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Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by MYTONA located at Clementi Central Post Office, PO Box 041 Singapore 911202. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Changed to 5 stars because the issue with ads has been fixed! I have been enjoying this game for the past few weeks. I love the music, and it's a relaxing escape. I have problems with the option to watch a video in order to access a level or double my prize. When I click, I've been getting static ads for Facebook Messenger, which I already have, and it doesn't seem to matter if I wait for 30 seconds before closing, I haven't gotten the access or doubled prize for the last week or so.
I was up level over a hundred and had to get new phone now I am back to starting over. It's still fun. It is very expensive to keep playing. Energy doesn't last long.
Absolutely fantastic! Always different and so much fun. No pop-up ads!!! You can watch ads and get rewarded. Live that. Challenging and engaging with incredible graphics.
Enjoyed the game till I realized when you start a new level whatever energy you have is replaced with a smaller amount, it should be added to whatever you have not taken away seems a bit of a con to me will uninstall if it Continues, also stuck on the haunted lights for days now it's ridiculous Will give better review if sorted thank you
I am not into the supernatural.. However, for a seek and find game ? This is my favorite one.. I usually delete games after a few weeks.. This one I have not.. Lots of different areas so explore and find ! Have fun !!
Wish I could leave MULTIPLE NEGATIVE stars!!! Game is fun...IF you can get it to work!!! 😑😑😑 Mytona does NOTHING to correct the issues!! Problems with Ravenhill also. Their "so called" help & support SUCKS!!!!!! UNINSTALLING Wouldn't surprise me if they respond with an insincere generic response..."we're sorry you feel this way." Lost money with this developer...😑😠😑😠😑😠😑😠
Not impressed with recent updates. Cost of tools much too high, esp arrows. Changes to Treasure Box game has ruined play as times to complete this are very short without tools. Youve locked many collectons that give tool boxes to item requests from friends. The new limited moves in TB is unfair as it doesn't release new items in celestial mode for 5 or 6 moves, making it impossible to complete without tools.
I really enjoy this game. However it started out relaxing but has now become frustrating and expensive. Level 20 and I've already forked out way to much money. Its a shame that in order to have an enjoyable experience with this game it comes at a cost. Im going to continue to play until it gets to the point where its no longer worth the aggravation, I also refuse to spend any more money on this game.
I've been playing for several months now and love it. I have not spent any money so I do not understand how others say it's an expensive game. I enjoy playing solo and not a part of a guild. Ads are a little much at times but it's nice to get rewards at the end of watching them. Overall, great game full of excitement and brain exercise.
I did like the game to start with but... a bit further in the game it got ridiculously complicated with so much going on and including the timer count down it frustrates me too much due to my stress and i did not enjoy the game itself. I will uninstall this game. I have other easy relaxing hidden objects games without timer. Sorry Mytona team.
To start, I love this game BUT in the past week there has been TWO updates, which means more storage taken up and more changes made to the game. It used to look ominous and spooky. Now it looks like a setting at a college plus you've added a little dragon that looks like something in my 4 yr old grandchildren cartoon, although cute. The thing that upsets me the most is after every update, the very first place I go search, it always glitches, always!! So, I basically automatically lose.
Little hard to follow, what to do next or where to go...but enjoying the different finds and puzzles to do...and hopefully I can figure out the rest of the game.
Fun and challenging. I love it!! I wish there was dictionary of sorts, to help with other things like getting rubies faster. I'm a huge fan and have joined a great team to help. I also tell friends and family about the game. Keep up the great designs.
Update: Uninstalling because no app needs to be updated so much in short period except ones stealing your information. Don't like that it won't let me play unless I keep updating every single day. I shouldn't need to update every day & it should be my choice. Not forced. Again it won't let me play unless update & just updated last night. So shouldn't need to again today. Plus shouldn't take 3 minutes to update when just updated last night & I have full internet. Something is seriously wrong.
This is a very cool, complex game,. There's alot to it which I'm still figuring out after a few weeks play. Certain events are difficult to complete without rubies & these are hard to come by. Otherwise an excellent, challenging game for the mind, a great time pass, or for the more serious player you can join a guild & do challenges & reap rewards to share with your team. This is a game with many tasks, challenges, twists & turns. Never a dull moment here!!!
The addition of guilds and 2 Happy Hours has prompted me to bump them back up to 2 stars. On the flip side, every guild competetion has had multiple glitches, which are very frustrating. The game crashes. One friend who played over 500 levels lost his entire game history, and quit playing. In my view they are in too big of a hurry to get new versions and features pushed out, hence all the "bugs". 11/8 There was no need to contact Customer Support. They were already working on this issue.
Amazing. I am sad they have ads now but I do appreciate that they make you choose if you want to watch it and get a reward after so it's not too bad. That and the obsessive pop up ads when you first open the game. But my Gosh, everything else, well done.
