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SEGA Heroes: Match 3 RPG Games with Sonic & Crew

SEGA Heroes: Match 3 RPG Games with Sonic & Crew for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by SEGA located at Sega of America, Inc 6400 Oak Canyon, Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92618. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I think Sega has a future in the mobile game market. Unlike most games that have a similar chemistry as Sega Heroes, this game doesn't bring you forward progress to a dead hault due to difficulty, as long as you remain invested in it. The only complaint I might have is the lack of characters from Sega's catalouge, but rather than that, it's a great game to have on your phone. 5/5
I love this game. I'm not even a fan of the match-3 genre, but what y'all have done is a breath of fresh air. Heck, I never even owned a Sega Genesis (I did own a Sega Game Gear, though), but I know most of the characters. But the gameplay is fun, the characters are awesome and the art/graphics look beautiful. You've taken what's old and, in a way, made it new again (even if for a bit). My ONLY recommendations would be to add more characters, and more game modes/events (but mostly more characters from your massive game history)! That is all! Keep up the great work! :D
Very grindy or pay to play. It takes a long time to raise characters up. There is no way to advance with strategy. All you can do is wait and wait and wait. Till your team is strong enough to advance. WHY WOULD I EVER PAY TO ADVANCE?!!! THEN I WOULD JUST HAVE TO PAY AGAIN TO ADVANCE??!! No thank you! It is just a garbage game at that point. So whatever
Decent, but could be Better. The game's difficulty spike is INSANE, one minute you could be doing great, but the enemy team will just destroy your team the next minute. It would be amazing if you could introduce abilities to other characters like the enemy's stun to Death Adder's ground spike. Just a suggestion. The game is good though, I enjoy it quite a bit.
It's a really fun game but like others have said I paid the $5 (don't mind supporting a game I like) and now the I'm in the 20s in my level I can't do anything. The only place to get a good amount of supplies is the events but once you get past the first level in an event you need stupid high characters. Could easily be an amazing game if they cared about their fan base. It seems like they are aiming for the people who are willing to dump hundreds of dollars into an app and driving away the people who are willing to pay $5 to $10.
Ok, let's get this out of the way first. It's great that a new mode just got added to the game, but why have certain characters been locked off to it, and other characters to the main campaign? And second, why are most of the characters that are exclusive now to the new campaign characters that most of us free-to-plays would not reasonably have in the first place? We were asking for balance and you guys just took away one of our healers from us (Rolf). If anything, this has just made the game even more pay-to-win than before! This is not the way a game like this should be going, nor is it the way to maximize what you guys can earn from the playerbase. Like someone else has said, levels that should reasonably be easy are far harder than they need to be because we don't have a strong enough healer (AiAi at low levels is far too weak of a healer to be effective). The version before this was at least a little more fair, and please don't tell us that we can just use another healer, because now the next easiest healer to get (Rolf) isn't even available to the main campaign, and all the rest are not available to unlock in earlier stages (self-healing doesn't count here). Any other effective healers are locked behind a paywall and that's not how you make a successful, fun-to-play game. If you guys want this game to succeed, as opposed to it just being a complete cash-grab, then make the necessary balance and don't just add more paywalls when we're asking for more leniency.
This game can be fustrating at times. Its fun at the beginning but, as you progress through the levels you may notice that you are suddenly dealing with overpowered enemies and it becomes difficult to progress through the game without some sort of purchase. Not that it is impossible but, difficult. Sega should make leveling up alot easier in the game. Your characters will have a really slow leveling up process unless you pay money. Not my ideal cup of tea if you ask me.
This is a match 3 I feel I dont have to drop money into to enjoy 2/28/20 Edit: The latest update has pretty much issued this game its death sentence. If it doesnt get fixed soon, I dont think it'll live to see a year mark, let alone the end of 2020. 11/22/20 Final Edit: This game didnt live to the year end... but now, I cant help but miss it... R.I.P Sega Heroes... You were an amazing game.
It's a good matching game. The roster is growing and I look forward to seeing others. I do find the music annoying but it sounds well. Matching seems a little lacking of either visuals or sounds. There's no "hmph" for your 4 and 5 matches, but the characters do perform moves. If a character is down, their colors are used to replenish a revive bar. No damage is taken by the enemy. This is unfortunate when you have no choice but to match that color when you'd rather attack.
it's a pay to win game after a while, you can't get enough coins or diamonds by yourself. You will have to buy coins to get better characters, do events, and to upgrade your characters. Plus the gameplay gets tedious and repetitive, leading me to close the game after a couple of minutes. The starting roster of characters is kind of weird, it would have been better if we got the main characters of some of the more popular games. Like Gold axe, streets of rage, sonic, or something like that.
Great game, takes time to build characters. (Which is fine) But the rules of the game seem to change to over-favor the game. I would make it farther on the survival stages when i was a lower level, less characters, than i can now. Small things like that, which is what oeeps the game from being 5 star. If the intent is to keep players longer, that strategy doesn't work. Players will get fed up of the amazing luck (or what seems to be straight up "cheating") the AI has on a regular basis. 'Edit' - The new patch is terrible, great ideas, but terrible separation of characters and removal of character shards in the main quest. Down to 3 star.
