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Seen for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Polychroma Games located at Post Office, Binangonan Municipal Hall, Brgy. Calumpang, Manila East Road, Rizal, Region IV-A, PH. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Sexual Innuendo, Scary Content, Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ahhh! This game is so good and so sad at the same time! I just wish that there were more stories in the game itself, but otherwise I live it. It is deep and very accurate, and the writing is fantastic!
This was an amazing app! So heartwarming, and I felt as if I were actually going after this girl and were apart of the story. I wish there was a part 2 or that it was longer an continued the story through college. I would love a part 2!
I really love our app because the chats are nice and seem real but in the end I was sad because my friend hayss and I will also separate but it's ok
It is stupid just so stupid it makes no sense i hate it i hate it i wish this was never made mmm~m it is unlikely that you can find the right now and then the next few weeks ago by the 5 the way to the girls bathroom I ran so fast that I didn't even realize that I was still holding Vanessa's hand. " Are You " I shouted at her. " I am so sorry " she said nervously. When I got to school someone ran up to me and hugged me. It was Vanessa. " Omg Victoria " she yelled. Everyone stared at us I was so
I love this game, but, I wish that Nicole would except things the way they are. Like "Im sorrry Nic but I don't want to go to the park." "Aw cmon Mark I haven't been to the park in awhile" If Mark dosen't want to go, that's it. And when she gets mad."Finally, Mark is here 37 minutes late!" It's not really his choice what he wants to do. Also, when see played his feelings, I felt so bad, and when she got mad he "Changed" YOU REJECTED HIM. THAT'S YOUR FAULT.
I love everything in this game. Just please finish the story. Everyone in the community tried to make a sequel to the story. But everyone gave up. So please finish the story. Please
GREAT ASF I genuinely love this game, also I just wanted to make a review to tell other people to make an account and you could download other stories in the game(: that's all
I love this game it amazing but I think there should be a update wer there is more than one story and that's why I gave you the two less so if that happens I'll give you 5 stars thank you
It's good but I don't like how there are no buttons of texting only boxes without saying anything I wish you could pick what to say so it's a four if you fix that I will rate it five for now it's a five tho
It's the best... The story is amazing it's Kind relatable I am hoping for a part 2 and the ads there are barley any! It's the perfect
This game made me cry so bad when she lost her memory. And it's even MORE SAD when she rejected the players feelings. But it's a good game. I give 100\5.
Hello there, So I really love this app, And This is the best texting story app I can find that is free, even ads aren't a problem. The one less star is because I am assuming you have updated this app. I know this is going to sound confusing but I cant find that button that allows me to turn the screen black with white letters on it. That feature seems extremely useful, But it's not beside that plus button like it is in your pictures. Please add it again and I will love this app to the fullest. A
One of the greatest games I have ever played. The stories are incredible. You will not regret playing this.
This game is the best game ever. It is full of emotion,and amazing different story plots. I recomend this game, and have fun. P.S. grab a box of tissues. :)
I am falling in love with this app this app is really really amazing and I can't believe that πŸ˜„πŸ˜„the feature is mind blown and understanding and realistic❀❀ I love this app I am serious serious serious loving this appπŸ™πŸ™ which app is just a mysterious journey by using the app we can find many languages many characters and I enjoy using this app love it..!! And one thing about the sound the sound is very enjoyable and loved to hear..!!
Its not working. When i tap the play button it automatically sends me back to language page everytime.
At start i thought this was a boring game... I was soo wrong this is by far the best game i have ever had the main stories ending is just heartbreaking..... Because everyone change... And i highly recommend you to play this and one of the best stories created by users are life, life 2 life 3 and moonlight! Plz play this game........
I love this app soooo much It made ME CRY it does take a while to get to the end but trust me it is worth it there are life lessons in this and I really like the one that's LIFE IS LIKE A SWING FIVE stars FOR SURE I am gonna start it over and probably cry agian I don't cry alot so you better get this
In all honesty I think it's a great game and one that I would recommend. Give it a try then decide if you like/dislike it. Edit: ADs aren't much of an annoyance but if you want to stack up on the coins(the in-game currency) you will need to watch Ads to receive them.
Great game with a great intriguing story. Would give 5 stars if some of the the options made a bigger difference in the overall story, but still it's a great game. Wish it was a bit longer.