This game has become a disaster zone. Non-stop glitches every update. Mytona will blame your device or broadband, very rarely accept responsibility. Then the latest update allows ads to pop up every few minutes & you can't opt out & gain nothing from the ads, so they are a complete distraction. Besides the monthly event yesterday there was 3 other mini games as well as the storyline, so you can't keep up with everything they throw at you besides ads. I quit the game today & so have many more.
I have been playing for about 3 months now. I enjoy the single player part of this game very much and do not feel pressured to make microtransaction purchases, but I feel it is extremely unfair that the guild competition can be won by purchasing rubies for more energy. If this changes, so will my review.
The negative reviews on here don't make sense. I love this game. It is challenging and fun. I have played from the beginning without having to purchase anything. If you want a mindless, boring game, it's not for you. The only issue is an occasional glitch which is taken care of immediately and usually made up for with free gifts.
Fun game, but when using the magnifying feature, it has caused the game to freeze several times....EDIT: This issue seems to happen because of my older tablet that is no longer updated by the manufacturer, as it doesn't happen on my newer phone. There are a lot of freezing issues with various features on both devices, but they are less bothersome and usually resolve. This seems to be a game-wide problem. Regardless, I'm obsessed with Seeker's Notes, and it helps with my anxiety.
It's a fun challenging game but some of the games like the lights are ridiculously hard and makes it not as much fun. Be careful about spending money, constant ads for that. Just relax and have fun.
I've been playing for quite some time. However the first time I ever updated the game I lost everything I had to start the game over from the beginning, that was very upsetting. Now you're asking me to update it again and I don't have Wi-Fi where I'm at and for some reason I can't even play the game because the update sign won't get off my screen so I can play. I'm really not sure what's going on there. I mean I really like to play this is one of my favorite games. I wish you could fix all this.
The game started out fun, but it quickly became frustrating. It levels you up fast and the puzzles, for me, become unwinnable. Nearly every location now has an anomoly, and I can hardly find all the objects when there's no anomoly. I think I'm done.
It's a good game and keeps you interested. But I really dislike the constant energy depleting and then offering you energy to play for real money. It gets worse and worse. A very big let down on what could be a great game.
It said its free to play this game but then u run out of rubies and cannot play any of the games unless u BUY them. Like a dope dealer giving u the first hit for free then charging u when u want more! Really pissed me off no I'm uninstalling it cuz I'm not spending $ on a dumb game. Altho I was having a lot of fun playing it I am not spending $ on it. Very very disappointing.
Exciting good for hand and eye coordination... Although I am having issues with the updates. Why do I constantly have to update the game... Also the updates take forever. While doing a quest I can touch an object and it won't respond... Using up valuable time. I really love this game but there really needs to be some changes.. Some of the place that are naturally darkened are toooooo dark to start with. If you can't lighten them up a little bit then give extra time for those places. Thank you...
I absolutely love this game, I love that there is always something going on like a challenge or task, the only thing that does frustrate me a little is the time limit for the haunted lights and card games very much struggle with this. Other then that its a good and interesting game to play.
It's ok, but Ravenhill was better. Some of the games are annoyingly difficult and don't flow well. Too many ads to get you to pay for things - takes time to close them all and so many different competitions running at the same time it's impossible to do them all unless you do nothing in your life but play this game. It means I never complete any of them. Guild events have separate energy which runs out quickly and you just have to wait for it. It's geared to take over your life. No thanks.
Very good game with plenty of different mechanics to play around. The "offers" can get a bit annoying; you can expect to be closing quite a lot of pop ups, at least their design fits with the game. The ads are only occasional, what really sucks is that they always play with sound so they interrupt quite a bit. Whole those are quite annoying, it's far from making it unplayable. It is most definitely a "free to win game", so we've come to expect ads. Great finding items and puzzle game with story
I was in first place on the Treasure Box challenge last night. This morning it prompted me to load an update . . . and when I could finally log into the game, I never got results, let alone my prize. Not fair!
I played this game for over three years. Over that time the customer service has become exponentially worse! Automatically generated responses are the norm, and most of the time are not appropriate to the question/problem. If you manage to actually get a response that is not computer generated, the reps are rude and not helpful. I am uninstalling and deleting this game. I really hope you do better for future players. I uninstalled and deleted right after initial review.
LOVE the game but give it only 3 stars for two reasons. 1-have to use energy to play for items I already have. 2-don't know how many times I have to win a room before item is released.It would be nice to know up front if item is rare so I know I'll have to win room several times to get it.I've had to win rooms 8-10 times to get some items.Winning a room over & over again (especially a hard one) & still not knowing how many MORE times I have to win before "prize" is released is VERY frustrating.