There are some things more annoying than others, like how difficult the battle system is at some points (especially in arena battles). I will comment by saying that honestly, you may need to add more characters from other franchises, specifically for the Beyondering. You may actually find it hard to believe, but I think the best characters to add for the game would probably be from Space Channel 5 and Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg. Both have plenty of characters to use for the game (in my eyes)
Goes from easy to hard in a short space of time. Appears to be engineered to get you interested, then frustrate you and then make you spend (real) money on upgrades to allow progression. On the upside there are no adverts and the gameplay is enjoyable initially. But beware, it is hard to progress through without paying for the privilege.
it is a puzzle game and not an auto attacker. harder than you think. FUN. This game will always be remembered from me. I just wished that the servers stayed up and just no new updates.
I'm done with this I had a pretty decent party and I had played this game for a little over a year. This game is essentially random chance sometimes things just line up for or against you and I was okay with that. Until I get to the point to where I lost a couple of battles(( two separate ones I won the first and hoped that was it.))they both had forced me to go through tutorials and forced me to use my resources on characters I dont use and use the max possible amount. So I'm done playing this.
Fun gameplay but BAD implementation. Most games you hit a growth wall after several days, but in this one you hit it after a few hours, and its worse. You can only grind each stage a few times per day, so if you need to increase your team power to continue, it takes ages. And did you finally unlock a new, more powerful hero? You may not be able to use him in the campaign. And you can only enter the arena once every 5 mins regardless how many arena keys you have.
A classic pay to win game. Start simple and suddenly you get stuck on a level. Pay to get some good heroes or just grind for weeks in the low level and you might get something good. Hate it when developers put pay wall in the beginning of the game. Nobody is going to pay unless they get serious about the game. And for that you gotta play for sometime. Putting a pay wall in the early stage isn't gonna help anyone.
This game brought me so many good memories. The story was great, the gameplay was perfected, the Heroes all felt balanced, and the guilds let us make chat with friends. I had so much fun playing this game. I'll forever remember this game as one of the best mobile games of all time for me. Thank you SEGA for making this game.
Simple match three game but challenging enough to keep you interested. Fun Sega characters to build your collection and brings back a lot of memories. Just don't be like me and waste your diamonds on campaign energy until you know what you're doing. You'll get a decent team from the daily rewards but prepare your wallet if you want to be the top.
I've played this game since it came out so it's about a month now and I've logged in 4 times every day to get the rewards. To start, its your standard collect characters to fighter other characters and level them up. That's it..who has the highest level character with their 3 abilities upgraded the most. So I can't fault it there, because its what all the other games like this are doing. But with this one, your characters fight with gems, much like Marvel Puzzle Quest. After a month they did a update and made it harder to collect and win items. I mean, its a grind to get things anyway without paying. But the prices on things are ridiculous. To get a maxed character is going to cost you hundreds of dollars, its insane. I don't mind putting money into a game if it feels fair, if I'm enjoying it and If the value is there. Well..I did enjoy the game, but the value is not there and it does not feel fair for the player. Why companies get putting out the same greedy business model is beyond me, and why people continue to speed on this sort of model is also perplexing. So after a month, with the new changes, I say good bye Sega Heroes.
Ummm was pretty cool. But today there was an update that removed ways to get character shards which are already an inherently grindy process to obtain. Also, as can be seen, there are many other people complaining about this update for various reasons. I just started to really get the hang of the actual strategy and was looking forward to playing this game for awhile, but instead it's become an "uninstall" situation. Go play something else, for your own good.
A gem matching game? Wow, what a letdown. Perhaps your understanding of the RPG genre is in need of reevaluation. I'm sure it's a great game if you're into Candy Crush or the like, and that the developers put a lot of work and effort into it, but for anyone who saw RPG in the description and thought of something akin to Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, or anything remotely similar in mechanics, prepare to be severely disappointed.
The balance of this game really needs to be worked on. The first few levels were a breeze and then you will be going against what's claimed to be a group that's half your strength and they slap you around. As of this moment my strongest team strength is 1186 but the enemies claimed to be 520 keep beating me. Also reviving downed characters should take less matches, you end up sacrificing so many attacks because you want to revive people and avoid losing the battle, and the healing abilities are near useless as they heal like half an attack worth of health. Hopefully they will make this game more fun to play in the future but at this time I don't recommend it.
This game is fun and easy to play on a day-to-day basis without using in-app purchases. However, since updating to the Android 9 operating system the game only crashes my phone and keeps the music playing until I restart it (Huawei Mate 10 Pro). Edit: Thanks for your response, the update has fixed whatever the bug was. Really happy to be able to play the game again! 😊
The game was enjoyable enough, with the slow pace of progression offset by the ability to eventually obtain any character or upgrade through free-to-play means. However, with a recent update they've shifted a lot of content behind a much, much stricter barrier. Don't bother starting this game unless you're planning to shell out some serious cash. Otherwise, you're going to be stuck with the same limited roster of characters for months and you'll have very little opportunity for strategic teambuilding. It's very annoying that I've wasted quite a bit of time on this game only for the developers to do a bait-and-switch.
