game have played.
I'm playing the game since and now that i almost finish i can't watch any match please fix it i will be give five star if was not this bug