I'm having fun with the games but don't play that well! The downside is you have to pay "real" πŸ€‘πŸ’° for rubies which is often for me because I am a beginner πŸ”° that said you can play for sometime before you need energy or πŸ’°
I really loved the game..i run out of energy really fast and have to wait a long time to play but still loved it until i did the update..i haven't been able to play the game for 2 weeks now..it wont load and it says its still downloading..i dunno!! Ive deleted it ..the entire game several times bit still cant play its still downloading it says
I had this game a couple of year's ago not even for half a year and uninstalled because I kept having issues with page stopping. Now I've decided to try it out if anything would be better but to my surprise it still can be slow at downloading but not like it did last time. I just started playing and I am amazed at some changes. Nice job on the giving energy and rubies as rewards a lot better then before. So far worth downloading. The πŸ‘πŸ˜‰
(Too little too long to get but enjoyable.) This is the 3rd time I get to a certain place and everything freezes right there. It's my last time to reload this game when it doesn't save and I have to start over. If it does it again I will be done with it!
I initially had a 4 star review due to only the glitches. But now reading others reviews that they are getting apologies along with rubies for Mytona's glitches!!!!! You have to be fair!! Where are my extra rubies for your glitches!!! I made only 2 very inexpensive purchases only for rubies and now I get ads constantly that will not go away during happy hour!! In halfway ready to just give all my things to friends in my guide or use them up and QUIT!! Reminder! 3rd review Mytona!!
I love this game!! Wonderful story line and challenges are so different for players to solve! but recently there's too many updates going on and causes my phone getting laggy but not sure why the updates need to be done so frequently. The overloaded uploads makes my phone storage insufficient, might fell like wanna delete it sometimes cuz I think other games such as Mobile Legends doesn't even need that much storage, whereas this game's storage occupied 289MB of storage.
I am no longer able to play this game. I can't report the problem as this is unable to be accessed either. Can you please fix asap and advise. I uninstalled the game and reloaded but issues persist So it is 3 days later and I still can't access this game. The developers have not been in touch for 2 days. It seems that they are happy to take my money as I paid to gain greater rewards in the current competition and the thanks I get is no access and no help in fixing the issues. I am so disgusted.
I like that the game has a LOT of different side challenges and opportunities to advance and the storyline is fun and interactive. And there are so many levels that this game should definitely last me awhile. Thank you for the fun mind stimulating game. Needed this right at this time.
Update on previous review Not letting me edit my review? No clue why not had issues before. The glitches after last update seem to be resolved however increasingly frustrated that as I am not willing to spend a penny in a game I am constantly short on the necessary items to complete challenges. Check where the items can be acquired ££££££ the only way 😟
There are so many issues with this game since the last updates. It constantly says there is no internet connection when everything else has exceptional 5G connection. The tech support doesn't bother to directly answer questions or concerns.. Not very happy lately
I have returned to this game after Mytona stopped Ravenhill. The members of the Ravenhill guild have joined so we can stay in touch while waiting for the replacement. This game and the guild quests lack the variety of Ravenhill. I remember why I stopped playing originally. If it wasn't for the members of the guild I would not be playing. Hopefully Mytona will soon release the promised new game
Annoying when the game tries to force you to buy stuff to keep you playing. An option, I understand but as it is, just another for me to uninstall.
@ level 221 and still enjoying Seekers Notes immensely. The Guilds add something extra to the games. Lots of colourful and challenging inner games that keep the intellect challenged. Monthly special always in a new area. Recommend this game highly. Customer support is exceptional. They even have support via FB Messenger.
Love the graphics, sound effects, the Magister's Path,.. Since the game highlights background sound of the locations (which I love and soothes my mind of depression), the sound of when we found the items and the successful level background music can be minimised (already turn off the music BG). I hurts the eardrums each time we found an item and successfully completed the level whilst trying to enjoy the calming background environment of each levels that I love.
Don't like that it won't let me play unless I keep updating every single day. I shouldn't need to update every day and it should be my choice. Not forced. Again it won't let me play unless update and just updated last night. So shouldn't need to again today. Plus shouldn't take 3 minutes to update when just updated last night and I have full internet. Something is seriously wrong.
I'm ready to give my opinion. 1st great game! Now, why two stars. First rubies are a rip off! I don't mind paying. But you use them and it only gives you 45 sec add on! Premium option should reset the timer completely. Also 10 rubies to do so is a whole buck. If you play a lot this could drain a person fast. Next harassment!! Don't spend rubies you use fliers to push a player to burn rubies. It made me just delete the app. Well there you go.
