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SecretBuilders for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by SecretBuilders Games located at 1900 S Norfolk Street, Suite 219, San Mateo, CA 94403. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I mean it's been forever and the game is still not updated, like they haven't added the buddies option and more places and what's even more annoying it won't let me check my gold coins, says I don't hv enough.. Well atleast make me take a look at em -_- and whats more is that you can't gift, buy or sell stuff, you can't go to quests...AND you can't even select servers, I mean come on atleast that shud hv been there -_- Better fix this... The net version is great but the app is useless
I downloaded the app and logged in but it said it was gonna give me 60 gold coins for that but I haven't even gotten one. I'll rate a 5 the moment you give my my coins dude
This game is clearly faulty any a need to update it. First of all the login screen loads for ages, I mean what's the point of downloading if you can't even join ? Second, I tried this app on my computer( my computer works very fast ) It won't even go to the website. If anybody is going to download this please do not waste your time and megabytes. I have contacted the owner several times and it's been 6 months, still no reply.Waste of a game in the app store/play store
I used to play it in my computer. My computer got spilt. I couldn't play this game. My friend told me that there's a app called secret builders. I was sooo damn happy
I know this is in computer to...and y'all have unuff space to Trade and go To flee merket, I know why this is is computer its. Because I see my friend play it so just add Flee Market and trading please so I can rate 5 stars😉
Well it was boring I only saw 3 pol out of like four places I went don't like it. Don't download it is a waist of time
I dont exactly know how to feel about this app. I enjoy that it lets me play the game mobile but it is very limiting and when i try to click on certain things, it doesnt let me go to it such as the pet brochure and some of the places. If the creators of this app will please fix these things i will definitely change my ranking to a five star. It is a very fun game on the computer and it could be just as fun on the app.
We cant gift to people or go into thier flea and we cant like nobody home and we cant kick no body out or we cant decorate our home its wayy better on the computer can you please fix this right away right now i have two stars if you fix this you will get five stars
The computer is soooo much better!! I can't even talk on here...and it takes ten years to freakin load! Fix please
I can't get a kitten! Or even any pet BTW if u see me on it my user is Pixiecuddles this is a big problem hope you can fix and I love your games make more!. 📝🎬🎨🎪🎠🎮🎭🎦📹📷🎶🎼🎧
I hate it my secretbuilder won't let me click on anything or look up my friends or pick my servers it sucks we need better versions
This is unbelievable.i list a errors. That will last forever who ever made the app did not look at it on the computer first.somebody better fix this.i dont even want to rate it one star try negative two.i hope people understand that ifyou wantto make a computer game an app try to get all the assories on the computer to the app
It's so cool and awesome. I play this game on my computer also.But, its batter on the computer because it has more things that I can do.
Why I cannot change the server? It goes to the server it wants to!! Will give 5 stars if you fix it.. Please fix it please..!!!
This is AWFUL. You cannot actually talk to people, you have to pay to money to talk, you can't trade with people, and lots of things in this app don't work the same as it does in Primary games. I've been playing this BEFORE they started making people pay to be able to chat, but now I gotta pay too.
I thought that everyone was a robot mostly because EVERYONE was saying the same thing over and over :P WIERD!
i love this game because its very awesome u get to talk to friends and just hang out with each other and just enjoy life! and have a good time together i love way its has a pool and castle and more!!! i wish they had more cool stuff but other than that this game is amazing i get on this game everyday! love, nyla
login screen, clearly faulty. I tapped the Return User and it would NOT let me type my user. Make this app better PLS!!
Whoever made this app is retarded. I had to buy that blue costume 3 times and it still wouldn't give it to me!!!!! Don't waste your time getting this stupid app when you can play this game on a computer.
It says it wud give us 60+ gold coins but no! Not even 10!! Give us gold coins it is not good to cheat! Plus the screen turns black too! Fix and I will give 5 stars like if u agree
You can't do everything u do on this when ur using a comp, and plus it doesn't let u choose the servers and it doesn't let u locate ppl, either. So yeah, I dislike theapp, but on the computer/laptop/mac .. Etc.. Its better. So yeah.
This app., won't let me do anything. There's no option to edit room. Somehow my second pet disappeared... and I cannot interact with my pet, nor anything in this game, other than moving from one room or place to another. Until, this is fixed within this app., I will just play this on my laptop. I really do enjoy this game. Thank you :)
I can change places, and do fashion show. From what i can see about 10% of the game works. Not sure who is giving this 5 stars, did you guys do that thing where you say rate 5 stars and we will give you coin. Or are you rating it 5 yourself. If you are still working on it come here and say so, people will understand but it seems you dont care. Would like to see the full working version, my kids say the pc version is great.
I hate it I'm reporting this and playing ROBLOX download this and you will be much more happier you get to explore the world but on this it got nothing but chatting and going places and some of it is locked and you have to buy that I just HATE this game it is so much better on a laptop or a computer
I hate it!! I can't even buzz my buddies! Computer version way better and it doesn't let you choose your server! I don't recommend the app.
I don't like the fact that you have to become a member to type in chat rooms now ..their just gonna start losing players and sooner or later the site is gonna get taken down ..just like garden party ..I've liked this game for 7 years haven't played in 4 years
I love this game but my computer broke... So I decided to get this app on another device. It turned out to be pathetic. You can't even do a third of the things you can do on a computer! If you guys want better ratings I suggest you fix it!
I cant look at my money and my favorite places are still coming soon. I didnt get the extra gold coins for downloading the game. I dont like it at all. Until it updates, I'll stick to the computer.
stick with the computer version, guys. this version is so glitchy it doesn't even work. Serious step down from the original, which I played religiously for several years on end. Fix the bottom toolbar/ put it back and I might be willing to give it 5 stars again.
On the computers it's way more fun I caint play games on here make money at all and when I watch the video it don't give me my free gold you guys really need to fix it like ASAP cuz all you can do is walk around n chat and I caint change my room color at all I really don't like it this way please fix it ASAP
But when i loged in it said Unformatly, SecretBuilders had stoped working...I delete it...Sorry....I expected more! Now i installed it again so i will rate 5 ☆s. I ♡secretbuilders so much so reinstalled it again...I got my eye on you...O.O
Joined this site around 6 years ago, had a baby and haven't played for 5 years. Came back and still love it as much as I did all that time ago. This app is great for playing online but it's not good for decorating your home or changing your avatar, still good tho and worth downloading.
Sure You Can Chat, But You Can't Send Or Retrieve Gifts, and You Can't Buy Or Sell From Flees. Servers Too Maybe?
The PC version of this is way better. It upsets me that I cant trade items or go to fawads pool on this app! Since i dont have internet on my PC at the moment, I would very much like for the developers of this app to add PC stuff to the app version. I want to trade items and visit fawads pool! Please!
Its so much better on the. Computer and you can't decorate you house! Seriously somebody better fix this!
NOTHING will work. I can basically walk around and do the fashion show but I can't buy pets or furniture and every time I watch a video for coins it doesn't give me the coins I earn
OK you can't do anything, on the computer is way more fun. they need to fix this now, until they fix it I am rating this a two star and deleting it. Sorry