Now I can't watch ads.If I watch ads it will close, a white screen then boom please try again white screen appear
Great game. I enjoyed the story and the relationship you can develop. It really makes you imagine which is an outstanding part of the experience. However, what would be better is that if you can achieve a 'happy' ending although the current endings are fine and a good conclusion, it would be more ideal if there was a happy ending. Overall great game and i highly recommend if your into story games :)
This game is incredible they have made everything perfect but pls add more it took me a day to complete and we need to know what happens next!!!!!
I like the app already but i have a problem i cant see the letters on the keyboard and i cant send any messages :(
It is really a sensitive and heart touching chating/story app. I appreciate the maker that he biuld such a in unforgettable story as well as Im biggest fan now, that they degein such a lovely story great work the story of "Nicole" Was amazing. I finished that story but I want to play more. How can I play Nicole's story, but not previous chapters. I hope you will tell me soon Thank you You are doing great work
THIS IS THE BEST APP EVER I WOULD SAY! This makes me cry geez...the storylines are awesome yet sad. I've never writing any reviews on any app but this APP deserves it! This is a very good app i swear. I recomment it!πŸ’πŸŒΈ
Dear creator, First of all i wanna thank you for making this game it was fun and exciting and that ending... that was heartbreaking but at the same time i realllllyyyy realllyyy loved the story! And i was hoping you would do more and i fully fully recommend this app! From: A Fan πŸ˜‚
If ratings had 10 star this app would get 10/10 I wasn't expecting to get this deep into this app the first one I did was like the tutorial of the app and....... It was so good it kinda had me emotional for some reason and this is a great way to express yourself in a story or feel how someone else is feeling or going thru! Overall this app is great so is the community
one of the best text games i have ever played you can have several ending although my ending was a bit sad but good she meets with an accident and she forget about the relations we had and we start all over again
Its so emotion yet so touching. I did cry during it though, some parts making me think about about my own life. But it is so beautiful and I love the story, I highly recommend playing it.
I actually serached for if 'Emily Is Away' is in playstore. But this came up top and that has taken kind of the same format and style as the game i searched. I really liked it and all. I just want these to come n come again. Developers when's the part 2 comin out? P.S i really like the ref "Ill always be there for u"πŸ˜†NICE!πŸ‘
I having problems finding the saves for the app and they won't let me play any more stories it keeps saying you have 3 stories take one away or buy more saves
great app!!! but it would be more better if stories and story maker supports group conversation where we can add multiple chat buddies.
This is so amazing game,and also sad I'm a girl but I still cried to this story it's so many lessons to learn to and I wish there would be part two of this,I just hope cause it's so good.Thank you for thisπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜†πŸ˜
I really loved this experience! It was surprising and not what I expected! I hope they add some more stories like The one with Nicole (I know you can create your own and others online) but still I'm really hoping for the Developers to add more stories like that...maybe even a sequel? Either can't wait to see what they would do next! (I also find trouble making my own stories becouse I find it confusing...either that or I'm dumb...yeah Im dumb.)
It's a great game teaches you about life and every answer you pick changes every thing you do recommend this game. Can be a little sad but if i could rate this game 10 🌟 I would big thanks to the developer.
This an awesome game.. amazing story. Lot to learn from it. But the reason why im giving it four stars is cause the ending was too dumb.. idek wht really happened to nicole πŸ’
Can't you add more story. I am waiting for the next update with new and awesome story. And i had a great experience with seen.
Its a great game but maybe you could changed the nicole name to anything and i really want to changed the name and edit it but if you dont want then its ok and keep up the good work
It's a great game but... How do you change the gender? It's making me play as a boy and I'm a girl. Please tell me how to change it. If you can't, please add the ability to do so.
This game is very magical but I really wish there was more to it. Like I recommend this game but it really has some sad parts.
It's really good but you shouldn't have ended it on a cliffhanger and you should add more stories but a really good game
I love this app and honestly I couldn't bare to handle a good thing coming out of it, it made me sad leaving Nicole like that, because I couldn't fall in love with her, but it's all a good app
Its a 5 star for me. First story was left on a cliffhanger, hated that sm. Love how you can write your own stories as well as play others stories. Really fun and good time consuming app.
Wow this app is great and heart warming it's a really sad she couldn't remember him but the ending is great
Just amazing, the story Polychroma made was fantastic. It was deep, sad and nice. It even made me cry.
Think there is a bug or something - the keyboard is blank and the answers are all preselected anyway ( I know you get a choice between 3/4 options of response.). I spend the whole time just tapping a grey square as the game autotypes - I want to get into it but I'm so bored!
