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Is a Simulation game developed by SEGA CORPORATION located at 東京都品川区西品川一丁目1番1号 住友不動産大崎ガーデンタワー. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
super fast shipping for free (less than 1 week from japan to united states! out of all the remote UFO Catcher games this is by far the most precise and least laggy. It would be nice to interact with other players. for instance, if someone is really close to winning a prize it would be fun to be able to communicate our reactions with emoticons from a viewer's perspective. also, a paid monthly pass would be nice to offer where players can pay a few dollars a month for extra daily SP. great, game!
This is the best crane game app to play! I'm not sure why it has such low ratings because I've tried other online crane games and they can't compare. It was very exciting to have won a prize and opened it up in the mail. It arrived super fast too, I was surprised. Before Covid hit and the app took a temporary break there were a ton of cute and cool prizes to choose from. I hope that one day it will return and everyone has the chance to play again.
Doesn't support Engliah language well (keeps flipping back to Japanese, many dropdown menus and other detail are no provided I. English, emails are not in English) or allow me to do basic verification and profile tasks required to even begin using it.
Games are difficult and free plays take 10 daily logins to earn, compared to toreba where you receive a free play a day. it just isn't worth it.
Had to use Google translate to get past registration. Response time and prizes are good. Don't like that virtually currency is offered in uneven amounts like 130SP when it costs 200 a pop.
This app lacks an option to permanently silence the music. The only sound option the app provides is in the individual booths. This must be toggled EVERY time you enter a new booth and it silences ALL media sound on your device. I brought this to their attention but they simply responded with, ”This app cannot be used while launching other apps...” and, ”....therefore, we cannot respond." I'd think this would be a simple fix since most apps have an option to turn music/sounds off. ಠ︵ಠ
How can I fairly review something I cant even get into because of the language barrier. Do not try this app until they fix the interpretations.
Great app, also when you win your prize arrives surprisingly fast for being shipped from overseas! Controls can seem a bit laggy at first, but once you get the hang of it there is no issue. (I recommend playing a few times on the practice machine)
This is great! I won something with my free tries-- and for people having issues with the language, if you click the person then go to the second one you can choose English!
Starts in Japanese with no instructions to change to English. After changing to English the only thing you can do is purchase credits.
Great game. You have to be smart about the tactic of the claw machines but it can happen! I just won a prize and it was shipped and delivered very quickly! And i didnt spend anything.
The sheer novelty of having claw machine prizes delivered to you from overseas is amazing. The prizes are good and the practice mode allows for free fun. You also gain currency slowly for free, even though spending money can get you more tries quicker.
Don't bother, this is just a cash grab. Anyone who 'wins' prizes has spent at least 5 times what it would cost to buy *and* ship whole boxes of the 'prizes'. The machines are also set up and adjusted even worse than usual to waste your tries and be completely ineffective at getting prizes. But it has the Sega name attached so people pretend it's all okay.
Overall, Sega Catcher Online is a really solid experience that could rival Toriba if given the oppertunity to grow. But that's in the future, as Sega has yet to improve several already inquired things, like a lack of Sega stuff (Fate and Kirby are close enough as Sega has worked on the japanese exclusive Fate/Grand Order Arcade and Sonic's appearance in Smash Bros), and an overall buggy experience. I wasn't even able to play one of the practice machines because server kept going buggy.
I love this app! You do have to know some Japanese to navigate, though. You have to change the language back to English twice. But, on the 2nd time, it stays. They give you 500 points once you confirm your phone number. The only time you can add your mailing address is when you win something, and I won on the 2nd try!! It's going to take 15 days for free delivery to receive my prize. I can't wait to try winning again!! 素晴らしいアプリを作って、ありがとうございます!感謝しています!!
You have to pay to play a game that you may not even win. In my opinion you are just wasting money on some random machine that has a very high chance of losing.
Over all a great app! It's the one i have the least trouble with as far as lag goes. The only thing that really keeps it from five whole stars is prize variety. If you're not into stuffed animals, Bang Dreams, or Kirby. There really isn't much for you here now. Hopefully this will improve over time (I would love the chance to win some Sonic plushies!!)
Awesome App! I got lucky and won on my second try!! They give you a free shipping voucher every Monday! The first REAL claw app! You will have to change the language once you sign up. It was a little tricky but anyone with a brain can fix it. Once you get logged in click on the person icon to the right on the bottom of the app. From there select the second icon down with the A in the box. That's the language settings. Once I changed it to English it all stayed in English.
Okay, after playing the game, I must say... that this is the ABSOLUTE worst way to emulate cranes in Japan ever. You wanna actually try that? JUST GO TO JAPAN. Not to mention, the logins every time. They keep resetting to Japanese. And the event you have for new players isn't making this any better. SEGA, this is yet another one of your worst screw-ups yet, but it's at least more playable than Sonic Forces. And believe me, AFTER COMPLETING IT ONCE, that's saying something.
