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Secret Tower 500F (Super fast growing idle RPG)

Secret Tower 500F (Super fast growing idle RPG) for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Next Doors located at Godeok-ro 20ga-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Korea. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The starter package for this game was 100 USD. The game assures me this was at a discount. That sets the tone for this mistranslated, gloriously garbagetastic version of a good flash game that i remember from a long time ago.
It's a great game other than 2 things. Allowing people to pay to win and when evolving characters, it randomly picks one. People obviously are going to want to pick their team not have it random
Deleted within a minute. I wanted to enter the dungeon but it requires 1 gem to do so and I didn't have any. I am not going to search around to look for free gems.
Game needs to be better optimized. Running on galaxy s10 with problems. Game constant freezes when summonimg and withdrawing heros very frustrating.
after a while its not fun, trying to evolve pass 3 stars is too low of a chance and the only way to increase the time is to spend $99. if they let you buy the time increase instead of the bundle id say its worth it but leaving the device run all day to blow it on 10% chance which seems to never hit is not that great.
Fake title, it's slow ;) wide ad banner. Hero (3-6*) summons for $17? You can get whole games for that kind of money. Games that don't get boring 10 seconds in.
you can farm 10 billion gold but the chance for you to get single 4 star card with 10 billion gold is non existent. success rate for going into 2 star is 50%. cost going for max level and cost for failure will be huge. you can spent 10 years farming gold,but watching 300 advertisement and do the best summon have better result than playing for 10 years. it's pointless game with zero result except watching ads and paying with money and watch your money smash other weak foe.
So the games concept is a great idea, but! It would be nice if you could just get offline progress and a little more challenging/variety, because all you do now is just spend gems to make the tower go auto so you can farm your gold to level up your heroes and repeat, repeat, repeat. If you like wasting your phone's battery all the time while being unproductive, this is your game!
The game itself is fairly fun idle game (not afk game that runs when your device is off) however there are few big problems with it. 1. Biggest issue is the sounds. The music is very silent compared to the sfx sounds. So if you want to hear the music the sfx sounds will make your ears bleed. 2. Consumes lot of battery! This needs a fix. 3. Feels like a money grab with the 100€ vip pack. I can see just kids using their parents creditcard without permission buying this one... Seriously.
Like many had said is super grindy n slow. Need to pay for extra speed. Also a battery killer game. If your hp or hp battery used at least near 2 years. Be careful, may RIP your battery life even faster.
Game is broken. No tutorials or help or in game info pages. Also upon evolving heroes the ones I selected as sacrificed evolved instead of the one i chose to evolve. YES I DID IT RIGHT. It wasn't user error. This game is trash and wasted too much of my time.
Decent game, but progress is painfully slow and there are lots of ads as well as you must sit and do nothing while game plays itself, which is boring. Also, huge payments are required for anything resembling regular paced progress
- Annoying 5s Ads after every single gameplay. - hard to gain crystal. 3 quests daily, 50 crystal rewarded in total. 3000 crystal for an summon. :))=)) Dont think i would play this stupid game for 2 months just for an in game heroes summon :))=)) - Gold can only use for summon 1-2 star heroes. 3-6 heroes cost crystal. So, obviously, this is a pay-to-win game. - expensive cost for simply leveling up with just small changing afterward.
They ask to pay 100$ for times 7 speed. Thrash. The battle takes so long. Yes you do get x2 speed. But that wount help when you need to climb from stage 1 to max stage. Just waste of time
For a so called "Super fast game", it's waaay to slow, but wait! there is always an alternative, pay TWO HUNDRED bucks to increase the game x7 times.. You should add to the time "Super fast... yada yada.. IF YOU PAY"
MORE OPTIONS. Game needs more buying options for gems. Currently they all start at 500 gems. I would like to see a 10, 50, 100, and 250 buying option for gems. That way O can buy gold or metal bars in smaller incriments. All, game needs total revamp.
Game is way too p2w. Speed x7 only accessible if purchased with cash, which give crazy advantage. the daily gift also stops after certain day. Dungeon boss non renewable, essentially you'd always hit a wall that no longer give you prizes for winning the boss. game could've been much better but definitely poor planning and greediness from the developers
Read the negative reviews about slow growth and microtransactions, i usually try to ignore these warnings and play the game but boi were they right... the growth is so slow and im just at the start cant imagine late game if this is the start, 10k coins per summon and at my level i get about 50 coins per level i beat, i got the 1 free summon so i have 2 yet the first daily quest wants me to beat the world boss 3 times which needs 4. sucks I'm reaching limit cause i wanna reeeee about this game...
Somewhat basic with poor English translation. Very little variation in the grind, game features poorly explained.
The game is pretty fun, not much interaction in battles but its still fun. The downside is its money based. You can only buy 1 - 2 star heroes with gold and the higher heroes you need red crystals to summon. The game doesnt give you any red crystals as rewards for anything. So you have to pay real money for red crystals. If you could get red crystals for reaching certain floors or completing missions like killing so many enemies or leveling up heroes that would make it much better. Greedy game.
