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Secrets of the Castle Match 3

Secrets of the Castle Match 3 for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Animan Publishing located at Россия, Нижний Новгород, улица Совнаркомовская, 603002. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Was an excellent game I'm over the 520 mark but now crashes after the update it says new levels but none show up plus it now crashes quickly after starting what happened
I really like this game. All the other jewel games are all alike. I like this because it is different and lots of fun. Calming and relaxing.
finally an adult match 3 with unlimited lives and is free to play, highly addictive, and extremely fun. my only gripe would be the pieces are a little small for me.
Once I had the moves figured out, I found myself thorouhly enjoying myself. A very strategic game making you use your mind to anticipate where pieces will drop for your next move. Great job
This is a fun game but you can't win with the moves you have I have to watch to damn many commercial just to play
GREAT, Exceptional game. The Best, I have played in a long time. Congratulations, to all involved ☆☆☆☆☆
I am enjoying the game and all that comes with it ,the grahics could be just a little bit better but it still looks pretty awsome and it is just the right amount of copition , me against the game . i read the reviews before i installed it and i am glad i did otherwise i might have passed it up in thinking it was a guys game BUT its not and its fun for guys and gals AND addicting . Thanks SO much .
Good game but I don't understand how you get that electrical surge that clears out a column. I must have missed that part of the tutorial
Very challenging still, but hate the updated version which you have no way of earning extra coins! I'm going to uninstall! You've raised the cost of every one of the tools, yet, no way to earn more gold to buy them with. It's all about spending my own money, which I refuse to do. You have ruined what used to be my favorite game!
I really like the game. I do wish it had more of a variety of things to do on the board. I liked that it wasnt all child like It was more set up for adults I really enjoy the game and I will continue to play it.
Nice art and graphics. Most importantly doesn't require wifi info, contacts or caller Id or even worse write&read permissions. As for suggestions, there could be achievements or trophies.
This is one of my top favorite games. I have installed it on every phone I have had. I absolutely love it and the music. The developers have done the best job on it. - January 10.2021
Have played this game in the past but uninstalled it because it was getting too difficult for me. I've just recently reinstalled it again so that I can give it another go. So far so good.
I love this game. Played it before and got to the very end where there was no more levels. I uninstalled it and decided to wait. Almost 6 months later and I have reinstalled it and am starting from the beginning again. For anyone looking for a nice challenge, this is the game to play. Just a heads up though. You do need to watch the ads in order to beat a level.
Nice game and so interesting. So pretty graphics and simple to play. I enjoyed playing it betweenwhiles...
Really love this match 3 game! Graphics are appealing, gameplay is smooth and interesting. There is a reasonably priced ad-free option. Lots of obstacle variety. Game is just the right amount challenging for those of us who enjoy playing the game more than pulling out our hair just to "beat the game"! 🤯 Nice job devs!
Not bad for a match 3 game. All of the ones I've played thus far have been focused on making something happen in the upper half of the screen (ie. combat). This one is concentrated solely on the gems and given obstacles surrounding gameplay. It's probably the original style of match 3, but one I had yet to encounter, and I am finding it a refreshing change.
I installed this recently and love it. Thank you for an update, I was excited when I saw there was one. - April 10th.
At first I thought it was going to be boring but it actually is really fun believe it or not i play this on two separate tablets one im at 792 level lm hooked and i dont know why hope this goes on for thousand levels I just hit level 2756 and I want more please I started all over again so could you create a couple thousand more levels I'm not kidding I don't know why I love this game but I do
FINALLY!! A match 3 game for the more mature players. The diversity is a welcomed additive. The mundane and repetitive game responses you find in a typical match 3 game does not happen in this game. I love it! I'm so tried of toys and blocks and fruit and pillows. ugh.
The game seems interesting and different, just getting into it. Keen to see how it continues. Hopefully it's not too repetitive. Thanks.
This game is fun, but the boards are a bit too cluttered looking, so it's often hard to pick out your objectives.
Helps my concentration. The game is relaxing,, after a stress, anxiety day. As a pensioner, thank you for allowing me to play offline. Much appreciated.
Fun game. Just challenging enough without getting frustrating. Ads are not too disruptive. Great app.
far too many ads ruins the game play switch screen ad next level ad thirty seconds so often slows down enjoyment and play time
This game is different from other match 3 games in a good way. And I dont like having to build towns or buildings
Used to be my favorite game. The last update ruined it. Have played it for years, but it's turned into another cash grab. Uninstalling.