I've actually given this game a couple of different reviews before, and now I'm making my final one a five star. The fun gameplay ideas and the lack of a super intrusive news system like with most free-to-play games definitely wins it over in my heart. Although some of the heroes are a little bit too difficult to get (especially the legendary ones), it still deserves a five star in my book.
This is a really good game. it's based on strategy and the graphics look nice as well. I love the different characters from SEGA. All coming together as one to defeat the new villian. It also has epic challenges that you can beat and get better equipment for your team. All in all this game should get what it deserves a great rating. Good job SEGA.
This isn't a pay to win, it's a PAY TO PLAY. starts off fun, then gets very very hard! There's a limit to campaign games and tournament matches you can play in a day, UNLESS you have earned enough gems which you can't because there's a limit on how many games a day you can play! Unless you spend money on gems. But you need those gems to get better characters because after you get sucked in it gets very difficult.
Sega Heroes is a good concept, but poorly executed. Pros - Everything looks polished. I'm personally not a fan of the art style, but it mimics old school sega master system and sega genesis box art. Cons - Sometimes battles drag on, which is fine, but you get almost nothing for your troubles. - Progress without paying is excruciatingly slow. I've played this for two weeks and have only like 12 characters, and only one 3 star character. Upgrades are also expensive. Not worth your time.
I loved seeing all the classic Sega characters, and the presentation is high throughout. Very addictive and it is possible to get very far without spending a penny. I've never played one of these kind of games before, so some of the concepts could have been better explained (as a quick example, it took a long time for me to realize that the number next to an enemies energy bar is the turns until they fight back. Obvious in hindsight but still) Addictive and fun
Please bring it back! Or, develop a new game with the same format? 😢 It was the best mobile game I've ever played.
It's fairly good. Midway through world 4 now and seems to be going smooth. No crazy upscale yet. Only gripe I have is when you use the speed up in battle, the BGM and sounds effects speed up also. The effects I understand but the BGM is a bit too much to put up with. All in all, I'm looking forward to future updates and seeing how this evolves.
Really enjoy the game .... to a point. The issue that I see is the same I end up coming across with every app based game. You can't play as much as you want nor can you level up your heroes or find epic heroes without spending real money and that is something I will never do. If I am going to fork over real cash then it will be for a FULL game that I can play at my leisure as much as I want. Other than this HUGE issue ALL phone based games have it is a decent game to kill the time.
Great game!! However, the arena system puts you at a disadvantage. Every opponent is drastically overpowered compared to your own, and there is not enough coins to upgrade your heroes well enough to fight them. The issue of using rare characters in a battle between a lower ranked player and a higher ranked player also makes a major disadvantage worse.
It was a fun game. Actually spent some money to get a character which I can't use in the campaign anymore with the latest update. The game is really not balanced which of course is to make you spend more money but it will barely help against enemies that can regain health while being protected by a shield. Please rebalance this game I know your trying to make money but damn.
When it comes to mobile, free to play puzzle games, Sega Heroes beats Candy Crush by a long shot. The usual psychological warfare aspect is there to get you to spend money but honestly I enjoyed the game enough that I didn't mind dropping a few bucks on it. There are a lot of aspects of the game I find irritating (Sega gas a habit of making unfair AI). But all in all, if you love Sega like I do and need a nice puzzle game to pass the time with better rewards and an actually engaging and clever battle system then this is the game for you.
There is a good game here, there's just so many obstacles getting in the way of you being able to play it. You'll get characters that you're unable to use for one reason or another: only available in certain modes, not high enough star rank, or other seemingly arbitrary reasons. Also, the difficulty spikes are enormous. You'll encounter one mission requiring a power level of 700, the next: 6600, and the one after that, over 30k. Found myself logging out simply from being able to do anything.
its a fun strategy game, you got to match jewels to defeat your enemies and is a good time killer. although i have to say its a bit repetitive and you have to keep looting levels over and over early on in the game if you want to keep going. the looting system makes it interesting but can get you blocked on the same level for a while before you can actually be strong enough to keep going. all and all, its fun but still could use a bit more variety and perhaps a game modes that would be more skilled based than based on your characters strenght would be interesting. looking forward to more characters coming in the future :)
Great game, I wish there were more characters. I don't like how you need to "loot" stages in order to get tokens to unlock characters. It takes too long and easily drains all of your energy, and it's not even certain that you'll get a token each time you loot a stage, the chances are against you in most cases. Which makes unlocking new characters, especially ones that require lots of tokens, difficult and not as enjoyable as it should be. Otherwise, I loved it.
Another freemium pay to win mobile game. Fine if you're on the train or on the bog, but no real depth. As a Sega fan though, it's nice to see all these awesome characters in one game. Looks nice. Plays the same as a million other games of this genre. I'll play it to the point where purchase items becomes essential to progress, then delete it