Really unhappy i had enough problems earning hints...now you raise the price?? Had you at five now I noticed changes such as expanded locations. The phrase "if it ain't broke don't fix it" comes to mind. I have a few suggestions. For one lower the hint price or make it possible to buy them with the money you accumulate in the game. The other one is lighten the new expansion areass you added..those areas are very difficult to see.
love this game, now that Guilds have been added; we can play & chat with friends as well as accomplish team goals...way cooler than before. Graphics are still beautiful. Keep up the good work!
I've been enjoying the game for the most part, though I have run into an issue with the celestial bodies mode on the treasure box game. The celestial bodies are not appearing for me, I've played the same one 15+ times and still no celestial bodies, so I'm kinda stuck on that particular quest line it's a little frustrating at the moment.
You need to be prepared to spend hundreds to buy rubies to play this game! Game has errors every time they do an update or run an event which is all the time. After spending more than $300 in 2 days to try play the event support told me all the glitches & issues I had (as did other players) were my device which meets requirements to play being 2m of RAM indicating that I need a new device though this is 4mths old. Their solution was for me to delete the game & reinstall it on the same device????
I enjoy Seekers very much. The challenges' complexity keeps me engaged. I regret ever buying a pack because the advertisement pop-ups tripled. I find myself quitting before i can even get started because i have to follow instructions that tall me red or green button-functions interchangeable-to exit the ad twice. At least get rid the 'Are you sure?' boxes ffs. I know for sure the next time i try to execute a fx, another will pop up.
I played in the beginning and the game was great. Now the game totally sucks you can't even compete scenes. Ravenhill was a great game but. They are shutting it down. I feel that if they shut it down they should reimburse everyone there money or sell the game.
Absolutely fantastic! Always different and so much fun. No pop-up ads!!! You can watch ads and get rewarded. Love that. Challenging and engaging with incredible graphics.
The game is fun and interesting however the allotted time provided for many of the Treasure Box, Ancient Cards and Haunted Lights puzzles are entirely too short to complete the task. I get that there needs to be a "reasonable" time frame but your times are set up for everything falling perfectly. Very frustrating.
Kinda slow to me at first (like all games )but I have never played a game like this before, but it was a good start for me, I need brain food and I picked the right one, it helps me remember
Constant incompetence in the events within the game. Instances where progress earned points simply do not register. I had on several occasions missed out of top list by merely 2 points on month long event due to the non registering of points. What's the point to play along for a month only to get excluded. It's like this game is run by corrupt Democrats.
So much fun and many different games to do. Only problem is it's addictive!! I have noticed that I believe I am being charged multiple times when purchasing special offers.. If true not good. I am now keeping track of each purchase to verify purchases made.
I love the game, it had a glitch and froze, so I had to uninstall it and reinstall and when I did that I had to start the dam ed from the beginning. As far as I was in TV h ed game and now I have to start over, not happening so I just uninstalled it. Which is sad because I really liked it. This is the only game that I've had to start from the beginning after uninstalling. They all let me start where I last was. So wont be playing this game again. So sadπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜₯😒
Well it seems every time I update it has issues. Like today it went back instead of forward. I had to delete it and install it again. It's an awesome game but the glitches are just killing my vibe.
I have loved this game for years. I've played on a tablet for years. This last update has caused this edit however. I log in and within moments in kicked off. Not a WiFi problem so I don't understand. No longer having the problem. Love love love this game
Nightmode sucks! Nearly impossible to get thru the haunted lights or treasure box without using tools. I've now played the same haunted lights game 10+ times and see no way to get past it without wasting multiple tools. So I'll either need to pay to play or just wait until I earn enough tools, which isn't easy to do. I also think it takes way too long to get thru the event locations. Needing to play the same location 100 times just to get to the virtuoso level is a little boring for small reward
Love the scenes, hate the puzzles! After a certain lvl it becomes very hard to finish the puzzles without tools or amulets, some of which are hard to come by unless you buy them. And that's what I absolutely hate about this game. It's obviously like that to make you spend money on the game. Not cool!
This game is really fun and captivating! although I know thier will be some issues everytime we are having an update and right now I'm facing a problem with my rewards after playing a certain level the system won't record my rewards sometimes it even didn't recorded some points that I earned in recent guild event the magister's path. And it was very very disappointing. And please make some use of coins rather than using them in creating items get it in use with something else like to buy rubies.
This game looks promising but it takes forever for it to go between tasks! I know it's not my connection because my other games don't have this issue. So boring while waiting. I just might need to uninstall this if I don't see any improvements.
The variety in the game is great but it would be nice to be able to swap some of the coins for rubies instead of having to pay for them. Also if you have built up some energy and you go up a level it resets to being full for your new amount and you lose any excess...unfair
Update 11.19.2020: I had to uninstall the game, after a year cuz my phone doesn't have enough space for the latest friggin' update. Sucks. Oh well, I guess.... ........ I like it. People saying the games can't be beat... It's a game. Keep playing it. They can and are beaten all the time. There's some stuff about this game that is aggravating but it's a friggin' GAME!! If you're getting mad at it, then it's stopped being fun and it's time to put it down, crazy. I am, however, sick of the updates.