I just downloaded it yesterday and i finished it last night too. The games is so good. I really like the story. But what happened to the las episode? Why did it end like that? I thought it will be long. Like The Player will make Nicole remember everything. And i really love it. Its an offline. This is what I've looking for, for some boys story. I was laughing when they are in the park because they needed to chat even they are holding their hands hahaha
Everyone saying the stroy and everything is awesome but it honestly is garbage...... Up until they meet at the park I had high hopes for the game but close down to the end of that chapter was dumb... And the following chapter it doesn't matter what you select they'll all lead to the same garbage ..... Its a big waste of 2 hours honestly...
i rlly love this game because when im bored i can just talk to npc and build a story and it can also read time so like i know when they last talked to me its like story mode with a mix of reality
It is good for single😁and story lover.You really feel like in this person place haha.If you play it you need to turn on some background music for perfect feelings.You need to try it so good😊❀️❀️
I love the main story... Its so good! I hope you guys make another part for it because its so emotional. Sad that no matter you do it leads to u confessing but.. I love the game played it 4 times! I hope you make a part 2 for it and like it shows what happened after u become friends that'd be awesome!!!
I love the game the only thing I hope they do is add more stories otherwise great story game over all.
This game has everything in itπŸ‘... Suspense 😧, love 😍, friendship πŸ€— and changes😢...this game is inspiring and has given me a new perspective of live😏....Please make a part twoπŸ₯³
Great game, was rollercoaster of emotions involved, great story aswell, overall, would definitely recommend
This is the of its kind but I am really frustrated that even though I already paid for the no ad before just because I uninstalled the app I need to pay again! 😑
I'm sure it's a great game, but I wouldn't know because it won't start. I think it's just a problem with my phone, but I click on my save game, it shows me the chapter 1 title, then takes me back to the home screen.
The game is not good,when you failed you need to get back to chapter one again.No save chapters at all.
I love how the story went it teaches you a lot about life change and how to move on it was sad but I felt like it was so real... really love this πŸ’™πŸ’“πŸ˜
The app is great and i loved it but i was working on a story and it glitched ever few minutes so i lost my story because it wouldn't load.. I lost all my money and the things i brought too.. And the adds and survey won't work. The restore button dosen't do anything either :/ it's fustrating. Can anyone send me other texting stories as well plz? Gmail: charmingkitties354 Thank youuu
This app is amazing, the story is so heartwarming, i cried over this story, i feel like i'm living this story oh gosh i love this app so much! It taught me a lot of life lessons, eventhough i'm a girl but i play role as a guy here and it taught me a lot e.g don't do stupid things or else you'll regret and i was literally so sad in the end.
Unblevable! Whenever i edit my chat buddys pfp i save somthing from ibis paint and then it doesnt show up! Other then its still good
Ok, well first off the game is ok, but the person i text seems real triggered about change, and i wanted to talk about my crush, and im not a lesbian, but the person im texting asks me what SHE looks like, and the response options dont say "its a he" instead it says shes awesome, so i think for the straight girls that play this game tgere needs to be an option saying she is a he
I hate the developers for ending the game on a cliffhanger. It was amazing! I tried to go the worst route after my first playthrough, and it didn't feel like the choices really made a lot of difference. However, about halfway through where [Spoiler Alert] they go to the park and Nicole asks you to stay a bit longer, the choices play a huge part. The only problem for me is that we can't save playthroughs at a certain point, so we need to restart from the beginning to test out the other choices.
Great game, but could use a little work, for example, I think it's pretty unrealistic for someone to get mad at you for wanting to go home, she even says herself that it's getting late haha. Other than that nothing else really bothered me, it hooks you in fast, and it's very well made. That cliffhanger at the real ending though!
It was a great game and cool for me. I like it cause I'm big fans of story games and this game doesn't need to wait for 1 hour or anything you can just play it continueusly.❀️❀️❀️
I loved it a relationship story romance comedy and adventure into life it wasnt that realistic though but i liked it
I love this is was awesome app to play I think you should record it it was a fun game to play at then it's done when you done with story but it awesome game 😁 I give it 5 stars btw I hate when it ends it's was stupid ending It's hard because choices are the same when at park and your was sad because she broke your heart in game but you can't say nothing to make everything bette but it's one hell of a game to play tho
I would have given this full stars it has more episodes it has only one and suddenly it gave the same option to choose but it's a great game though
I love this game. The story was very beautiful. I felt like I was the person. I even got emotional over itπŸ˜‚. I really want to see what'll happen between those two after
Its Amazing no need to internet connection and its fun to play. But i have a problem about this game πŸ˜… Im a Girl not a boy On our convo story i became a boy lol but i enjoy it.