It's a No Bull Match 3 game! I was happy to find it! If you like the old no BS match 3 games, this one is for you 😊
It's been a while since I first started playing this game and wrote my first review. I'm still playing and enjoying it. It's THE BEST match 3 game online as far as I'm concerned. Sound effects are good, and n one is yapping at me!
very fun match 3 game great to pass the time nut challageing . It needs different puzzle boards and easy to get bombs etc.
I get that ads are necessary, but this is supposed to be a family game! and I'm seeing ads that are highly inappropriate! Some buxom girl tied up and the two choices are "Kill her" or "Undress her"?! sick! some family game - uninstalling this trash now!
This is a great game. Most of the games are all the same. I like this one because it is different. I enjoy this one very much.
I've really enjoyed playing the game. It gets harder as the game goes on and that's what I like about it I think all games need to get harder. Not so hard you have to give up. But hard enough to get you thinking.
This is more like it. I like the effects, everything. Quite excellent! The only game that I don't mute the music.
I used to like this game despite paying to remove the ads, but still having ads, because at least I could mute the ads' audio & continue listening to music or pod casts uninterrupted. What's upsetting me now is even though I've muted an ads' audio, now many new ads are not letting me listen to a music app, ect. Meaning I either listen to the ad or nothing, & after the 30 second ad times out I now have to go back & physically unpause/play my music! WHAT DID I PAY FOR IF I STILL HAVE >ADS!?!?!
WAS Awesome!!! FIVE STARS - Reached level 1900 tonight... Updated the game and now it's RUINED!!!! PUT IT BACK THE WAY IT WAS 1 or 2 VERSIONS AGO!!!! THIS IS NO LONGER AN ENJOYABLE GAME TO PLAY ANYMORE!!!! "LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE" (DON'T MESS WITH A GOOD THING) OTHER THOUGHTS : Can take a few tries to complete a level and i think that alot of the time you need mostly Luck rather than Skill. UPDATE : New Update Made The Game Better!!!!
it's is the Best game I have find yet Thanks for all the hard work your company have put into your games maybe you could put a hiding gifts in the blocks. or under the gold block. thank you again for making the games
Strategic match 3 game of very good quality. Has a decent sense of integrity overall – basic gameplay and mature design. Graphics are clean with subtle and smooth visual effects. Sound effects match well with the design, and the background music provides a suitable mood for the gameplay experience. The difficulty increases with the levels, but also introduces variations to keep the player motivated. In-game purchases are optional – no sense of imposed greed in this game, which is good.
if it wasnt for the darl background and the size of each piece being small, id have rated this game 4.5
I enjoy playing the game but I would like to be given a reward for accomplishments like collecting stars or getting rewards for making special items during the game
I like this game, because it makes u think 4 yr next move. It's not an easy game. Doesn't give u easy rewards, actually it's difficult 2 earn and when u earn points, it's nice. I'm at d "Level 2792" and so far I hv NOT paid any MONEY and d best one is there is hardly any ADS !!
Amazing game. Just got it, and I'm addicted. It's awesome. I really like the sounds! PLEASE, don't change a thing!
Games I play is not for your vision it's not fair that you took out of your mouth X President & Mrs. Obama I thought voting for you 2 times would benifit you and your Million Dollar House look back at my Daughter I think she don't agree with you. Killers run free is that Fair?
Not bad game,like the idea that the tile can still move although in the ice cube, so far really nice....
At first I thought it was going to be boring but it actually is really fun believe it or not i play this on two separate tablets one im at 792 level lm hooked and i dont know why hope this goes on for thousand levels
Had previously installed the game & loved it. BUT the game had been changed several times & it became far too difficult. I've just reinstalled it & it has had changes again. Hopefully it is more like the original game which was addictive, certainly challenging BUT it was FUN. *** Uninstalling it agaiñ, it just gets too hard.
Had previously installed the game & loved it. BUT the game had been changed several times & it had become far too difficult. I've just reinstalled it & it has had changes again. Hopefully it is more like the original game which was addictive, certainly challenging BUT it was FUN. *** Uninstalling it agaiñ, it just gets too hard.
Good game, just getting started. Game pieces a bit hard to distinguish at first (older eyes) but getting used to things gradually.
I liked it at first but as you get higher, you have to watch ads to get more moves to finish a level. I'm deleting the game.
I like the game so far, relaxing but at the same time you have use your brain. Spent 99 cents, just to get rid of the adds after every single level. Have to see how hard the game gets to know if you will need to spend money just to get past a level. Well worth the 99 cents!
Haven't had game for long,but so far so good. I love that it is offline and no wifi. Thanks so much 😊
I love this game. Relaxing, eases stress. I don't get frustrated trying to pass, clear levels. I can't think of anything I would change.
Love this game. It's hard for me to see what I'm doing cause I need glasses but that makes it harder for me....lol but I love it! Thank you so much!