It's so much tension, every thing and each level is directed towards buying gems out of money else you have to wait till hours to gain energy or if you have energy; you have to earn keys by wasting so much time in order to play actual level, frustating, this game can cause you depression. Like seriously games are for releiving stress but.... Ah!
This game takes a long time to load each time you log in and then there are lots of pop ups that you just x out of or make a purchase. I don't spend money on games like this so these are mere annoyances to me. There are a lot of ways to earn special gifts so I've gotten pretty far without spending money.
I always love to play this kind of game and this game is one of my favorite, but i run out of energy very fast due to locations costing to much and its too long to wait a couple of hours to recharge the energy hope there something to do it so i can play this game as long as i want but for over all "I Love This Game"
Upset over recent update. The "double rewards" option no longer doubles access passes. After finding it difficult to compete & complete special events w/o paying cash, disabling the doubling mechanic will make it so you have to grind several hours a day for the passes, or pay, in order to level up to virtuoso. After allowing it for so long it seems like this is another way to take away free play and encourage pay-to-win. Pay-to-win attitudes are not welcome on my device.
I enjoy playing different boards and puzzles. The times on some of the levels could be moved up a littel has anyone tell you that when you get to the summer villia they lost all progess of the game and had to sart from the beging agin but im still playing the game trying to get back to were i was at last time id played game. And now the game is frezzing when I try and join the part of the game were you try to share or give a friend a gift please fix this part miss playing to the game friend list
Pretty good but there are way too many updates that take a huge amount of space. The latest takes up over 400 MB - that's half a gig! Shouldn't be an update so often. Revision - You just updated LAST week! Now I have to do another huge update?!!??? No choice to play without updating. Guess my next move is to uninstall. Changing graphics doesn't stabilize, it just looks different at the cost of taking up space.
Game itself is really engaging - the constant pop ups and offers to try and get you to spend are a real detractor - no option to remove these or stop them even with a purchase. It takes a long time to actually start because of these pop ups and offers.
Really enjoy this game. I played it a few years ago but stopped. Picked it up again a few months ago, because I could not find another game that holds my attention like it does. Lots of extra events and It is challenging but I have made it to level 60+ and have invested no money in the game. Some small glitches (which you get extras when they happen).
Well it's got it's glitches... all games do but don't let that stop you from playing ... This is a really good game ...lots of stories to follow if you like that or just a quick game ... It's worth playing
Most recent update kicked me out of Facebook, stops me from seeing my guildmates, and prevents me from seeing guild messages. I am guild head and now can't save progress to Facebook. Yes, I have contacted help and support.
Enjoyable. I played this game some months ago until I became frustrated with they harder levels. I tried other games, but the ones I tried did not offer the variety this one does. I came back and am totally enjoying it.
I like that when playing, you actually feel like you're at the location, no time for depression, just working as a Seeker. I don't like the fact that if you pause the game and take a break or use the restroom, it resets. MyTona needs to work on fixing that glitch, your rewards should be way greater. When you visit your friends to give/collect gifts, you shouldn't have to wait so long before it takes you to the next friend. MyTona needs to work on that glitch as well. However, An Enjoyable Game.
Really amazing game and cannot play it without my headphones on!! The sound is Incredible in this game. The Intro video in the beginning actually gave me a scareπŸ˜„πŸ˜„ one of the reasons I decided to download it and man I am not sorry I did. It's like the new and improved Hidden City game! πŸ˜… I played that game for years and for me this game hits the ball out of the park.. There is so much going on, so many things happening that I am never bored.
I wish you could earn rubies faster & easier. And the cost of using them should be less. There needs to be a way to earn tools much more often. For me, it is almost impossible to win ny of the Haunted Lights & Treasure Box games. Maybe lengthen the time on them by 1 whole minute. The game itself is fun. I enjoy it very much. It has great variety!
From the complaints I've read here it seems many players are NOT getting updates or getting them Late and my complaint is the opposite. I have had at least 3 or More requests for updates that I have Downloaded in the past 4 weeks or so. I have complained on not receiving the Videos to watch anymore after All these updates and received the same automated response "not under your control." Game has gotten so hard to finish quests that I'm getting ready to DELETE!! GETTING ANOTHER UPDATE REQUEST!!
Love the game! Although there are times usually in the puzzle games that are hard to pass if you don't spend some money. The graphics are beautiful. I really like the New updates. Especially when summoning, now we don't have to spend as much summons as before.