The daily mission and rewards timer only goes down if the game is open, which should be fixed, and a x2 speed is not enough, not everyone is willing to spend 99 bucks on a game like this, you're asking for way too much here
It was a fun game, i dont mind the grind or buying gems or stuff at shop.. but, what is it with the expensive azz prices. You can buy a lot of triple A games with the prices they're asking for an idle game. Not worth it to support money hungry devs. Greedy much. 300 dollars for a 5 star character. Not even a six star. Thats 300 hundred dollars.. what?.. dont buy anything from greedy devs like this one.
It's not any idle game, it's a let's put ads that cover 25% of your screen idle game, fun but has no tutorial when starting out, and lack of gameplay it's just an idle game where you do nothing so you dont get a sense of accomplishment.
I love this game its a great way to pass time without actually haveing to do much and would give more stars but once heros reach a certain level they get to expensive and all the purchase packs are also way to expensive
Seemed like a good concept, but lacks game play. The "super fast growth" is stuck behind pay walls and endless grinding for very little gain got old fast
Not fast at all. It's idle, kinda, but you're unable to micromanage anything, nothing progresses unless you initiate it, and then you are basically locked into that task until it either completes or you decide to give up. Can't do two things at once, so it's very boring and slow.
I purchased the x7 bundle and now I can't leave it farming while I sleep it pauses after a while I really like your game please fix
Great game just the store is over priced. Like I understand this is how these games make money but the value on my money spent is too low. I've spent well over 1000$ on games like this and I've already spent some on this game but I can't see myself spending more because of the value of what I get. Like the VIP pack should be like 50$ or add more VIP privileges. I have no problem supporting a company that creates a great game but I expect it to be worth buying.
This game is rather fun but if your going to place a banner ad on a landscape game why would you put it on the bottom and not the sides.
its fun but dont exspec to get anywhere with out paying. the devs will say you get everything by just play the game and this is tru but when you cant even do quests with out having summoned heros X 4 and they only give 50 gems and it needs 300 of them for one summon it quickly turns into a game ruined by greed
Unfortunately this game is massively paid to win. The game it self is amazing if you're into idle RPGs and you will enjoy seeing your character go through the levels blazing fast after a few runs but then you realize that the gold gain is absolute trash and forces you to buy gold if you want to proceed and advance in the game. Same applies to gems. Sad to see a game with so much potential go to waste because the devs are so greedy. RIP to another could've been great game.
So im in world boss and im on level 39, so i beat 18 or 19 bosses from floor 20 :which is when ur able to get rank B geae, and i defeated 18 or 19 bosses and ive only gotten 1 RANK B GEAR. Just one. The chances for them seriously need to be improved, cahse whats the point of saying c-b rank gear if you still only get rank c gear and not any rank b gear. Also tje daily rewards for the first 14 days i think, they need to be for everyday and not just the first two weeks.
Playing the game at a decent speed is locked behind paywalls, you can't get it with premium currency, only cash. The game would be much better if the paywalls weren't so obvious and hard set to real world currency rather then premium currency that can be earned (slowly) in game. Besides that run of the mill idle game really.
do you really expect me leave my device for hours running this game to clear the tower at a x2 speed which does not help at all. they got an option for x8 speed but you have to pay to make this game playable not like other games the speed is really crippling to f2p players.
Not very fun. You climb a tower, seems like that about it. And if you feel like getting to end game in just a few seconds, don't hesitate to purchase the $200 pack for 5-5* champions and bypass the whole purpose of playing this game.
Cash grab. Pay to win. $100 for starter stating it's a discount. Rather pass. All auto. No skill tree. Leave your phone on if you like this sort of game. From the past games they make can assume they can only make one type of game.
Game is designed to be a money spender. Barely any special currency is handed out at all. Not even an idle game. Its art is nice and character options are cool but the whole pay for the good stuff is a big let down
Not a bad autoplay game. Just not for me; too generic, no strategy, all auto, hardly ptw and just borring. But I give 3 stars fo artstyle and the idea. You just need to make this game fun to play, add more strategy, skill tree for each character, more complexity and y good to go.
Quite boring to be honest i mean i can leave it on autobattle and just wait until they eventually lose but it takes too long and theres not much to do even if u aren't on autobattle the fight on their own and u only need to assign the stat points u get from time to time
great game but when the daily reward runs out jt becomes a pay to win game and that puts me off it i still play it but i dont enjoy as much
Good game already made me restart 2 s3jce downloaded 2 hours ago but not to bad.. be better if it was a bit idle like it says so when u come back online after time u get at least a percent of the evenings u would get playing but not a bad game if u want to waste time..
Farming gold is suuuuper slow,low rate pull,expensive for cash player,boring,. I have to pay for x3 speed? Man . Ads every minute pooped out,a little reward would be nice cause the ads every minute are annoying,and have to pay for no ads of course. I kinda like it but its not worthy to spend money on this game.