While I was able to navigate to the English option pretty easily, unfortunately I can't get past the regiestration. It asks me for a Password, but no matter what I put in as my password, it will not accept it. Trying to sign in with other services failed too. Unfortunate. :(
Lowest lag of the crane games I have tried, and the responsiveness of the controls is sharp. Only disappointing part is the currently available prizes as of this review, so keeping an eye on it here but not my choice of real life crane game just yet.
Language selection does not stay. I press english but as soon as I go to the registration page it goes right back to japanese
Machines are extremely too fast and seriously delay few seconds too fast plus they are accurately there actually inaccurate cause claw movements are being a lot quicker then normal this isn't normal it's still good app but more needs to look into
Very easy to use app. Like that there is a way to practice. Very quick and easy to purchase more credits. I've played other online crane game apps and this one has had the least amount of lag for me. It feels very precise. This is a game of skill, think carefully about your movements. I hope to see more prizes in the future. Currently I dont see sonic as a prize, the moment he shows up he'll be mine!
Great app have won several high quality giant plushies for very little money many for free the only reason om not giving it 5 stars is the lack of figures specifically in takoyaki machines where there are none otherwise great app
I was looking to find a game to replace Crane Game Toreba since they started cracking down and making they're machines almost impossible to win to milk every last penny out of you. I loaded up GOTON only to find out that they've suspended new user registration as well as in game currency purchases since June 2020 due to COVID. Which I guess I can understand but Toreba and other import websites are still at least making an effort to try and ship to the US even with the major delays.
The app is tons of fun, but it never remembers my language settings. Every time I sign in I have to switch it to English, and all the push notifications are in Japanese.
I'm sure that this app is very nice. However when are you going to let new people join? I saw this on a news story an downloaded it. I am a fan of sonic but please let new accounts register.
I would love to have given this app a fair shot in reviewing but I simply can even create a login. The app says it can switch it s language to English but that's a lie. It'll switch for the first part of the creation process and when you hit next it goes right back to Japanese. I would love to actually play this but I can't as an English speaker. Now I know people have found a work around but frankly we shouldn't need that to use an app. Very disappointed. But I guess I'll just use toreba.
Yall who are complaining about english. There is a english option if you tap on the little person icon and choose the 2nd option, a drop down will come up and you can choose english. But i am still giving this a 1* rating due to bad instructions on how to change the language and you only get ONE free try every 5 to 10 days where Toreba gives you between 1 to 2 free tries A DAY!!
(Update) The language issue has been resolved except when accessing payment info. This section is still in Japanese and purchasing coins is worrisome if you can't read the language. Also, could you add Sega characters to the price pool? It's disappointing not having Sega characters in a Sega crane game : (
I honestly don't understand why this app has such a low rating. Perhaps some folks are struggling due to not reading the instructions? Everything is in English aside from the charge menu where you purchase points, but a quick Google search was all I needed to convert yen into USD. I've never seen another game like this in my entire life - the ability to remotely control a claw machine on the other side of the world is such a cool experience! It's not impossible to win either, it's pretty fair :)
Selected language does not carry over to registration page so unable to register. *Update: this appears to only be an issue when registering with a Gmail account, if you just do email it works fine
Surprisingly conscientous company. They worked quickly to find shipping alternatives to ensure prizes arrived when everyone waa in lockdown due to the coronavirus. The prizes are absolutely adorable, too. I also don't know why their rating is so low compared to other apps. O.o
Managed to make an account without too much trouble but the camera quality is so bad that I can't even see anything. It's all grey.
App doesn't fully translate, credit purchase through PayPal in Japanese is off-putting. Sends you alerts in Japanese too. Was trying to work a prize out with multiple tries, finally giving up, but going back to watch and see if someone else could get it, only to see some hands intervene, reset it to a very easy place to win from, and the next player getting it on the first try. Very discouraging.
For those who are rating it low, have patience, they can only do so much. As someone who played for awhile, the games fun and fair, even if you don't want to pay for chances. I've gotten a few prizes, and shipping is free on a certain weekday which was nice too. When the games service is up again, ill definitely be playing again!
Even if you select English, and choose your log in method, the registration screen goes back to Japanese and you cannot change it to English.
The sign up page had issues with the English translation, but once I got signed up the app was able to function in English. This app is fun and has unique prizes that ship from Japan. I received my prize in less than a week! A++ will play again!
Allows log in through TOM on actual website which cant be played on mobile but does not allow log in through TOM on mobile app. Makes no sense =.=;
As others have said it's a real pain for English players to register an account. Also the prize variety is pretty bare-bones. When I played it was almost entirely Kirby and BanG Dream! prizes.
I used to have this app when it was Sega Catcher Online and reinstalling it now. Haven't gotten a chance to play it again yet since I installed during a maintenance lol. I just hope my old account is still available. The prizes were really nice on this and the games were very fair/received help after a few tries. I hope once the pandemic is over it'll be up and running again.
Your apps is on suspension since end of May. I getting bored and I want play. I did saw all item and crane are back on last 2 or 3 weeks ago then i went on Sega again and nothing there. It still blank with word "suspension of service".