Fun game just don't like the treasure box and haunted lights puzzles, they become impossible and well they aren't that fun to begin with. Would be nice if they were a bit easier, some games it literally reshuffles after every move because there are no other moves!! If your own system has to keep reshuffling you can imagine the player feels pretty screwed
I love the game but some of the times are way too short, 30 seconds to find 20 objects is totally unreasonable and some of the puzzles are the same way. Sometimes I have to wait days to play because I cannot afford to purchase rubies and other items needed to play.
Love this game. I like the new update with new challenges and play until I run out of energy. I would buy this game to keep from having "buy this now" specials. Have NEVER bought anything, ever.
I've been playing this game for years now, beautiful graphics, new challenges every day, a new location update every month. Updating is an issue though. 6 months down the track and the game keeps asking me to update but it won't update. Get your act together, Mytona
Keep telling me to connect my phone to the internet! My phone is connected to the internet!!!!What is happening? I can't even download my progress. Sucks! Your update is so frustrating. 😱
I just enjoy playing Seekers Notes, that before I know it, two hours has passed and I just wanna keep searching for hidden treasures and solving puzzles. I've been playing Seekers for about 4 years now. The more I play the more I like the story and the different adventures.
It could be better, more intresting targets and tasks to do , be able to comunicate with other players . L ike the game Ravenhill like that game the best out of all your games thankyou.like the way you have given us a notice board that we can chat on , would like to beable to send more gifts and have tgem count towards helping other players , find sum task to hard to do not enough time lol
I love this game. Lots of variety, great visuals, interesting story line. Ut way too many pop-up requests for me to purchase items. I want to play the game, not go shopping.
Edit: you fixed nothing! Store only has fixers chests. When I updated the game the collection chests only showed up for a little while and as soon as I closed the game once, they had already disappeared again (along with all other unnecessary chests from past events πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ). Anyway the few scattered glitches here and there in this game are nothing compared to this disappointment! Getting a chest is the one thing I would actually enjoy saving for, rest are just money drains. 1 star!
Good game. Sometimes difficult. The level of difficulty of treasure box puzzle should be decreased. It's a part of game and when only solving that puzzle moves you forward in game gives feeling to uninstall it. Other things are very good story line, graphics, locations etc
Love the game on my pc, but it glitches on my tablet. Frequent screen flashing interrupts game play, and sometimes reduces time off the search clock. Very frustrating. If they could fix this, I would give this game 5 stars. BTW, I did try removing cache and rebooting, the issue persists intermittently.
I like the game. There are several things I would change. It takes items from other games to play ones that you need too. Either give more items or stop having us have them to play. Also the ads to buy items for real money- this has to stop. I can enjoy the game and play it. In fact I'm about to uninstall the game because of this.
I enjoy playing different boards and puzzles. The times on some of the levels could be moved up a littel has anyone tell you that when you get to the summer villia they lost all progess of the game and had to sart from the beging agin but im still playing the game trying to get back to were i was at last time id played game. And now the game is frezzing when I try and join the part of the game were you try to share or give a friend a gift please fix this part miss playing the game friends
this is a great game and if you watch your time you don't have to visit the bank much. I think they can improve the game by giving "watch this ad" opportunities for people like who are poor but enjoy these games very much. Thank you for putting in ad options. I use them a lot and appreciate the choice
I absolutely love this game, are there glitches occasionally however they get resolved quickly and usually the only way I know is when you send me rubies and an apology.love how you still get play time even when you're not logged in. Constantly evolving the story and the challenges. I also like that I run out of time so I'm not glued to my game and can take breaks to get other things in life done. Other wise I could play this game all day! I have been playing for awhile and for free.πŸ’œπŸ‘
Fantastic game, concentration skills improving all the time as u have to find the hidden objects that are right in front of ur eyes but no always easy to see. Totally love this game and have no time for any other game as this one is so much fun... πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’‹
great that the objects move and change appearance each time, but not great that 75% of the double your rewards and other advertising based bonuses give nothing. 1 in 3 or 4 times does it work RESPONSE: No I mean NOTHING doubles and I have even lost everything once or twice after the video was done. And yes it is on going issue. And it seems to be certain videos always give doubles and certain ones never do. I remember the one with Rick Morales and green lantern gave nothing both times I got it
One of the best hidden object games I've found, although the levels that aren't hidden object (lights and treasure box) are way too hard. Difficult to get enough access passes to the timed events without spending a fortune (which makes sense for a free game but is still disappointing.
Good game but it is not fair to pay just to open the treasure box which contains the gems the player had already earned. The player earned the gems thru successful games yet we are required to pay for it. It is a scam.
I really enjoy the engaging and detailed settings. The variety of challenges keeps the game from getting monotonous. I wish there was more explaintation of how to use some of the talismans and the constant pressure to buy more packages is annoying.