I hate this app! The reason is when I got in I was greated with a very unuseful add and then it made me chose a love story... I am not actually interested in love! Also one of the reasons I uninstalled was because its weird.... there is an imaginary keyboard where they make you type in and write the answers you pick! And its the same story every single time! Pls fix the app! The only bright side is that its not glitchy!
I like this game but it is short it took me 2 days to finish and I love how it made me sad when she did not remember me and I didn't like how I was a boy because I am a girl and why no dogs in it it said dogs would be in it and please make a part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6 and part 7 and pls put cats and dogs in it and make it so if you want you can be a girl or a boy thx and AGAIN PUT CATS AND DOGS IN AND AND MAKE PART 2 PAET 3 PART 4 PART 5 PART 6 AND PART 7 thx. πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ β˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜ΊπŸ˜€πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ
5 out of 5 would recommend it I had this game for as long as I can remember and I thought I wouldn't like it the second time I played it I didn't like nic for some reason
It was acceptional for my taste. I didnt really find the story that intresting and i got confussed many times while playing it. But its a solid game.
Great concept, but most of these choices are kinda unrealistic. why am i going to play a game as a guy that just lets himself get pushed around? halfway through i really just lost interest bc none of the responses seemed genuine or they were things that i wouldnt pick. im sure theres a way for it all to work out, but it seems most of the choices set you up to fail and theres no redemption.
Finally i've founded the best chat story.never expected it would end like this.this is not the best story in Google play but the best story among these chat stories.RIP who havent found it yet.the author deserves a medal.Wonderful story....*sigh* main thing is this game is "time teaches you many things"
Very touching game. Made me cry towards the end. I'm sure there are other endings but I got a saddish, happyish one I guess. Thanks for making this :)
This is one of the best stories I have ever experienced. It's so emotional. It's starts out normally but then it just... Idk how to explain it it's just amazing how it made me feel!
This is so emotional its a very good story i litteraly cryed so hard at the end. When they said "Friends?" ;((
I like this app alot and the story was great. I wish there was a part 2 but I guess not. I like that you dont have to use coins or diamonds or anything like that to continue because it is just 1 long story. I do wish that there were more stories without having to sign in but I love the story and reccomend this app.
Absolutely compelling story. It made me rethink my life and has inspired me to write a novel based off this story. The ending though was both good and bad, and I hope there is a sequel in the works. Great work devs.
The application is wonderful! But please fix this bug you purchase the Story Maker and it doesn't unlocks unless you restart the application.
I love this game even tho it's not real it feels like it is an many of the things in this game I've been through myself...its a great game it has a great story an I like that you can go to that world thing an choose from many stories this is a 10 star rating even tho I can only give a 5 star rating😁
I'd rate one, but I want to appreciate the developer for their work, because I'll be honest: that's the only somewhat "good" thing about this game. It fails as a story. First off, Nicole is a pure b*tch. She does and says things that CLEARLY imply love towards Mark, and then when he confesses, she rejects him. Tell me that's not "playing with feelings" for God's sake. She is overemotional, annoying and a disappoitment. Don't make me talk about the amnesia thing... I honestly felt bad for Mark.
Its really great! But sometimes its boring and the quality is really good its not some of the games i been playing for a year
Its....its very beautiful. The person who has designed it is..... Does he have experience of it. Whatever its awesome and it made me cry, cause its a very good story. May the designer of this app live longer. And i would like to have more interesting stories like tese Once again thanks for making such a great story for real time
Great game! It seem so true And i learn something from this :D I hope there is part 2 coming right upppppp
One of the best chat stories it there. I remember playing this game in it's extremely early stage. It just had the main story without the other stories. I can say that this game is definitely made improvement and has been one of the most heartbreaking stories I've read. I would definitely recommend this app I'd give it a 9/10.
this game is amazing! sadly it doesn't have gender options. i thought i was a girl, but then i realized i was the guy in the story πŸ˜‚ but this is still good, though! i love the story, the characters, everything. just needed gender options πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
Super sad ending almost cried but such a good game definitely recommend it so good but you have to tap a lot but great game
This game is absolutely breathtaking. I went into it not expecting to be impressed by it but it exceeded all expectations. This game's story is beautifully crafted to teach you important and deep theorys and philosophys about life and it hits home with everything it does. I felt a deep connection to this game that I can't quite describe. I really wish I could find out what happens to these characters afterwards though. I highly recommend this game however.
idk about other languages, but the conversation in English is so unnatural that it makes me cringe. friends don't talk like that, especially not high schoolers, and I don't need to be constantly reminded what their names are. the typing feature is excruciatingly slow, I'm typing this review two times faster than that. both the characters and the story are just... idk :/ I also don't like that I'm forced to play as a guy. the concept is cool, but it could've been done better
The ending i got was very emotional for me. This is the first time a game has made me think about stuff that could in life. I would recomend giving this a try
I really like the game , i think it could be longer but I'm fine with imagination , good job to everyone who helped make such a good story...