Love this game first of all. The levels are beautiful, the music is so relaxing and the powerups and stuff are actually extremely useful. My only real complaint is the newest update. The way you change the appearance of everything, it doesn't feel like the actual seekers note we started with. Its gorgeous, I won't lie, but its too different for one update, and changing the alley way so drastically, I went from knowing exactly where everything was at all times, to losing a level a few times.
Totally ADDITIVE!!! However in these very troubling times this GAME is far too expensive..I now only play what I truly enjoy..I support my Guild and really just wanting to complete ALL the levels of the game. Why so much money for something computer generated? Because you can, doesn't mean you should..
I am really enjoying this game. Its a quest, its problem solving, its matching, its eye spy... its got a little bit of everything which makes it not boring. The only thing I'd change is that it asks me several times each log in to purchase something. I'm not the kind of person to purchase in games.
Interesting game and the various components separately are fun, but the game as a whole has way too much going on. It needs to be simplified: either focus on the story or focus on the game play. There are too many things you have to do and it doesn't make any sense as to why. If they slimmed the game down, I'd probably love it.
Now I don't get double up on the Gift of Fortune to enter the Tavern. I collect more that way so I stand more chance of collecting the things needed to enter whatever challenge area is open at the time. I cannot afford to buy them. Sort it please!
I absolutely love this game, I love that there is always something going on like a challenge or task, but as the game has progressed you need to spend money to win certain games like you need loads of gems to win painting colour quest and thats not right. It can't be done without it and I don't agree with that.
Problems with treasure box timer Since the last update the treasure box puzzle isn't working properly. The timer is completely messed up. A big sequence of numbers that don't count down and when you play the actual puzzle it freezes with just a few moves left meaning you have to leave the puzzle because you can't continue
Yes it's me again I put this as short as possible..game freezes, you lose lives, which you have paid for,cant get on game at all sometimes and getting impossible to play the megastar competition....half my guild cant get on to play games some dont even exist according to mytona please sort out I and my guild members are not going to pay out any more .. I really want this game to sort it self out so I can give 5 * rating
I have been playing for a long time and the truth is that the latest "improvements" seem really bad to me since when the game supposedly gives you a free hour many times it ends before, when it tells you that the rewards are double the videos are not seen and it does not give you nothing or in the letters where it gives you prizes that also watching a video gives you another print the videos are not watched and it no longer gives you anything I think that instead of improving, it gets worse bec
This game is a hunt a find game it's very entertaining you can play for hours without spending any money if want to spend money you can but you really dont have to.I like it .it keeps me busy for a while I've got a bad knee right now and having all my teeth removed and it gets me through the day.so if you like hidden treasure games come play this game with me its loads of fun and suspense
Very addicting for those who like the hidden object type of game. I LOVE THEM and this has wonderful graphics as well. But beware it is so very easy to catch yourself buying rubies to help you. i have to dissapline myself because my bank statement was nothing but sekkers notes charges.
I've been playing this game for years now, beautiful graphics, new challenges every day, a new location update every month. Updating is an issue though. Come 2020 and unfortunately for the past few months, all Mytona care about is the mighty $$. Game glitches, items disappearing, 'rubies' wasted. The support team do nothing but send lame generic replies. VERY disappointing to the loyal players who are now leaving in droves. SHAME ON YOU MYTONA
Tried playing SN again due to Ravenhill being eliminted. SN is the same boring game as it was 3 years ago. Guild event is childish, boring and limited to play. Graphics are bad & puzzles can be difficult. Too many events to focus on, keep up with or even complete. Boosters/passes are difficult to gain. Time to do everything yet limited in play makes it boring. Ravenhill was a great game I will miss but not the glitches/changes that killed it. RH was the only good game MyTona had. 2nd deletion.
I've noticed that several players are able to give multiple gifts. I had a player friend some years ago try to explain to me how, but I never got the hang of it. Recently I've had players doing this. I've looked into the instructions and so forth and have found nothing about it at all. I'm also using a new phone and need to move my game. I don't want to lose the free animal that is ready to claim from the Emeralds challenge. Please help! Thanks so much.
New location is so bad on the eyes and can barely see anything. This game is so repetitive and no fun anymore. All we have is time limit events every month and no time to relax and play. Need a better game because I am finally done with this money grab game.
Based on similar descriptors from other players the game has not been providing double the points for a week despite the incessant amount of videos to watch. Also updates are required but then it compromises how many vanishes you have done to complete the section. This has gone on for two months. And trying to write the developer directly is not easily done as you have to jump through hoops to find out which links to hit to write you.
Very nicely built and addictive find the hidden object game, where practice generally counts for more than luck (or randomness). Controls and responsiveness are generally great. Zooming into scenes reveals awesome detail on almost all levels I've seen. Especially at higher difficulties hidden objects really feel embedded in the scene rather than layered on top. Difficulty ramps reasonably, except in haunted lights and ancient cards mini games the ramp eventually leads to frustration.
This game would be more enjoyable if it gave more time to find objects. Also this app bores you to have all that junk reading to get to the actual game(whats that bout). More time and less reading, especially for those over 60. FIX IT!!!!!!
I love this game a lot. I really do. I never miss to play it everyday. However, I kinda dislike the recent update. It reduces my collections from 300 plus to being displayed as 13 only on my profile. So sad. Then it often crashes. Kinda annoying though. My internet connection is superb by the way. So I don't know what causes it to act like that.
Love! Love! This game!! Great! I enjoy the constant evolving of the game and characters. Never bored by this game, constantly challenging and fun.
I chose this game for the storyline, but now I'm just in it for the gameplay. It's I Spy for adults. I agree with the critiques about some of the puzzle levels not giving enough time though. It's my only complaint with the game.
It is a nice game. I really like it -or liked it. The haunting lights and treasure box are more difficult now and I am stuck on level 17 because all the different search is on these two. I will unistall if i am stuck with these two a few days from now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. There's no point in continuing. But i really like to do the search in different places. It is also very beautiful.
This game is fun and it is cool how when you progress you slowly get more objects to find which makes levels more challenging. The problem is the pop ups. There are so much and some of them don't have a price and say they are gifts, only for me to figure out its a pay advert when I click on it. It really has me wondering if I can find another game that doesn't bombard you with "deals". The energy system is also broken, as you get further in the game you spend more energy to do levels. Not great
This game is very interesting. The objects do change locations within the scenes. However knowing what some of the objects are especially in silhouette mode can be a real challenge. Don't like having to wait for energy restoration though.
I really used to like this game. For the last several months, they've changed the guild comps - the point system and frequency stink. Tons of technical issues that don't get addressed (help points and collections disappearing, computation of guild points and rank in guild events make no sense, etc). Mytona throws us a bone in the form of token trinkets now and again to apologize. The only reason I still play is that I enjoy my teammates.
I enjoy the game because of the variety in game play. You can switch up what you play on the seeker platform to break up the monotony. The graphics are amazing and the music transports you into the story line of the seeker world.
This game used to be so much fun but now almost every time I finish a game it crashes and shuts down. No issues with internet and have a newer model tablet. Always "my issue" but lets be real, this started with all the updates last year. Very frustrating. May be time to go back to Candy Crush.
Great Game. I've played for a while now and I haven't had to spend any irl cash. I've seen several reviews saying it is impossible to move forward without spending cash, just saying it isn't impossible just takes a little longer.
A most enjoyable game. Great concept! Highly recommended. Join a guild and add friends asap to reap extra benefits. Since Ravenhill is stopping this is a fantastic alternative in some ways better, besides the puzzles there my preference lies with Ravenhill. Seekers Notes has great visuals and is VERY PLAYER FRIENDLY. Greetings from the Netherlands.
Best graphics and most interesting game I've found. It is addicting, fun and very entertaining. you don't have time to get bored with it before they have something new.
I used to love this game, it was a very cozy, relaxing activity. But now they've made it so there are things constantly popping up to tell you about this and that happening, including "deals" on in-game extras to buy, one of which just now was impossible to get off the screen. I find myself frequently thinking "just let me play!!" It's very slow to load now, probably because of all the popups and animations. And to top it off, they changed my favorite relaxing scene, which was the alley. Boo!
This is the best game I have found for finding hidden objects. There are challenging puzzles within the game . The graphics are great each house is different and unusual. I've been playing for two years and no where close to being finished!
Absolutely love this game, the graphics are so good, there is so much going on and there are different games all in one. So many offers and challenges. Loads of things to collect with each game your build up coins, rubies, energy and so much more. Definitely my number 1 favourite game. Don't think I'd ever get bored. The only down fall is that it takes up a lot of space in you phone or ipad and updates every now and again which will take up more space.
Would make it a lot better if it had an option to retry a stage instead of automatically going back to the main stage page when you fail to pass a stage.
I do not play many games mostly word search or block type. I do like this game even though I don't make any purchases and I've not joined a guild, unless that changes I'm content to move at my own pace.
I love this game and they're a few glitches in this game but I expect them when playing any game whether online or offline. I just try to be as patient as I can when I am playing this game. And I enjoy playing each Level of this game, too. I have been playing this game since last year 5/15/19.
I gave it four stars because I really like the game but haunted lights and some of the other little games that you have to play are almost unbeatable unless you buy stuff. I understand but that is how they pay for making more games but considering my personal budget I cannot afford to play that way.