An amazing game, words cannot express how much I loved playing this and I'm absolutely distraught that it left off where it did.
Such a good game. But the ending was a bit of a cliffhanger. Can you do another part where Nicole try to remember her past? Although, through out the whole story, it's awesome! πŸ‘ Love the emotional ending too. I would really recommend!
I don't usually do this, but the game and the story and everything..just good. It was so sad and heartbreaking. I really hope this isn't a true story. It's really so sad. But other than that I loved the game. Parents say "you will never learn from games", they're wrong. This game teaches a lot. Nicole's story just breaks me. I really hope it's not a true story. But other than that, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, five full stars.
This game was amazing it almost made me cry I wish there was a sequel to this game where you help Nicole regain her memories
really good game but can you add more story to the one with Nicole plaese it kinda ended on a cliff hanger
I absolutely LOVE Seen! It's like, one of my top 3 favorite story games to play πŸ₯° although the ending is sad, I still play it every single day. If it's possible to listen to my suggestion, I think Polychroma Games should make an update to the Story Maker Mode (if you're an iPhone user, I don't think you can make stories on an iPhone with Seen) when people can code fake phone calls and voice messages to make their stories more realistic, that'd be pretty cool if you ask meπŸ˜πŸ’žπŸ“±
Inlove it this was the first app about texting I installed but everytime I play I get the same ending I wish we could get more endings
I love the story seen and all but i think that there should be a part two to make the story make since i dont wanna tell what happend becuse i hate spoilers but anyway there should be a part two and i love that you can make your own storyπŸ‘
This was so heartbreaking, I love the details and how much things we could cope with throughout the story.
It was, it was very very heavy, and was very true. There is a lot to learn from this, and a lot to think about. This game was very good, and you guys need to come out with a second part pls! 5/5, I am a boy, and I admit, it, made me cry. Pls play this game.
The game is good.I enjoyed it very much But the story is ok and the ending is STUPID I hope there is a part 2 or something bec that's just dumb to end something like that ☺🀧πŸ˜ͺ..... And some of the texts are very weird or strange ot makes no sense some of it... But it really is a good storyline it's not cool or fun the way it plays out But I would install if u want to ... Just thought I'd let u know... Hope this review was helpful to anyone if so let knowπŸ˜˜πŸ€€πŸ’“ Thx for reading if u didπŸ₯°πŸ’ž BYYE
I remember having this game a few years back it gave me my first heart break lol to the point I'm in my bed for days crying thinking what I did wrong bc the relationship was going so well. I adore this game honestly.
Games great, but it kinda really sucks how you cant just type in what you want. The keyboard is blank and when you try to type, it just automatically puts in words. But other than that, I like the game!
This is one of the best texting games out there, I mean, the story is great, you don't need tickets or diamonds/gems and the stories are great! Highly recommend to everyone
Really love this app. Felt like I had an actual friend, and that I lost. Nearly made me cry. Amazing story πŸ’“
AMAZING GAME I love the storyline I'd be more descriptive but I'd rather not spoil it πŸ˜‰I thought one of the ending was a bit sad but then it was happy πŸ˜€ THIS IS A MUST DOWNLOAD
That game was amazing with all its twists and turns it was like a swing πŸ˜‰ i didnt expect the last two chapters at all it came out of nowhere
I loved it was nice definitely a eye opener to change personal I hate change as well but even though Taylor wasn't a real I could picture her real and it's something that you don't really get in a lot of games but it was nice to experience what Taylor was going through and how you kind of responded to that and it I really do hope that you guys make a part two kind of branching off or part one ended like trying to get her to remember us I think it would be nice to get her to remember
I don't like this game at all because I want to type my message but it is a option for choosing a message so please update this game and update like we can type our message. Thank you
Great story! Characters are realistic and the story goes at a nice place. Ending is on a cliff hanger though, so if you are not into that, this is not your game. One question tho, how do you get more coins? I want to try the story builder but that cost coins. Great game non the less